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Using Online Social Networking - Sandra Lee Simpson

Using Online Social NetworkingSandra Lee Simpson

A comprehensive guide to online social networking. What is social networking? How did it start? Who are the major players in online social networking? How do I join a social network? What are their features? How can I use them to my advanta… more

Using Online Social Networking
Sandra Lee Simpson
The World & I Online , English
My Music Served (1) - Muse Apps

My Music Served (1)Muse Apps

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My Music Served is a musicians’ guide to using the Internet for fame and fortune. This workbook will take you through setting up a more visible and effective presence on the Internet and social networks. My Music Served will also show you t… more

My Music Served (1)
Muse Apps
Muse Apps , English
Cash Flow From Short Term Re... - Anthony Pangallo

Cash Flow From Short Term Re...Anthony Pangallo

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A complete step by step guide to choosing , preparing and running an vacation home, holiday let or serviced apartment for short term letting. The author has 20 years experience in the business as a successful owner operator. It is a fantast… more

Cash Flow From Short Term Rentals: Maximise Vacation and Holiday Rentals , Step By Step Guide
Anthony Pangallo
BookBaby , English
Satori 5 (The alabaster chain) - Sarah K. Antonelli

Satori 5 (The alabaster chain)Sarah K. Antonelli

Satori 5” is a dystopian novelette, first volume of the science fiction trilogy “The alabaster chain”.A story that plays with the leading character’s mind as well as the reader’s, where nothing is what it seems, despite its apparent transp… more

Satori 5 (The alabaster chain)
Sarah K. Antonelli
21 Ways to Launch a Successf... - D'vorah Lansky

21 Ways to Launch a Successf...D'vorah Lansky

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Are you ready to sell a massive amount of books?” Inside these pages, discover: Exactly how to take your book on tour, around the globe, without leaving homeHow to identify and connect with new audiences who are hungry for your content*T… more

21 Ways to Launch a Successful Virtual Book Tour (21 Ways Books 11)
D’vorah Lansky
Discover! Books , English
My Husband's On Facebook! Ma... - Richard  Parise

My Husband's On Facebook! Ma...Richard Parise

My Husband’s On Facebook! March Edition is the second issue of the satirical account of a husband and wife’s first venture into the world of social networking. Its sole purpose is to relieve a little daily stress while putting a smile on yo… more

My Husband’s On Facebook! March Edition, Issue 2
Richard Parise
The Systems View of Life: A ... - Fritjof Capra, Pier Luigi Luisi

The Systems View of Life: A ...Fritjof Capra, Pier Luigi Luisi

Over the past thirty years, a new systemic conception of life has emerged at the forefront of science. New emphasis has been given to complexity, networks, and patterns of organisation leading to a novel kind of ‘systemic’ thinking. This vo… more

The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision
Fritjof Capra, Pier Luigi Luisi
Cambridge University Press , English
The Church of Facebook: How ... - Jesse Rice

The Church of Facebook: How ...Jesse Rice

This timely release explores the community-altering phenomenon of social networking sites and what it reveals about friendship, God, and our own hearts. With hundreds of millions of users, social networks are changing how we form relationsh… more

The Church of Facebook: How the Hyperconnected Are Redefining Community
Jesse Rice
David C. Cook , English
Strategies for Technical Com... - Laura J. Gurak, John M. Lannon

Strategies for Technical Com...Laura J. Gurak, John M. Lannon

&>For introductory courses in Technical Communication. Complete but streamlined coverage, with a focus on audience and purpose Based on the acclaimed Technical Communication by Lannon and Gurak, Strategies for Technical Communication in th… more

Strategies for Technical Communication in the Workplace (2nd Edition)
Laura J. Gurak, John M. Lannon
Longman , English
How to stay socially connect... - Dr Jim Porter

How to stay socially connect...Dr Jim Porter

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Social networks give us a framework within which we can work. History has been a witness to a multitude of instances of people who rose to fame, only because they knew the right people to talk to. They knew the right people and hence could … more

How to stay socially connected (Entrepreneurs Brief Guide Book 5)
Dr Jim Porter
The Essential Guide to Becom... - Based on Dave Ellis' Becomin...

The Essential Guide to Becom...Based on Dave Ellis' Becomin...

THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO BECOMING A MASTER STUDENT, 3nd Edition, was written with you in mind. Beginning with an introduction to higher education, you will learn about Master Student Qualities—the attitudes and behaviors that lead to success… more

The Essential Guide to Becoming a Master Student (Textbook-Specific Csfi)
Based on Dave Ellis’ Becoming a Master Student
Cengage Learning , English
How to Sell Vacation Ownership 101 - Jim Lynch

How to Sell Vacation Ownership 101Jim Lynch

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Are you a salesperson selling Vacation Ownership (Time Share) to the public? Would you like to be a sales SUPERSTAR? One of the biggest hurtles you have to overcome to make a sale is overcoming ‘concerns’ or ‘objections’. When an objectio… more

How to Sell Vacation Ownership 101
Jim Lynch
Jim Lynch , English
A Gentle Nudge in the Right ... - Joss Conlon

A Gentle Nudge in the Right ...Joss Conlon

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The human species grows in population at an alarming rate, yet we feel increasingly alone. People are connected globally in ways we’ve never been before, yet our sense of disconnect continues to expand. We live longer, eat better, play more… more

A Gentle Nudge in the Right Direction
Joss Conlon
Crucible Multinational , English
The God-Hungry Imagination: ... - Sarah Arthur

The God-Hungry Imagination: ...Sarah Arthur

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Allow imagination and story to take center stage in your youth ministry!The Bible is full of stories. From the “In the beginning…” narrative to Jesus’ parables, stories embody biblical and theological content in ways that sink into the imag… more

The God-Hungry Imagination: The Art of Storytelling for Postmodern Youth Ministry
Sarah Arthur
Upper Room , English
Victims of Net Neutrality - C. L. Vaughn

Victims of Net NeutralityC. L. Vaughn

As the internet continues to become more and more intertwined in our everyday lives, most of its users are unaware of the battle raging over the rights of the internet and the services that we take for granted on a daily basis. Crucial infr… more

Victims of Net Neutrality
C. L. Vaughn
Commerce and Culture (Modern... - Robert Lee

Commerce and Culture (Modern...Robert Lee

This volume presents a collection of interrelated essays by international scholars working on the relationship between commerce and culture from c. 1750 to the early-twentieth century. Considerable attention has recently been focused on the… more

Commerce and Culture (Modern Economic and Social History)
Robert Lee
Ashgate , English
Sperm Donors with Hearts - Mike Williams

Sperm Donors with HeartsMike Williams

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A rollercoaster tale that examines the sometimes dark and dismal existence of a group of weekend dads, coupled with trying to pursue some happiness and have some fun with their friends. Then there’s the on-going and developing relationships… more

Sperm Donors with Hearts
Mike Williams
Unlike Social Media Like - George Philip Birney

Unlike Social Media LikeGeorge Philip Birney

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This is the same edition. Added: dedicated to Macarena.Table of contents (titles of chapters)Introduction Expectative Summary History Of Marketing Channels & Social Networks Virtual Discrepancies Love Thy Cyber The Dark Side False Cont… more

Unlike Social Media Like
George Philip Birney
George Philip Birney , English
Quarterlife Crisis: The Uniq... - Alexandra Robbins, Abby Wilner

Quarterlife Crisis: The Uniq...Alexandra Robbins, Abby Wilner

While the midlife crisis has been thoroughly explored by experts, there is another landmine period in our adult development, called the quarterlife crisis, which can be just as devastating. When young adults emerge at graduation from almost… more

Quarterlife Crisis: The Unique Challenges of Life in Your Twenties
Alexandra Robbins, Abby Wilner
Tarcher , English
Narcissism: Dive Inside the ... - Erica Bennett

Narcissism: Dive Inside the ...Erica Bennett

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Get Inside the Mind of a Narcissist and Learn How They Tick!

Narcissism: Dive Inside the Mind of a Narcissist and Learn How They Tick is a complete informative guide for understanding the mind of a narcissist and how a narcissist works. N… more

Narcissism: Dive Inside the Mind of a Narcissist and Learn How They Tick
Erica Bennett