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Using Online Social NetworkingSandra Lee Simpson

A comprehensive guide to online social networking. What is social networking? How did it start? Who are the major players in online social networking? How do I join a social network? What are their features? How can I use them to my advanta… more

Using Online Social Networking
Sandra Lee Simpson
The World & I Online , English

Ethics in Counseling & Psych...Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel

Revised to reflect recent ethical, legal, and professional developments, Welfel’s ETHICS IN COUNSELING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY prepares readers to deal effectively with the complex issues they will confront in practice. The book’s ten-step model … more

Ethics in Counseling & Psychotherapy
Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel
Cengage Learning , English

The Entrepreneurs Guide To S...Richard Wilton

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Snapchat is easily one of the best marketing tools you can use right now.

In This ultimate step by step beginners screenshot guide to using Snap Chat you will be show what snapchat is how to use it so you can keep ahead of the market.

C… more

The Entrepreneurs Guide To Snapchat: Step By Step Easy Guide
Richard Wilton

You Can Go Home Now: "Souths...Rick Minerd

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A history of a community told in pictures and conversations through social networking.

You Can Go Home Now: “Southside Columbus Alumni”
Rick Minerd
Rick’s Books , English

Privacy on the InternetAdam Kumiszcza

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This book will help you understand how your privacy is endangered on the Internet nowadays, what tools other people, companies, governments etc. have to get your personal data and how you can make it harder for them. New edition includes up… more

Privacy on the Internet
Adam Kumiszcza

The Book of the Party Animal...Dan DiSorbo, Ben Applebaum

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In today’s world of texting and social networking, the legendary art of partying has been left to amateurs, wannabes, and party crashers. The true Party Animal stands out from the crowd, dances like a fool, knows the best pranks, gets the g… more

The Book of the Party Animal: A Champion’s Guide to Party Skills, Party Fouls, Pranks, and Mayhem
Dan DiSorbo, Ben Applebaum
Chronicle Books LLC , English

Friendfluence: The Surprisin...Carlin Flora

Discover the unexpected ways friends influence our personalities, choices, emotions, and even physical health in this fun and compelling examination of friendship, based on the latest scientific research and ever-relatable anecdotes.Why is … more

Friendfluence: The Surprising Ways Friends Make Us Who We Are
Carlin Flora
Anchor , English

Cash in on Pinterest: How to...Lee Jones Jr, Kate Jay

Here’s Just a LITTLE of What You’ll Discover…Connect, network, communicate and interact and convert sales in cash for your business using PinterestAchieve a winning position for your business and your presence online via PinterestHow to ca… more

Cash in on Pinterest: How to Send Your Ideas Viral, Turn Your Brand Global and Interact with the World While Connecting on Pinterest
Lee Jones Jr, Kate Jay
Jones Jr , English

Social Networks and Health (...Nicholas A. Christakis, Kirs...

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People are interconnected, and so their health is interconnected. In recognition of this social fact, there has been growing conceptual and empirical attention over the past decade to the impact of social networks on health. This article re… more

Social Networks and Health (Annual Review of Sociology)
Nicholas A. Christakis, Kirsten P. Smith
Annual Reviews , English

Art of Neighboring, The: Bui...Jay Pathak, Dave Runyon

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Once upon a time, people knew their neighbors. They talked to them, had cook-outs with them, and went to church with them. In our time of unprecedented mobility and increasing isolationism, it’s hard to make lasting connections with those w… more

Art of Neighboring, The: Building Genuine Relationships Right Outside your Door
Jay Pathak, Dave Runyon
Baker Books , English

The Church of Facebook: How ...Jesse Rice

This timely release explores the community-altering phenomenon of social networking sites and what it reveals about friendship, God, and our own hearts. With hundreds of millions of users, social networks are changing how we form relationsh… more

The Church of Facebook: How the Hyperconnected Are Redefining Community
Jesse Rice
David C. Cook , English

A Gentle Nudge in the Right ...Joss Conlon

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The human species grows in population at an alarming rate, yet we feel increasingly alone. People are connected globally in ways we’ve never been before, yet our sense of disconnect continues to expand. We live longer, eat better, play more… more

A Gentle Nudge in the Right Direction
Joss Conlon
Crucible Multinational , English

In the Cause of Freedom: Rad...Minkah Makalani

In this intellectual and social history, Minkah Makalani situates an international network of black radicals and Communists in their various social networks, personal relationships, and organizational activities to demonstrate how radical i… more

In the Cause of Freedom: Radical Black Internationalism from Harlem to London, 1917-1939
Minkah Makalani
The University of North Carolina Press , English

The Leaderful Fieldbook: Str...Joseph A. Raelin

The Global Economy—the flattened networked world—demands a new type of leadership: one that is collective and collaborative, where solutions and vision are co-created by everyone. Although generously depicted in the author’s Creating Lead… more

The Leaderful Fieldbook: Strategies and Activities for Developing Leadership in Everyone
Joseph A. Raelin
Davies-Black , English

How To Catch A Cheating Spou...Barbara McLean

Infidelity is one of the most common problems in married life and committed relationships. Sadly, the advent of email, instant messaging, and social networking has compounded the problem because illicit affairs can be fostered with the help… more

How To Catch A Cheating Spouse And Survive The Betrayal
Barbara McLean

Follow You, Follow Me: Why S...John Voelz

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Ethical business: Subprime mortgage lendersA healthy meal: Stadium nachosWords of wisdom: TwitterWe don’t often associate social networking with good things. The conventional wisdom, as it were, is that Twitter, Facebook and the like are en… more

Follow You, Follow Me: Why Social Networking is Essential to Ministry
John Voelz
Abingdon Press , English

Unlike Social Media LikeGeorge Philip Birney

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This is the same edition. Added: dedicated to Macarena.Table of contents (titles of chapters)Introduction Expectative Summary History Of Marketing Channels & Social Networks Virtual Discrepancies Love Thy Cyber The Dark Side False Cont… more

Unlike Social Media Like
George Philip Birney
George Philip Birney , English

Shedding Sin - A Verse NovelJenny Toune, Teri Louise Kelly

IN THE BEGINNING, there was love. There was Mahler, molestation, fluorescent jackets, tree houses and vegetarian nibbles. Everything was good, even the possibility of broken teeth and the eventuality of broken glasses didn’t spoil the brew…. more

Shedding Sin - A Verse Novel
Jenny Toune, Teri Louise Kelly
Lady Lazarus-Press , English

Pet Girls: A Slave Girl Serv...Savanna Prendergast

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ADULT XXX: 18 Or Older. Obeying her Mistress, she offered her services to the women’s senior volleyball team booked in her hotel for a tournament. The long, lanky and pretty girls—most of them gay—happily accepted.Guided via computer IM c… more

Pet Girls: A Slave Girl Serves the Women’s V-Ball Team (ADULT XXX: Pet Girl Reports)
Savanna Prendergast

Commerce and Culture (Modern...Robert Lee

This volume presents a collection of interrelated essays by international scholars working on the relationship between commerce and culture from c. 1750 to the early-twentieth century. Considerable attention has recently been focused on the… more

Commerce and Culture (Modern Economic and Social History)
Robert Lee
Ashgate , English