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Harl Vincent Resurrected: Th... - Harl Vincent

Harl Vincent Resurrected: Th...Harl Vincent

The 1930’s marked the beginning of modern science fiction. During this period, one of the most prolific writers was Harl Vincent. His works appeared regularly in the major pulp magazines of the period, primarily Amazing Stories and Astoundi… more

Harl Vincent Resurrected: The Astounding Stories of Harl Vincent
Harl Vincent
Resurrected Press , English
Classic Sci-Fi (Volume II) (... - Phillip K. Dick, Jules Verne...

Classic Sci-Fi (Volume II) (...Phillip K. Dick, Jules Verne...

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An excellent collection of science fiction short stories, sure to bake your brain leave you begging for more! Illustrated to enhance the reading experience. Formatted for Kindle devices and the Kindle for iOS apps.

Contents include:

THE V… more

Classic Sci-Fi (Volume II) (Illustrated)
Phillip K. Dick, Jules Verne, R.F. Starzl, Victor Rousseau, Edmond Hamilton, Harl Vincent
Didactic Press , English
42:1 - Charles R. Testrake

42:1Charles R. Testrake

“And we are live,” says the voice of Jim Lampley. “Inside Korakuen Stadium in Tokyo, Japan as HBO Sports presents World Championship Boxing. Tonight undisputed Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson’s tenth title defense against the challenger Jam… more

Charles R. Testrake
Charles R. Testrake , English
The Golden Age of Science Fi... - Various

The Golden Age of Science Fi...Various

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This Halcyon Classics ebook collection contains fifty science fiction short stories and novellas by more than forty different authors. Most of the stories in this collection were published during the heyday of popular science fiction magaz… more

The Golden Age of Science Fiction Volume IX: An Anthology of 48 Short Stories (Unexpurgated Edition) (Halcyon Classics)
Halcyon Press Ltd. , English