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Robin Hood (A Stepping Stone... - Annie Ingle

Robin Hood (A Stepping Stone...Annie Ingle

Life in Sherwood Forest has never been livelier than with this selection of tales of the fun-loving outlaw and his merry men. A fast-moving adaptation of the classic adventure will delight older slow readers as well as kids reading on grade… more

Robin Hood (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))
Annie Ingle
Random House Books for Young Readers , English
The Naughty Knight Likes It ... - Secret Love

The Naughty Knight Likes It ...Secret Love

Adult Erotica. In a castle on the outskirts of Sherwood forest, a horny noblewoman deflowers her innocent husband.

The Naughty Knight Likes It Hot and Tight
Secret Love
JMC Worldwide Publishing , English
Bedtime Confessions (Chamber... - Sarah Michelle Lynch

Bedtime Confessions (Chamber...Sarah Michelle Lynch

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The Chambermaid learnt her craft inside the secretive confines of The Lodge, hidden deep within Nottingham’s Sherwood Forest.

In the hotel she worked in, she used her skills as a domme to teach men lessons they took home to their wives. … more

Bedtime Confessions (Chambermaid Short Stories)
Sarah Michelle Lynch
Sarah Michelle Lynch , English
Robin Hood-Vampire Lord - J.P. Reedman

Robin Hood-Vampire LordJ.P. Reedman

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Traditional legend tells us that Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest was bled to death by a treacherous abbess. What if this sinister woman was actually a vampire, and that is why she desired his blood? A tale of a Robin Hood who becomes a creat… more

Robin Hood-Vampire Lord
J.P. Reedman
Herne’s Cave publishing , English
Making Marion - Beth Moran

Making MarionBeth Moran

Marion Miller comes to Sherwood Forest to uncover her father’s mysterious past. She is looking for somewhere to stay, but instead finds herself on the wrong side of the reception desk at the Peace and Pigs campsite. Despite her horrible shy… more

Making Marion
Beth Moran
Lion Fiction , English
Friar Tuck's Guide To Sherwo... - Ron Laughlin

Friar Tuck's Guide To Sherwo...Ron Laughlin

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Somewhere in the minds of modern men and women there is raised the question of the plausibility of our origin. What have been our true beginnings? Were we made from God as the bible says? Were we formed from the slime over eons and eons of … more

Friar Tuck’s Guide To Sherwood Forest
Ron Laughlin
Ron Laughlin , English


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In Sherwood forest, a ruined hall lies bleak amidst the winter snows. When Lady Marion of Blidworth and Brother Tuck are attacked by wolves, the lord Ulfgar of the House of the Wulfings bids them go to his ruinous abode to have their wound… more

J.P. Reedman
Herne’s-Cave publishing , English
Robin Hood (Dover Children's... -

Robin Hood (Dover Children's...

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The legendary outlaw and his merry men spring to life again, thrilling young readers with feats of daring and valor. Join Robin, Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian, and the other Sherwood Forest denizens in their struggle against the wic… more

Robin Hood (Dover Children’s Thrift Classics)
Dover Publications , English
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood - Howard Pyle

The Merry Adventures of Robin HoodHoward Pyle

The adventuresome young man, Robin of Locksley, doesn’t have a worry in the world until one day when a drunken man working for the King shoots an arrow at him. Robi’ s aim is better, to his lasting regret, and he becomes an outlaw subject t… more

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
Howard Pyle
Champion of Sherwood (The Gu... - Laura Strickland

Champion of Sherwood (The Gu...Laura Strickland

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When Gareth de Vavasour, nephew of the Sheriff of Nottingham, is captured by the outlaws of Sherwood Forest and held for ransom, he knows he will be fortunate to escape with his life. Amid the magic and danger that surround him, he soon rea… more

Champion of Sherwood (The Guardians of Sherwood Trilogy Book 2)
Laura Strickland
The Wild Rose Press, Inc , English
The Prince of Thieves (Tales... - Alexandre Dumas

The Prince of Thieves (Tales...Alexandre Dumas

Welcome back to Sherwood Forest…

The delights of Dumas’ novels are well known. Less known today are his tales of Robin Hood. With great pleasure, we present these two old works to a new reading public: electronic book readers. Prince of … more

The Prince of Thieves (Tales of Robin Hood by Alexandre Dumas Book 1)
Alexandre Dumas
Reginetta Press , English
Robin Hood: Outlaw of Sherwo... - Paul D. Storrie

Robin Hood: Outlaw of Sherwo...Paul D. Storrie

Fooled into committing a crime by the king’s foresters, young Robin Hood finds himself branded an outlaw. As he takes refuge in Sherwood Forest, he meets other hideaways who also unjustly find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Under … more

Robin Hood: Outlaw of Sherwood Forest [An English Legend] (Graphic Myths and Legends)
Paul D. Storrie
Graphic Universe TM , English


The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire is an 1883 novel by the American illustrator and writer Howard Pyle.Robin Hood is the archetypal English folk hero; a courteous, pious and swashbuckling outlaw of the med… more

MERRY ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD: A Heroic Outlaw Man “Complete Edition” (Great Classic Illustrated and Annotated with Audiobook Link)
Howard Pyle
Green Guys: A weird play tur... - Rix Quinn

Green Guys: A weird play tur...Rix Quinn

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Wyatt Ross manages a costume shop in a mid-sized town. But his life changes when he reads that auditions are being held for a new musical based on Robin Hood’s adventures.

Though past 40, Wyatt auditions for the role, and surprisingly gets… more

Green Guys: A weird play turns Sherwood Forest upside down (Micro Stories Book 3)
Rix Quinn
Rix Quinn Communications, L.L.C. , English
The Life and Times of Charles - Dryfuss W. Driftwood

The Life and Times of CharlesDryfuss W. Driftwood

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Accompany Charles as he visits contemporary, historical and, yes, story-book places. Join him as he encounters the enemy and leaves them completely disconcerted by means of his clever maneuvering techniques. He thwarts their vicious attempt… more

The Life and Times of Charles
Dryfuss W. Driftwood
Xlibris US , English
The Erotic Adventures of Robin Hood - ELEANOR TREMAINE

The Erotic Adventures of Robin HoodELEANOR TREMAINE

Average wait: N/A

A Sexy Saga of Sherwood Forest! From the author of The Erotic Adventures of King Arthur comes this story of Robin Hood as he really was. What’s the point of being a rogue and an outlaw if you don’t have any fun? Here is Robin Hood with a fu… more

The Erotic Adventures of Robin Hood
Sizzler , English
Rebirth (Robin of The Wood -... - Adam Greenwood

Rebirth (Robin of The Wood -...Adam Greenwood

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Seek the Truth behind the Legend!

On the run and fearing for his life, Robert of Huntingdon takes refuge in the depths of Sherwood Forest but how will Holegn, a young woman who has never known any home apart from the forest, react to the a… more

Rebirth (Robin of The Wood - Legacy Book 1)
Adam Greenwood
+Saint.Claire+ , English
Pleasure And Pain (Robin Hoo... - Kendra Little

Pleasure And Pain (Robin Hoo...Kendra Little

The erotic adventures of Robin Hood and Maid Marion concludes in PLEASURE AND PAIN. When Marion goes missing in Sherwood Forest, Hood is desperate to find her. He’ll even going begging on his knees to the big, bad Sheriff of Nottingham. WARmore

Pleasure And Pain (Robin Hood and his Immoral Men)
Kendra Little
Daughter of Sherwood (The Gu... - Laura Strickland

Daughter of Sherwood (The Gu...Laura Strickland

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Raised in the kitchens of Nottingham Castle, Wren has no idea she is the daughter of the legendary Robin Hood until she is summoned to Sherwood Forest. Since Robin’s death many years before, the resistance against Norman tyranny has been u… more

Daughter of Sherwood (The Guardians of Sherwood Trilogy)
Laura Strickland
The Wild Rose Press, Inc , English
Orphan of Destiny: Book 3 (T... - Michael Spradlin

Orphan of Destiny: Book 3 (T...Michael Spradlin

1 rating

Tristan and his companions have finally reached England with the Holy Grail. But his job of protecting the Grail is not over yet. For when they return, they find that much has changed for the worse in their country. Tristan’s abbey has been… more

Orphan of Destiny: Book 3 (The Youngest Templar)
Michael Spradlin
Puffin Books , English