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In The End, Only Darkness - Monica O'Rourke

In The End, Only DarknessMonica O'Rourke

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Eighteen horror stories (and a few poems) ranging from quietly subtle to stomach-churning disgusting, this collection features fiction that will entertain or repulse almost anyone. Featuring an Introduction by gore master Wrath James White!… more

In The End, Only Darkness
Monica O’Rourke
Jawing with Old Jailors - BJ Alderman

Jawing with Old JailorsBJ Alderman

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What was life like for jailors in the old west? Here are some behind the scenes peeks at what took place behind those locked doors for the sheriff, his jailor, and their wives who served as unofficial deputies. Taken from newspaper clipping… more

Jawing with Old Jailors
BJ Alderman
BJ Alderman , English
Kinsmen: Across the Waters - Milt Briggs

Kinsmen: Across the WatersMilt Briggs

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The Kinsmen series takes the reader on a historical journey alongside a venerable sheriff, a grizzled prospector, a raven-haired blue-blood, and the generations that follow. A crucible of unprecedented freedom and a continual battle with … more

Kinsmen: Across the Waters
Milt Briggs
Case of the Plucked Chicken ... - Rodney Evans

Case of the Plucked Chicken ...Rodney Evans

The new Bestseller.You’re not going to believe your eyes when chickens traumatize ladies in the town of Darlinia. Out of nowhere plucked chickens start appearing in their kitchen waiting to be cooked. Where do these chickens come from and h… more

Case of the Plucked Chicken (The Flatulent Pumpkin)
Rodney Evans
Rodney Evans , English
Lone Wolf Justice (Wolves of... - Cynthia Sax

Lone Wolf Justice (Wolves of...Cynthia Sax

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There’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s shooting silver bullets.Diana left her family, friends, and everything else she knew behind her to travel west, fulfilling her destiny as a mail order bride. When she arrives in Big Rock, she discover… more

Lone Wolf Justice (Wolves of the Wild West)
Cynthia Sax
Changeling Press, LLC , English
The End to Come - Jordan Leskovjan

The End to ComeJordan Leskovjan

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Something terrible is happening in the town of Solace. The blight which killed the crops was only the beginning. A series of murders and suicides begins to ravage what is left of the small town. Soon a sheriff and deputy will discover even… more

The End to Come
Jordan Leskovjan
The Waste Land : A Story of ... - Ridgwell Cullum

The Waste Land : A Story of ...Ridgwell Cullum

The Trail of the Axe A Story of the Red Sand Valley BY RIDGWELL CULLUM Author of “The Watchers of the Plains,” “The Sheriff of Dyke Hole”, etc.

The Waste Land : A Story of the Red Sand Valley
Ridgwell Cullum
Worm and Needle - Jason Hirth

Worm and NeedleJason Hirth

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Taking place in the old west, the sheriff of a small mining town discovers he has a lot in common with a race of beings that live in the desert, and becomes mixed up with two other companions whose adventure reveals a darker side to reality… more

Worm and Needle
Jason Hirth
Jason A. Hirth , English
Tandy Green - Mary E. Pierce

Tandy GreenMary E. Pierce

Tandy Green escapes her captors, but her escape threatens spark a war between the Indians and the town of which her long lost uncle is sheriff.

Tandy Green
Mary E. Pierce
The Gallows Shadow (Redskin) - Marvin W.  Bronson

The Gallows Shadow (Redskin)Marvin W. Bronson

Redskin is falsely accused of raping a white woman. Now with a lynch mob out to trap and kill him, faced with the dark hatred of his enemies, Redskin remained calmly in control. He has escaped their vengeance with the sheriff as his hosta… more

The Gallows Shadow (Redskin)
Marvin W. Bronson
Chambers of Death: A Medieva... - Priscilla Royal

Chambers of Death: A Medieva...Priscilla Royal

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When one of her company falls ill on a return journey to Tyndal, Prioress Eleanor accepts lodging at a nearby manor. The hospitality may be warm but the underlying passions among the steward’s family are scorching. Master Stevyn’s wife is h… more

Chambers of Death: A Medieval Mystery #6 (Medieval Mysteries)
Priscilla Royal
Poisoned Pen Press , English
Rearview - A. Piper

RearviewA. Piper

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Circumstances surrounding her brother’s death reluctantly forces Amber back to Trent, her hometown, for the first time in years. In dealing with the last remaining mess of her family, she finds comfort in Milo, the town’s sheriff and her h… more

A. Piper
A. Piper , English
Bob Marley: Guitar Chord Son... - Bob Marley

Bob Marley: Guitar Chord Son...Bob Marley

(Guitar Chord Songbook). Nearly 40 songs from reggae’s most iconic figure, with simply the lyrics and guitar chords. Includes: Buffalo Soldier * Could You Be Loved * Exodus * Get Up Stand Up * I Shot the Sheriff * Iron Lion Zion * Is This L… more

Bob Marley: Guitar Chord Songbook (Guitar Chord Songbooks)
Bob Marley
Hal Leonard , English
The Cops (Forbidden Desires #4) - Scarlett Fate

The Cops (Forbidden Desires #4)Scarlett Fate

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Some call her a goddess. Some call her a whore. She prefers Nicole.Nicole was speeding through the streets of a small town until she got pulled over. She always had a thing for a man in uniform. A cabin in the woods, an erotic encounter wit… more

The Cops (Forbidden Desires #4)
Scarlett Fate
Eric Clapton Songbook: Guita... - Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton Songbook: Guita...Eric Clapton

(Guitar Play-Along). The Guitar Play-Along Series will help you play your favorite songs quickly and easily! Just follow the tab, listen to the audio to hear how the guitar should sound, and then play along using the separate backing tracks… more

Eric Clapton Songbook: Guitar Play-Along Volume 41 (Hal Leonard Guitar Play-Along)
Eric Clapton
Hal Leonard , English


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TEDDY BOOKS - 4Marrianne finds a body at the bottom of Teddy’s garden and another body shows up at the same spot. The sheriff says “muder by kite” and is inclined to blame Connie, the kite flyer. Teddy doesnt buy it. The media gets pushy, t… more

Amanda Glenn
McKenzie Affair - Don Meyer

McKenzie AffairDon Meyer

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The discovery of two bodies inside a car uncovered by the spring melt is a hell of a way to start a Saturday morning, but that is only the beginning of a bad day. First one, then the second deputy goes missing — to make matters worse, one o… more

McKenzie Affair
Don Meyer
Two Peas Publishing , English
Santa Fe Son - Ellen McKinney

Santa Fe SonEllen McKinney

Past memories can be wonderful, but sometimes sad for Corinne. Her world was rocked by the seemingly senseless tragic murder of a close and lifelong friend. The murder drastically altered the trajectory of her life as a gifted medical profe… more

Santa Fe Son
Ellen McKinney
PDMI Freelance Publishing , English
The Lineshack - Peggy Lee Johnson

The LineshackPeggy Lee Johnson

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What is a lineshack? It’s a small cabin used by ranch hands, a place of refuge during storms. Sometimes the only place within miles, a place that can mean the difference between life and death, especially when a winter storm is about to bar… more

The Lineshack
Peggy Lee Johnson
Star Saga Short Story - Tin Star - Ken McConnell

Star Saga Short Story - Tin StarKen McConnell

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An android saves a town from a ruthless killer and the people thank it by making it their sheriff. They soon find out that a heartless lawman is not what they really wanted.

Other e-books set in the Star Trilogy universe by Ken McConnell … more

Star Saga Short Story - Tin Star
Ken McConnell
GB Press , English