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The Flame Dancers - Lizbeth Channic

The Flame DancersLizbeth Channic

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Evil comes to the small Indian town of Rattlesnake in the guise of the local law: Sheriff Robert Biddle, his brother Deputy Clarence Biddle, and owner of the town general store, Vent Jameson.

What better place than this impoverished town… more

The Flame Dancers
Lizbeth Channic
Star Saga Short Story - Tin Star - Ken McConnell

Star Saga Short Story - Tin StarKen McConnell

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An android saves a town from a ruthless killer and the people thank it by making it their sheriff. They soon find out that a heartless lawman is not what they really wanted.

Other e-books set in the Star Trilogy universe by Ken McConnell … more

Star Saga Short Story - Tin Star
Ken McConnell
GB Press , English
Washout at Liberty Valley (T... - Mike  Jaroch, F. A. Randy Jaroch

Washout at Liberty Valley (T...Mike Jaroch, F. A. Randy Jaroch

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Four boys with special powers and an amazing secret are charged with ‘only using their powers to help people.’ But when three families ignore the sheriff’s warnings to get out of harm’s way, will the efforts of the Sneeky Sneekers be enough… more

Washout at Liberty Valley (The Adventures of the Sneeky Sneekers Book 3)
Mike Jaroch, F. A. Randy Jaroch
Books To Believe In , English
Lone Wolf Justice (Wolves of... - Cynthia Sax

Lone Wolf Justice (Wolves of...Cynthia Sax

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There’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s shooting silver bullets.Diana left her family, friends, and everything else she knew behind her to travel west, fulfilling her destiny as a mail order bride. When she arrives in Big Rock, she discover… more

Lone Wolf Justice (Wolves of the Wild West Book 1)
Cynthia Sax
Changeling Press, LLC , English
Cut Rate - Sam Biggers

Cut RateSam Biggers

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Its the 1970s in the mountains of Carolina. Cleo runs guns for a living but something is about to happen that will change his life forever when the sheriff asks him to get rid of some guns that have been hanging around the department for aw… more

Cut Rate
Sam Biggers
Slave Trade (Nums of Shorevi... - Anthony G. Wedgeworth

Slave Trade (Nums of Shorevi...Anthony G. Wedgeworth

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The sheriff investigates local nums of Shoreview gone missing. It is believed that slave traders are rounding them up to be shipped out in order to be sold. The three young nums who run the “Dare to Trade” shop become involved when one of … more

Slave Trade (Nums of Shoreview Book 3)
Anthony G. Wedgeworth
Anthony G. Wedgeworth , English
The Wild Hunt - Ashley Jeffery

The Wild HuntAshley Jeffery

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I see ghosts…….

Except my ghosts aren’t just floating see-through apparitions. They aren’t drifting clouds of mist, or glowing balls of light. My ghosts are the soundless, walking zombies of the dearly departed. They are the rotting co… more

The Wild Hunt
Ashley Jeffery
The End to Come - Jordan Leskovjan

The End to ComeJordan Leskovjan

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Something terrible is happening in the town of Solace. The blight which killed the crops was only the beginning. A series of murders and suicides begins to ravage what is left of the small town. Soon a sheriff and deputy will discover even… more

The End to Come
Jordan Leskovjan
Case of the Plucked Chicken ... - Rodney Evans

Case of the Plucked Chicken ...Rodney Evans

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This future bestselling book is beautifully illustrated by artist Gary Wein.

This lighthearted lesson in courage is wrapped within a story about the role chicken plays in our lives. In a faraway magical land, plucked chickens start appear… more

Case of the Plucked Chicken (The Flatulent Pumpkin Book 2)
Rodney Evans
Rodney Evans , English
4 Chord Rock Songbook: Easy ... - Hal Leonard Corp.

4 Chord Rock Songbook: Easy ...Hal Leonard Corp.

(Easy Guitar). Sound great playing these 22 hit tunes, even if you know only four chords! Easy guitar arrangements of 22 songs: Blowin’ in the Wind * Brown Eyed Girl * Candle in the Wind * Drift Away * Every Rose Has Its Thorn * Fields of G… more

4 Chord Rock Songbook: Easy Guitar with Notes & Tab
Hal Leonard Corp.
Hal Leonard , English
Dead Man's Ransom - Ellis Pe... - Ellis Peters

Dead Man's Ransom - Ellis Pe...Ellis Peters

The year is 1141 and civil war continues to rage. When the sheriff of Shropshire is taken prisoner, arrangements are made to exchange him for Elis, a young Welshman. But when the sheriff is brought to the abbey, he is murdered. Suspicion fa… more

Dead Man’s Ransom - Ellis Peters (Chronicles of Brother Cadfael Book 9)
Ellis Peters
Santa Fe Son - Ellen McKinney

Santa Fe SonEllen McKinney

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Past memories can be wonderful, but sometimes sad for Corinne her world was rocked by the senseless tragic murder of a close and lifelong friend.The murder drastically altered the trajectory of her life as a gifted medical professional. Ove… more

Santa Fe Son
Ellen McKinney
Secret On Cobb Mountain - Kit DeCanti

Secret On Cobb MountainKit DeCanti

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The mysterious death of a young woman is deemed a suicide, but a young sheriff deputy starts his own investigation which leads him into danger and romance with a beautiful mysterious woman, climaxing with a surprising answer to all the myst… more

Secret On Cobb Mountain
Kit DeCanti
CreateSpace , English
Kinsmen: Across the Waters - Milt Briggs

Kinsmen: Across the WatersMilt Briggs

Set in what is now southwestern Montana, this frontier saga looks deeply into the lives of the settlers and homesteaders who made the American West. Volume one of a series.

Kinsmen: Across the Waters
Milt Briggs
EDGE: The Final Shot - George G. Gilman

EDGE: The Final ShotGeorge G. Gilman

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His slitted eyes surveyed his surroundings. The square was as deserted as before. But now three bodies oozed blood to stain the sidewalk; the two men Edge had killed and the sheriff. Harman was curled up in a heap outside the doorway of his… more

EDGE: The Final Shot
George G. Gilman
Lobo publications (A High Plains Wesrern) , English
Bagel Helps Find Robin Hood ... - Edward Coburn

Bagel Helps Find Robin Hood ...Edward Coburn

When a seven year old boy, affectionately known as Robin Hood, by his friends and family goes missing, it is up to Adam, Marti, and Sheriff Stibbens to follow the clues provided by Bagel, Adam’s pet beagle, to find Robin Hood as quickly as … more

Bagel Helps Find Robin Hood (A Mini Bagel Mystery Book 1)
Edward Coburn
Rearview - A. Piper

RearviewA. Piper

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Circumstances surrounding her brother’s death reluctantly forces Amber back to Trent, her hometown, for the first time in years. In dealing with the last remaining mess of her family, she finds comfort in Milo, the town’s sheriff and her h… more

A. Piper
A. Piper , English
Ring of Fire - Cotton Smith

Ring of FireCotton Smith

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Ring McCollum returns from the Civil War to a land ravaged by bandits and drifters. When he meets a three-legged dog on the trail, his travels are made easier, and his life takes on a new meaning as he tries to right the injustice dealt by … more

Ring of Fire
Cotton Smith
High Hill Press , English
Disk Of Dragons (Saga Of Sin... - P M F Johnson

Disk Of Dragons (Saga Of Sin...P M F Johnson

1 rating
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Rev Caern is a poor kid in ancient Shendasan city, stealing food, when a nation of goblen invade. Their rule is brutal, and they’re hungry for magic. He’s the cheerful, optimistic sort, but after his folks die, even he thinks it’s time to s… more

Disk Of Dragons (Saga Of Sinnesemota Book 1)
P M F Johnson
The Cops (Forbidden Desires #4) - Scarlett Fate

The Cops (Forbidden Desires #4)Scarlett Fate

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Some call her a goddess. Some call her a whore. She prefers Nicole.

Nicole was speeding through the streets of a small town until she got pulled over. She always had a thing for a man in uniform. A cabin in the woods, an erotic encounter w… more

The Cops (Forbidden Desires #4)
Scarlett Fate