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Jawing with Old Jailors - BJ Alderman

Jawing with Old JailorsBJ Alderman

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What was life like for jailors in the old west? Here are some behind the scenes peeks at what took place behind those locked doors for the sheriff, his jailor, and their wives who served as unofficial deputies. Taken from newspaper clipping… more

Jawing with Old Jailors
BJ Alderman
BJ Alderman , English
In The End, Only Darkness - Monica O'Rourke

In The End, Only DarknessMonica O'Rourke

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Eighteen horror stories (and a few poems) ranging from quietly subtle to stomach-churning disgusting, this collection features fiction that will entertain or repulse almost anyone. Featuring an Introduction by gore master Wrath James White!… more

In The End, Only Darkness
Monica O’Rourke
McKenzie Affair - Don Meyer

McKenzie AffairDon Meyer

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The discovery of two bodies inside a car uncovered by the spring melt is a hell of a way to start a Saturday morning, but that is only the beginning of a bad day. First one, then the second deputy goes missing — to make matters worse, one o… more

McKenzie Affair
Don Meyer
Two Peas Publishing , English
Southern Fried Murder - Eric Wilder

Southern Fried MurderEric Wilder

When the sheriff of a sleepy backwater Louisiana town finds the corpse of a pretty female floating face down in the bayou, he must decide if it is a crime of passion, or the result of passionate jealousy. A short story by Eric Wilder, autho… more

Southern Fried Murder
Eric Wilder
Gondwana Press , English
Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day! - Celine Steen, Tamasin Noyes

Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day!Celine Steen, Tamasin Noyes

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What’s the best thing since sliced bread? The sandwich of course! Layered with flavor, simple and portable, and full of endless variety, sandwiches have been stealing the show for as long as they’ve existed.But it’s time for the traditional… more

Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day!
Celine Steen, Tamasin Noyes
Fair Winds Press , English
Six Ways of Dyin' - A.L. Brown

Six Ways of Dyin'A.L. Brown

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The sheriff of a small town must pay for the life that he ruined many years ago. The past has returned and it will settle for nothing less than blood. Who will be left standing when the dust settles?A short story by A.L. Brown.

Six Ways of Dyin’
A.L. Brown
Tornado Slim and the Magic C... - Bryan Langdo

Tornado Slim and the Magic C...Bryan Langdo

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Tornado Slim is just your regular cowboy … until the day he meets the coyote. The coyote gives Slim his special hat and asks him to deliver a letter to the sheriff of Fire Gulch City. Slim has never been to Fire Gulch City, but he figur… more

Tornado Slim and the Magic Cowboy Hat
Bryan Langdo
Two Lions , English
Dang: Episode 2 - Rob D Smith

Dang: Episode 2Rob D Smith

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Bootlegging. Conspiracy theories. Rasslin’ moves. Hot rods. Pistols and pursuing leads. Willem collects and sells “biofuel/fertilizer,” and he’s well over knee-deep in inventory. When Murven, his out-of-work best buddy, volunteers to help h… more

Dang: Episode 2
Rob D Smith
Disturbance Call at the Fairy Bar - Phillip J. Boucher

Disturbance Call at the Fairy BarPhillip J. Boucher

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Fantasy Short Story - The sheriff and deputy of a small southern town have to protect the lives of two children from The Finder, a creature who finds them in the Fairy realm that coexists with the town’s normal plane of existence.

Disturbance Call at the Fairy Bar
Phillip J. Boucher
Necrology Shorts / Phillip J. Boucher , English
Discovering Daisy (Lottery Brides) - Lacey Thorn

Discovering Daisy (Lottery Brides)Lacey Thorn

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Book two in the Lottery Brides SeriesSometimes fate shows us happiness when we least expect it.Daisy is lost when the sheriff finds her surrounded by the bodies of three men. She holds her sister in her arms, shattered at the death that too… more

Discovering Daisy (Lottery Brides)
Lacey Thorn
Total-E-Bound Publishing , English
The Man From Newella I - The... - Brandon Hale

The Man From Newella I - The...Brandon Hale

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Welcome to the Crimson AgeOn July 14, 2081, the sky rained blood, the animals turned against humanity, and the shadows learned how to walk the dead. It didn’t take long for our fragile civilization to crumble. That was the beginning of the … more

The Man From Newella I - The Sheriff’s Tale
Brandon Hale
Tandy Green - Mary E. Pierce

Tandy GreenMary E. Pierce

Tandy Green escapes her captors, but her escape threatens spark a war between the Indians and the town of which her long lost uncle is sheriff.

Tandy Green
Mary E. Pierce
Bob Marley: Guitar Chord Son... - Bob Marley

Bob Marley: Guitar Chord Son...Bob Marley

(Guitar Chord Songbook). Nearly 40 songs from reggae’s most iconic figure, with simply the lyrics and guitar chords. Includes: Buffalo Soldier * Could You Be Loved * Exodus * Get Up Stand Up * I Shot the Sheriff * Iron Lion Zion * Is This L… more

Bob Marley: Guitar Chord Songbook (Guitar Chord Songbooks)
Bob Marley
Hal Leonard , English
Kinsmen: Across the Waters - Milt Briggs

Kinsmen: Across the WatersMilt Briggs

Set in what is now southwestern Montana, this frontier saga looks deeply into the lives of the settlers and homesteaders who made the American West. Volume one of a series.

Kinsmen: Across the Waters
Milt Briggs
Slave Trade (Nums of Shorevi... - Anthony G. Wedgeworth

Slave Trade (Nums of Shorevi...Anthony G. Wedgeworth

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The sheriff investigates local nums of Shoreview gone missing. It is believed that slave traders are rounding them up to be shipped out in order to be sold. The three young nums who run the “Dare to Trade” shop become involved when one of … more

Slave Trade (Nums of Shoreview Book 3)
Anthony G. Wedgeworth
Anthony G. Wedgeworth , English
My Brother Trigger and Me - Michael T. Miyoshi

My Brother Trigger and MeMichael T. Miyoshi

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A roper turned sheriff keeps the town safe in this coming of age western screenplay.

My Brother Trigger and Me
Michael T. Miyoshi
Michael T. Miyoshi , English
Dead Man's Ransom - Ellis Pe... - Ellis Peters

Dead Man's Ransom - Ellis Pe...Ellis Peters

The year is 1141 and civil war continues to rage. When the sheriff of Shropshire is taken prisoner, arrangements are made to exchange him for Elis, a young Welshman. But when the sheriff is brought to the abbey, he is murdered. Suspicion fa… more

Dead Man’s Ransom - Ellis Peters (Chronicles of Brother Cadfael Book 9)
Ellis Peters
Case of the Plucked Chicken ... - Rodney Evans

Case of the Plucked Chicken ...Rodney Evans

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This future bestselling book is beautifully illustrated by artist Gary Wein.

This lighthearted lesson in courage is wrapped within a story about the role chicken plays in our lives. In a faraway magical land, plucked chickens start appear… more

Case of the Plucked Chicken (The Flatulent Pumpkin Book 2)
Rodney Evans
Rodney Evans , English
The End to Come - Jordan Leskovjan

The End to ComeJordan Leskovjan

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Something terrible is happening in the town of Solace. The blight which killed the crops was only the beginning. A series of murders and suicides begins to ravage what is left of the small town. Soon a sheriff and deputy will discover even… more

The End to Come
Jordan Leskovjan
4 Chord Rock Songbook: Easy ... - Hal Leonard Corp.

4 Chord Rock Songbook: Easy ...Hal Leonard Corp.

(Easy Guitar). Sound great playing these 22 hit tunes, even if you know only four chords! Easy guitar arrangements of 22 songs: Blowin’ in the Wind * Brown Eyed Girl * Candle in the Wind * Drift Away * Every Rose Has Its Thorn * Fields of G… more

4 Chord Rock Songbook: Easy Guitar with Notes & Tab
Hal Leonard Corp.
Hal Leonard , English