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Lone Wolf Justice (Wolves of... - Cynthia Sax

Lone Wolf Justice (Wolves of...Cynthia Sax

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There’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s shooting silver bullets.Diana left her family, friends, and everything else she knew behind her to travel west, fulfilling her destiny as a mail order bride. When she arrives in Big Rock, she discover… more

Lone Wolf Justice (Wolves of the Wild West Book 1)
Cynthia Sax
Changeling Press, LLC , English
EDGE: The Final Shot - George G. Gilman

EDGE: The Final ShotGeorge G. Gilman

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His slitted eyes surveyed his surroundings. The square was as deserted as before. But now three bodies oozed blood to stain the sidewalk; the two men Edge had killed and the sheriff. Harman was curled up in a heap outside the doorway of his… more

EDGE: The Final Shot
George G. Gilman
Lobo publications (A High Plains Wesrern) , English
Santa Fe Son - Ellen McKinney

Santa Fe SonEllen McKinney

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Past memories can be wonderful, but sometimes sad for Corinne her world was rocked by the senseless tragic murder of a close and lifelong friend.The murder drastically altered the trajectory of her life as a gifted medical professional. Ove… more

Santa Fe Son
Ellen McKinney
Rearview - A. Piper

RearviewA. Piper

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Circumstances surrounding her brother’s death reluctantly forces Amber back to Trent, her hometown, for the first time in years. In dealing with the last remaining mess of her family, she finds comfort in Milo, the town’s sheriff and her h… more

A. Piper
A. Piper , English
Ring of Fire - Cotton Smith

Ring of FireCotton Smith

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Ring McCollum returns from the Civil War to a land ravaged by bandits and drifters. When he meets a three-legged dog on the trail, his travels are made easier, and his life takes on a new meaning as he tries to right the injustice dealt by … more

Ring of Fire
Cotton Smith
High Hill Press , English
Bagel Helps Find Robin Hood ... - Edward Coburn

Bagel Helps Find Robin Hood ...Edward Coburn

When a seven year old boy, affectionately known as Robin Hood, by his friends and family goes missing, it is up to Adam, Marti, and Sheriff Stibbens to follow the clues provided by Bagel, Adam’s pet beagle, to find Robin Hood as quickly as … more

Bagel Helps Find Robin Hood (A Mini Bagel Mystery Book 1)
Edward Coburn
Washout at Liberty Valley (T... - Mike  Jaroch, F. A. Randy Jaroch

Washout at Liberty Valley (T...Mike Jaroch, F. A. Randy Jaroch

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Four boys with special powers and an amazing secret are charged with ‘only using their powers to help people.’ But when three families ignore the sheriff’s warnings to get out of harm’s way, will the efforts of the Sneeky Sneekers be enough… more

Washout at Liberty Valley (The Adventures of the Sneeky Sneekers Book 3)
Mike Jaroch, F. A. Randy Jaroch
Books To Believe In , English
Star Saga Short Story - Tin Star - Ken McConnell

Star Saga Short Story - Tin StarKen McConnell

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An android saves a town from a ruthless killer and the people thank it by making it their sheriff. They soon find out that a heartless lawman is not what they really wanted.

Other e-books set in the Star Trilogy universe by Ken McConnell … more

Star Saga Short Story - Tin Star
Ken McConnell
GB Press , English
The Cops (Forbidden Desires #4) - Scarlett Fate

The Cops (Forbidden Desires #4)Scarlett Fate

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Some call her a goddess. Some call her a whore. She prefers Nicole.

Nicole was speeding through the streets of a small town until she got pulled over. She always had a thing for a man in uniform. A cabin in the woods, an erotic encounter w… more

The Cops (Forbidden Desires #4)
Scarlett Fate
The Pastor's Assignment (Tru... - Kim O'Brien

The Pastor's Assignment (Tru...Kim O'Brien

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When Laney Varner’s pastor assigns his congregation to rid themselves of all regrets, Laney doesn’t have to think about it; she knows what her regrets are. In the midst of this, God gives her another person with regrets to help - unfortunat… more

The Pastor’s Assignment (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 641)
Kim O’Brien
Barbour Books , English
What's the Number for 911? (... - Carter Wolf

What's the Number for 911? (...Carter Wolf

The first terrified 911 call sent the sheriff to a field, the second to a wrong address. When the third number is also averted, the town begins to fear serial murderer on the loose. He’s not only tampering with the city’s new 911 system. Th… more

What’s the Number for 911? (Ordinary Stories with Twisting Tales)
Carter Wolf
Purgatory (July Ford) - Matthew Finneran

Purgatory (July Ford)Matthew Finneran

Some Towns Go Out In A Blaze of Glory.

Readers were introduced to Sheriff July Ford in The Wanderers what some called one of the Best Western Novels of all time. Now Matthew Finneran may have topped himself with this exciting story of a m… more

Purgatory (July Ford)
Matthew Finneran
Purgatory , English
Outlaws and Gunslingers: Tal... - Alton Pryor

Outlaws and Gunslingers: Tal...Alton Pryor

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When you bring 27 of the west’s most notorious outlaws together in the same book it’s a wonder it doesn’t explode. We guarantee the book won’t explode but readers will learn what these characters were thinking when they pulled off the bigge… more

Outlaws and Gunslingers: Tales of the West’s Most Notorious Outlaws
Alton Pryor
Stagecoach Publishing , English
An Unlikely Source - Les Farley

An Unlikely SourceLes Farley

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Prepare to be drawn into the mystery that takes place in this small town - Gretchen Falls. It will be as though you are actually walking the streets, meeting the curious characters and even experiencing the frustration of the sheriff who, … more

An Unlikely Source
Les Farley
Eric Clapton Songbook: Guita... - Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton Songbook: Guita...Eric Clapton

(Guitar Play-Along). The Guitar Play-Along Series will help you play your favorite songs quickly and easily! Just follow the tab, listen to the audio to hear how the guitar should sound, and then play along using the separate backing tracks… more

Eric Clapton Songbook: Guitar Play-Along Volume 41 (Hal Leonard Guitar Play-Along)
Eric Clapton
Hal Leonard , English
Caterpillar - Floyd Nicholson

CaterpillarFloyd Nicholson

When an experiment takes a turn for the worst, unfortunate events are bestowed on the townspeople of Drakston. Can the Sheriff save those he’s sworn to protect? Or will he too, fall victim to the nightmare that’s been released.

Floyd Nicholson
Floyd Nicholson , English
Pangea the Gunslinger1 - Ensui Sanagura

Pangea the Gunslinger1Ensui Sanagura

Average wait: N/A

The Far-off future.

In the farthest town When the mystery man who fell from sky met one sheriff

A trip to change world fate begins.

Pangea the Gunslinger1
Ensui Sanagura
The Boy Who Shot the Sheriff... - Nancy Bartley

The Boy Who Shot the Sheriff...Nancy Bartley

The Boy Who Shot the Sheriff explores this a little-known story of a young boy’s fate in the juvenile justice system during the bloodiest years in the nation’s penitentiaries.

The Boy Who Shot the Sheriff: the redemption of Herbert Nicholls Jr.
Nancy Bartley
University of Washington Press , English
The Asylum Of Fables - Issue... - Fwah Storm

The Asylum Of Fables - Issue...Fwah Storm

The Asylum Of Fables’ is a comic book love letter to The Twilight Zone’. A nice little project where the only rule is for writers and artists to explore the depths of their imagination.

In this short Issue discover what happens when the s… more

The Asylum Of Fables - Issue Zero (The Asylum Of Fables: Season One Book 0)
Fwah Storm
Reload Comics , English
The Gallows Shadow (Redskin Book 3) - Marvin W.  Bronson

The Gallows Shadow (Redskin Book 3)Marvin W. Bronson

Redskin is falsely accused of raping a white woman. Now with a lynch mob out to trap and kill him, faced with the dark hatred of his enemies, Redskin remained calmly in control. He has escaped their vengeance with the sheriff as his hosta… more

The Gallows Shadow (Redskin Book 3)
Marvin W. Bronson