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Disconnected: An eShort Stor... - Jennifer Weiner

Disconnected: An eShort Stor...Jennifer Weiner

Shannon Will is nearing thirty and has already made six trips to rehab (not that anyone’s counting). But this time, she swears, will be different. She’ll clean up her act, go to meetings, find a sponsor, and make a clean break with her past… more

Disconnected: An eShort Story (Kindle Single)
Jennifer Weiner
Atria Books , English
A Frenemy - Jana Steele

A FrenemyJana Steele

Average wait: N/A

Blake and Ally thought they had a best friend in Shannon. They enjoyed everything from afternoon lunch dates to shared shopping sprees together. They thought they’d be best friends until the very end. Who would have thought the end would co… more

A Frenemy
Jana Steele
How I Got Shaved by My Stepbrother - Tea Minx

How I Got Shaved by My StepbrotherTea Minx

An erotic short story. Ryan needs his stepsister, Shannon, to put in a good word for him with one of her friends. But the two step-siblings don’t get along, so she wants something in return. When they were young, they used to play a game … more

How I Got Shaved by My Stepbrother
Tea Minx
Tea Minx , English
Taboo Sitter - Jean-Luc Cheri

Taboo SitterJean-Luc Cheri

Average wait: N/A

An erotic short story. Jake has been lusting after eighteen-year-old Shannon, despite the fact he’s married and has a baby. When Shannon agrees to sit, and Jake returns home unexpectedly, he discovers her in bed with her boyfriend. Will… more

Taboo Sitter
Jean-Luc Cheri
Eradygm Publishing , English
Sunday Letters - Dr Robert E McGinnis

Sunday LettersDr Robert E McGinnis

Average wait: N/A

I enjoy writing and I also have an interest in passing on my thoughts to future generations. Not only generations of mine, but other families too. I have often wondered what kind of thoughts my parents and grandparents had and what were som… more

Sunday Letters
Dr Robert E McGinnis
Createspace , English
That Wasn't Part of the Plan... - Jeanna Yung

That Wasn't Part of the Plan...Jeanna Yung

Average wait: N/A

I wanted to surprise my husband with a ménage a trois. We’d talked about having one and he liked the idea but it was always something that would happen in the future. Well, the future wasn’t good enough for me and I recruited my best frie… more

That Wasn’t Part of the Plan! (But My First Lesbian Experience Was Wonderful!): An FFM Ménage a Trois Erotica Story
Jeanna Yung
Polaris Erotica Publishing , English
Picture the Moment (Shoebox ... - Michael Mechant

Picture the Moment (Shoebox ...Michael Mechant

Average wait: N/A

Shannon’s boyfriend wanted some nude pictures of her. She finally worked up the courage to ask her college roommate to take them, but she never suspected Laura was bi-curious. What happened next was beyond anything Shannon ever imagined.

Picture the Moment (Shoebox Secrets Book 1)
Michael Mechant
Michael Mechant , English
Sharing Jared (Shoebox Secre... - Michael Mechant

Sharing Jared (Shoebox Secre...Michael Mechant

Average wait: N/A

Now that Shannon has gotten sexual with her roommate, she wants to share with her boyfriend the naked pictures they took. She also wants to tell him she is bisexual, but isn’t sure how he will react. Her plan is to share him with Laura. It … more

Sharing Jared (Shoebox Secrets Book 2)
Michael Mechant
Michael Mechant , English
The Wars Of The Shannons - Allan Cole, Chris Bunch

The Wars Of The ShannonsAllan Cole, Chris Bunch

Average wait: N/A

THE WARS OF THE SHANNONS: Young Patrick Shannon is the heir-apparent to the Shannon fortune, but murder and betrayal at a family gathering send him fleeing into the American frontier, with only the last words of a wise old woman to arm him … more

The Wars Of The Shannons
Allan Cole, Chris Bunch
Allan Cole , English
A Rage in the Heavens (The P... - James A. Hillebrecht

A Rage in the Heavens (The P...James A. Hillebrecht

Average wait: N/A


“Power be the lure that draws men forth, and power be the snare that takes them.”

Thus runs an ancient proverb of Alencia, and its truth is demonstrated when Alacon Regnar, Tyrant of the Northlands,… more

A Rage in the Heavens (The Paladin Trilogy Book 1)
James A. Hillebrecht
Story Merchant Books , English
The Color of Night: A Young ... - John H Timmerman, L.C. Timmerman

The Color of Night: A Young ...John H Timmerman, L.C. Timmerman

The Color of Night is a skillfully woven true crime account of a horrendous crime, a family’s quest for answers, and the landmark case that tested the Federal Death Penalty Act. Nineteen-year-old Rachel Timmerman, who was about to testify a… more

The Color of Night: A Young Mother, a Missing Child, and a Cold-Blooded Killer
John H Timmerman, L.C. Timmerman
New Horizon Press , English
Bred By My Billionaire Daddy... - Laurence Ford

Bred By My Billionaire Daddy...Laurence Ford

When Shannon’s former step-father and billionaire Brad gives her a job at one of the corporations he runs, she’s ecstatic. When he asks her to come to his office for a top-secret proposal, she has no idea what to expect. She certainly doesn… more

Bred By My Billionaire Daddy (Taboo Stepfather/daughter Breeding Erotica)
Laurence Ford
Naughty Politics: Friends Sh... - Carli Ann Arthur

Naughty Politics: Friends Sh...Carli Ann Arthur

Warning: Swinger Story Our favorite sexy couple - Tom and Shannon - are back for another adventure. This time, the onus is on Shannon. She and a mysterious lover plan to meet at the Love Nest, while Tom grows worried they’ll be caught. Wh… more

Naughty Politics: Friends Share Everything
Carli Ann Arthur
At the Billionaire's Bidding - Trish Wylie

At the Billionaire's BiddingTrish Wylie

The bad-boy billionaire is back! Connor Flannaghan had always been out of her league. He was strong and gorgeous, and his charm was legendary! As a naive teenager Shannon could only gaze from the sidelines…as the love of her life stared s… more

At the Billionaire’s Bidding
Trish Wylie
Harlequin Presents , English
The Sexually Confident Wife:... - Shannon Ethridge

The Sexually Confident Wife:...Shannon Ethridge

Maximize the sexual and emotional potential in your marriage! With down-to-earth wisdom based on the experiences of the thousands of women she’s counseled, Shannon Ethridge–author of the million-plus-selling Every Woman’s Battle series–show… more

The Sexually Confident Wife: Connecting with Your Husband Mind Body Heart Spirit
Shannon Ethridge
Harmony , English
Going Home (The Quintessenti... - Rebecca Abbott Miller

Going Home (The Quintessenti...Rebecca Abbott Miller

Average wait: N/A

When newlywed David Jacob’s wife, Shannon, refuses to accompany him on the latest Quintessential tour, he starts to question what things in life are important and what things are not. Unexpected quality time at home with his ailing brother … more

Going Home (The Quintessential Series Book 3)
Rebecca Abbott Miller
The Wars Of The Shannons - Allan Cole & Chris Bunch

The Wars Of The ShannonsAllan Cole & Chris Bunch

THE WARS OF THE SHANNONS: Young Patrick Shannon is the heir-apparent to the Shannon fortune, but murder and betrayal at a family gathering send him fleeing into the American frontier, with only the last words of a wise old woman to arm him … more

The Wars Of The Shannons
Allan Cole & Chris Bunch
Allan Cole , English
Shannon and Kristen - Molly Bottoms

Shannon and KristenMolly Bottoms

Average wait: N/A

Shannon and Kristen may legally be adults, but their behavior certainly doesn’t indicate the appropriate level of maturity. Shannon’s parents are so frustrated that they hire a babysitter, a large, stern woman who has no problem bending the… more

Shannon and Kristen
Molly Bottoms
CF Publications , English
Baby Boi 2: My Boyfriend's Son - Ms. Backshot

Baby Boi 2: My Boyfriend's SonMs. Backshot

Average wait: N/A

A 3000 word short story

Bianca and her boyfriend Shannon are slowly drifting apart. He’s a work-a-holic and she’s a sex-starved nympho. Everything changes when Shannon’s 19 year old son moves in and becomes the answer to both of thei… more

Baby Boi 2: My Boyfriend’s Son
Ms. Backshot
BBB Publishing Presents , English
Illicit Pleasures (Sexy Situ... - Thomas Long

Illicit Pleasures (Sexy Situ...Thomas Long

Shannon and Simone are sisters who have always been engaged in a bitter sibling rivalry. What happens when they share a similar love interest? Find out in this action packed, erotic short that is guaranteed to please the reader’s desire fo… more

Illicit Pleasures (Sexy Situations Book 2)
Thomas Long
Streetwise Publishing , English