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Absolution Gap (Revelation Space)Alastair Reynolds

1 rating

They are ancient killing machines, designed to locate and destroy any life form reaching a certain level of intelligence. Now, stirred from eons of sleep, the Inhibitors have descended on their latest target: Humanity.” “The first wave of I… more

Absolution Gap (Revelation Space)
Alastair Reynolds
Ace , English

UnpluggedMichael Jasper

Average wait: N/A

Rehab for cyberpunk hackers. Mickey’s been here before, with a head full of junk, trying to get better so he can go back to his Lia. This is Jonathan’s first trip to Rubin’s non-tech health facility, and being away from his tech is making h… more

Michael Jasper
UnWrecked Press , English

The MeqSteve Cash

1 rating

In every generation, a fantasy novel is published that captures something essential and enduring about life that no other book has expressed in quite the same way. Here unfolds a journey of discovery–in a story that surprises us on every pa… more

The Meq
Steve Cash
Del Rey , English

The Arm of the StoneVictoria Strauss

Average wait: N/A

“Treated with unusual depth.”—LocusLong ago, when the worlds were one… So begins the Tale, the ancestral legend Bron’s family has guarded for a thousand years. Once, they were the keepers of the Stone, the most sacred object on earth, fro… more

The Arm of the Stone
Victoria Strauss
Phoenix Pick , English

Twilight's Dawn: A Black Jew...Anne Bishop

New York Times bestselling author Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels novels have enthralled readers and critics alike. Now, in Twilight’s Dawn, Bishop returns to the Blood realm with four captivating novellas: Winsol Gifts, Shades of Honor, Fami… more

Twilight’s Dawn: A Black Jewels Book
Anne Bishop
Roc , English

Crossing the Camp (The Wanno...Michael Jasper

Average wait: N/A

At the west entrance to the detainment camp, government workers string another layer of wire against the wall. It uncoils through human hands like a metal snake without a head. I tell Jaime Mundo, my new trainee, that the fence will be ele… more

Crossing the Camp (The Wannoshay Cycle)
Michael Jasper
UnWrecked Press , English

The Unlikely World of Farawa...Keith Brooke

Average wait: N/A

We’ve all dreamt of Faraway, a place so like the world we know but where we make the rules. For Frankie Finnegan, a boy whose sister has died, whose family is in meltdown and whose school life is blighted by bullies, such dreams have a keen… more

The Unlikely World of Faraway Frankie
Keith Brooke
NewCon Press , English

The Crucible of TimeJohn Brunner

Average wait: N/A

One of the most important science fiction authors. Brunner held a mirror up to reflect our foibles because he wanted to save us from ourselves.” —SF Site

For each generation, there is a writer meant to bend the rules of what we know. Hug… more

The Crucible of Time
John Brunner
E-Reads , English

Sweats (a near-future scienc...Keith Brooke

Average wait: N/A

All the forensics point to Joey Bannerman - the DNA profile, the fingerprints, the pheromone signature, the security cam records… But Joey wasn’t there, he wasn’t in his body at the time of the hit. Joey is a sweat, and he was safely ware… more

Sweats (a near-future science-fiction technothriller)
Keith Brooke
infinite press , English

DamonAlistair Langston

Average wait: N/A

Do you really know who your friends are?Megan thought she did. When a chance meeting with a handsome stranger results in a harmless invitation to a quiet weekend away in the country Megan and her fiends couldn’t be happier! Soon though, it … more

Alistair Langston
Imaginema Publishing , English

Houdini's Last IllusionSteven Savile

Average wait: N/A

Harry Houdini is a haunted man. Haunted by success; his emotions; and now by some of his compatriots: famed and feted illusionists like himself. The only problem is that they are dead. Houdini knows that time is running out, and before he i… more

Houdini’s Last Illusion
Steven Savile
Bad Press , English

Blue Limbo - A Mitch Helwig BookTerence M. Green

Average wait: N/A

Explosively paced… definitely long on readability.”- Publishers Weekly Mitch Helwig is a cop on the edge, “a man who’s gone through the valley of the shadow and hasn’t quite made it out the other side” (Toronto Globe & Mail). Veng… more

Blue Limbo - A Mitch Helwig Book
Terence M. Green
Phoenix Pick (Arc Manor) , English

The AccordKeith Brooke

Average wait: N/A

One of the finest novels of virtual reality yet written… a dazzling work of the imagination.” SF Site The Accord, a virtual utopia where the soul lives on after death and your perceptions are bound only by your imagination. This is the s… more

The Accord
Keith Brooke
infinity plus , English

Liberty Spin: tales of scien...Keith Brooke

Average wait: N/A

Multiple personalities fighting for control of a single body; a single personality constantly splitting and reinventing itself and its past; a Mars that never was; an interstellar war that has always been. Nine science-fiction stories, each… more

Liberty Spin: tales of scientifiction
Keith Brooke
infinity plus , English

The Shockwave RiderJohn Brunner

Brunner writes about the future as if he and the reader were already living in it!”—The New York Times Book Review”When John Brunner first told me of his intention to write the book, I was fascinated—but I wondered whether he, or anyone,… more

The Shockwave Rider
John Brunner
E-Reads , English

Aspects of a PsychopathAlistair Langston

Average wait: 810d, 18h

I start the year with a pounding in my skull and the lingering taste of alcohol on my tongue. Lena, the Swedish exchange student I picked up in Bonaparte’s last night, is lying bound, naked and bloody on the floor before me…’ And so begi… more

Aspects of a Psychopath
Alistair Langston
Imaginema Publishing , English

Kris Longknife: Welcome Home...Mike Shepherd

An original novella in the “fast-paced, exciting military SF series”* featuring Kris Longknife. Kris Longknife is back home from her galactic adventures, but her entire Fleet of Discovery has been annihilated. Now, humanity finds itself at … more

Kris Longknife: Welcome Home / Go Away
Mike Shepherd
Ace , English

Going BackTony Richards

After it happened, my marriage only lasted two more months. Janine? She would tell me, some fifty times a day that it wasn’t really my fault. Be she never looked in my eyes once, each time she said it. And by mid-February, she was gone… T… more

Going Back
Tony Richards
Dark Regions Press , English

Time Rider: a romance in timeMallory Kane

Average wait: N/A

From Mallory Kane, the author of over 30 Harlequin Intrigues, comes a contemporary romantic suspense with a unique twist, the hero thinks he’s been sent back in time from the future.

1 NYT Bestselling Author Sherrilyn Kenyon says: “It’s o… more

Time Rider: a romance in time
Mallory Kane
Mallory Kane , English

A Crown Imperiled: Book Two ...Raymond E. Feist

“Feist constantly amazes.”—SF Site“Feist has a command of language and a natural talent for keeping the reader turning pages.” —Chicago Sun-TimesThe Chaoswar—the fifth and final Riftwar—is in full, explosive swing in Raymond E. Feist’s A Cr… more

A Crown Imperiled: Book Two of the Chaoswar Saga
Raymond E. Feist
Harper Voyager , English