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Aravant In The Highlands (Va... - J Gordon Smith

Aravant In The Highlands (Va...J Gordon Smith

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1153 AD. The powerful vampire Aravant preys upon the Scottish Highlands while the rent in his soul remains unhealed and raw - from the loss of his True Love four hundred years prior. Will the beautiful red-headed Highland woman he rescues f… more

Aravant In The Highlands (Vampires Of Livix)
J Gordon Smith
Ayton & Greene Publishing Company , English
Nessie: The Legend of the Lo... - Betty Kirkpatrick

Nessie: The Legend of the Lo...Betty Kirkpatrick

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Nessie is the pet name given to a creature that may, or may not, live within the waters of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. She has been the subject of great controversy for many years. Some believe in her implicitly; others think she i… more

Nessie: The Legend of the Loch Ness Monster
Betty Kirkpatrick
Crombie Jardine Publishing Limited , English
Wrong Time, Wrong Place (Qui... - Simon Kernick

Wrong Time, Wrong Place (Qui...Simon Kernick

A gripping Quick Read from the master of the race against time thriller.Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time?You are hiking in the Scottish highlands with three friends when you come across a girl.She is half-naked, has b… more

Wrong Time, Wrong Place (Quick Reads 2013)
Simon Kernick
Cornerstone Digital , English
Addictive Gloamshade (The Ad... - Poppet

Addictive Gloamshade (The Ad...Poppet

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Deliah is in grave danger, running for her life from a man who needs her dead, when serendipity plants her in the path of the dark master, an addictive gloamshade.

Inducted into the mysterious Eagle clan of the Scottish highlands, Deliah i… more

Addictive Gloamshade (The Addictive Shade Book 2)
3 in 1 (Romance,Crime,Oddities) - Robert Bennett

3 in 1 (Romance,Crime,Oddities)Robert Bennett

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3 in 1 Romance 5 stories of love.A trip to the Scottish highlands brings love to one woman.A man who was blind to his real love. Crime 5 stories of crime.The woman who had a saying flying to heaven will she get her request.A man who takes o… more

3 in 1 (Romance,Crime,Oddities)
Robert Bennett
Robert Paul Bennett , English
The Highland Captive - Johanna Maas

The Highland CaptiveJohanna Maas

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Even at the tender age of ten, Lizbeth of the clan Stewart understood duty to her family and to her clan and was forced into a harsh reality when she and her mother were abducted. It was all her fault and now Lizbeth would have to live wit… more

The Highland Captive
Johanna Maas
The Hitchhiker: A Journey Ro... - Brendan Gisby

The Hitchhiker: A Journey Ro...Brendan Gisby

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Have you ever looked back and wondered if you had achieved anything worthwhile in your life, anything worth remembering? In this light-hearted, long short story, a man recalls a journey he took forty years earlier. It was a journey he would… more

The Hitchhiker: A Journey Round the Scottish Highlands
Brendan Gisby
McStorytellers , English
A Double Death on the Black ... - A. D. Scott

A Double Death on the Black ...A. D. Scott

Two Women, Two Murders … A stunning and suspenseful story of families, betrayal, and a community divided.Nothing is ever quite at peace on Scotland’s Black Isle—the Traveling people are forever at odds with the locals, the fishermen hav… more

A Double Death on the Black Isle: A Novel (The Highland Gazette Mystery Series)
A. D. Scott
Atria Books , English
Landscapes of Protest in the... - Iain J M, Dr Robertson

Landscapes of Protest in the...Iain J M, Dr Robertson

In November 1918, the implementation of agrarian change in the Scottish Highlands threatened another wave of unemployment and eviction for the land-working population, which led to widespread and varied social protest. This book not only of… more

Landscapes of Protest in the Scottish Highlands after 1914: The Later Highland Land Wars (Studies in Historical Geography)
Iain J M, Dr Robertson
Ashgate , English
The Seventh Petal - Ann Morven

The Seventh PetalAnn Morven

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A creepy castle, hidden treasure, and the murders keep coming, after folksinger Sheil B. Wright finds a corpse and intrudes on an isolated weekend group in the Scottish Highlands. While a dunce at deduction, she’s well versed in human folly… more

The Seventh Petal
Ann Morven
Darling Newspaper Press , English
Palindrome - donald  mcdonald

Palindromedonald mcdonald

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A murky tale of insurrection set in the peaceful Scottish Highlands.

donald mcdonald
Shadowed (An Erotic Horror Novel) - Dominic O'Reilly

Shadowed (An Erotic Horror Novel)Dominic O'Reilly

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“Karin is a lucky woman. She’s found the chance to start her life afresh in a perfect home with a perfect job, and all by pure coincidence. Or so she thinks.Away from the stifling drama of her old city life, she can relax in the eighteenth … more

Shadowed (An Erotic Horror Novel)
Dominic O’Reilly
The Last Bothy - Phyllis  Anderson

The Last BothyPhyllis Anderson

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The Last Bothy is an Apocalyptic tale. A group of friends travel to the Scottish Highlands to climb Ben Alder, a remote mountain. They seek shelter in a bothy (a mountain hut). Here is an extract:-“The engine stutters then dies. Handbrake i… more

The Last Bothy
Phyllis Anderson
Phyllis Anderson , English
Torture Television - Martin Hughes

Torture TelevisionMartin Hughes

Tina, Daniel and their friends are having a small party one night when kidnappers break in and capture them all, taking them to an isolated abandoned school in the Scottish highlands.It soon becomes clear that their every move, every word a… more

Torture Television
Martin Hughes
Fiction4All , English
Brave: A Friend for Merida - Irene Trimble

Brave: A Friend for MeridaIrene Trimble

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Join Merida, and her horse, Angus, on an exciting adventure through the Scottish Highlands.

Brave: A Friend for Merida
Irene Trimble
Disney Publishing Worldwide ebook , English
Shadow Reflections (Shadow P... - Douglas Welch

Shadow Reflections (Shadow P...Douglas Welch

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“See without seeing, hear without hearing, speak without speaking and touch the infinite.” These are the words that plunge the Jamestown Family into a maelstrom of danger and discovery. In an old, strange mansion hidden in the Scottish high… more

Shadow Reflections (Shadow People Series Book 4)
Douglas Welch
Douglas R. Welch , English
Anam Cara (Seasons of the So... - Kelli McDonald-Young

Anam Cara (Seasons of the So...Kelli McDonald-Young

Ainslee MacDonald is a fierce lass, and not one to shrink from danger. Jeopardy has a way of finding her and it does when the Saxons invade the Scottish Highlands. Meeting hardship after challenging hardship her indomitable spirit flourish… more

Anam Cara (Seasons of the Soul Book 1)
Kelli McDonald-Young
Thorstruck Press , English
Snowballs from Mars: A Short... - Mark Gillespie

Snowballs from Mars: A Short...Mark Gillespie

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Mark Gillespie’s ‘Outsider Tales’ are a series of short fiction narratives about people who don’t fit. In some way or other, all these people are different and each story in ‘Outsider Tales’ examines the struggles of these individuals to l… more

Snowballs from Mars: A Short Story (Outsider Tales #1)
Mark Gillespie
Rural Society in the Age of ... - Chris J. Dalglish

Rural Society in the Age of ...Chris J. Dalglish

My interest in the archaeology of the Scottish Highlands began long before I had any formal training in the subject. Growing up on the eastern fringes of the southern Highlands, close to Loch Lomond, it was not hard stumble across ruined bu… more

Rural Society in the Age of Reason: An Archaeology of the Emergence of Modern Life in the Southern Scottish Highlands (Contributions To Global Historical Archaeology)
Chris J. Dalglish
Springer , English
Oh the horror...the horror... - Dan Henk

Oh the horror...the horror...Dan Henk

A sightseeing vacation in the Scottish highlands, capped by a visit to the famous Loch Ness, goes south when tragedy strikes on the Loch. Things only get worse back on dry land. A dead crew behind, lost in the wilderness, and a strange cabi… more

Oh the horror…the horror…
Dan Henk