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EL EMBRUJO DE GREG (Relatos ...Ana Martínez de la Riva Molina

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CAPÍTULO I -¿Mamá sabes donde he dejado mi sombrero no lo encuentro por ningún lado?-No lo sé cariño. ¿Has mirado en el armario de la entrada?-No. Iré por si me lo dejé ayer cuando regresé de mi vuelta por el parque. Ya lo encontré. Tenias… more

EL EMBRUJO DE GREG (Relatos Románticos y Fantásticos) (Spanish Edition)
Ana Martínez de la Riva Molina
Ana Martínez de la Riva Molina , Spanish

EL EMBRUJO DE GREG (Relatos ...Ana Martínez de la Riva Molina

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CAPÍTULO I -¿Mamá sabes dónde he dejado mi sombrero, no lo encuentro por ningún lado?-No lo sé cariño. ¿Has mirado en el armario de la entrada?-No. Iré por si me lo dejé ayer cuando regresé … more

EL EMBRUJO DE GREG (Relatos Románticos y Fantásticos) (Spanish Edition)
Ana Martínez de la Riva Molina
Ana Martínez de la Riva Molina , Spanish

More Portmanteau Plays [Illu...Stuart Walker

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[Before the House of Obaa-San. At the right back is a weeping willow tree, at the left the simple little house of Obaa-San.[O-Sode-San and O-Katsu-San enter.O-SODE-SANOi!… Oi!… Obaa-San!O-KATSU-SANObaa-San!… Grandmother!O-SODE-SANShe … more

More Portmanteau Plays [Illustrated]
Stuart Walker

A Shot through the HeartJC Antonelli

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A 17-year-old living in suburban San Diego, Samantha can see exactly what her future holds – school, a job, and eventually a grown-up life in the suburbs. But she wants more. Adventure, travel, romance, excitement: she wants to have it all…. more

A Shot through the Heart
JC Antonelli

Silk Road (Seals of Destiny)T.J. Michaels

The Silk Road. In ancient times it was a well-established trade route that began in China. But to Larien, it is the veiled entrance to the underworld where no human belongs. Jayla Protegenu is as typical as they come. She owns a chain of gy… more

Silk Road (Seals of Destiny)
T.J. Michaels
BENT WEST INC. , English

Unleashed (A Dog Days Novel)John Levitt

1 rating

Mason is an enforcer, keeping magical practitioners on the straight and narrow. His ?dog? Louie, is a faithful familiar who?s proven over and over that he?s a practitioner?s best friend. But this time, Louie?s in the line of fire when pract… more

Unleashed (A Dog Days Novel)
John Levitt
Ace , English

Safe Hex With a Vampire (Psy-Vamp)Cassandra Lawson

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After a year of hunting, Tempest believes she has finally captured the serial rapist who has plagued the San Francisco area. Her sense of triumph is short-lived when she realizes that she has the wrong man. Before she can decide what to do … more

Safe Hex With a Vampire (Psy-Vamp)
Cassandra Lawson
Cassandra Lawson , English

RhoneWilson Clark

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Rhone is on the run from his past. But he can’t drink her out of his mind or sleep her out of his mind. Finally, after realizing he can’t run away from his problems, he turns back to San Antonio to confront his past. But on his way back, h… more

Wilson Clark

Out of the Box (Stories for ...Don Schecter

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Story by story summary: Rites of passage for a single father. Square dancers embark on a torrid affair. What do a gay and lesbian fret about while their lovers conceive a child? Tea and Sympathy for the mailman. A youngster demonstrates a… more

Out of the Box (Stories for Older Men & Younger Lovers)
Don Schecter
BGDBGP , English

The VoiceJennifer Anne Davis

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During her abduction and assault, Audrey begins to hear a voice. She hopes she’s not going crazy, because after what she’s experienced, that’s the most logical explanation. However, as she begins to listen to the voice, Audrey realizes that… more

The Voice
Jennifer Anne Davis
Lands Atlantic Publishing , English

Hours of Torture, Years of S...Teresa M. Lauer

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Hours of Torture, Years of Silence shares a victim’s strength and courage and how you can bring that to your own recovery.In this incredibly honest book you’re transported into the middle of a crime scene with a young girl in a home on a fo… more

Hours of Torture, Years of Silence : My Soul Was the Scene of the Crime
Teresa M. Lauer

The Sorcery Club: A horror n...Elliott O'Donnell

A story about three poor people, who make a pact with the Unknown for their souls and get powers. but they are all devils. a fascinating read.San Francisco is in the grip of an economic collapse, and three clerks find themselves on the verg… more

The Sorcery Club: A horror novel with illustrations.
Elliott O’Donnell

Profecías en el Pentateuco. ...Alejandro Roque Glez

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En la presente obra te ofrecemos las profecías bíblicas ubicadas en los capítulos que comprenden los primeros cinco libros que conforman la biblia llamados Pentateuco, teniendo en cuenta que desde el mismo comienzo de la Creación Dios anunc… more

Profecías en el Pentateuco. (Spanish Edition)
Alejandro Roque Glez
Alejandro’s Libros. , Spanish

Taken by the Panther (B-Stories)Leslie Reed

Carman wakes up tied to large wooden posts. A mysterious woman and her minions observe Carman from the shadows. Who is this woman? What does she want with Carman?

Her adventure continues with the meeting of a mysterious Shaman who has thi… more

Taken by the Panther (B-Stories)
Leslie Reed
Simulacra Books , English

Shemale ViceCrystal Veeyant

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Young, sweet, sexy Angela found herself in a sleazy downtown neighborhood in San Francisco only a few months after she graduated high school, kicked out by a family who could not accept a son who was turning into a girl. Two older shemales … more

Shemale Vice
Crystal Veeyant

No Church in the WildBacchus Paine

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Recovering academic and hypersexual Bacchus Paine fell hopelessly in love with San Francisco — its raw experimentation, its open mindset — long ago. But she was looking for more love than that. After a poignantly calamitous romantic enc… more

No Church in the Wild
Bacchus Paine

DICK O THE FENS A TALE OF TH...George Manville Fenn

complete story of the san francisco horror

George Manville Fenn

Addie: A Hate StoryRocci Doria

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Imagine meeting someone you don’t like. Now imagine they won’t leave you alone, even at work. Now imagine your work isn’t strictly legal, but hey, your stalker isn’t strictly… natural. When boy meets girl and sparks fly in this short stor… more

Addie: A Hate Story
Rocci Doria
Rocci Doria , English

Memoirs of the MolestedVarious Various

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Memoirs of the Molested is a collection of literary works meant to promote awareness of child molestation and help to educate the public on the effects this type of abuse has on the victims and their families. Proceeds from the sale of this… more

Memoirs of the Molested
Various Various

Meet Me at McGoon'sJim Goggin, Clute

This book is about American jazz history and a very special place in San Francisco that was called Earthquake Mc

Meet Me at McGoon’s
Jim Goggin, Clute
Trafford Publishing , English