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EL EMBRUJO DE GREG (Relatos ... - Ana Martínez de la Riva Molina

EL EMBRUJO DE GREG (Relatos ...Ana Martínez de la Riva Molina

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CAPÍTULO I -¿Mamá sabes dónde he dejado mi sombrero, no lo encuentro por ningún lado?-No lo sé cariño. ¿Has mirado en el armario de la entrada?-No. Iré por si me lo dejé ayer cuando regresé … more

EL EMBRUJO DE GREG (Relatos Románticos y Fantásticos nº 19) (Spanish Edition)
Ana Martínez de la Riva Molina
Ana Martínez de la Riva Molina , Spanish
EL EMBRUJO DE GREG (Relatos ... - Ana Martínez de la Riva Molina

EL EMBRUJO DE GREG (Relatos ...Ana Martínez de la Riva Molina

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CAPÍTULO I -¿Mamá sabes donde he dejado mi sombrero no lo encuentro por ningún lado?-No lo sé cariño. ¿Has mirado en el armario de la entrada?-No. Iré por si me lo dejé ayer cuando regresé de mi vuelta por el parque. Ya lo encontré. Tenias… more

EL EMBRUJO DE GREG (Relatos Románticos y Fantásticos nº 19) (Spanish Edition)
Ana Martínez de la Riva Molina
Ana Martínez de la Riva Molina , Spanish
The Manóbos of Mindanáo - John M. Garvan

The Manóbos of MindanáoJohn M. Garvan

Explanation of terms “Eastern Mindanáo” The term “tribe” Present use of the word “Manóbo” The derivation and original application of the word “Manóbo” Geographical distribution of the Manóbos in eastern Mindanáo In the Agúsan Valley On the … more

The Manóbos of Mindanáo
John M. Garvan
Dodging Bullets - Joe McKinney

Dodging BulletsJoe McKinney

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On the bad side of San Antonio the Mexican Mafia runs things and small-time dealers like Peto Hurst do what they’re told. But when Peto decides to get out of the Life, and get rich while he’s at it, he upsets the natural order of things and… more

Dodging Bullets
Joe McKinney
Gutter Books , English
How to Wash a Cat (Cats and ... - Rebecca M. Hale

How to Wash a Cat (Cats and ...Rebecca M. Hale

Two cats are better than one… First in an adorable new series! A deceased uncle and a surprising inheritance propel a woman and her two very curious cats into the mystery surrounding his death. An investigation that starts amid the c… more

How to Wash a Cat (Cats and Curios Mystery)
Rebecca M. Hale
Berkley , English
Meet Me at McGoon's - Jim Goggin, Clute

Meet Me at McGoon'sJim Goggin, Clute

This book is about American jazz history and a very special place in San Francisco that was called Earthquake Mc

Meet Me at McGoon’s
Jim Goggin, Clute
Trafford Publishing , English
An Era Apart - Chris Lange

An Era ApartChris Lange

A woman, a man. Sausalito California 2011, San Francisco 1899. Although they live “an era apart”, their goal is the same: find her missing father. And so, they meet…

An Era Apart
Chris Lange
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC , English
Survivalist by Circumstance ... - Cheryl L.  Cholley

Survivalist by Circumstance ...Cheryl L. Cholley

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The long-awaited Episode Seven has arrived. By popular demand, this and future episodes will be longer and have more meat. Yay! Also, within a few days the first full-length novel in this series will be available. Episodes One through S… more

Survivalist by Circumstance - Volume Seven
Cheryl L. Cholley
Black Nylons, White Lies (Fe... - Hugh Briss

Black Nylons, White Lies (Fe...Hugh Briss

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A multimillionaire widower with a “thing” for women’s hosiery — and another “thing” for brattish, bossy younger women — gets more than he bargained for on his first date with a brusque young beauty in San Francisco.

Black Nylons, White Lies (Fetish Deluxe Book 4)
Hugh Briss
Mohandas Kleopatra , English
The Zombie Playground, A Cre... - Astrid Yrigollen

The Zombie Playground, A Cre...Astrid Yrigollen

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Meet a child zombie in “The Zombie Playground” or discover a lucrative career during the zombie apocalypse in “The Zombie Eaters.”Perhaps you just want to escape San Francisco being destroyed by monsters so large they can’t see you.Whether … more

The Zombie Playground, A Creature compilation
Astrid Yrigollen
Rhone - Wilson Clark

RhoneWilson Clark

Rhone is on the run from his past. But he can’t drink her out of his mind or sleep her out of his mind. Finally, after realizing he can’t run away from his problems, he turns back to San Antonio to confront his past. But on his way back, h… more

Wilson Clark
Transfrancisco: A Crossdress... - Absinthe Morgan

Transfrancisco: A Crossdress...Absinthe Morgan

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Part travelouge, part guidebook, part confession, Absinthe Morgan presents San Francisco through the eyes of a crossdresser. A must read for any crossdresser planning on visiting San Francisco.

Transfrancisco: A Crossdressing Journey Through the City by the Bay
Absinthe Morgan
Absinthe Morgan , English
Ueda Sensei Vomits on the Ga... - Robert Crayola

Ueda Sensei Vomits on the Ga...Robert Crayola

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Book 2 in the Ueda Sensei Chronicles.Ueda Sensei and Otto return in a new round of adventures that delve into Ueda’s dark past and explore the strangest corners of San Francisco and beyond. Not for the mellow-hearted.

Ueda Sensei Vomits on the Garbage of Humanity (Ueda Sensei Chronicles Book 2)
Robert Crayola
Damian (The Heartbreaker, #1) - Jessica Wood

Damian (The Heartbreaker, #1)Jessica Wood

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Meet Damian Castillo. The man, the legend, the heartbreaker. As a self-proclaimed man-whore, Damian doesn’t believe in love or commitment. In fact, he can’t remember the last time he’s had feeling for a woman that went beyond hot, no-string… more

Damian (The Heartbreaker, #1)
Jessica Wood
ERH Press , English
Becoming the Rancher's Pregn... - Caitlyn Veronique

Becoming the Rancher's Pregn...Caitlyn Veronique

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It’s the Wild West…in bed as well as in love.

Summoned from San Francisco for her mother’s funeral, down-on-her-luck Chastity is met at the train by rancher Harmon who will give her a place to stay while she’s there.

When Harmon meets … more

Becoming the Rancher’s Pregnant Wife: Harmon and Chastity
Caitlyn Veronique
Little Death Books , English
Memoirs of the Molested - Various Various

Memoirs of the MolestedVarious Various

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Memoirs of the Molested is a collection of literary works meant to promote awareness of child molestation and help to educate the public on the effects this type of abuse has on the victims and their families. Proceeds from the sale of this… more

Memoirs of the Molested
Various Various
The Galactic Guide To Comic Con - Captain Flash

The Galactic Guide To Comic ConCaptain Flash

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Are your planning on heading to San Diego to attend Comic Con? If your answer is yes, then this guide is a must have. It is loaded with the necessary information needed to survive four days at the greatest pop culture event on the planet. T… more

The Galactic Guide To Comic Con
Captain Flash
Room For Two: An Erotic BDSM... - Morticia Knight

Room For Two: An Erotic BDSM...Morticia Knight

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This ebook story contains fictional depictions of consenting adults over the age of 18 engaged in acts of explicit sex. When you purchase this book, you understand that you are purchasing adult-oriented material that describes hardcore sexu… more

Room For Two: An Erotic BDSM Quickie
Morticia Knight
Honey Drip Publishing , English
My Deepest Desire (Hidden De... - Sanya Dane

My Deepest Desire (Hidden De...Sanya Dane

Naira is excellent at setting others up but not as skilled when it comes to herself. She has family issues, trust issues and just wants to meet someone she would rather date than screw.

Vincent has just moved to San Diego and is instantly… more

My Deepest Desire (Hidden Desires Book 1)
Sanya Dane
Profetas Mayores del Antiguo... - Alejandro Roque Glez

Profetas Mayores del Antiguo...Alejandro Roque Glez

En la presente obra te ofrecemos los capítulos dedicados a todas las profecías más importantes de los Profetas Mayores del Antiguo Testamento. Estos magníficos hombres de Dios inspirados por el Espíritu del Señor, y quienes dedicaron gran p… more

Profetas Mayores del Antiguo Testamento. (Spanish Edition)
Alejandro Roque Glez
Alejandro’s Libros. , Spanish