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The Advocate (The Advocate Series) - Teresa Burrell

The Advocate (The Advocate Series)Teresa Burrell

Suffering from the mysterious disappearance of her brother five years before, Sabre Brown has handled nearly every case imaginable as a children’s legal advocate. That is, until her partner gives her the easiest case on the roster—advocatin… more

The Advocate (The Advocate Series)
Teresa Burrell
ZOVA Books , English
Thunder From Heaven (Storm B... - Brian Kelleher

Thunder From Heaven (Storm B...Brian Kelleher

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The XF-86 Sabre jet. It was the most sophisticated air weapon ever developed—or so America hoped as the nation faced the chilling dawn of the Cold War. But first it had to be tested… in the perilous New Mexico proving grounds of the new a… more

Thunder From Heaven (Storm Birds Book 2)
Brian Kelleher
Speaking Volumes , English
Athena's Ordeal: Haberdasher... - Sue London

Athena's Ordeal: Haberdasher...Sue London

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The Duke of Beloin mistakes a Viscount’s daughter for a fallen woman, an error he can hardly afford while trying to divine which of his enemies is blackmailing him.

Sabrina “Sabre” Bittlesworth has practiced the sword since she was eight y… more

Athena’s Ordeal: Haberdashers Book Two (The Haberdashers 2)
Sue London
Graythorn Publishing , English
The Otherworldly Operatives:... - S.B. Norton

The Otherworldly Operatives:...S.B. Norton

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For Ages 10 and up

They are known as Warlock and Witch… Although you would use that term fairly loosely … they don’t ride broomsticks and pitchforks … But they all bring lots of deathly magic … !”

The Operatives have a new recrui… more

The Otherworldly Operatives: Flames from the North
S.B. Norton
S.B.Norton , English
Sabre and Spurs    (Cello Part) - John Philip Sousa

Sabre and Spurs (Cello Part)John Philip Sousa

Digital Sheet Music of Sabre and Spurs (Cello Part)Composed by: John Philip Sousa

Sabre and Spurs (Cello Part)
John Philip Sousa
OnlineSheetMusic.com , English
Black Jack: A Jack Sabre Thriller - Terry Wright

Black Jack: A Jack Sabre ThrillerTerry Wright

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Jack Sabre has always been a good cop, a Denver detective who has every reason to be the “nicest guy on the force.” His wife, Maria, is the love of his life. She regularly volunteers at a local mission for the homeless, but her charity work… more

Black Jack: A Jack Sabre Thriller
Terry Wright
TWB Press , English
The Grand Old Man of Marlybo... - Harvey Hayward

The Grand Old Man of Marlybo...Harvey Hayward

Have you ever wrestled a Sabre Toothed Snarlophant, eaten jellied snakes on silver plates or been to Lollapalooza’s Emporium for tea? Have you ever had a pet Giraffe, played an Eskimo Gong or done the Dinner Dance of the Dum Dum Dee?The Gra… more

The Grand Old Man of Marlybone, Picture Book (Childrens Book)
Harvey Hayward
Zeta Comics , English
The Advocate's Felony (The A... - Teresa Burrell

The Advocate's Felony (The A...Teresa Burrell

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When Attorney Sabre Brown’s phone rings at 2 a.m. she’s shocked to hear from her brother, Ron, who has been in Witness Protection for the past seven years. Someone has discovered his whereabouts and is trying to kill him—and possibly Sabre … more

The Advocate’s Felony (The Advocate Series Book 6)
Teresa Burrell
Silent Thunder Publishing , English
The Advocate (The Advocate S... - Teresa Burrell

The Advocate (The Advocate S...Teresa Burrell

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For Sabre Orin Brown, life is good; she has itall…or would have, if only she could solve the mysterious disappearance ofher brother. The search for her brother and her career as a juvenile courtattorney collide when she defends a nine-yea… more

The Advocate (The Advocate Series Book 1)
Teresa Burrell
Silent Thunder Publishing , English
Buffalo Sabres Official 2011... - National Hockey League

Buffalo Sabres Official 2011...National Hockey League

Buffalo Sabres Wings Official 2011-12 Media Guide.Each year NHL produce a colorful media guide containing : - Team Directory and General information - Player Profiles, Biographies - Hot Prospects - 2011-12 Roster - Detailed Season and Play-… more

Buffalo Sabres Official 2011-12 Media Guide [1st Part] (NHL 2011-12 Media Guides)
National Hockey League
Lucid dreaming (the original... - Sergey Matyushkov

Lucid dreaming (the original...Sergey Matyushkov

During the last ten years I practiced diligently the lucid dreaming and I got serious results in this shaman technique not so simple. And now it is time to tell you, dear readers, about new and secure techniques of entering in a fascinating… more

Lucid dreaming (the original Russian version) (Russian Edition)
Sergey Matyushkov
Sergey Matyushkov , Russian
Overlord (The Cyber Chronicl... - T C Southwell

Overlord (The Cyber Chronicl...T C Southwell

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Tassin, Sabre and Kole head for Omega Five with Tarl, an ex-cyber technician turned smuggler they met on the wonder world, Charon Six. Sabre fascinates Tarl, who is also on the run from Myon Two, under a sentence of death. He has restored S… more

Overlord (The Cyber Chronicles V Book 5)
T C Southwell
Diamond Revelation - Sheila Copeland

Diamond RevelationSheila Copeland

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A deliciously indulgent tale about fame, fortune, and friendship, from bestselling author Sheila Copeland…Sabre Cruz is living the diamond life. Blazin’ up the music charts at nineteen, she’s about to become a number-one diva—until Topaz, h… more

Diamond Revelation
Sheila Copeland
Kensington Books , English
Carlos Castaneda doctrine:pr... - Sergey Matyushkov

Carlos Castaneda doctrine:pr...Sergey Matyushkov

During the last ten years I practiced diligently the lucid dreaming and I got serious results in this shaman technique not so simple. And now it is time to tell you, dear readers, about new and secure techniques of entering in a fascinating… more

Carlos Castaneda doctrine:practice of lucid dreaming
Sergey Matyushkov
Sergey Matyushkov , English
The Search - Patrick Gordon

The SearchPatrick Gordon

The Search is about a Police K-9 that saves two kidnapped fourteen year old girls that are dropped off on a mountain to fend for themselves.Sargent Sam McCloud and his police dog Sabre race against time to find them. The Chief of Police of … more

The Search
Patrick Gordon
Create Space , English
The Advocate's Ex Parte (The... - Teresa Burrell

The Advocate's Ex Parte (The...Teresa Burrell

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Attorney Sabre Brown is summoned into Judge Lawrence Mitchell chambers for an ex parte hearing. When the judge attempts to discuss one of her cases, she refuses to listen without proper counsel present.

Later that evening, Judge Mitchell … more

The Advocate’s Ex Parte (The Advocate Series Book 5)
Teresa Burrell
Silent Thunder Publishing , English
Queen of Arlin (The Cyber Ch... - T C Southwell

Queen of Arlin (The Cyber Ch...T C Southwell

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When Queen Tassin Alrade of Arlin is forced to flee her kingdom on the backwater planet of Omega Five, she has no idea that the strange warrior who helps her is a cyborg; the deadliest hi-tech killing machine ever created. Her world has for… more

Queen of Arlin (The Cyber Chronicles Book 1)
T C Southwell
Paradise - Justus Roux

ParadiseJustus Roux

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Mary and her crew crash lands on a planet where women rule everything and men have become slaves. At first this seems like a woman’s paradise, but when Mary is given a gorgeous man named Sabre he opens her eyes to the hell that Paradise has… more

Justus Roux
Erotictales Publications , English
Baseball Detective: Unraveli... - David Martinez

Baseball Detective: Unraveli...David Martinez

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Can a baseball manager construct a perfect lineup that maximizes each batter’s skills, minimizes their deficiencies, and squeezes every last ounce of offense out of his batting order?That’s the question examined in “Baseball Detective: Unra… more

Baseball Detective: Unraveling the Mystery of the Batting Order
David Martinez
Homerunweb Books , English
Sabre (The Cyber Chronicles ... - T C Southwell

Sabre (The Cyber Chronicles ...T C Southwell

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After another run in with enforcers, Sabre, Tassin and Tarl reach Omega Five, only to find that disaster has befallen Arlin. Four years have passed on the planet during the few months Tassin has been away, and during that time she has been … more

Sabre (The Cyber Chronicles VII Book 7)
T C Southwell