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Sororate (The Circulate Seri... - K.R. Smith

Sororate (The Circulate Seri...K.R. Smith

Average wait: 3d, 22h

Sororate’ is seen through the perspective of Bianca Sabre nee Wisetail, the Last Circulator and first female Lokoti Werewolf.  She and her mate Declan Sabre continue on in their unusual marriage.  Their supernatural lifespan bonds them clo… more

Sororate (The Circulate Series Book 7)
K.R. Smith
K.R. Smith , English
Scorpion Lord (The Cyber Chr... - T C Southwell

Scorpion Lord (The Cyber Chr...T C Southwell

Average wait: N/A

Sabre has become a bone of contention between three Overlords, and Myon Two. The Spider Lord, first to encounter him, has found him innocent, but Overlord Ramadaus has declared Sabre to be an abomination, and aids Myon Two in their endeavou… more

Scorpion Lord (The Cyber Chronicles VIII Book 8)
T C Southwell
Ruthless Reunion - Elizabeth Power

Ruthless ReunionElizabeth Power

Only passion can unlock the secrets of the past…When handsome Alex Sabre recognizes her, Sanchia realizes that they must have once known each other intimately. But Sanchia has amnesia-her mind has rejected three years of painful memories…. more

Ruthless Reunion
Elizabeth Power
Harlequin Presents , English
Hell Screen (Penguin Mini Mo... - Ryunosuke Akutagawa

Hell Screen (Penguin Mini Mo...Ryunosuke Akutagawa

He had the Ten Kings of Hell and their minions over in one small corner, and everything else - the entire screen - was enveloped in a firestorm so terrible you thought the swirling flames were going to melt the mountain of Sabres and the F… more

Hell Screen (Penguin Mini Modern Classics)
Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Penguin , English
The Breeding Lands (An Epic ... - Eva Fellheart

The Breeding Lands (An Epic ...Eva Fellheart

Average wait: N/A

Every year a thousand young females are offered to the tribes of Lacertine as sacrifices for The Mating Ritual. These human girls become the life-long mates of the Usari, Sabre, or Lycan warriors who win their honor during battle on the sac… more

The Breeding Lands (An Epic Erotic Fantasy Novel)
Eva Fellheart
Eva Fellheart Press , English
Warrior Breed (The Cyber Chr... - T C Southwell

Warrior Breed (The Cyber Chr...T C Southwell

Average wait: N/A

After surviving an explosion aboard their ship and escaping a spacial anomaly, Sabre, Tassin and Tarl are dropped off aboard a warship belonging to Trykons, the most warlike human race in the galaxy. Even the Overlords cannot put an end to … more

Warrior Breed (The Cyber Chronicles VI Book 6)
T C Southwell
The Advocate's Betrayal (The... - Teresa Burrell

The Advocate's Betrayal (The...Teresa Burrell

1 rating
Average wait: < 1h

The Killer left nothing behind but a rosary, a kitchen knife, and a dead man. but the dead man is a friend of Sabre Orin Brown. When his unsuspecting wife is accused of the murder, Sabre will stop at nothing to uncover the truth, even if it… more

The Advocate’s Betrayal (The Advocate Series Book 2)
Teresa Burrell
Silent Thunder Publishing , English
ROCK STAR - Dream Weaver Nov... - Su Williams

ROCK STAR - Dream Weaver Nov...Su Williams

The first book in this series, DREAM WEAVER was just awarded the bronze medal in the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards!!

Another 5 Star book in the Dream Weaver Series by Su Williams!! The sci-fi love story continues with Emari S… more

ROCK STAR - Dream Weaver Novels Book 2: A Dark Young Adult Paranormal Fiction Novel
Su Williams
Su Williams & Dream Weaver Novels with CreateSpace , English
Temblor (Spanish Edition) - Rosa Montero

Temblor (Spanish Edition)Rosa Montero

Temblor surgió de un tembloroso interrogante de la autora: ¿Qué pasaría si hubiera un mundo que sólo existiera si alguien lo pensase? Pensó entonces Rosa Montero un mundo agobiante, controlado por el poder de un estado omnipreserte y una re… more

Temblor (Spanish Edition)
Rosa Montero
Leer-e , Spanish
The Core (The Cyber Chronicl... - T C Southwell

The Core (The Cyber Chronicl...T C Southwell

Average wait: N/A

Sabre’s time is running out, for the spacer who loaned him to the Queen will return for him within a year. Omega Five is a restricted world, and a cyber should never have been brought here. He has discovered a cache of modern weapons in a r… more

The Core (The Cyber Chronicles III Book 3)
T C Southwell
The Cyber Chronicles - T. C. Southwell

The Cyber ChroniclesT. C. Southwell

When Queen Tassin is forced to flee her kingdom on the backwater planet of Omega V, she has no idea that the strange warrior who helps her is a cyborg; the deadliest hi-tech killing machine ever created. Her world has forgotten the technolo… more

The Cyber Chronicles
T. C. Southwell
Death Zone (The Cyber Chroni... - T C Southwell

Death Zone (The Cyber Chroni...T C Southwell

Average wait: 259d, 8h

Sabre is forced to take Tassin into the Badlands in order to escape her enemies, much to her horror and despite her protests. At the centre of the radioactive desert, a legacy of the nuclear war centuries ago, is the Death Zone, and no one … more

Death Zone (The Cyber Chronicles II Book 2)
T C Southwell
Cyborg (The Cyber Chronicles... - T C Southwell

Cyborg (The Cyber Chronicles...T C Southwell

Average wait: N/A

For three long years, Tassin has tried to find a way to travel to the stars and free Sabre. Her hunt for the sword the Core lives in has proven futile, until one day a serving boy finds a key, and she discovers where Sabre hid the sword. Sh… more

Cyborg (The Cyber Chronicles IV Book 4)
T C Southwell
The Advocate's Conviction (T... - Teresa Burrell

The Advocate's Conviction (T...Teresa Burrell

Sabre Orin Brown’s clients keep disappearing. A young boy and a teenage girl are both missing from foster care. With seemingly no connection between the two cases, Sabre enlists the help of her southern PI friend, JP, and her best friend, B… more

The Advocate’s Conviction (The Advocate Series)
Teresa Burrell
ZOVA Books , English
The Advocate's Conviction (T... - Teresa Burrell

The Advocate's Conviction (T...Teresa Burrell

1 rating
Average wait: 1h

Sabre Orin Brown’s clients keep disappearing. With seemingly no connection between the cases, Sabre enlists the help of her southern PI friend, JP, and her best friend, Bob, to find each of them—before it’s too late. In her race against th… more

The Advocate’s Conviction (The Advocate Series Book 3)
Teresa Burrell
Silent Thunder Publishing , English
The Advocate's Dilemma (The ... - Teresa Burrell

The Advocate's Dilemma (The ...Teresa Burrell

Average wait: 337d, 4h

Attorney Sabre Brown’s day is going well until she walks into her office and finds a dead man sprawled across her desk. When, Bob, her best friend and colleague is suspected of the murder, and Sabre’s minor client has information that might… more

The Advocate’s Dilemma (The Advocate Series Book 4)
Teresa Burrell
Silent Thunder Publishing , English
The Egixus War - Lucas Wakefield

The Egixus WarLucas Wakefield

Average wait: N/A

In the not so distant future, an advanced alien civilization stumbles across an unprepared human race. The commander of the alien force, an avian-like creature called an Egixa, Agran Essol has plans for Earth that will cause destruction and… more

The Egixus War
Lucas Wakefield
Lucas Wakefield , English
Tempting Eden (Guardians of ... - Michelle Miles

Tempting Eden (Guardians of ...Michelle Miles

Eden doubts a trip to the Bahamas will make her forget her cheating boyfriend, empty bank account and dead-end job. But when her best friend insists the trip is what she needs to forget her troubles, Eden can’t refuse the all-expenses paid … more

Tempting Eden (Guardians of Atlantis Book 1)
Michelle Miles
Dusty Tome Publishing , English
The Rapier Brothers - Megan Derr

The Rapier BrothersMegan Derr

Average wait: 1d, 23h

Tales of brothers, swords, and the men they most desire…Main Gauche—Though he was born to nobility, the loss of first his father, and then his mother, has left Dagger a peasant. His stepfather is cruel and greedy, and refuses to claim Dag… more

The Rapier Brothers
Megan Derr
Less Than Three Press , English
Untamed (Medieval Book 1) - Elizabeth Lowell

Untamed (Medieval Book 1)Elizabeth Lowell

1 rating

Returning home triumphant from the Crusades, Dominic le Sabre is determined to claim the bride promised to him by the king, but the high-born Celtic beauty is equally determined to resist him.

Untamed (Medieval Book 1)
Elizabeth Lowell
HarperCollins e-books , English