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Daddy's Darling - An Erotic Story - Jade K. Scott

Daddy's Darling - An Erotic StoryJade K. Scott

Sasha has been in love with her stepfather for ages. Now that her mother and Ryan’s relationship is on the rocks, Sasha is ready to slip in and take her place. Sasha is ready for action. She’s eighteen and leaving for college soon, and she … more

Daddy’s Darling - An Erotic Story
Jade K. Scott
Vanilla Dream (La Femme Fata... - Chandra West

Vanilla Dream (La Femme Fata...Chandra West

Average wait: N/A

Sheila is both sexy and smart so no one would think that her husband is both emotionally and physically abusive to her. Out of nowhere Sheila meets Ryan who is also sexy and smart and total opposite of her husband. They begin a whirlwind se… more

Vanilla Dream (La Femme Fatale Publishing )
Chandra West
LFF Publishing , English
Table for Two (Hot Lunch #3) - ER Pierce

Table for Two (Hot Lunch #3)ER Pierce

Average wait: N/A

The third installment of the Hot Lunch Saga is here! Will Ryan and Samantha work out their differences, come together and find love? Or will their pasts tear them apart?Ryan and Samantha met at work and started a lunch time affair in Eating… more

Table for Two (Hot Lunch #3)
ER Pierce
Fused Publishing , English
Shattered - S. L Smith

ShatteredS. L Smith

Average wait: N/A

Ryan is trying to get her life together after her heart was broken by her ex husband. It has been two years and her friends are ready for her to move on.

Caleb is a sexy Rock Star and has the looks of a Greek God. Ryan isnt sure she want… more

S. L Smith
S. L. Smith (self publishing) , English
Sex Stalker - Darren G. Burton

Sex StalkerDarren G. Burton

7 ratings
Average wait: < 1h

Ryan’s life is dull and boring. That is, until the mysterious M comes along. Ryan’s life goes from mundane to exciting when a secret admirer starts leaving messages on his car and sending him lewd emails. She calls him for phone sex with th… more

Sex Stalker
Darren G. Burton
Cornered - Amy Valenti

CorneredAmy Valenti

Average wait: N/A

It’s only a matter of time until Ryan and Sian - college classmates and good friends - stop pretending they’re nothing more than that, despite the fact that they know exactly how they feel about each other. When a transfer student corners R… more

Amy Valenti


“I found myself standing outside Mallory’s bedroom. The last door on the upstairs hallway. I’d seen those forensic crime shows on television. I know what dead people look like. In the beginning I’d imagined Mallory, pale, lying in long gras… more

Melinda Szymanik
Pear Jam Books Ltd , English
The Superior Jewel - Hurri Cosmo

The Superior JewelHurri Cosmo

Average wait: N/A

Ryan’s former girlfriend, Cheyenne, is used to getting what she wants. Right now, she wants Jansen Branwyth. The only problem is so does Ryan. For the first time in his life, he’s strongly attracted to a man. Okay, maybe it’s not the first … more

The Superior Jewel
Hurri Cosmo
Silver Publishing , English
Daddy Substitute 5 (Daddy Su... - Ada O'Flaherty

Daddy Substitute 5 (Daddy Su...Ada O'Flaherty

If you like a to watch a barely-legal girl’s heavy breasts suckled until her nipples are swollen and sore before riding her “daddy’s” cock and being turned over to take his seed in her unprotected womb… then this is your story. When Mr…. more

Daddy Substitute 5 (Daddy Substitute Chronicles)
Ada O’Flaherty
Ada O’Flaherty , English
A Wolf's Pride (Love Bites) - Jennifer T. Alli

A Wolf's Pride (Love Bites)Jennifer T. Alli

2 ratings
Average wait: 31d, 5h

Life should be simple after a wolf finds his mate but Ryan is quickly coming to see that love is never simple. Chloe’s humanity does nothing to change the plans he’d made for himself decades ago but her refusal to believe he exists is a pro… more

A Wolf’s Pride (Love Bites)
Jennifer T. Alli
The Dragon and The Dove - C. Jones

The Dragon and The DoveC. Jones

Average wait: N/A

Jack, Cherie, the twins and a family friend Ryan, find themselves at the end of the world. From the edge of their forest as far as the eye can see there is nothing but death and destruction. Trying to make sense of the catastrophic events t… more

The Dragon and The Dove
C. Jones
AuthorHouse , English
Pumpkin Batter Act Four (Paragon) - Mario Karloff

Pumpkin Batter Act Four (Paragon)Mario Karloff

In this act, Ryan and Stapler slip through the teleporter to the strange and horrible planet of Paragon where they encounter much more than they bargained for. Giant sand castles loom in the sky, comets shoot down from the heavens and every… more

Pumpkin Batter Act Four (Paragon)
Mario Karloff
6 Monkeys Publishing , English
Torn: The Crystal of Despair... - Christi Anna

Torn: The Crystal of Despair...Christi Anna

Average wait: N/A

Consumed by paranoia, Daniela struggles to put her life in order while establishing her independence. Though she is truly in love with one, there is another that is close on the heels of her heart, making her question her true feelings alto… more

Torn: The Crystal of Despair-Book #3 (Thief of Life:The Chronicles of Daniela)
Christi Anna
Christi Anna Watson , English


Average wait: N/A

(new text added, smaller font book) In the beginning there was fire; that was the spark of creation; all else followed the pure flame of the inferno. What is it you ask? It is God’s divine spark. Ryan was born under a blessed moon and the s… more

Husbands Who Can't and Guys Who Can - Drew Samuels

Husbands Who Can't and Guys Who CanDrew Samuels

Emma’s marital bliss hits the ropes when she finds that her horny husband has lost interest in her. She embarks on a sexual odyssey of discovery that she hopes may restoke the fires of his lust and bring them back together in their previous… more

Husbands Who Can’t and Guys Who Can
Drew Samuels
Hard Limits - VJ Summers

Hard LimitsVJ Summers

Average wait: N/A

Thomas wasn’t looking for a full-time sub, but when birthday boy Ryan literally landed in his lap, he couldn’t walk away from the beautiful, searching gay submissive. Three months later, they’re both ready to make things more formal. Thomas… more

Hard Limits
VJ Summers
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. , English
Her Heart's Divide - Kathleen Dienne

Her Heart's DivideKathleen Dienne

Lila was a faithful, loyal wife.Ryan was her sexy, loving husband.And so was Jack…?Jack, however, was her boss, not her husband—why was he claiming her as his own? Lila had been passionately happy with Ryan for more than seven years. Yes, t… more

Her Heart’s Divide
Kathleen Dienne
Carina Press , English
Gender Swap Womanizer Reveng... - Jade Sparrow

Gender Swap Womanizer Reveng...Jade Sparrow

Average wait: N/A

Chuck knows that his sister’s boyfriend Ryan is a cheating womanizer. He tries to warn Betty that Ryan is up to no good. When she won’t believe him. Chuck takes matters into his own hands. Ryan gets what he deserves.

Gender Swap Womanizer Revenge (Gender Transformation Erotica)
Jade Sparrow
Match Point (Lauren Holbrook... - Erynn Mangum

Match Point (Lauren Holbrook...Erynn Mangum

6 ratings

Lauren and her boyfriend, Ryan, decide to make it look as if they’ve broken up so people will get off their backs about marriage. No problem, right? That’s of course until Lauren realizes she’s in love.

Match Point (Lauren Holbrook Series, Book 3)
Erynn Mangum
NAV PRESS , English
Joanna's Surrender: A Tale o... - J.W. McKenna

Joanna's Surrender: A Tale o...J.W. McKenna

Average wait: N/A

Joanna is fooled into thinking her husband Ryan has been kidnapped, but it’s all a cruel ruse designed to blackmail her into sex. But the real surprise comes when she learns her blackmailer is the husband of the woman with whom Ryan has bee… more

Joanna’s Surrender: A Tale of Blackmail & Revenge
J.W. McKenna
J.W. McKenna Publishing , English