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Vanilla Dream (La Femme Fata... - Chandra West

Vanilla Dream (La Femme Fata...Chandra West

Average wait: N/A

Sheila is both sexy and smart so no one would think that her husband is both emotionally and physically abusive to her. Out of nowhere Sheila meets Ryan who is also sexy and smart and total opposite of her husband. They begin a whirlwind se… more

Vanilla Dream (La Femme Fatale Publishing )
Chandra West
LFF Publishing , English
Daddy's Darling - An Erotic Story - Jade K. Scott

Daddy's Darling - An Erotic StoryJade K. Scott

Sasha has been in love with her stepfather for ages. Now that her mother and Ryan’s relationship is on the rocks, Sasha is ready to slip in and take her place. Sasha is ready for action. She’s eighteen and leaving for college soon, and she … more

Daddy’s Darling - An Erotic Story
Jade K. Scott
Shattered - S. L Smith

ShatteredS. L Smith

Average wait: N/A

Ryan is trying to get her life together after her heart was broken by her ex husband. It has been two years and her friends are ready for her to move on.

Caleb is a sexy Rock Star and has the looks of a Greek God. Ryan isnt sure she want… more

S. L Smith
S. L. Smith (self publishing) , English
Ryan's Heart - Comicality

Ryan's HeartComicality

Average wait: N/A

Moving away from his old neighborhood and into a new suburban town, Ryan finds himself leaving his very first love behind and trying to start all over again. Will Ryan continue to ache over the lost opportunities in his life? Or will he fin… more

Ryan’s Heart
Amazon.com , English
Table for Two (Hot Lunch #3)... - ER Pierce

Table for Two (Hot Lunch #3)...ER Pierce

Average wait: N/A

“So your plan is to what? Call the best friend and ask where Ryan is?” The third installment of the Hot Lunch Saga is here! Will Ryan and Samantha work out their differences, come together, and find love…or will their pasts tear them apa… more

Table for Two (Hot Lunch #3): Office Quickies (Hot Lunches)
ER Pierce
Fused Publishing , English
Sex Stalker - Darren G. Burton

Sex StalkerDarren G. Burton

7 ratings
Average wait: < 1h

Ryan’s life is dull and boring. That is, until the mysterious M comes along. Ryan’s life goes from mundane to exciting when a secret admirer starts leaving messages on his car and sending him lewd emails. She calls him for phone sex with th… more

Sex Stalker
Darren G. Burton
Cornered - Amy Valenti

CorneredAmy Valenti

Average wait: N/A

It’s only a matter of time until Ryan and Sian - college classmates and good friends - stop pretending they’re nothing more than that, despite the fact that they know exactly how they feel about each other. When a transfer student corners R… more

Amy Valenti
Loaner Sex - Seduction - Erotica - Jasmin Rain

Loaner Sex - Seduction - EroticaJasmin Rain

Ryan was a lonely girl …or was she???This story will make you Horny!Excerpt:Damn the girl, she had made him hard immediately, looking so cute with water dripping down her face, trickling between her breasts. And now she was scratching the… more

Loaner Sex - Seduction - Erotica
Jasmin Rain
Joanna's Surrender: A Tale o... - J.W. McKenna

Joanna's Surrender: A Tale o...J.W. McKenna

Average wait: N/A

Joanna is fooled into thinking her husband Ryan has been kidnapped, but it’s all a cruel ruse designed to blackmail her into sex. But the real surprise comes when she learns her blackmailer is the husband of the woman with whom Ryan has bee… more

Joanna’s Surrender: A Tale of Blackmail & Revenge
J.W. McKenna
J.W. McKenna Publishing , English
Pumpkin Batter Act Four (Paragon) - Mario Karloff

Pumpkin Batter Act Four (Paragon)Mario Karloff

In this act, Ryan and Stapler slip through the teleporter to the strange and horrible planet of Paragon where they encounter much more than they bargained for. Giant sand castles loom in the sky, comets shoot down from the heavens and every… more

Pumpkin Batter Act Four (Paragon)
Mario Karloff
6 Monkeys Publishing , English
Daddy Substitute 5 (Daddy Su... - Ada O'Flaherty

Daddy Substitute 5 (Daddy Su...Ada O'Flaherty

If you like a to watch a barely-legal girl’s heavy breasts suckled until her nipples are swollen and sore before riding her “daddy’s” cock and being turned over to take his seed in her unprotected womb… then this is your story. When Mr…. more

Daddy Substitute 5 (Daddy Substitute Chronicles)
Ada O’Flaherty
Ada O’Flaherty , English
The Wisdom Of The Trees : Ry... - Sharon Shier

The Wisdom Of The Trees : Ry...Sharon Shier

Average wait: N/A

Book summaryThe Wisdom of the Trees is really two sides of a coin in its intent. It was inspired by an experience that I had while helping some friends make maple syrup. They had a magnificent maple forest and invited my husband and I to h… more

The Wisdom Of The Trees : Ryan’s Gift
Sharon Shier
Xlibris , English
Single, Gay, and Slutty - Brock Wilder

Single, Gay, and SluttyBrock Wilder

Average wait: N/A

Recently single, Nate now has the freedom to have sex with all the guys that he’s been lusting after over the last few years.

The first scene begins with him breaking up with his boyfriend, Ryan, and them having one final fuck with one ano… more

Single, Gay, and Slutty
Brock Wilder
The Superior Jewel - Hurri Cosmo

The Superior JewelHurri Cosmo

Ryan’s former girlfriend, Cheyenne, is used to getting what she wants. Right now, she wants Jansen Branwyth. The only problem is so does Ryan. For the first time in his life, he’s strongly attracted to a man. Okay, maybe it’s not the first … more

The Superior Jewel
Hurri Cosmo
Silver Publishing , English
My Boyfriend's Uncle (Taboo ... - Ellery Stark

My Boyfriend's Uncle (Taboo ...Ellery Stark

Average wait: N/A

It’s the summer before her freshman year of college and Alexa is having the time of her life playing “house” with her twenty-something boyfriend, Ryan. When Ryan’s older, successful, womanizing uncle shows up unexpectedly for a visit, Alexa… more

My Boyfriend’s Uncle (Taboo Teen Erotica, Older Man/Younger Woman)
Ellery Stark
Sugarberry Press , English
Pastor Ryan Drives Out Sin (... - Katie Ayres

Pastor Ryan Drives Out Sin (...Katie Ayres

Average wait: N/A

Pastor Ryan can hardly get over his shock when High Haven’s own scarlet woman approaches him to reveal a sudden interest in religion and in joining his church. But when our naughty pastor realizes that the demon of lust has the young woman … more

Pastor Ryan Drives Out Sin (Taboo Erotica)
Katie Ayres
Moon Mountain Press , English
Making The Babysitter His - Pixie Darling

Making The Babysitter HisPixie Darling

Average wait: N/A

Melissa has it bad for her neighbor, Ryan, but he doesn’t have any idea until his new security system catches her on his bed. Now he knows and has to decide what to do with the babysitter.

Making The Babysitter His
Pixie Darling
The Dragon and The Dove - C. Jones

The Dragon and The DoveC. Jones

Average wait: N/A

Jack, Cherie, the twins and a family friend Ryan, find themselves at the end of the world. From the edge of their forest as far as the eye can see there is nothing but death and destruction. Trying to make sense of the catastrophic events t… more

The Dragon and The Dove
C. Jones
AuthorHouse , English
No Loyal Knight and True - Ava Zavora

No Loyal Knight and TrueAva Zavora

Approximately 40 pages A dark and modern day retelling of Tennyson’s “The Lady of Shalott” There’s something strange about the girl Ryan meets in the forest. It wasn’t just her clothes or her peculiar manner or the fact that she seems untou… more

No Loyal Knight and True
Ava Zavora
The So Not Cool Hookup - Bibliopolist

The So Not Cool HookupBibliopolist

Average wait: N/A

Josh mows lawns by day and lives in his parents’ basement by night. He doesn’t have much lined up for when the grass is snowed under. His old friends have left for school; new friends are elusive. His girlfriend dumped him to spend more tim… more

The So Not Cool Hookup