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The Way of a Pilgrim -

The Way of a Pilgrim

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By the grace of God I am a Christian man, by my actions a great sinner, and by calling a homeless wanderer of the humblest birth who roams from place to place. My worldly goods are a knapsack and some dried bread in it, and a Bible in my b… more

The Way of a Pilgrim
Dover Publications , English
Conrad's Under Western Eyes ... - Joseph Conrad

Conrad's Under Western Eyes ...Joseph Conrad

Conrad explores intrigue and politics in pre-revolution Russia.

Conrad’s Under Western Eyes (bargain edition typeset for the Kindle)
Joseph Conrad
Ria Press , English
Ringing Cedars of Russia (Th... - Vladimir Megre

Ringing Cedars of Russia (Th...Vladimir Megre

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THE RINGING CEDARS OF RUSSIA”, the second book of the Ringing Cedars Series, in addition to providing a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the story of how “Anastasia” came to be published, offers a deeper exploration of the universal c… more

Ringing Cedars of Russia (The Ringing Cedars of Russia Series Book 2)
Vladimir Megre
Megre , English
COMBAT IN RUSSIAN FORESTS AN... - U.S. Army Center Of Military...

COMBAT IN RUSSIAN FORESTS AN...U.S. Army Center Of Military...

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The numerous dense woodlands and swamps that covered the western portions of European Russia presented severe problems for the German invaders and occupation forces.

U.S. Army Center Of Military History
Resurrection (Oxford World's... - Leo Tolstoy, Louise Maude, R...

Resurrection (Oxford World's...Leo Tolstoy, Louise Maude, R...

Resurrection (1899) is the last of Tolstoy’s major novels. It tells the story of a nobleman’s attempt to redeem the suffering his youthful philandering inflicted on a peasant girl who ends up a prisoner in Siberia.Tolstoy’s vision of redem… more

Resurrection (Oxford World’s Classics)
Leo Tolstoy, Louise Maude, Richard F. Gustafson
OUP Oxford , English
Reality Transurfing 3: Forwa... - Vadim Zeland

Reality Transurfing 3: Forwa...Vadim Zeland

This bestselling series from Russia describes a new way of looking at reality, indeed of creating it. This third volume covers your place in space and time. You can move backwards and forwards in both. It comes down to making a transaction… more

Reality Transurfing 3: Forward To The Pa
Vadim Zeland
John Hunt Publishing , English
Ruling Russia: Law, Crime, a... -

Ruling Russia: Law, Crime, a...

Law, crime, and justice are among the most salient issues in any country. This is especially true for a transitional nation like Russia that is facing tremendous social, political, and economic changes, many of which create conditions condu… more

Ruling Russia: Law, Crime, and Justice in a Changing Society
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers , English
The Firebird and Other Russi... - Arthur Ransome

The Firebird and Other Russi...Arthur Ransome

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Choice collection of nine classic tales — gathered by British author on his journeys to Russia in the early twentieth century — tells of magical beasts, daring young men, frightful giants, wicked witches, and beguiling creatures of the sea…. more

The Firebird and Other Russian Fairy Tales (Dover Children’s Classics)
Arthur Ransome
Dover Publications , English
Orthodox Theology: Odds and ... - CJS Hayward

Orthodox Theology: Odds and ...CJS Hayward

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Here is a cornucopia of assorted works: a series of letters written by an angel, a meditation on the arena of spiritual life, a Church Father commenting on a postmodern trend, an unpleasant unfurling of what it means that the best things in… more

Orthodox Theology: Odds and Ends, Curiosities and Creative Works (The Collected Works of CJS Hayward)
CJS Hayward
Barbarossa Reloaded - A non

Barbarossa ReloadedA non

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An alternative military history of the war on the Eastern Front in Russia in World War Two - a re-imagining.

Barbarossa Reloaded
A non
Panic Night in Katyn - Horrace Rothly

Panic Night in KatynHorrace Rothly

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Sometimes The Things You Want Most In Life Could Become Your Worst Nightmare. My First Mission As A Medical Doctor In Russia, Turned Out To Be The Last. An Unprecedented Struggle Between Me And Some Of The Most Heinous Forces Of Evil Left M… more

Panic Night in Katyn
Horrace Rothly
Ghosts of the Tundra - Steve Falconi

Ghosts of the TundraSteve Falconi

Trudging through the icy tundra of northern Russia, two German commandos are on a mission to stop a deadly threat.

Ghosts of the Tundra
Steve Falconi
Synapse Publishing Company , English
Living Through Soviet Russia... -

Living Through Soviet Russia...

For a period of over seventy years after the 1917 revolutions in Russia, talking about the past, either political or personal, became dangerous. The new policy of glasnost at the end of the 1980s resulted in a flood of reminiscence, almost … more

Living Through Soviet Russia (Routledge Studies in Memory and Narrative)
Routledge , English
Belly Laugh - Randall Garrett

Belly LaughRandall Garrett

You hear a lot of talk these days about secret weapons. If it”s not a new wrinkle in nuclear fission, it”s a gun to shoot around corners and down winding staircases. Or maybe a nice new strain of bacteria guaranteed to give you radio-act… more

Belly Laugh
Randall Garrett
Motherland: Notes of a Perse... - Natan Gimelfarb

Motherland: Notes of a Perse...Natan Gimelfarb

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Motherland offers a unique, inside look into Jewish life in Communist Russia. It wasn’t written to make a point or to get sales or recognition; it wasn’t intended to be available to the general audience or even to be translated into English… more

Motherland: Notes of a Persecuted Director, A Memoir about Jewish Life in the Soviet Union, Part I - Through Hunger and War
Natan Gimelfarb
I'm Famous - Gerald Murphy

I'm FamousGerald Murphy

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Ten minute play set in Russia in the year 1900. Mitya, a young Russian wastrel, returns from his adventures to brag to his family about his drunken exploits recently published in a local newspaper.

I’m Famous
Gerald Murphy
Shamrock Eden Publishing , English
Legends That Every Child Sho... - Hamilton Wright Mabie

Legends That Every Child Sho...Hamilton Wright Mabie

If we knew how the words in our language were made and what they havemeant to successive generations of the men and women who have used them,we should have a new and very interesting kind of history to read. Forwords, like all other creatio… more

Legends That Every Child Should Know
Hamilton Wright Mabie
The CoMission: The Amazing S... - Joseph M Stowell

The CoMission: The Amazing S...Joseph M Stowell

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This story tells how the Gospel was taken to Russia over a five-year period, after the fall of communism when a new harvest field opened up. More than 80 ministries partnered together in a cooperative effort that is unparalleled, and docume… more

The CoMission: The Amazing Story of Eighty Ministry Groups Working Together to Take the Message of Christ’s Love to the Russian People
Joseph M Stowell
Moody Publishers , English
Russian Trade Unions and Ind... - Simon Clarke, Sarah Ashwin

Russian Trade Unions and Ind...Simon Clarke, Sarah Ashwin

This book, based on detailed research at national, regional and workplace level, analyzes the development of trade unions and industrial relations in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet system.

Russian Trade Unions and Industrial Relations in Transition
Simon Clarke, Sarah Ashwin
Palgrave Macmillan , English