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Ruling Russia: Law, Crime, a... -

Ruling Russia: Law, Crime, a...

Law, crime, and justice are among the most salient issues in any country. This is especially true for a transitional nation like Russia that is facing tremendous social, political, and economic changes, many of which create conditions condu… more

Ruling Russia: Law, Crime, and Justice in a Changing Society
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers , English
Tiny Revolutions in Russia: ... - Bruce Adams

Tiny Revolutions in Russia: ...Bruce Adams

This book presents a large collection of anecdotes and jokes from different periods of the 20th century. Anecdotes and jokes were a hidden form of discursive communication in the Soviet era, lampooning official practices and acting as a con… more

Tiny Revolutions in Russia: Twentieth Century Soviet and Russian History in Anecdotes and Jokes (Routledge Studies in the History of Russia and Eastern Europe)
Bruce Adams
Routledge , English
Orbits, Volume II: "The Relu... - Sven A. Linholm

Orbits, Volume II: "The Relu...Sven A. Linholm

To survive the anarchy of revolutionary Russia, the hounding by secret police, an obsessive love affair, a Cossak’s sabre slash, sentencing to Siberia and more - that takes courage and perseverance.

Orbits, Volume II: “The Reluctant Revolutionary”
Sven A. Linholm
Trafford Publishing , English
Constitutional Bargaining in... - Edward Morgan-Jones

Constitutional Bargaining in...Edward Morgan-Jones

This book examines the constitutional bargaining processes in Russia in the critical period of 1990-1993. It is a valuable resource to those interested in Russia and post-communist politics, origins of political institutions, comparative go… more

Constitutional Bargaining in Russia, 1990-93: Institutions and Uncertainty (BASEES/Routledge Series on Russian and East European Studies)
Edward Morgan-Jones
Routledge , English
Belly Laugh - Randall Garrett

Belly LaughRandall Garrett

You hear a lot of talk these days about secret weapons. If it”s not a new wrinkle in nuclear fission, it”s a gun to shoot around corners and down winding staircases. Or maybe a nice new strain of bacteria guaranteed to give you radio-act… more

Belly Laugh
Randall Garrett
Conrad's Under Western Eyes ... - Joseph Conrad

Conrad's Under Western Eyes ...Joseph Conrad

Conrad explores intrigue and politics in pre-revolution Russia.

Conrad’s Under Western Eyes (bargain edition typeset for the Kindle)
Joseph Conrad
Ria Press , English
Siberian Shamans - Michael Ward

Siberian ShamansMichael Ward

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It is the middle of the seventeenth century and Russia is expanding rapidly into Siberia. It has been determined that expansion in an area in East Siberia will be helped if the local shamans are removed and a small team of Russians is dispa… more

Siberian Shamans
Michael Ward
Michael Ward , English
I'm Famous - Gerald Murphy

I'm FamousGerald Murphy

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Ten minute play set in Russia in the year 1900. Mitya, a young Russian wastrel, returns from his adventures to brag to his family about his drunken exploits recently published in a local newspaper.

I’m Famous
Gerald Murphy
Shamrock Eden Publishing , English
Czar's Ghost Ask US Shaman i... - Thomas Rundquist

Czar's Ghost Ask US Shaman i...Thomas Rundquist

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A real to life autobiographical ebook about the author’s trip to Russia/

Czar’s Ghost Ask US Shaman in 1993 Communism or Yelstin for Russia?
Thomas Rundquist
Nova Media Inc. , English
Sashenka: A Novel - Simon Sebag Montefiore

Sashenka: A NovelSimon Sebag Montefiore

In the bestselling tradition of Doctor Zhivago and Sophie’s Choice, a sweeping epic of Russia from the last days of the Tsars to today’s age of oligarchs — by the prizewinning author of Young Stalin. Winter 1916: St. Petersburg, Russia, i… more

Sashenka: A Novel
Simon Sebag Montefiore
Simon & Schuster , English
Best of Russian Life: Histor... -

Best of Russian Life: Histor...

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We plumbed over 100 issues of Russian Life magazine dating back to the 1990s to select readers’ and editors’ favorite stories for inclusion in this special collection.Taken together, these 76 stories offer a rich, multi-faceted portrait of … more

Best of Russian Life: History and Culture
Russian Life Books , English
Out of the Red: Investment a... - John T. Connor

Out of the Red: Investment a...John T. Connor

Over the last fifteen years, Russia has become a larger part of the global economy—and in the years ahead, it will continue to grow in prominence. If you want to improve your investment endeavors in this market, you must first understand ho… more

Out of the Red: Investment and Capitalism in Russia
John T. Connor
Wiley , English
From the Cellar or A Simplet... - Chris James

From the Cellar or A Simplet...Chris James

One slightly unhinged Englishman’s way of coping the next time Russia invades Europe available free on author’s webiste

From the Cellar or A Simpleton’s Glimpse of the Next European War
Chris James
Chris James , English
No Possible Future? (Short Story) - Eilise Burrows

No Possible Future? (Short Story)Eilise Burrows

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A short story set in 1937 Soviet Russia.When Iosif is dragged from his family home in the dead of night he loses everything, sent to a hard labour camp in Siberia he cannot contemplate a future. Day by day he witnesses the devastating affec… more

No Possible Future? (Short Story)
Eilise Burrows
The CoMission: The Amazing S... - Joseph M Stowell

The CoMission: The Amazing S...Joseph M Stowell

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This story tells how the Gospel was taken to Russia over a five-year period, after the fall of communism when a new harvest field opened up. More than 80 ministries partnered together in a cooperative effort that is unparalleled, and docume… more

The CoMission: The Amazing Story of Eighty Ministry Groups Working Together to Take the Message of Christ’s Love to the Russian People
Joseph M Stowell
Moody Publishers , English
Dire Demographics:  Populati... - Julie Davanzo

Dire Demographics: Populati...Julie Davanzo

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In the last few decades of the 20th century, Russian demographics underwent some important changes, including lower fertility rates and higher death rates. This report reviews the factors behind these trends and shows that they raise substa… more

Dire Demographics: Population Trends in the Russian Federation (Population Matters)
Julie Davanzo
Rand Publishing , English
Local Politics and Democrati... - Cameron Ross

Local Politics and Democrati...Cameron Ross

Exploring urban democracy in Russia, this book considers a wide range of cities of different types, and of different political allegiances, showing that the power and status of cities varies tremendously across the federation, as does the d… more

Local Politics and Democratization in Russia (BASEES/Routledge Series on Russian and East European Studies)
Cameron Ross
Routledge , English
Legends That Every Child Sho... - Hamilton Wright Mabie

Legends That Every Child Sho...Hamilton Wright Mabie

If we knew how the words in our language were made and what they havemeant to successive generations of the men and women who have used them,we should have a new and very interesting kind of history to read. Forwords, like all other creatio… more

Legends That Every Child Should Know
Hamilton Wright Mabie
Katrdeshtr's Redemption (The... - Red Haircrow

Katrdeshtr's Redemption (The...Red Haircrow

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Ancient, brutal beauty, Katrdeshtr the Night Cat, Russian vampire and incorrigible mischief maker turns to old pleasures to relieve his eternal boredom, yet when his sometimes partner finds a new love, satisfaction takes on new meaning. Thi… more

Katrdeshtr’s Redemption (The Night Cat)
Red Haircrow
Flying With Red Haircrow , English