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Rebel - Arlene Webb

RebelArlene Webb

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              Settia is not happy. Stuck in a four by four pot, lights out at sundown, she's unable to study her stolen, sacred manifesto, which is her guide to taking down the man. Determination that her offspring are allowed to blosso... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B006IY0OS0/#editorial-review">more</a>
Arlene Webb
Six Weeks to Love Running (H... - Dr. Julie Sieben

Six Weeks to Love Running (H...Dr. Julie Sieben

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“I wish I could run!” “Looks like great exercise, but I only run if I am being chased!” Have you ever muttered any of these words as you drove by a runner, plodding along with a look of determination on his or her face? Do you think runners… more

Six Weeks to Love Running (Health & Fitness, Exercise): How to Have a Love Affair with Running
Dr. Julie Sieben
SDP Publishing , English
Hurdles: I find myself viewi... - Nancy Leake  Woodson

Hurdles: I find myself viewi...Nancy Leake Woodson

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A sudden cancer diagnosis finds a wife, mother of three and full time employee of the local university with an unexpected life changing decision.  The reconstruction of her current job position forces her to choose to travel three weeks... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B0048EK162/#editorial-review">more</a>
Hurdles: I find myself viewing the many beautiful colors in the rainbow as if I were looking through the sheer lens of a kaleidoscope. The many shades of color remind me of the “Hurdles” in my life.
Nancy Leake Woodson
Authorhouse , English
The Runner's High -

The Runner's High

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The runner’s high is a marvelous side-effect of running, though mysterious and elusive. Sometimes you get it; usually you don’t. These forty-seven personal stories explore it in depth and detail, from euphoria to religious visions and mindb… more

The Runner’s High
Breakaway Books , English
The Night Before, The Night Before - Christopher P. Johnson

The Night Before, The Night BeforeChristopher P. Johnson

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The night before, the night before is supposed to be the most important night for a runner prior to his big race. See everything that is going on in his mind that night.

The Night Before, The Night Before
Christopher P. Johnson
Christopher P. Johnson , English
SUZY - Gary L Beer

SUZYGary L Beer

Burying her husband in the garden under the runner bean patch seemed the best idea. At least burying him there she would be able to keep an eye on him. Suzy had not meant to kill him but who would believe her?

Gary L Beer
Strength Training For Runner... - Jason  Scotts

Strength Training For Runner...Jason Scotts

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Strength Training For Runners Guide “Strength Training For Runners” is a text written by an author that has more than a vested interest in the welfare of runners. He is a runner himself and is aware of what it takes to keep the body in sha… more

Strength Training For Runners : The Best Forms of Weight Training for Runners (Ultimate How To Guides)
Jason Scotts
The Runner's Handbook: The B... - Bob Glover, Jack Shepherd, S...

The Runner's Handbook: The B...Bob Glover, Jack Shepherd, S...

If you’re a runner, or would like to be one, The Runner’s Handbook will answer all your questions. Fitness expert Bob Glover-who has trained thousands of runners-shows you how to devise a training program and keep at the top of your form.

The Runner’s Handbook: The Bestselling Classic Fitness G for begng Intermediate Runners 2nd rev Edition
Bob Glover, Jack Shepherd, Shelly-lynn Florence Glover
Penguin Books , English
Beginner Marathoner's Faith ... - Alla Hatfield

Beginner Marathoner's Faith ...Alla Hatfield

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Challenge your spiritual growth like a runner training for a marathon. This devotional will inspire you to pursue God’s purposes for your life by taking you on a 17 week journey that follows marathon training principles. This book will he… more

Beginner Marathoner’s Faith Training: How to Become a Supernatural Runner
Alla Hatfield
Runner's World Essential Gui... - Editors of Runner's World

Runner's World Essential Gui...Editors of Runner's World

What Every Runner Needs to Know about Getting (and Staying) HealthyIn an ideal runner’s world, every step of every mile would be 100 percent pain-free. No aches, no twinges, no lingering soreness from yesterday’s workout. The reality is tha… more

Runner’s World Essential Guides: Injury Prevention & Recovery
Editors of Runner’s World
Rodale , English
Great Running Quotes - Pieter Peereboom

Great Running QuotesPieter Peereboom

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For as long as I have been a runner, I have always been a fanatic for running quotes. To me, reading those quotes is so inspiring it makes me want to go run that instant, and I am certain those who read them would feel the same. For me, run… more

Great Running Quotes
Pieter Peereboom
ExtremeMarathonGuide.com , English
2260 Journal of a runner - Ron van Achterberg

2260 Journal of a runnerRon van Achterberg

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In the year 2260 a young man leaves the nuclear fallout bunker he grew up in. He takes a job as a runner so he can venture out into the outside world. His job is simple, explore the wasteland and gatherer valuable information about the outs… more

2260 Journal of a runner
Ron van Achterberg
Ron van Achterberg , English
Rabbit Book For Kids: Cotton... - Barry J McDonald

Rabbit Book For Kids: Cotton...Barry J McDonald

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In this original and enchanting book you’re about to meet “Cotton Tail” a bunny who’s really looking forward to the great bunny race. She’d love to win it, the only problem is her big brother wins it every year. Can Cotton Tail prove that s… more

Rabbit Book For Kids: Cotton Tail And The Great Bunny Race
Barry J McDonald
C25K: The Couch to 5K Beginn... - Matthew C. Lee

C25K: The Couch to 5K Beginn...Matthew C. Lee

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Couch to 5k is a proven running program that has converted thousands of couch potatoes into runners in just a matter of weeks. The program eases you into running, beginning with a combination of running and walking that gets progressively m… more

C25K: The Couch to 5K Beginner Running Program (Learn to Run Series Book 1)
Matthew C. Lee
All My Strength - Eddie Robbins

All My StrengthEddie Robbins

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This is my story about how I decided to change my life at age 54. After living most of my adult life over 300 pounds, I discovered the secret to transforming my life into a runner. I have no products to sell, only a story to tell. My goal i… more

All My Strength
Eddie Robbins
Eddie Robbins , English
Run like an Indian: Thinking... - Leon Worth

Run like an Indian: Thinking...Leon Worth

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In spite of recent interest in rediscovering our prehistoric abilities to run barefoot, or with minimal footwear, runners today who talk about going back to these basics haven’t done much investigation into cultures which have historic reco… more

Run like an Indian: Thinking outside the (Shoe) Box
Leon Worth
How To Run a Marathon For Be... - HowExpert Press, Helen Nazarenko

How To Run a Marathon For Be...HowExpert Press, Helen Nazarenko

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If you want to know how to run a marathon, then get this step-by-step “How To Run a Marathon For Beginners” guide which depicts all sorts of different aspects and details of marathon running.How To Run a Marathon For Beginners is a beautifu… more

How To Run a Marathon For Beginners - Your Step-By-Step Guide To Running a Marathon For Beginners
HowExpert Press, Helen Nazarenko
HowExpert.com , English
To Be A Runner: How Racing U... - Martin Dugard

To Be A Runner: How Racing U...Martin Dugard

With an exuberant mix of passion, insight, instruction, and humor, best-selling author—and lifelong runner—Martin Dugard takes a journey through the world of running to illustrate how the sport helps us fulfill that universal desire to be t… more

To Be A Runner: How Racing Up Mountains, Running with the Bulls, or Just Taking On a 5-K Makes You a Better Person (and the World a Better Place)
Martin Dugard
Rodale , English
Run: A Complete Beginners Gu... - Michael Thomas

Run: A Complete Beginners Gu...Michael Thomas

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Learn How To Start Running Today!You’re Only 16 Weeks Away From Your First 5K! Have you ever seen someone running down the street, and thought, “If only I could do that, I could be healthier and skinnier?” This book shows you how to become … more

Run: A Complete Beginners Guide (Learn How To Start Running)
Michael Thomas
Running Together : A Trilogy... - Alan Seel

Running Together : A Trilogy...Alan Seel

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This is a compilation of 3 concise books that I have written about my passion for running. Each book has been successful in it’s own right, but I wanted to give people the opportunity of obtaining all three as a resource to refer to as they… more

Running Together : A Trilogy of Books about Running
Alan Seel