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Ruby and the Stone Age Diet - Martin Millar

Ruby and the Stone Age DietMartin Millar

From now on,” Ruby says to her friend, the narrator, “We’re going on the Stone Age diet. It means we only eat the sort of healthy things our ancestors would have eaten. Raw grains and fruits and stuff like that. That’s what our bodies are … more

Ruby and the Stone Age Diet
Martin Millar
Soft Skull Press , English
THE DIARY OF A GHOST - Alexander DeMarcus

THE DIARY OF A GHOSTAlexander DeMarcus

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When a wealthy suburban couple finds themselves on the brink of divorce they soon find themselves fighting and bickering with one another over money, space, and the right to care for their child. Their personal hatred cuts a path that leads… more

Alexander DeMarcus
Claiming Ruby: 1 (Mission Pleaure) - Scarlett Sanderson

Claiming Ruby: 1 (Mission Pleaure)Scarlett Sanderson

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Ruby has a secret. Beneath her prissy exterior lies a submissive in desperate need of a Master. After her past disastrous attempt at BDSM, she buried her cravings deep and told herself she’d be fine without giving in to them. Then she meets… more

Claiming Ruby: 1 (Mission Pleaure)
Scarlett Sanderson
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
The Only Way - Jamie Sullivan

The Only WayJamie Sullivan

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In the Gutter, there are only two ways for a girl to earn a living—among the trash or on her back. When Hart decides that’s not good enough for her, she takes on the high stakes world of no-holds-barred fighting. There’s just one problem: w… more

The Only Way
Jamie Sullivan
Less Than Three Press, LLC , English
Programming Problems in Ruby - Bradley Green, Jason Brewer

Programming Problems in RubyBradley Green, Jason Brewer

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This book is intended as a primer for the programming interview. Self-contained, and with problems completely worked out in Ruby, this book covers the fundamentals of computer programming. Sections range from elementary data structures, t… more

Programming Problems in Ruby
Bradley Green, Jason Brewer
Joy of Ruby - Ben Spencer

Joy of RubyBen Spencer

Joy of Ruby playfully guides you through some of the basics of the Ruby programming language.

Joy of Ruby
Ben Spencer
Home Cookies - Vic Winter

Home CookiesVic Winter

Drey’s friend Ruby has set him up on yet another blind date. Drey’s not fond of blind dates — they’re awkward and have a huge potential for embarrassment. When he meets Milton, though, he begins to wonder if Ruby didn’t get it right this t… more

Home Cookies
Vic Winter
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
Metasploit Penetration Testi... - Abhinav Singh

Metasploit Penetration Testi...Abhinav Singh

This is a Cookbook which follows a practical task-based style. There are plenty of code and commands used for illustration which make your learning curve easy and quick. This book targets both professional penetration testers as well as new… more

Metasploit Penetration Testing Cookbook
Abhinav Singh
Packt Publishing , English
Metaprogramming Ruby 2: Prog... - Paolo Perrotta

Metaprogramming Ruby 2: Prog...Paolo Perrotta

Dig under the surface and explore Ruby’s most advanced feature: a collection of techniques and tricks known as metaprogramming. In this book, you’ll learn metaprogramming as an essential component of Ruby and discover the deep, non-obvious… more

Metaprogramming Ruby 2: Program Like the Ruby Pros (Facets of Ruby)
Paolo Perrotta
Pragmatic Bookshelf , English
Darkest Minds, The (The Dark... - Alexandra Bracken

Darkest Minds, The (The Dark...Alexandra Bracken

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When Ruby woke up on her tenth birthday, something about her had changed. Something alarming enough to make her parents lock her in the garage and call the police. Something that gets her sent to Thurmond, a brutal government ‘rehabilitatio… more

Darkest Minds, The (The Darkest Minds Book 1)
Alexandra Bracken
Disney Hyperion , English
Ruby (The Pixy Dust Diaries Book 1) - Justin Graves

Ruby (The Pixy Dust Diaries Book 1)Justin Graves

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Even though Ruby feels like a normal pixy, there is one thing that sets her apart; she doesn’t have any wings. After her mother tells her of the Oracle, a magical place where visitors can have a single question answered, the young pixy sets… more

Ruby (The Pixy Dust Diaries Book 1)
Justin Graves
CreateSpace , English
The Adventures of Ruby & Dyl... - Carma Chan

The Adventures of Ruby & Dyl...Carma Chan

Readers who enjoyed the adventures of 7-year-old Ruby on Saardu will get a kick out of seeing her as a 20-year-old spitfire. This story introduces her soul mate, Dylan Griffith, a solid romantic. Naturally, he is as courageous and fun-lovin… more

The Adventures of Ruby & Dylan (Zen of Incurable Daydreamers)
Carma Chan
Imagination Unleashed , English
Erotic Lust - My Daughters B... - B. Lovelle

Erotic Lust - My Daughters B...B. Lovelle

This is intended for adults only.Preview…I was sitting around the house one Friday night when my daughter, Sarah, asked if her friend, Ruby, could come over to study for their final tests. Ruby, at 18, was a few months older than my daugh… more

Erotic Lust - My Daughters Best Friend (Erotica, Sexy Story)
B. Lovelle
Max's Checkup (Max and Ruby) - Penguin Young Readers

Max's Checkup (Max and Ruby)Penguin Young Readers

Level 2. Ruby and Louise are playing with their new doctor’s kit, and they want Max to be their patient. Max doesn’t want to play the game, but will he end up being a patient after all?

Max’s Checkup (Max and Ruby)
Penguin Young Readers
Grosset & Dunlap , English
Ruby's Dance - Thank You, Mae West - Davee Jones

Ruby's Dance - Thank You, Mae WestDavee Jones

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Taking a chance in the 1930’s was hard, but with Mae West in Ruby’s corner, anything was possible. Even meeting the love of her life. Working in a clip joint gave Ruby more than grocery money, it gave her the excitement of truly growing up,… more

Ruby’s Dance - Thank You, Mae West
Davee Jones
Secret Cravings Publishing , English
Spike: Asylum - Brian Lynch, Franco Urru

Spike: AsylumBrian Lynch, Franco Urru

When the Monahan Family asks Spike to find their daughter Ruby, he accepts. The problem? Ruby’s a half-demon and has been checked into the Mosaic Wellness Center, a rehab facility for vampires, demons, and other creatures of the night. The … more

Spike: Asylum
Brian Lynch, Franco Urru
IDW Publishing , English
Snow Bunny Tales (Max and Ruby) - Unknown

Snow Bunny Tales (Max and Ruby)Unknown

Join Max & Ruby for some winter fun in this special 3-in-1 book! In ?Max?s Snow Plow,? Max and Ruby do their best to shovel so Grandma can visit. In “Snow Day,? Max wants to play outside, but Ruby wants to stay inside where it?s warm. And f… more

Snow Bunny Tales (Max and Ruby)
Grosset & Dunlap , English
Hot Metal: Book 1: A Ruby in... - Jake Weber

Hot Metal: Book 1: A Ruby in...Jake Weber

Joseph made a promise.

Joseph never knew what family meant until he joined the Steel Jockeys MC. It was there that he met Kyle, there that he found a brother in all but name for the next ten years.

Until one fateful day when he’s forced t… more

Hot Metal: Book 1: A Ruby in the Rough (Hot Metal Series)
Jake Weber
Fab Galore Part 3 (Fabulosit... - Bryneen Gary

Fab Galore Part 3 (Fabulosit...Bryneen Gary

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Fab Galore Part 3And i’m off in a WhooptyLike a Soldier made it Home to WooHighly Ranked Gangsta’ boOgieand I got your buttered coOkiesand I love the way you loOk to mecuz im off in my Whoopty, Settled home and WoeTable of contents1. Just s… more

Fab Galore Part 3 (Fabulosity Galore Dramatic Drama & The Pages turn)
Bryneen Gary
PoetiQ rOses , English
Metaprogramming Ruby: Progra... - Paolo Perrotta

Metaprogramming Ruby: Progra...Paolo Perrotta

Everyone in the Ruby world seems to be talking about metaprogramming—how you can use it to remove duplication in your code and write elegant, beautiful programs. Now you can get in on the action as well.This book describes metaprogramming … more

Metaprogramming Ruby: Program Like the Ruby Pros
Paolo Perrotta
Pragmatic Bookshelf , English