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The 3 Wise Women of Bethlehe... - Patrick Michaels

The 3 Wise Women of Bethlehe...Patrick Michaels

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Very few people would argue that Mary did NOT give birth without the aid of wise women of Judea. This story, told from the perspective of Rose, a 10 year old girl coming of age, is worth your reading and sharing with your communities.

The 3 Wise Women of Bethlehem : A Story of the Birthing of Jesus
Patrick Michaels
Sophia Sirius Publishing , English
Subduing the Big Bad Wolf (M... - Mark Desires

Subduing the Big Bad Wolf (M...Mark Desires

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There was once a young woman in a red hood named Rose that wandered in the forest at night, seeking out her mate as her family had always done. As her scent filled the air the Wolf-Kin, a half-man and half-wolf, was drawn to her and sought … more

Subduing the Big Bad Wolf (Mating with Monsters Book 8)
Mark Desires
Mark Desires Erotica , English
The Fire Dragon (Dragon Boun... - Tianna Xander

The Fire Dragon (Dragon Boun...Tianna Xander

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Like her sister Rose, Tansy fears her inner powers. They’re dangerous. Fire follows her wherever she goes and Tansy is certain it’s only a matter of time before she harms someone. When Tony, a dragon she met at one of her sister, April’s, d… more

The Fire Dragon (Dragon Bound Book 3)
Tianna Xander
Devine Destinies , English
Medically Filled (Medical Ol... - Raya Black

Medically Filled (Medical Ol...Raya Black

Medically Filled (Medical Pregnancy First Time Romance) Rose’s boyfriend is frustrated with their sex life. He can’t understand why they are unable to have sex like normal people. He figures it must be a problem with her.

Rose reluctantly … more

Medically Filled (Medical Older Man Younger Woman Pregnancy First Time Romance)
Raya Black
A Thread of Silence: Book Fo... - Harmony L. Courtney

A Thread of Silence: Book Fo...Harmony L. Courtney

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New Evidence.

Edward and Jason’s hard work has paid off, and they’ve found some compelling new evidence to the history and mystery of the mirror. But will it be enough to appease their interest in the artifact that brought their families t… more

A Thread of Silence: Book Four in The Angels’ Mirror Series
Harmony L. Courtney
Harmony L. Courtney , English
The Vampire and Her Sexy Wer... - Olivia Lyons

The Vampire and Her Sexy Wer...Olivia Lyons

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Rose, a 500-year-old vampire, is sick of hunting for prey the hard way. She uses dating websites to hook up with unsuspecting male victims, then bleeds them dry. This works out great until she meets Kent, a sexy young guy with oral talents … more

The Vampire and Her Sexy Werewolf (Shapeshifter Romantic Erotica) (Paranormal Pleasures Book 2)
Olivia Lyons
A Vampire's Game - Peter Dawes

A Vampire's GamePeter Dawes

an erotic tale of darker desires

The vampire, Flynn, is well acquainted with the taste of fear in his victim’s blood. But during an evening of indulgence, his immortal sister, Rose, suggests that lust can be just as exotic a flavor as terr… more

A Vampire’s Game
Peter Dawes
Crimson Melodies , English
To Bend - Pepper Espinoza

To BendPepper Espinoza

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Frazier Lee has only been in Chris Leeves’ wolf pack for three weeks, but he’s already rubbing everybody the wrong way. Even the person who made him a wolf wants him gone. Frazier finally goes too far when he tries to convince Chris’s wife,… more

To Bend
Pepper Espinoza
Amber Quill Press, LLC , English
Six Little Bunkers at Grandm... - Laura Lee Hope

Six Little Bunkers at Grandm...Laura Lee Hope

Excerpt from the book…”“Oh, wait a minute! I forgot to put the broom in the corner,” said Rose,his sister. “I was helping mother sweep, and I forgot to put the broomaway. Wait for me, Russ! Don’t let the boat start without me!”

Six Little Bunkers at Grandma Bell’s
Laura Lee Hope
The Ghost of Thorn Hill - Sara Gardner Blow

The Ghost of Thorn HillSara Gardner Blow

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Introducing physic sleuth and writer, Maree Price as she takes on a case that she had filed away as family members were in denial of the ghost or apparition that continued to plague them. She put the file away and tried to forget it but a… more

The Ghost of Thorn Hill
Sara Gardner Blow
Sara Gardner Blow , English
Tails of the Tawse - Annie Bee

Tails of the TawseAnnie Bee

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When Penny accepts a domestic position in a wealthy household she soon discovers that Miss X, one of the household, has erotic spanking plans for her. But the identity of Miss X remains a secret.

A fearsome tawse in a desk drawer is a frig… more

Tails of the Tawse
Annie Bee
Shifters Vignettes: Rose and... - Vivian Wood

Shifters Vignettes: Rose and...Vivian Wood

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Lovely, isolated medical doctor Rose has gotten in over her head, working for some very bad people. Rose works in a lab, trying to figure out how to de-wolf a werewolf, and her sexy subject isn’t exactly cooperating…

When word comes down… more

Shifters Vignettes: Rose and Mason (Louisiana Shifters Series Book 11)
Vivian Wood
Vivian Wood , English
The Revenge of Rose Grubb - Rachael Eyre

The Revenge of Rose GrubbRachael Eyre

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Hestia is an illusionist at the top of her game. She has just been invited to appear on primetime hit show Sewell’s Spotlight. But Hestia has a secret. Back in the day, she was school misfit Rose Grubb and Frances Sewell the tormentor that … more

The Revenge of Rose Grubb
Rachael Eyre
Listen, Just Once - A.R. Von

Listen, Just OnceA.R. Von

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This is a story of a young girl who experiences things no child should ever experience. Lizzie tries and tries to get the attention of her mother to get it to stop, to get her to help. She is also left with the duty o… more

Listen, Just Once
A.R. Von
Dream Z Dragon Publishing , English
The Beggar Maid: Stories of ... - Alice Munro

The Beggar Maid: Stories of ...Alice Munro

WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE® IN LITERATURE 2013In this series of interweaving stories, Munro recreates the evolving bond between two women in the course of almost forty years. One is Flo, practical, suspicious of other people’s airs, at times… more

The Beggar Maid: Stories of Flo and Rose (Vintage International)
Alice Munro
Vintage , English
Younger Than Yesterday - Harper Bliss

Younger Than YesterdayHarper Bliss

2 ratings
Average wait: 3d, 17h

Rose’s husband died seven years ago, but when she welcomes an unexpected guest in her Tuscan holiday home, she’s forced to remember what instant desire feels like. Desire for a younger woman no less.This story shows the point of view of the… more

Younger Than Yesterday
Harper Bliss
Ladylit , English
Twice Upon a Time #2: Sleepi... - Wendy Mass

Twice Upon a Time #2: Sleepi...Wendy Mass

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The girl’s been asleep for a hundred years. The boy’s got issues of his own. There are two sides to every story….It’s not easy being Princess Rose. Especially when a fairy curses you and you find yourself avoiding all sharp objects … … more

Twice Upon a Time #2: Sleeping Beauty, The One Who Took the Really Long Nap
Wendy Mass
Scholastic Paperbacks , English
My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece - Annabel Pitcher

My Sister Lives on the MantelpieceAnnabel Pitcher

My sister Rose lives on the mantelpiece. Well, some of her does. A collarbone, two ribs, a bit of skull, and a little toe. To ten-year-old Jamie, his family has fallen apart because of the loss of someone he barely remembers: his sister R… more

My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece
Annabel Pitcher
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers , English
Marksman #1 - Dennis  Mallonee, Steve Perrin

Marksman #1Dennis Mallonee, Steve Perrin

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In this classic first issue, secrets of the origin of the Marksman are revealed. And the occult detective, Rose, explores a “Ghost Story.”

Marksman #1
Dennis Mallonee, Steve Perrin
Heroic Publishing, Inc. , English
The Quest - James Micheil

The QuestJames Micheil

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A story of love and pride. A princess is kidnapped and held to ransom. Her kidnapper practices the magic arts and is an evil woman. A reward is offered to any man who is brave enough to rescue the princess and a young man named Mike comes f… more

The Quest
James Micheil
James Micheil , English