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Eternal Test of Time - Sarah Vistica

Eternal Test of TimeSarah Vistica

Aly Sycamore thought her life is simple living in a quiet small town. Until one night, she meets a stranger, Rome a vampire from her past. Not long after Aly begins to have strange dreams of a past life as a vampire. Now with the clock tick… more

Eternal Test of Time
Sarah Vistica
Wine and Honey (The Roman Bo... - Cally Sharp

Wine and Honey (The Roman Bo...Cally Sharp

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Though newly a free citizen of Rome, Anselm Kahler is still a slave at heart. Especially on his knees before his master, the patrician Septimus Tuditanus. Thrust back into public life Septimus takes Anselm with him, and Anselm is introduced… more

Wine and Honey (The Roman Boy, Book 2)
Cally Sharp
Roman Ruminations - Norman Weeks

Roman RuminationsNorman Weeks

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ROMAN RUMINATIONS is a trilogy, the volumes of which are LONELINESS, INSTINCT, and LOVE. (Each volume also available separately.) This complete text includes the extras of “A Pause to Reconnoiter” and two “Afterwords”.ROMAN RUMINATIONS pres… more

Roman Ruminations
Norman Weeks
Norman Weeks , English
The Engines of the Broken Wo... - Ian Dallas

The Engines of the Broken Wo...Ian Dallas

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The disappearance of power in the outlines of state and society and its apparent replacement with token symbolic structures, iconic leadership and a necessary vocabulary to render the whole theatre of governance seem real, that is, ideolog… more

The Engines of the Broken World - Discourses on Tacitus and Lucan
Ian Dallas
Budgate Press , English
The Gift from the Light - Kathy McCurry

The Gift from the LightKathy McCurry

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              A young woman encounters a mysterious light in a field near a Native American burial ground. She walks closer to this light and is suddenly overwhelmed by the strange phenomenon. What would happen if you encountered someth... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00BLLSIHE/#editorial-review">more</a>
The Gift from the Light
Kathy McCurry
Kathy McCurry , English
Teaching the Reformation: Mi... - Amy Nelson Burnett

Teaching the Reformation: Mi...Amy Nelson Burnett

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Though the Reformation was sparked by the actions of Martn Luther, it was not a decisive break from the Church in Rome but rather a gradual process of religious and social change. As the men responsible for religious instruction and moral o… more

Teaching the Reformation: Ministers and Their Message in Basel, 1529-1629 (Oxford Studies in Historical Theology)
Amy Nelson Burnett
Oxford University Press, USA , English
Three Facets of the Second S... - Joshua Robinson

Three Facets of the Second S...Joshua Robinson

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The Second Sophistic was a period of time that ranged roughly from 50-250 AD in the Roman Empire. The themes cover Graeco-Roman identity as seen through three historic Greek writers who lived under Roman rule, Plutarch, Arrian, and Lucian… more

Three Facets of the Second Sophistic: Plutarch, Arrian and Lucian
Joshua Robinson
Joshua Robinson , English
Forty Years to Rome - Part I - Rachel Blade

Forty Years to Rome - Part IRachel Blade

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Erotic Novel: The novel includes graphic depiction of the main character’s first sexual experience, her relationship with her first boyfriend and her sexual exploits with subsequent partners and her husband including straight and lesbian se… more

Forty Years to Rome - Part I
Rachel Blade
War Dog - Dimetrios C. Manolatos

War DogDimetrios C. Manolatos

WAR DOGA Short StoryA tale of unparalleled heroism and sacrifice set in the fourth century AD. During the last three hundred years a new faith has been on the rise, forcing the dual emperors, Maximian and Constantine, to wage war with one a… more

War Dog
Dimetrios C. Manolatos
The Warrior Class , English
Why Did Paul Write To The Ch... - Brian Morris

Why Did Paul Write To The Ch...Brian Morris

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A 1600 word essay to “Describe and compare different theories as to why Paul wrote to the Christians in Rome. Which do you find most convincing and why?”

Why Did Paul Write To The Christians In Rome? An Essay
Brian Morris
Virgilia - Felicia Buttz Clark

VirgiliaFelicia Buttz Clark

The Circus in Rome was thronged with an enormous crowd of persons on a day in June, about two thousand years ago. One hundred thousand men and women sat on its tiers of white marble seats, under the open sky and witnessed a gladiatorial con… more

Felicia Buttz Clark
Musonius Rufus on How to live - Ben White

Musonius Rufus on How to liveBen White

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Musonius Rufus, the Roman Socrates. Mentor to Epictetus. A superstar Stoic philosopher amidst the madness of Nero’s Rome.Musonius had something to say about almost everything. As a strong supporter of gender equality, he gives advice on wha… more

Musonius Rufus on How to live
Ben White
Ozimandias Publishing , English
Vie d'Alcibiade (French Edition) - Plutarque

Vie d'Alcibiade (French Edition)Plutarque

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Vie d’AlcibiadePlutarque, philosophe, biographe et moraliste grec de la Rome antique (46-125)Ce livre numérique présente «Vie d’Alcibiade», de Plutarque, édité en texte intégral. Une table des matières dynamique permet d’accéder directement… more

Vie d’Alcibiade (French Edition)
Editions la Bibliothèque Digitale , French
De l'amour des richesses (Fr... - Plutarque

De l'amour des richesses (Fr...Plutarque

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De l’amour des richessesPlutarque, philosophe, biographe et moraliste grec de la Rome antique (46-125)Ce livre numérique présente «De l’amour des richesses», de Plutarque, édité en texte intégral. Une table des matières dynamique permet d’a… more

De l’amour des richesses (French Edition)
Editions la Bibliothèque Digitale , French
Sur l'éducation des enfants ... - Plutarque

Sur l'éducation des enfants ...Plutarque

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Sur l’éducation des enfantsPlutarque, philosophe, biographe et moraliste grec de la Rome antique (46-125)Ce livre numérique présente «Sur l’éducation des enfants», de Plutarque, édité en texte intégral. Une table des matières dynamique perm… more

Sur l’éducation des enfants (French Edition)
Editions la Bibliothèque Digitale , French
31 Things to Do in Rome - Annalisa Fironzo

31 Things to Do in RomeAnnalisa Fironzo

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Certainly the famous historical monuments and ruins, the ornate and majestic churches and the priceless artwork of Rome will keep you sufficiently in awe during your visit. Yet there is a great deal more to Rome than sightseeing, and the tr… more

31 Things to Do in Rome
Annalisa Fironzo
1973: my funny, crazy summer. - Claudio Quadri

1973: my funny, crazy summer.Claudio Quadri

Sometimes you must just have a bit of luck to get out of the daily routine.It’s a tale about travels, meetings and funny situations that occurred during the summer 1973. Marco, just past the age of majority, will suddenly find himselve in a… more

1973: my funny, crazy summer.
Claudio Quadri
Stories by American Authors - Constance Fenimore Woolson, ...

Stories by American AuthorsConstance Fenimore Woolson, ...

A year ago I was in Rome, and enjoying life particularly. I had a large number of my acquaintances there, both American and English, and no day passed without its invitation. Of course I understood it: it is seldom that you find a literary … more

Stories by American Authors
Constance Fenimore Woolson, H. C. Bunner, N. P. Willis, Mary Hallock Foote, J. W. De Forest
Gods and Gladiators - Jaye Shields

Gods and GladiatorsJaye Shields

When the Olympian Gods contest that the Romans aren’t nearly as mighty as they think they are, Ares, the God of War, is the first one to prove it by spending a month as a Roman. Ares arrives in Rome as a Gladiator, thrilled to have a human … more

Gods and Gladiators
Jaye Shields