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The Reading and Preaching of... - Hughes Oliphant Old

The Reading and Preaching of...Hughes Oliphant Old

The third volume in Hughes Oliphant Old’s multivolume history of the reading and preaching of Scripture focuses on the Middles Ages.Surveying the development of preaching over the span of a thousand years, Old explores the preachers of sixt… more

The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian Church, Volume 3: The Medieval Church
Hughes Oliphant Old
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing , English
History of the Later Roman E... - J B Bury

History of the Later Roman E...J B Bury

History of the later Roman Empire from the death of Theodosius I to the death of Justinian - AD395 to AD565. Including genealogical table, list of Emperors, Bishops and Patriarchs. Originally published 1923.

History of the Later Roman Empire V1
J B Bury
The Revival of The Roman Emp... - Joseph Smith

The Revival of The Roman Emp...Joseph Smith

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The Revival of the Roman Empire by Joseph Smith brings us face to face with the prophets of the past. Into a time when Prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel walk the earth, prophesying about the cataclysmic events that would overt… more

The Revival of The Roman Empire 2 Edition
Joseph Smith
The Byzantine Empire - A Sho... - Ernst Gerland

The Byzantine Empire - A Sho...Ernst Gerland

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A short history of the Byzantine The ancient Roman Empire having been divided into two parts, an Eastern and a Western, the Eastern remained subject to successors of Constantine, whose capital was at Byzantium or Constantinople. The term By… more

The Byzantine Empire - A Short History
Ernst Gerland
Shamrock Eden Publishing , English
Work While Ye Have the Light... - Leo Tolstoy

Work While Ye Have the Light...Leo Tolstoy

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‘Work while ye have the light,’ is Tolstoy in teaching mode. The opening scene is an aristocratic dinner party, at which all the guests declare themselves dissatisfied with their dissolute and useless lives; but find a thousand different re… more

Work While Ye Have the Light (Free Age Press Edition)
Leo Tolstoy
White Crow Books , English
Cyclone of Truth - Pat Anvil

Cyclone of TruthPat Anvil

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Marge is sixteen, but she already knows love, heartbreak, and death in the family. Unhappy and lonely she buys a paperback “Witchcraft for Idiots—A Complete Guide for the Modern Day Wicca Practitioner” and starts performing rituals. She doe… more

Cyclone of Truth
Pat Anvil
Pat Anvil , English
The Byzantine Empire (Illustrated) - Charles Oman

The Byzantine Empire (Illustrated)Charles Oman

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The Charles Oman classic work about the history of the Byzantine Empire. From the foundation of Byzantium through the re-christening of Byzantium as the Imperial capitol of the late Roman Empire, to the final devastating fall of Contantinop… more

The Byzantine Empire (Illustrated)
Charles Oman
Didactic Press , English
History of the Later Roman E... - J B Bury

History of the Later Roman E...J B Bury

History of the later Roman Empire from Arcadius to Irene AD395 to AD800. Including chronological tables. Originally published 1889.

History of the Later Roman Empire V2
J B Bury
Day of Confession - Allan Folsom

Day of ConfessionAllan Folsom

A heart-thumping whirlwind of action, suspense & murder that reaches deep into the highest levels of Vatican power & uncovers a demonic scheme to massacre hundreds of thousands of Chinese in an attempt to establish a new Holy Roman Empire o… more

Day of Confession
Allan Folsom
Vision , English
The Book of the Sword: With ... - Sir Richard F. Burton

The Book of the Sword: With ...Sir Richard F. Burton

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Eloquent, exceptionally erudite history of the “Queen of Weapons.” Traces sword’s origin — from prehistory to its full growth during early Roman Empire. Discusses earliest weapons of stone, bone, horn and wood as well as variations: sabre, … more

The Book of the Sword: With 293 Illustrations (Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor)
Sir Richard F. Burton
Dover Publications , English
The Empire of the Self: Self... - Christopher Star

The Empire of the Self: Self...Christopher Star

In The Empire of the Self, Christopher Star studies the question of how political reality affects the concepts of body, soul, and self. Star argues that during the early Roman Empire the establishment of autocracy and the development of a … more

The Empire of the Self: Self-Command and Political Speech in Seneca and Petronius
Christopher Star
Johns Hopkins University Press , English
The Christian Church and Wes... - Richard LaBelle

The Christian Church and Wes...Richard LaBelle

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This book is intended as an introductory history of Christianity in the Western world. It treats the development of the church in the ancient Roman Empire and later in Europe, as well as Christianity’s modern Roman Catholic and Protestant … more

The Christian Church and Western Civilization: Essays and Primary Texts
Richard LaBelle
Richard LaBelle , English
The Gospel According to Simo... - Daniel Joseph Cesar

The Gospel According to Simo...Daniel Joseph Cesar

This book provides the missing pieces to the jigsaw puzzle we call Jesus.  The missing pieces are so different from the existing pieces present in the Gospels of the New Testament that a new and unfamiliar picture of Jesus emerges. Without… more

The Gospel According to Simon of Cyrene:What Every Catholic Should Know
Daniel Joseph Cesar
AuthorHouse , English
Timeline of the Dark Ages - John Rudd

Timeline of the Dark AgesJohn Rudd

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A concise timeline of the historical period known as the Dark Ages, from the Visigothic sack of Rome in 410 AD to the death of the Emperor Charlemagne in 814 AD.Complete with illustrations and maps, the Timeline of the Dark Ages is a must-h… more

Timeline of the Dark Ages
John Rudd
Didactic Press , English
War Gods Part 1 - Roger Kupelian, Razmig Tchag...

War Gods Part 1Roger Kupelian, Razmig Tchag...

War Gods is a Byzantine-era Saga of unparalleled bravery, a fresh new look at the world before the Dark Ages and after the fall of the classical Rome of the Caesars. And it is timely. Every conflict and power that rose out of the ashes of a… more

War Gods Part 1
Roger Kupelian, Razmig Tchaglasian, Martin Yernazian
Fugitive Studios Ent. , English
Banishment in the Later Roma... - Daniel Washburn

Banishment in the Later Roma...Daniel Washburn

This book offers a reconstruction and interpretation of banishment in the final era of a unified Roman Empire, 284-476 CE. Author Daniel Washburn argues that exile was both a penalty and a symbol. It applied to those who committed a misstep… more

Banishment in the Later Roman Empire (Routledge Studies in Ancient History)
Daniel Washburn
Routledge , English
Wolfe's Bane (The Moon and R... - Scott Matthews

Wolfe's Bane (The Moon and R...Scott Matthews

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Lilith, the Black Queen of hell is searching for a suitable mate to bring forth her minions into the world of men. Having robbed Rowan Wolfe of his memory in their earlier battle, she still desires the man-wolf as her mate. Determined to br… more

Wolfe’s Bane (The Moon and Rowan Wolfe Book 3)
Scott Matthews
The Oxford Handbook of Warfa... -

The Oxford Handbook of Warfa...

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War lay at the heart of life in the classical world, from conflicts between tribes or states to internal or civil wars. Battles were resolved by violent face-to-face encounters: war was a very personal experience. At the same time, warfare … more

The Oxford Handbook of Warfare in the Classical World (Oxford Handbooks)
Oxford University Press, USA , English
The Spartan Script - Mike Rogers

The Spartan ScriptMike Rogers

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This is the script for the Book, “The Spartan”

After the third Macedonian war Greece is now under control of the mighty Roman Empire. Athens is under control of the Romans. Macedon is plundered and broken. Sparta is but a shadow of its for… more

The Spartan Script
Mike Rogers


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306 – 327 AD‘Constantine gripped my face in his hand. “Are you having scruples? Are you repelled by the thought of me killing my father? Surely that’s not the mother I know.”’A divided Roman Empire. An Imperial family split by political and… more

KM Reed
Reed Associates Limited, UK , English