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Micrographia (Illustrated) - Robert Hooke

Micrographia (Illustrated)Robert Hooke

Micrographia or Some Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies Made by Magnifying Glasses with Observations and Inquiries Thereupon by Robert Hooke with large illustrations.This book has table of contents and over 80 large and small illus… more

Micrographia (Illustrated)
Robert Hooke
iBam , English
Meanest Foundations and Nobl... - Ofer Gal

Meanest Foundations and Nobl...Ofer Gal

This book is a historical-epistemological study of one the most consequential idea of early modern celestial mechanics: Robert Hooke’s proposal to “compoun[d] the celestial motions of the planets of a direct motion by the tangent & an attra… more

Meanest Foundations and Nobler Superstructures: Hooke, Newton and “the Compounding of the Celestiall Motions of the Planetts” (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science)
Ofer Gal
Springer , English
Robert Hooke and the Rebuild... - Michael Cooper

Robert Hooke and the Rebuild...Michael Cooper

Robert Hooke was one of the most gifted men of his age, but because he worked in the sphere of two remarkable men - Issasc Newton and Christopher Wren - his contribution has remained largely overlooked. Michael Cooper’s biography puts the r… more

Robert Hooke and the Rebuilding of London
Michael Cooper
The History Press , English
Landmark Papers in Nephrology - John Feehally, Christopher M...

Landmark Papers in NephrologyJohn Feehally, Christopher M...

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Landmarks in Nephrology points the reader to some of the seminal observations which have led to the practice of nephrology as we know it today.Twenty areas of nephrology are covered by discrete chapters, with the editors selecting the ten m… more

Landmark Papers in Nephrology
John Feehally, Christopher McIntyre, J. Stewart Cameron
OUP Oxford , English
The Forgotten Genius - Stephen Inwood

The Forgotten GeniusStephen Inwood

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Robert Hooke stood out as an inventive, versatile, and prolific scientist and architect in an age of brilliant minds. But for three hundred years his reputation has been overshadowed by those of his two great contemporaries, his friend Sir … more

The Forgotten Genius
Stephen Inwood
MP Publishing Limited , English
Notebooks, English Virtuosi,... - Richard Yeo

Notebooks, English Virtuosi,...Richard Yeo

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In Notebooks, English Virtuosi, and Early Modern Science, Richard Yeo interprets a relatively unexplored set of primary archival sources: the notes and notebooks of some of the leading figures of the Scientific Revolution. Notebooks were im… more

Notebooks, English Virtuosi, and Early Modern Science
Richard Yeo
University of Chicago Press , English
British Legends: The Life an... - Charles River Editors

British Legends: The Life an...Charles River Editors

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Includes pictures of Newton and important people in his life.Discusses Newton’s discoveries and theories, including the legend about the falling apple inspiring his discovery of gravity.*Includes excerpts of Newton’s most influential quot… more

British Legends: The Life and Legacy of Sir Isaac Newton
Charles River Editors
Newton's Darkness:Two Dramat... - Carl Djerassi, David Pinner

Newton's Darkness:Two Dramat...Carl Djerassi, David Pinner

”What purpose is served by showing that England’s greatest natural philosopher is flawed … like other mortals?” asks one of the characters in Newton’s Darkness. “We need unsullied heroes!” But what if the hero is sullied? At stake is an iss… more

Newton’s Darkness:Two Dramatic Views
Carl Djerassi, David Pinner
ICP , English
Isaac Newton (Lives & Legaci... - Gale E. Christianson

Isaac Newton (Lives & Legaci...Gale E. Christianson

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Quarrelsome and quirky, a disheveled recluse who ate little, slept less, and yet had an iron constitution, Isaac Newton rose from a virtually illiterate family to become one of the towering intellects of science. Now, in this fast-paced, co… more

Isaac Newton (Lives & Legacies (Oxford))
Gale E. Christianson
Oxford University Press , English
What Galileo Saw: Imagining ... - Lawrence Lipking

What Galileo Saw: Imagining ...Lawrence Lipking

The Scientific Revolution of the seventeenth century has often been called a decisive turning point in human history. It represents, for good or ill, the birth of modern science and modern ways of viewing the world. In What Galileo Saw, La… more

What Galileo Saw: Imagining the Scientific Revolution
Lawrence Lipking
Cornell University Press , English
The First Professional Scien... - Robert D. Purrington

The First Professional Scien...Robert D. Purrington

A contemporary of Christopher Wren, Robert Boyle, and Isaac Newton, and close friend of all but Newton, Robert Hooke (1635-1703), one of the founders of the early scientific revolution, faded into almost complete obscurity after his death a… more

The First Professional Scientist: Robert Hooke and the Royal Society of London: 39 (Science Networks. Historical Studies)
Robert D. Purrington
Birkhäuser , English
The Barbers: A Tale Most Cur... - Katherine Pym

The Barbers: A Tale Most Cur...Katherine Pym

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It is London 1663 and science flourishes in a mini-Renaissance. Celia Barber shares her father’s shop; he barbers, and she heals during a time when women are not allowed to practice medicine.

As a licensed barber, Celia longs to visit th… more

The Barbers: A Tale Most Curious and Rare
Katherine Pym
Books We Love Ltd. , English
Christopher Wren - James  Chambers

Christopher WrenJames Chambers

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Sir Christopher Wren was one of the greatest and most versatile Englishmen of his age. Most famous today for the redesign and rebuilding of St Paul’s Cathedral, he was also Professor of Astronomy at Oxford and a founding and active member o… more

Christopher Wren
James Chambers
Thistle Publishing , English
A History of Science, Volume... - M.D., LL.D. Henry Smith Will...

A History of Science, Volume...M.D., LL.D. Henry Smith Will...


A History of Science, Volume II, The Beginnings of Modern Science
M.D., LL.D. Henry Smith Williams, M.D. Edward H. Williams
LittleWhiteEbook.com , English
The Bloodless Boy - Robert J. Lloyd

The Bloodless BoyRobert J. Lloyd

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London, 1678. The blood-drained body of a young boy is discovered in the snow on the bank of the Fleet River. Sir Edmund Bury Godfrey, Justice of the Peace, sets out to investigate this sinister killing with the help of Robert Hooke, Curato… more

The Bloodless Boy
Robert J. Lloyd
Peach Publishing , English
How We Got to Now by Steven ... - Instaread Summaries

How We Got to Now by Steven ...Instaread Summaries

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary of the book and NOT the original book. How We Got to Now by Steven Johnson - A 15-minute SummaryInside this Instaread Summary:• Overview of the entire book• Introduction to the important people in the book• Su… more

How We Got to Now by Steven Johnson - A 15-minute Summary: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World
Instaread Summaries
Instaread Summaries , English
London Rising - Leo Hollis

London RisingLeo Hollis

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By the middle of the seventeenth century, London was on the verge of collapse. Its ancient infrastructure could no longer support its explosive growth; the English Civil War had torn society apart; and in 1665 the capital was struck by a pl… more

London Rising
Leo Hollis
Walker Books , English
Seeing Further: The Story of... - Bill Bryson

Seeing Further: The Story of...Bill Bryson

“Bryson is as amusing as ever….As a celebration of 350 years of modern science, [Seeing Further] it is a worthy tribute.”—The EconomistIn Seeing Further, New York Times bestseller Bill Bryson takes readers on a guided tour through the great… more

Seeing Further: The Story of Science and the Royal Society
Bill Bryson
HarperCollins e-books , English