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How To Be The Wife That Ever... - Sharita Leon

How To Be The Wife That Ever...Sharita Leon

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In a world where wrong is right, and what’s right becomes wrong, especially when it pertains to dating, and marriage; Sharita annihilates the myths and tales the world has tried to make us believe. In “How To Be The Wife That Every Good Ma… more

How To Be The Wife That Every Good Man Wants To Find
Sharita Leon
Sharita Leon , English
Why Men Love Bitches And Not... - Lisa Cherry

Why Men Love Bitches And Not...Lisa Cherry

OVER ONE MILLION WOMEN WONDER WHYBeing nice doesn’t result in long term romance.Bitches always seem to land Mr. Right.Men take them for granted and how to turn the tables in their favor.Their dream guy doesn’t stay interested for very long… more

Why Men Love Bitches And Not You: From Stepsister To His Fantasy - The Smart Woman’s Guide For Success In Your Relationship
Lisa Cherry
Star Crossed - Alisha Watts

Star CrossedAlisha Watts

Skylar has read all about Mr. Right being someone she finds in a mystic moment. Shared glances in a coffee shop or the gentleman that picks her up after she takes a spill at the roller rink. Chris supports her efforts to keep trying to forc… more

Star Crossed
Alisha Watts
How to Fish for a Good Husba... - JAMES A KENNEDY

How to Fish for a Good Husba...JAMES A KENNEDY

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Flirt, heartbreaker, emotionally distant, or just plain asshole. Why do most women end up with guys who are bad for them? This book encapsulates the common scenario of ladies always falling for the wrong men and the need to make them realiz… more

How to Fish for a Good Husband in a Sea of Bad Men - Qualities of a Good Man
Rent - Rick R. Reed

RentRick R. Reed

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On the worst day of his life, Wren Gallagher loses his wallet, his job, and his security. Can a stranger met in a bar deliver on his promises of wealth and meeting Mr. Right?Sex can be a dangerous business. So can love….On the worst day o… more

Rick R. Reed
MLR Press , English
College Days and College Men - Milford Slabaugh

College Days and College MenMilford Slabaugh

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Gay erotic short stories with explicit language. Twenty short stories of gay men during their college days, from the first days of college to the men they find while attending the university. The stories range from sweet and tender to wild … more

College Days and College Men
Milford Slabaugh
Sold Out: How to Divorce Pro... - Olaitan Bright Oyelade

Sold Out: How to Divorce Pro...Olaitan Bright Oyelade

Don’t be a statistic. Sold Out is a new self-help, non-fiction book. Learn time-tested principles to divorce-proof your marriage. Singles, discover how to meet Mr./Mrs. Right.

Sold Out: How to Divorce Proof Your Marriage
Olaitan Bright Oyelade
Trafford Publishing , English
Losing It for Love: TruLove ... - Anonymous

Losing It for Love: TruLove ...Anonymous

Ever convinced yourself that you would probably meet Mr. Right if only you could just get rid of those extra 20 pounds? What about the bump in your nose or the chin you were born with- is that all that’s keeping you from living yourromantic… more

Losing It for Love: TruLove Collection
BroadLit , English
Master and Servant: Part of ... - Tracy Chatham

Master and Servant: Part of ...Tracy Chatham

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Every girl dreams of finding Mr. Right and settling down. In this episode I find a guy who makes me want to change, but it’s not what he’s looking for. It takes some time, it takes some training, but over time I become his personal whore…. more

Master and Servant: Part of A Life Sexual Series
Tracy Chatham
Tracy Chatham , English
The Last of the Good Girls - Mary Ann Woodruff

The Last of the Good GirlsMary Ann Woodruff

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Mary Ann Woodruff’s Last of the Good Girls is the compelling memoir of a child of the 1940s who followed all the rules–until she couldn’t any more. Like many in her generation, she married Mr. Right, kept house, raised her children, joined … more

The Last of the Good Girls
Mary Ann Woodruff
Moon Day Press , English
Girl, Get Your Mind Right: T... - Tionna Tee Smalls

Girl, Get Your Mind Right: T...Tionna Tee Smalls

Tionna Tee Smalls, star of the VH1 reality show What Chilli Wants, brings her straight up relationship expertise and no bull attitude to women everywhere in Girl, Get Your Mind Right—offering tell-it-like-it-is advice your love life has bee… more

Girl, Get Your Mind Right: The Tell-It-Like-It-Is Advice Your Love Life Has Been Missing
Tionna Tee Smalls
William Morrow Paperbacks , English
After You Marry Your Boaz... - Divine Divas

After You Marry Your Boaz...Divine Divas

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Once GOD sends you your Boaz…what’s next? Women wait a lifetime for Mr. Right, or what we call our Boaz; but some fail to realize that the real challenges or journey doesn’t begin until AFTER you say “I Do”. The journey isn’t always easy; … more

After You Marry Your Boaz…
Divine Divas
Savvily Published LLC , English
Why Do I Think I Need YOU - Cynthia Anderson

Why Do I Think I Need YOUCynthia Anderson

This book was composed with much respect to many sources of women who believe that men can or could be the main spectrum in their lives. What the book will identify with is women’s needs and their perceived needs of a man. There are women … more

Why Do I Think I Need YOU
Cynthia Anderson
A Beast in Bed - R.W. Pell

A Beast in BedR.W. Pell

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Sal’s search for Mr. Right has been coming up empty. And while she hasn’t had a shortage of lovers, none of them proved to be someone who can be her partner. Until Josh came along.

They first meet during the summer while Josh was in the mi… more

A Beast in Bed
R.W. Pell
BLVNP Incorporated , English
Daddy's Poker Game - Elaine Shuel

Daddy's Poker GameElaine Shuel

Trish, 22 and a virgin, was saving herself for Mr. Right. She is startled to be woken up by her dad, who adopted her when she was a child, and a black stranger, in her bedroom. Her father played poker and he requests his daughter sleep with… more

Daddy’s Poker Game
Elaine Shuel
A Life Worth Living - Kaydee McDaniel

A Life Worth LivingKaydee McDaniel

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This is a story about a girl who thought that she knew, what was important in her life. She valued herself by what she owned and finding that one Mr. Right. She decided to let go of everything. God quickly reimbursed her with true worth!… more

A Life Worth Living
Kaydee McDaniel
Song in My Heart - Lisa K Cox

Song in My HeartLisa K Cox

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Four adult sisters with an unbreakable bond confront life’s challenges in this heartwarming and uplifting novel.

Trish is turning fifty, and despite a revolving door of men coming and going through the years, she still hasn’t found Mr. Ri… more

Song in My Heart
Lisa K Cox
Lisa K. Cox , English
Deja Vu - Catherine Mallory

Deja VuCatherine Mallory

Natalia has spent the past few years climbing the career ladder and as a result, her love life is non- existent. Her career doesn’t leave much room in her life anything extra. She only seems to have time for love in her dreams. She has foun… more

Deja Vu
Catherine Mallory
His-Love.com - Allyson M. Deese

His-Love.comAllyson M. Deese

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Laisha Bowman, a young woman of God who seems to have it all together, is missing only one thing… a man of God to share it with. Figuring what harm would it do, she logs on to HisLove.com. Laisha’s in for the surprise of her life when she… more

Allyson M. Deese
Bountifully Blessed Woman Publishing , English
A Breath of You (A Short Sto... - Aierlyn McKayle

A Breath of You (A Short Sto...Aierlyn McKayle

I glance out the window to my right. There he is again on the other side of the parking lot -that handsome man who’s not my type. He’s standing next to his motorcycle, smoking a cigarette. I laugh out loud. Now he is definitely NOT my type…. more

A Breath of You (A Short Story Romance)
Aierlyn McKayle
Kaestes Publishing , English