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Growing Pains - Paris Love

Growing PainsParis Love

Growing Pains is a story about best friends searching for true love. Kiki is a naïve young lady who falls madly in love, but all is not as it seems. Myra has planned her entire life right down to the wedding ceremony, yet she struggles with… more

Growing Pains
Paris Love
iUniverse , English
The Modern Man's Guide to Women - Lisa Powell

The Modern Man's Guide to WomenLisa Powell

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I’ve had the good fortune of having many girlfriends who’ve done silly things for men; things that would make the average person cringe. I’ve learned how to understand why my female friends did what they did, and even seen the “professional… more

The Modern Man’s Guide to Women
Lisa Powell
Dickson Publishing Corp. , English
After You Marry Your Boaz...... - Divine Divas

After You Marry Your Boaz......Divine Divas

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Once GOD sends you your Boaz…what’s next? Women wait a lifetime for Mr. Right, or what we call our Boaz; but some fail to realize that the real challenges or journey doesn’t begin until AFTER you say “I Do”. The journey isn’t always easy; … more

After You Marry Your Boaz…: Inspiration for All Women
Divine Divas
Savvily Published LLC , English
Getting Away With It - Ana Pisa

Getting Away With ItAna Pisa

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‘Getting away with It’ is a fictional romance that takes the reader through an overwhelming love story. Genevieve, a beautiful woman looking for “Mr. Right”; falls in love with Marcus who is truly everything she’s ever dreamed of….. and the… more

Getting Away With It
Ana Pisa
From Casual To Committed: Da... - Ray Lemon

From Casual To Committed: Da...Ray Lemon

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Are you ready to finally learn how to easily create a connection that extends beyond physical attraction and sparks an emotional bond so that he loves being with you and ONLY YOU forever?Inside “From Casual To Committed: Dating Advice For W… more

From Casual To Committed: Dating Advice For Women
Ray Lemon
A Beast in Bed - R.W. Pell

A Beast in BedR.W. Pell

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Sal’s search for Mr. Right has been coming up empty. And while she hasn’t had a shortage of lovers, none of them proved to be someone who can be her partner. Until Josh came along.

They first meet during the summer while Josh was in the mi… more

A Beast in Bed
R.W. Pell
BLVNP Incorporated , English
Getting The Man You Want - Ken R.  Roberts

Getting The Man You WantKen R. Roberts

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…A Smart Girls Guide To finding Mr.RightWhat if getting the man you want is not as much about who HE thinks you are, but more importantly it’s about who YOU think you are!This book has amazing insights into finding the secrets to a great … more

Getting The Man You Want
Ken R. Roberts
Elanbank Publishing , English
The Last of the Good Girls - Mary Ann Woodruff

The Last of the Good GirlsMary Ann Woodruff

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Mary Ann Woodruff’s Last of the Good Girls is the compelling memoir of a child of the 1940s who followed all the rules–until she couldn’t any more. Like many in her generation, she married Mr. Right, kept house, raised her children, joined … more

The Last of the Good Girls
Mary Ann Woodruff
Moon Day Press , English
Martians: Stop Kissing Frogs... - Ashima C.L Sharma

Martians: Stop Kissing Frogs...Ashima C.L Sharma

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Do you feel that you always fall for Mr. Wrongs despite the best intentions and efforts on your part? Are you in a relationship with that awesome man who looks too good to be true? And even though he does everything fabulously perfect, tha… more

Martians: Stop Kissing Frogs and find Mr. Right the Right way
Ashima C.L Sharma
More Than A Feeling - Marisa Mackle

More Than A FeelingMarisa Mackle

TEN SHORT STORIES: A warm, funny and diverse collection of ten holiday short stories from the number one bestselling Irish author of Mr Right for the Night. Some are romantic, others are thought-provoking and some are simply laugh-out-loud … more

More Than A Feeling
Marisa Mackle
Why Do I Think I Need YOU (1) - Cynthia Anderson

Why Do I Think I Need YOU (1)Cynthia Anderson

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This book was composed with much respect to many sources of women who believe that men can or could be the main spectrum in their lives. What the book will identify with is women’s needs and their perceived needs of a man. There are women … more

Why Do I Think I Need YOU (1)
Cynthia Anderson
Cynthia Anderson , English
A bit of a giggle - 100 reas... - Ashley Gaynor

A bit of a giggle - 100 reas...Ashley Gaynor

Here are 100 reasons to make you smile. A collection of jokes, one liners and witty comments that you can use on your friends or on dating sites.They are clean jokes, with a trickle of tongue in cheek humour that will only offend the most s… more

A bit of a giggle - 100 reasons to smile
Ashley Gaynor
Mr Ashley Gaynor , English
Deja Vu - Catherine Mallory

Deja VuCatherine Mallory

Natalia has spent the past few years climbing the career ladder and as a result, her love life is non- existent. Her career doesn’t leave much room in her life anything extra. She only seems to have time for love in her dreams. She has foun… more

Deja Vu
Catherine Mallory
His-Love.com - Allyson M. Deese

His-Love.comAllyson M. Deese

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Laisha Bowman, a young woman of God who seems to have it all together, is missing only one thing… a man of God to share it with. Figuring what harm would it do, she logs on to HisLove.com. Laisha’s in for the surprise of her life when she… more

Allyson M. Deese
Bountifully Blessed Woman Publishing , English
Looking for Mr. Right - JL Schneider

Looking for Mr. RightJL Schneider

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The elusive Mr. Right. Many seak but few find. But looking can be half the fun. A Short Story of Adult Humor

Looking for Mr. Right
JL Schneider
JL Schneider , English
How to Find Your First Husba... - Gloria Teague

How to Find Your First Husba...Gloria Teague

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A short story of instructions on how to find that elusive (first) Mr. Right

How to Find Your First Husband (Short stories)
Gloria Teague
Dating: How to Find a Man Wh... - Bernard R. Branson

Dating: How to Find a Man Wh...Bernard R. Branson

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You’ve never read a dating guide like this before. But best of all, it will be the last one you’ll ever need – Denise.

“Where the heck was this book when I was single? It would have saved me years of frustration! I’ll be recommending it t… more

Dating: How to Find a Man Who Loves You, Cares for You, Connects & Understand You & Put Your Needs First
Bernard R. Branson
BookCountry , English
The One That Got Away - Victoria Alexander, Eloisa J...

The One That Got AwayVictoria Alexander, Eloisa J...

In passionate love stories from four of romance’s most prominent authors, meet women who’ve spent years thinking they’ve missed their shot at Mr Right – only to discover that fate is handing them one more chance.to win back the love of the … more

The One That Got Away
Victoria Alexander, Eloisa James, Cathy Maxwell, Liz Carlyle
HarperCollins e-books , English
Divorcees.Biz - Eileen Thornton

Divorcees.BizEileen Thornton

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Despite their different personalities, Connie, Sadie, Jenny, and Lucy have been friends for years.

Frustrated that they may never find ‘Mr Right’, these four, thirty-something, divorced women decide to set up an online dating agency with a… more

Eileen Thornton
Creativia , English
Celebrate: Discovering Joy i... - Women of Faith

Celebrate: Discovering Joy i...Women of Faith

“…Be happy and full of joy, because the Lord has done a wonderful thing.” Joel 2:21 (NCV)What does it take to be happy?We spend so much of our lives waiting to be happy. When I meet Mr. Right … when the kids are grown … when I ret… more

Celebrate: Discovering Joy in Life’s Ordinary Moments (Women of Faith Study Guide Series)
Women of Faith
Thomas Nelson , English