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Revenge in Vein: The Complet... - Jennifer Blackstream

Revenge in Vein: The Complet...Jennifer Blackstream

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BURNED - Aldric’s hunger for revenge on the sun goddess Saule is unequaled. When the Queen of the Unseelie invites him to her court and reveals a naked Saule bound in silver chains, the vampire finally realizes that revenge is a dish best s… more

Revenge in Vein: The Complete Series
Jennifer Blackstream
Skeleton Key Publishing , English
Until the End of Time - Gayle Clayton

Until the End of TimeGayle Clayton

The mysteries of being human tempt the Atlantean queen to choose between the love of her semi-god husband or the Earthzone 3) I had been chasing him throughout time. Unless we resolved our differences we were going to be caught in this eart… more

Until the End of Time
Gayle Clayton
AWS Media LLC , English
The Battle Sylph - L. J. McDonald

The Battle SylphL. J. McDonald

THE BATTLE SYLPHHe is one of many: a creature of magic, unrelentingly male. He is lured through the portal by pure female beauty, a virgin sacrifice. She is killed, and he is silenced and enslaved.Such a dark ritual is necessary. Unlike the… more

The Battle Sylph
L. J. McDonald
Leisure , English
Queen of the Talking Stones - Douglas John  Moore

Queen of the Talking StonesDouglas John Moore

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A reluctant young Queen is called upon to bring her world back into balance.Jaree didn’t choose her blood. She is the sole survivor of a line of kings that have kept the peace for a thousand years. The line is broken and a war breaks out. N… more

Queen of the Talking Stones
Douglas John Moore
Eternal Press (a division of Damnation Books LLC) , English
Wings of Fire Book Three: Th... - Tui T. Sutherland

Wings of Fire Book Three: Th...Tui T. Sutherland

Average wait: 12h

The WINGS OF FIRE saga continues!Deep in the rainforest, danger awaits …The dragonets of destiny aren’t sure what to expect in the RainWing kingdom - Glory hopes to learn more about her family, and since the RainWings aren’t fighting in… more

Wings of Fire Book Three: The Hidden Kingdom
Tui T. Sutherland
Scholastic Press , English
The Ironwood Tree (The Spide... - Holly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi

The Ironwood Tree (The Spide...Holly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi

First a pack of vile, smelly goblins snatch Simon. Then a band of elves try to entrap Jared. Why is the entire faerie world so eager to get their hands on Spiderwick’s Guide? And will the Grace kids be left alone, now that the Guide has mys… more

The Ironwood Tree (The Spiderwick Chronicles)
Holly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers , English
The Tragedy of Korea - Frederick Arthur McKenzie

The Tragedy of KoreaFrederick Arthur McKenzie

Average wait: N/A

The Hermit Kingdom - Queen v Regent - Coming of the Foreigner - Murder of the Queen and more. Illustrated.Originally published 1908.

The Tragedy of Korea
Frederick Arthur McKenzie
Wings of Moonlight [Deadly M... - Scarlet Hyacinth

Wings of Moonlight [Deadly M...Scarlet Hyacinth

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, Interracial, Shape-shifters] Lysander Metsovou is a man on a mission. His mother, the harpy queen, entrusts him with a very important task: kill Kaiden Hearne and eliminate… more

Wings of Moonlight [Deadly Mates 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)
Scarlet Hyacinth
Siren Publishing , English
Quicksilver - John Urbancik

QuicksilverJohn Urbancik

Average wait: N/A

Does your reflection mock you from the other side of the mirror? Is the mirror a portal to another world? Can you ever escape your own reflection? Or will the echoes of something past haunt you forever?Is the mirror your friend or your enem… more

John Urbancik
DarkFluidity , English
The Last Death of the Mutant Queen - JA Howe

The Last Death of the Mutant QueenJA Howe

Average wait: N/A

A noble of the land of the Soul Gardens, and his wife, dare to try and arrest a tyrant - the Queen, who bathes in blood and hacks mutants apart to try and find a cure for her own illness.

The Last Death of the Mutant Queen
JA Howe
Don't Tell Your Father - Con... - Gavin Miller

Don't Tell Your Father - Con...Gavin Miller

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Every year tens of thousands of Australians are faced with the delicate task of telling their family and friends that they are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender. ‘Coming out’ is one of the biggest decisions these people will ever make… more

Don’t Tell Your Father - Conversations About Coming Out
Gavin Miller
Drag Queen (Fiercest Gay Poetry) - German Alcala

Drag Queen (Fiercest Gay Poetry)German Alcala

Poetry of rising from ashes, and being queen even after your kingdom falls apart. This diverse collection of 16 poems focuses on seeing a better future, rebellion, homosexuality, ambitions and dreams. With moments of self-acceptance and sor… more

Drag Queen (Fiercest Gay Poetry)
German Alcala
Defender's Blood Tatiana's W... - A K Michaels

Defender's Blood Tatiana's W...A K Michaels

Average wait: N/A

Urban Fantasy.

Tatiana is in pain. The fairy feels death and destruction emanating from her own realm, the Fairy Realm – a secret kingdom where none can gain entry, which should have been safe. Her only option is to travel there with her m… more

Defender’s Blood Tatiana’s War (An Urban Fantasy)
A K Michaels
Deep Space Probe Volume Two - Shon Richards

Deep Space Probe Volume TwoShon Richards

Average wait: N/A

Vaquel Di is on a twenty year mission to find new worlds and races for her Queen to conquer. Along the way she encounters strange anomalies, weird alien sex and hostility in all shapes and sizes. She is alone in this mission which means she… more

Deep Space Probe Volume Two
Shon Richards
Shon Richards , English
Cleopatra  Volume 05 - Georg Ebers

Cleopatra Volume 05Georg Ebers

Barine had been an hour in the palace. The magnificently furnished room to which she was conducted was directly above the council chamber, and sometimes, in the silence of the night, the voice of the Queen or the loud cheers of men were di… more

Cleopatra Volume 05
Georg Ebers
A Clarice Darling Compendium... - Clarice Darling

A Clarice Darling Compendium...Clarice Darling

The new queen of the femdom cuckold story presents three works of femdom fiction in one accessibly priced volume.First up is “Beloved Husband to Servile Cuckold” and a handsome older husband brought low by his sexually unsatisfied young wif… more

A Clarice Darling Compendium - Volume One
Clarice Darling
FDC Publications , English
Soul (Vampin Book Series #18) - Jamie Ott

Soul (Vampin Book Series #18)Jamie Ott

Average wait: N/A

After sending the kids to the Castel de Negru, Starr reattempts to rescue Meghan from the Queen. Credenza, expecting her long time, trusted friend to betray her, surprises them in the act.Once more, Starr is taken by the Queen, but this tim… more

Soul (Vampin Book Series #18)
Jamie Ott
Shadow Dance (Shadow Saga) - John Harrison

Shadow Dance (Shadow Saga)John Harrison

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A gripping tale of heroism and valorNovelist John Harrison has captured the feeling of adventure in this new novel set in a dark time. A prophecy cast from the dawn of time is coming to be fulfilled in a time when almost all hope of salvati… more

Shadow Dance (Shadow Saga)
John Harrison
John Harrison , English
Submissive in the Suburbs - Richard Dee

Submissive in the SuburbsRichard Dee

Average wait: N/A

For adults only. This is the third book by the author, “The Pampered Black Queen,” “Lady Skyy,” and “Submissive In the Suburbs,” all of which explore the intricacies of relationships involving S&M play between a dominant female partner … more

Submissive in the Suburbs
Richard Dee
Xlibris , English
The Invisible Ring (Black Jewels) - Anne Bishop

The Invisible Ring (Black Jewels)Anne Bishop

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

The Invisible Ring (Black Jewels)
Anne Bishop
Roc , English