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The Stardust Diaries - Janua... - Tarn Swan

The Stardust Diaries - Janua...Tarn Swan

A follow up to ‘Swan Songs’What does 2006 have in store for Tarn and Twinks?Only time and Tarn will tell.January looks set to be a trying month for Tarn. Twinkles isn’t happy about certain things and seems intent on emphasising the ‘cross’ … more

The Stardust Diaries - January to May 2006
Tarn Swan
Chastise-Books , English
Blood On The Wind - Ann Morven

Blood On The WindAnn Morven

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You never know where murder will strike. A brilliant short whodunit first published 1993 in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine as “The clue of the willy-willy”

Blood On The Wind
Ann Morven
Darling Newspaper Press , English
Remember Me - Genella deGrey

Remember MeGenella deGrey

Thrice since the dawn of time their paths have crossed - and he’s not about to lose her now … If he can remember who she is. But will Gemmah and Dacious’s love survive the wrath of a jealous vampire queen and the malicious vengeance of … more

Remember Me
Genella deGrey
Freya’s Bower , English
Dragonborn - Jade Lee

DragonbornJade Lee

ONE PROTECTORWhen dragon power flows through your veins, when dragon thoughts burn in your mind, you can accomplish anything. Natiya knows, for she carries one of the last eggs disguised as a jewel in her navel. Day by day the Unhatched gro… more

Jade Lee
Love Spell , English
Chapter 5: Midnight Hunters - Pandapon Studio

Chapter 5: Midnight HuntersPandapon Studio

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Future looked bad for the Midnight Hunters when three of the group members ended up in jail. Luckily, Castor arrives holding a Queen’s Warrant Card provided by Lord Goldambirth. Now is time to redo the plan, sort out priorities and go hunt … more

Chapter 5: Midnight Hunters
Pandapon Studio
MangaMagazine , English
Death by Chocolate (All's Fa... - Michelle L. Levigne

Death by Chocolate (All's Fa...Michelle L. Levigne

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Fae use dark chocolate as a cure-all, so how did the Queen die of eating too much?Epsi gave her former school chum a boatload (we’re talking Cleopatra’s barge here) of chocolate as a coronation present. Now she’s a prime suspect. Where’s a … more

Death by Chocolate (All’s Fae in Love and Chocolate)
Michelle L. Levigne
Uncial Press , English
Practical Queen Rearing - Frank C Pellett

Practical Queen RearingFrank C Pellett

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Queen bees.Originally published 1918.

Practical Queen Rearing
Frank C Pellett
Miss Mapp, including 'The Ma... - E. F. Benson

Miss Mapp, including 'The Ma...E. F. Benson

Miss MappMiss Mapp, a small-minded, small-town heiress of “a certain age,” leads a full life … of spying on (and attempting to best) her neighbors. A classic comic novel from the author of “Queen Lucia.”“This latest book is clever, as a… more

Miss Mapp, including ‘The Male Impersonator (Lucia Series) (Sunday Classic)
E. F. Benson
Snow White - Philip Gottschalk

Snow WhitePhilip Gottschalk

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Good vs Evil: The Classic Tale, Retold!You know the original story. It’s brilliant but it’s too short. Discover what the Brothers Grimm neglected to mention, in this full-length novel!˃˃˃ Why this book makes perfect bedtime reading:The vill… more

Snow White
Philip Gottschalk
Philip B. Gottschalk , English
A Pilgrimage of Pleasure; Es... - Algernon Charles Swinburne

A Pilgrimage of Pleasure; Es...Algernon Charles Swinburne

A PILGRIMAGE OF PLEASURE1864Pleasure. All children of men, give good heedunto me,That am of my kind very virtue bodily, Turn ye from following of lies and Vain Delight That avaunteth herself there she hath but littleright: Set your hearts u… more

A Pilgrimage of Pleasure; Essays And Studies
Algernon Charles Swinburne
Snow White and Trip - Part 5... - David L Dawson

Snow White and Trip - Part 5...David L Dawson

The fifth and penultimate part of this year’s hottest new romantic fantasy saga!Snow White and Trip have been locked in a cave by the evil witch Lisa. Fearing they might die, the two of them exchange secrets and stories of their pasts. On… more

Snow White and Trip - Part 5 (A paranormal romantic fantasy)
David L Dawson
Ann Stokes #9 - Prom Queen - Ann Stokes

Ann Stokes #9 - Prom QueenAnn Stokes

Ann Stokes Strip Tease #9 – Prom QueenAnn is a 100% natural DD cup, 5’11” tall slender beauty. Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at this unedited collection of photo shoot images.WARNING: Contains full nudity

Ann Stokes #9 - Prom Queen
Ann Stokes
The Magic Feather Co-operative - Philip van Wulven

The Magic Feather Co-operativePhilip van Wulven

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A gypsy and an African witchdoctor join forces to provide Queen Victoria’s stalwart seamen with good luck and anti-hex charms.

The Magic Feather Co-operative
Philip van Wulven
Philip van Wulven , English
Heart Killer - Andy Nowicki

Heart KillerAndy Nowicki

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A heroine with a guilty secret that she finds hard to live with, a brooding anti-hero with an all-consuming passion for elegant revenge on those who made his early life a misery, an immaculate homecoming queen whose life is made torture by … more

Heart Killer
Andy Nowicki
ER Books.com , English
Looking for Mrs. Santa Claus - Margaret Price

Looking for Mrs. Santa ClausMargaret Price

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Looking For Mrs. Santa Claus answers a child’s letter to Santa, “How did you meet your wife?” The story unfolds through Caperton, an enlightened elf, who takes out a radio personal on “Lovin’, Lookin’ or Leavin’ and then sets out to meet th… more

Looking for Mrs. Santa Claus
Margaret Price
AuthorHouse , English
The Eighth Grade Dinner Danc... - Joyce Ann Esposito

The Eighth Grade Dinner Danc...Joyce Ann Esposito

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Nancy and her friends laugh and play pranks as they learn social graces and clash with their competition: Vicky and her stuck-up, phony crew. The Eighth Grade Dinner Dance is the culmination of their journey through junior high school. Who … more

The Eighth Grade Dinner Dance (Adventures of Nancy and friends)
Joyce Ann Esposito
Silver - Katherine Bindi Joy Fisher

SilverKatherine Bindi Joy Fisher

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Bold New Lesbian Fantasy Adventure! She was a hard talking, fast living, rebel, in a world on the brink of catastrophic disaster. She was heir to the Land of Kesh. An intellectual, independent royal, who will one day be queen. Their meeting… more

Katherine Bindi Joy Fisher
A Companion to Wolves (Iskry... - Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette

A Companion to Wolves (Iskry...Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette

A Companion to Wolves is the story of a young nobleman, Isolfr, who is chosen to become a wolfcarl — a warrior who is bonded to a fighting wolf. Isolfr is deeply drawn to the wolves, and though as his father’s heir he can refuse the call, … more

A Companion to Wolves (Iskryne World)
Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette
Tor Books , English
Hope (Book 2, Harvester of L... - S.J. West

Hope (Book 2, Harvester of L...S.J. West

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After finally reaching the Southern Kingdom, Skye soon realizes it isn’t the nirvana she always dreamt it would be. Through a series of events, Skye must face the Queen of the Eastern Kingdom once again and discover for herself what the tr… more

Hope (Book 2, Harvester of Light Trilogy; Young Adult Science Fiction)
S.J. West
Watchers Publishing , English
City of Silver - D. M.  Raver

City of SilverD. M. Raver

Every night Benita dreams. She envisions her home is a beautiful city of clean, silver buildings. She dreams of a queen banished for not sharing the secret of her powers. And when she wakes, nothing she sees matches what she visioned. The c… more

City of Silver
D. M. Raver
Raver Books , English