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Lady Skyy: Weekend Mistress - Richard Dee

Lady Skyy: Weekend MistressRichard Dee

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LADY SKYYFor adults only. The book follows the exploits of a beautiful young woman who discovers and embraces the joys of domination. Skyy had always harbored thoughts that she was no ordinary lady, that she had aristocratic, even royal … more

Lady Skyy: Weekend Mistress
Richard Dee
Xlibris , English
You Bet Your Banshee [The Th... - Danica Avet

You Bet Your Banshee [The Th...Danica Avet

[Siren Allure: Erotic Fantasy Romance, faeries, spanking, HEA] What’s a banshee to do when she’s sentenced to death because of her inability to cry? Move to Earth and become a stripper, of course. For ten years, Magda O’Quinn has lived on E… more

You Bet Your Banshee [The Three Kingdoms 1] (Siren Publishing Allure)
Danica Avet
Siren Publishing , English
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks (Magic) - Glenn Gravatt

Encyclopedia of Card Tricks (Magic)Glenn Gravatt

Have fun mesmorizing your friends and family with over 30 pages of fun, magic card tricks and illusions! These are just a few of the tricks you can learn: The Card and Crystal Ball Cards of Chance Prediction Push Twin Souls The T… more

Encyclopedia of Card Tricks (Magic)
Glenn Gravatt
Tarko The Great , English
Bitter Consequence - Andrew Valentine

Bitter ConsequenceAndrew Valentine

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In a desperate act of survival, Michelle slays a vampire queen, inheriting her power, her people and her progeny. What Michelle can’t know is that her triumph sends violent ripples through the supernatural world.Across town, in a NY night… more

Bitter Consequence
Andrew Valentine
National Writers Press, Inc. , English
Vampire's Waltz - Thomas R. Staab

Vampire's WaltzThomas R. Staab

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A freak earthquake strikes Manhattan. The world writes the event off as a freak of nature, but there are others who know better. The Last Immortal and a lone Werewolf suspect an ancient enemy is responsible. A Vampire Queen whose abiliti… more

Vampire’s Waltz
Thomas R. Staab
Feelied (The Short Fairy Tales) - Jeffrey Arrington

Feelied (The Short Fairy Tales)Jeffrey Arrington

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a fairy and a pixie is? Be curious no more! As we explore at least two aspects of fairy and pixy relations, look into the hearts and minds of fairies and pixies, and the war between them.Be… more

Feelied (The Short Fairy Tales)
Jeffrey Arrington
Practical Queen Rearing - Frank C Pellett

Practical Queen RearingFrank C Pellett

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Queen bees.Originally published 1918.

Practical Queen Rearing
Frank C Pellett
The Tier of Eternal Grace: T... - Elizabeth Tania, Tania Elizabeth

The Tier of Eternal Grace: T...Elizabeth Tania, Tania Elizabeth

She lives of Heart through Battles of Mind”I have existed always! Where I began I do not know, for all I know is just as I am today!”As Queen of Eterna Fadas, Tatiana was thought to have lived a life of opulence, her faith and beliefs her e… more

The Tier of Eternal Grace: The Moon Clearing
Elizabeth Tania, Tania Elizabeth
Tania Elizabeth Tsang , English
The Snow Queen - Jo Brodie

The Snow QueenJo Brodie

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In one of the worst winters for a quarter of a century the Snow Queen arrives on earth, and walks through her kingdom. A story of the Sun’s love for the Snow Queen, the cycle of the seasons and the magic of life.

The Snow Queen
Jo Brodie
Jo Brodie , English
Secret Memoirs The Story of Louise - Henry W. Fischer

Secret Memoirs The Story of LouiseHenry W. Fischer

Of Memoirs that are truly faithful records of royal lives, we have a few; the late Queen Victoria led the small number of crowned autobiographists only to discourage the reading of self-satisfied royal ego-portrayals forever, but in the Sto… more

Secret Memoirs The Story of Louise
Henry W. Fischer


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QUEEN OF THE DANCE The story of a young man picked up by a lady…and becomes the dress up toy for her and her friends. Can he escape? Many new illustrations and new scenes. Many illustrations. 84 pages. EMPATHY FICTION CLASSICS #1

Sandy Thomas
Sandy Thomas Advertising , English
Boris: The Eight Legged Mann... - Dave Diggle

Boris: The Eight Legged Mann...Dave Diggle

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Boris the pink-toed tarantula is both excited and puzzled. Invited to meet the Queen for tea in recognition of his wonderful work within the jungle community, he is confused by the request to bring manners.

Not too sure where he could get … more

Boris: The Eight Legged Manners Maestro
Dave Diggle
Diggle de Doo Productions , English
The Queen and The Half-Breed... - Wolfe Christopher

The Queen and The Half-Breed...Wolfe Christopher

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The Queen Of Hearts: Reflections and Half-Breed are re-rekleased as a two story volume by Wolfe Christopher and the 6 Cast Nation of Writers.

The Queen and The Half-Breed: Season One Collection: A Short Burst Theater Experiment
Wolfe Christopher
Seven Dwarf Stories - Michelle Anderson Picarella,...

Seven Dwarf StoriesMichelle Anderson Picarella,...

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Fairy tales leave the darkest parts untold. Seven Dwarf Stories is a collection of short stories detailing the gritty and brutal lives of each dwarf before living together and the famous diamond mine, This adult collection of our favorite f… more

Seven Dwarf Stories
Michelle Anderson Picarella, A. T. Russell, Kat Daughtry, Michelle Horst, Everett Powers, Dawn Jayne, Quincy Allen
7DS Books , English
Chapter 5: Midnight Hunters - Pandapon Studio

Chapter 5: Midnight HuntersPandapon Studio

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Future looked bad for the Midnight Hunters when three of the group members ended up in jail. Luckily, Castor arrives holding a Queen’s Warrant Card provided by Lord Goldambirth. Now is time to redo the plan, sort out priorities and go hunt … more

Chapter 5: Midnight Hunters
Pandapon Studio
MangaMagazine , English
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll

Alice's Adventures in WonderlandLewis Carroll

This beloved classic describes a little girl’s adventures in a topsy-turvy land underground and her encounters with such improbable characters as the White Rabbit, March Hare and Mad Hatter; the sleepy Dormouse; grinning Cheshire Cat; Mock … more

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Lewis Carroll
Start Publishing LLC , English
The Tempo (Elemental Symphon... - Lakisha Spletzer

The Tempo (Elemental Symphon...Lakisha Spletzer

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Water * Fire * Air * Earth

Earth: Keeper of life Water: Keeper of dreams Fire: Keeper of heart’s passion Air: Keeper of life’s breath

Water * Fire * Air * Earth

Four girls. Four Elements. Four destinies.

Can they work together to save t… more

The Tempo (Elemental Symphony #1) (The Elemental Symphony)
Lakisha Spletzer
THE QUEEN'S PROMISE: An Illu... - Charity Amor

THE QUEEN'S PROMISE: An Illu...Charity Amor

Many years ago in a kingdom far, far away, a beautiful Queen prayed for many years that she would be blessed with a child.Growing desperate, the Queen wandered deep into the forest until she reached the shack deep within the forest where it… more

THE QUEEN’S PROMISE: An Illustrated Fairy Tale For Young Readers
Charity Amor
Amy and the Unicorn - Mark Stephens

Amy and the UnicornMark Stephens

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Amy loves playing with her unicorn and roaming through the land that makes her happy. She is even more ecstatic when the Queen of the fairies wishes an audience with her. She roams the counrtyside with Benny, her unicorn, and her fairy frie… more

Amy and the Unicorn
Mark Stephens
Ephraim Legends - Michael Lawrence

Ephraim LegendsMichael Lawrence

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Luke enlists in the military with the hopes of making enough money to leave his life in the Sullies behind and start anew. His dream is interrupted when Damocles attacks in retaliation to the brutal murder of their queen. As he readies hims… more

Ephraim Legends
Michael Lawrence