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Nibiru Vampire Warriors - Ch... - D.J. Manly, A.J. Llewellyn

Nibiru Vampire Warriors - Ch...D.J. Manly, A.J. Llewellyn

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Chapter two in the Blood Slave: Nibiru Vampire Warriors SeriesZero finds being Stride’s Blood Slave creates havoc for them both. They need each other for survival, but now Zero must also cope with his deepening love for the seemingly imperv… more

Nibiru Vampire Warriors - Chp. Two (Blood Slave)
D.J. Manly, A.J. Llewellyn
Total-E-Bound Publishing , English
Olivia and the Royal Seal (O... - Anita Wolfe

Olivia and the Royal Seal (O...Anita Wolfe

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Olivia now queen of all her land is placed in a difficult position when she must find a new home for orphans after a terrible disaster.

Olivia and the Royal Seal (Olivia Series Book 3)
Anita Wolfe
Anita Wolfe , English
Age of Druids (Caledonia Fae) - India Drummond

Age of Druids (Caledonia Fae)India Drummond

Average wait: N/A

Imprisoned by the demons of The Bleak, two lost druids fight to survive while Munro pushes himself to the brink to find them. In his search, he discovers a mysterious gate even the oldest and wisest of the Otherworld fear.

The Halls of Mis… more

Age of Druids (Caledonia Fae)
India Drummond
Got God? Book One - Angela Hunt

Got God? Book OneAngela Hunt

Average wait: 1d, 6h

In a world of flawed heroes, crooked politicians, and people who lie as naturally as they breathe, who can you trust? Who do you trust? You may not be sure if God exists or if Jesus was a real person. You may be confused about a lot of stuf… more

Got God? Book One
Angela Hunt
HuntHaven Press , English
The Pregnant Deal (Fertile B... - Lexxi Fetish

The Pregnant Deal (Fertile B...Lexxi Fetish

Average wait: N/A

Fiona is skeptical when her friend calls her up with some news: the hot guy from the office has a kink … and he’s willing to pay her a massive amount of money if she’ll help him. When he tells her that kink is to breed her, she’s even more… more

The Pregnant Deal (Fertile Baby Making Impregnation Erotica)
Lexxi Fetish
Black Dragon 4 - paTTTy

Black Dragon 4paTTTy

Since mankind has subjugated dragons, men struggle for power by using dragons. Sora learned, that dragons are treated like slaves. Together with the dragon Ryuko he now fights for the freedom of all dragons. But the queen won’t let that hap… more

Black Dragon 4
Reawakening Saga Omnibus - D.W. Jackson

Reawakening Saga OmnibusD.W. Jackson

Average wait: N/A

Born in a world where men are seen as second class Thad has been trained to be an upper class slave his entire life. When the queen buys him at auction he doesn’t know if he should be happy or not. When the chance arises for his freedom he … more

Reawakening Saga Omnibus
D.W. Jackson
Sympathy for the Devil (The ... - Shyla Colt

Sympathy for the Devil (The ...Shyla Colt

Heavenleigh is stunned to find out Daddy Dearest is no other than Lucifer. If her mother can keep this under lock and key for sixty years, what else is she hiding in her closet? Reeling from the reveal her lift continues to spiral out of co… more

Sympathy for the Devil (The Purgatory Series)
Shyla Colt
Inspired Ink , English
The Consort - A Vampire Roma... - ZB Burroughs

The Consort - A Vampire Roma...ZB Burroughs

Average wait: N/A

Since her birth in Babylon, Ni Tauthe has followed a long road from light into darkness and risen to be Queen of a city in the New World. Through centuries of change one constant has been at her side- her consort, Emilio. Through an unexp… more

The Consort - A Vampire Romance Novella
ZB Burroughs
Lord High Incubus - Cherie Denis

Lord High IncubusCherie Denis

Average wait: N/A

How Rex missed Carlotta. He had no business falling in love with her, but he had, and letting her go had nearly broken his heart. From the day she earned her wings and left him, every kiss he had given a woman, every woman he fucked and suc… more

Lord High Incubus
Cherie Denis
Secret Cravings Publishing , English
Unknown to History - Charlotte M. Yonge

Unknown to HistoryCharlotte M. Yonge

If circumstances regarding the Queen’s captivity and Babington’s plot have been found to be omitted, as well as many interesting personages in the suite of the captive Queen, it must be remembered that the art of the story-teller makes it n… more

Unknown to History
Charlotte M. Yonge
The Seventh Sacrifice - Amy Richie

The Seventh SacrificeAmy Richie

Average wait: N/A

Zemenckia has always known that she was born to die. Not just to die though, to die as a sacrifice to save her people from the evil queen. It’s what she was made for. Things take an unexpected turn though while she is being led to the sacri… more

The Seventh Sacrifice
Amy Richie
How To Raise Honey Bees: Get... - Cameron Wolf

How To Raise Honey Bees: Get...Cameron Wolf

Average wait: N/A

Are you looking to start raising honeybees as a hobby?If you are, then “How To Raise Honey Bees” is the book for you.You will learn how to start beekeeping, but you will also learn:- How to get bees if you want to start beekeeping- The bene… more

How To Raise Honey Bees: Getting Started In Beekeeping
Cameron Wolf
Taking Persephone, Underworl... - Kendra Marshall

Taking Persephone, Underworl...Kendra Marshall

Average wait: N/A

He’s waited an eternity to make her his, to fulfill the prophecy and make her his queen. When Persephone Richardson was a little girl, she saw the man in the shadows. Her mother panicked and forced them into hiding. Now, years later, Per… more

Taking Persephone, Underworld Prophecies Book Two
Kendra Marshall
Kendra Marshall , English
Blood and Redemption (Cassan... - Electa Graham

Blood and Redemption (Cassan...Electa Graham

Average wait: N/A

The Dark Queen has escaped her prison and Cassandra was the one who opened the door. Now Cass wants nothing more than to be the one to kill her. Quintus, Lucius and Na’min all promise to help, but she knows it will come down to her to do th… more

Blood and Redemption (Cassandra Myles Witch Series Book 2)
Electa Graham
Black Dragon 3 - paTTTy

Black Dragon 3paTTTy

Average wait: N/A

Since mankind has subjugated dragons, men struggle for power by using dragons. Sora learned, that dragons are treated like slaves. Together with the dragon Ryuko he now fights for the freedom of all dragons. But the queen won’t let that hap… more

Black Dragon 3
Chloe's Revenge (The Mind Co... - Eve Rivers

Chloe's Revenge (The Mind Co...Eve Rivers

Average wait: N/A

Chloe’s Revenge is the first installment of The Mind Control Leash series. It tells the story of Chloe, a college student who has recently gone from being the biggest fish in a tiny pond to an object of ridicule and disgust. No one is impre… more

Chloe’s Revenge (The Mind Control Leash)
Eve Rivers
Eve Rivers Erotica , English
Sun, Sea & Spanking (The Ple... - Kayla O'Neill

Sun, Sea & Spanking (The Ple...Kayla O'Neill

Clarissa is on holiday with her friends. She’s determined to soak up some sun and spend her days relaxing at the beach (partly to work on her tan, and partly because she has an unusual fear: the sea!)

She’s determined not to let her friend… more

Sun, Sea & Spanking (The Pleasures Of The Flesh Book 4)
Kayla O’Neill
Honey Pot Productions , English
Queen of Dragons - Cheryl Voigt

Queen of DragonsCheryl Voigt

Average wait: N/A

There is a girl, she is small and helpless. She lives with her dirt poor family along the Roman north. Abused, pushed around, and taken advantage of, she decides enough is enough. Magic should exist somewhere in the world, somewhere for her… more

Queen of Dragons
Cheryl Voigt
Snow White: An Erotic Fairyt... - Sandy Stroker

Snow White: An Erotic Fairyt...Sandy Stroker

Average wait: N/A

Snow White and her sister Rose Red are hiding from the wicked queen who has sent a huntsman to have them killed. A spin on the classic Grimm Fairytale, Snow White: A Erotic Fairytale is a tantalizing tale of two young sisters who escape int… more

Snow White: An Erotic Fairytale (Erotic Fairytales Book 2)
Sandy Stroker