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Mom Strikes Back - Aimee Seoul

Mom Strikes BackAimee Seoul

Jessica caught her husband with some young blonde bimbo and she was pissed. But when she returned home and found her stepson home from college she figured it was better the get even than get mad. If he husband could get his, so could she an… more

Mom Strikes Back
Aimee Seoul
Red Heels Press , English
Daddy Sex Stories Vol. 1 - Harper Thrush

Daddy Sex Stories Vol. 1Harper Thrush

Three of Harper Thrush’s hottest pseudo-incest stories right at your fingertips… Mature readers only!Daddy Forces Her To Fuck - Sadie’s turning eighteen today! Her stepfather has been waiting for years to feel her soft, lithe teenage body… more

Daddy Sex Stories Vol. 1
Harper Thrush
Lactating Step Daughter - An... - Angel Wild

Lactating Step Daughter - An...Angel Wild

Young Mallory has more breast milk than she can handle. Her heavy breasts are in need of a tender but thorough sucking, and when she catches her stepfather staring at her overflowing tits, she makes him an offer that he can’t refuse.Warning… more

Lactating Step Daughter - An Erotic Story (Creamy Pleasures #1)
Angel Wild
Naughty by Nature , English
The Toasters Handbook - Sele... - Frank Norman

The Toasters Handbook - Sele...Frank Norman

PREFACE Nothing so frightens a man as the announcement that he is expected to respond to a toast on some appallingly near-by occasion. All ideas he may ever have had on the subject melt away and like a drowning man he clutches furiously at … more

The Toasters Handbook - Selected Jokes,Stories, and Quotations
Frank Norman
Norman Publishing , English
24 TRUTHS You Need To Know A... - Carroll Zahorsky M.D.

24 TRUTHS You Need To Know A...Carroll Zahorsky M.D.

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24 Truths You Need To Know About Success Possibilities” shares and teaches ways of thinking, choice making, and doing that can be used to run the race of life so that at any point in the race, a person will be positioned to come to the fin… more

24 TRUTHS You Need To Know About SUCCESS POSSIBILITIES - Book Seven (The Spirit Of Winning)
Carroll Zahorsky M.D.
Uncle And Auntie Pseudo Incest - Estella Rader, Gabrielli Mag...

Uncle And Auntie Pseudo IncestEstella Rader, Gabrielli Mag...

Uncle And Auntie Pseudo IncestThis eBook contains a series of tales covering the taboo subject of SEX between:- UNCLES and NIECES- AUNTIES and NEPHEWS Pleasuring Auntie Grace Scream For Uncle Uncle Licks My Clit

Uncle And Auntie Pseudo Incest
Estella Rader, Gabrielli Maguire, Fanny Lincoln
Seducing My Son (Keep It In ... - Kaylee Fox

Seducing My Son (Keep It In ...Kaylee Fox

Shelly is a frustrated woman that needs to be fucked. A distant husband and a drawer full of toys are not enough to satisfy her. One day, her son leaves her a gift. A gift that ignites her sexual desire. She has to fuck him. She just needs … more

Seducing My Son (Keep It In The Family)
Kaylee Fox
So Many Boys: A Naughty List Novel - Suzanne Young

So Many Boys: A Naughty List NovelSuzanne Young

After her center-court split with Aiden, Tessa put the SOS behind her. After all, cheaters never prosper! Now she?s busy working on her faux-relationship with Aiden and negotiating the unfamiliar waters of ?technically single and pseudo-dat… more

So Many Boys: A Naughty List Novel
Suzanne Young
Razorbill , English


CONTENTSPREFACEON THE POSSESSION OF A SENSE OF HUMORTOASTERS, TOASTMASTERS AND TOASTSTOASTER’S HANDBOOKINDEX---------------------------PREFACENothing so frightens a man as the announcement that he is expected torespond to a toast on some a… more

How to Rent a Negro - damali ayo

How to Rent a Negrodamali ayo

A hilarious and satirical look at race relations that is almost too close for comfort, this pseudo-guidebook gives both renters and rentals “much-needed” advice and tips on technique. Reframing actual stories, techniques, requests, and resp… more

How to Rent a Negro
damali ayo
Lawrence Hill Books , English
Role Play : Taboo With You K... - Marie Shore

Role Play : Taboo With You K...Marie Shore

Enjoy this hot steamy fun daddy short story fantasy. Couple role play at its best!Note — This is husband and wife role play. It is not an incest or pseudo incest short story. There is no underage involvement nor is such implied. It is sole… more

Role Play : Taboo With You Know Who #3
Marie Shore
Pseudo Incest, Sex, Handcuff... - Bettina Long, Zoe Quinnox, A...

Pseudo Incest, Sex, Handcuff...Bettina Long, Zoe Quinnox, A...

Pseudo Incest, Sex, Handcuffs, And Dildos In Strange PlacesThis eBook contains a series of tales covering the taboo subject of sex between a father and his daughter, amongst others. Dad And Daughter Get Intimate With Each Other Sex, Handcuf… more

Pseudo Incest, Sex, Handcuffs, And Dildos In Strange Places
Bettina Long, Zoe Quinnox, Amber Brown
My Stepmom's Secret - An Ero... - Jade K. Scott

My Stepmom's Secret - An Ero...Jade K. Scott

Katie’s stepmother has a secret – she’s always been bisexual, but she’s never acted on her desires. Now, her passion has reached a boiling point… for her pretty little stepdaughter who is, unbeknownst to her, still a virgin. Will Katie succ… more

My Stepmom’s Secret - An Erotic Story (The Family Way)
Jade K. Scott
Daddy Loves His Daughter - A... - Keira Goody, Josephine Huhne...

Daddy Loves His Daughter - A...Keira Goody, Josephine Huhne...

Daddy Loves His Daughter – A Pseudo Incest SeriesThis eBook contains a series of tales covering the taboo subject of sex between a father and his daugther.Daddy’s Fingers Are Inside My PussyDaddy Santa Claus Penetrates My PussyGive Me Head!… more

Daddy Loves His Daughter - A Pseudo Incest Series
Keira Goody, Josephine Huhne, Hilda Warner
Daddy, I'm Home - Lilith Kinke

Daddy, I'm HomeLilith Kinke

A young soldier returns home to stay with his step-dad for the night. He’s excited to be back, but very horny, and it hasn’t escaped his step-dad’s notice. It’s been so long! Warning! This 3000 word story contains pseudo-incest and super ho… more

Daddy, I’m Home
Lilith Kinke


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Dissertation Exposing An Elaborate 1928 Fraud And Pervasive Impacts On Modern Medicine & DentistryAn exposition of an elaborate 1928 distortion of key research data published in JAMA 13 years earlier; how it helped establish modern dentistr… more

S. Hale Shakman
InstituteOfScience.com and Createspace.com , English
Milking Mommy - Charlotte Mistry

Milking MommyCharlotte Mistry

When Jared comes home from college for the summer, he’s not sure if his stepmother will have any time for him- but when she senses that he needs a little babying, all bets are off. Can he deal with his newfound attraction to his stepmother,… more

Milking Mommy
Charlotte Mistry
On Freud's "Beyond the Pleas... - Salman Akhtar

On Freud's "Beyond the Pleas...Salman Akhtar

Freud’s “Beyond the Pleasure Principle” constitutes a major landmark and a real turning point in the evolution of psychoanalytic theory. Pushing aside the primacy of the tension-discharge-gratification model of mental dynamics, this work in… more

On Freud’s “Beyond the Pleasure Principle” (The International Psychoanalytical Association Contemporary Freud: Turning Points and Critical Issues Series)
Salman Akhtar
Karnac Books , English
Water Park Fun (A Salacious ... - Amanda Charvi

Water Park Fun (A Salacious ...Amanda Charvi

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A day at the water park ends with everyone wet when things get wild and lines are crossed.

Water Park Fun is a 5500 word taboo erotica short.

This story is told using the perspective of two characters. Therefore, this a DP (double persp… more

Water Park Fun (A Salacious Erotica Short)
Amanda Charvi
Amanda Charvi , English
Sailing With Daddy - Casey Bagnell

Sailing With DaddyCasey Bagnell

Mandi was looking forward to getting some sun on the deck half naked when her step daddy tells her she needs to behave and act decent in front of him. After she catches him down below jacking off, she decides to turn the tables by blackmail… more

Sailing With Daddy
Casey Bagnell