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Bred For Extra Credit (A Rel...Natalia Darque

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Brianna, a naïve and inexperienced 18-year-old, finds herself in a dilemma in her second semester of college.About to receive a failing grade in one of her classes, she knows that she awaits certain punishment at the hands of the parents wh… more

Bred For Extra Credit (A Reluctant Virgin Breeding Tale) (The Reluctant Virgins)
Natalia Darque
Darque of Night Publishing , English

Talking Dirty: 3 "Sex in Public"Lexi Maxxwell

Talking Dirty: 3 “Sex in Public”Autumn’s never had sex in public before, but Chris knows how to push her. After a cock rocking, cum everywhere, sloppy slurpy dick swallow, Autumn leaves her fuck buddy to go clubbing for her friend’s 21st bi… more

Talking Dirty: 3 “Sex in Public”
Lexi Maxxwell

The Age of Pope 17001744John Dennis

The Age of Pope is designed to form one of a series of Handbooks, edited by Professor Hales, which it is hoped will be of service to students who love literature for its own sake, instead of regarding it merely as a branch of knowledge r… more

The Age of Pope 17001744
John Dennis

Margie and the School of Har...Margie Gerow

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There are many twists and turns in Level Two as the children”s backgrounds begin to emerge. A new professor joins the staff. Everything you wanted to know about Catholicism as a child but were never allowed to ask, is told.

Margie and the School of Hard Knocks
Margie Gerow
AuthorHouse , English

FairylandFox McBride

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An American Professor sets out on a mission to prove the existence of small humanoid creatures which inhabit a lost island. He plunges into a subterranean paradise which is filled with many bizarre creatures and unidentified species. He enc… more

Fox McBride

The Professor Is InAnna Leigh Keaton

Every marriage needs a little spice in it. Barbara decides her hubby, a professor at the local college, needs a birthday surprise he’ll never forget.When Barbie shows up and pushes her way into his office and then his pants, trying to convi… more

The Professor Is In
Anna Leigh Keaton
Cobblestone Press , English


SEX WITH MY FRENCH PROFESSORStory about a young girl that falls in love with her French professor. She cannot help herself but think about him making love to her even though she hates herself for thinking this way. After few French lessons,… more


A Bird on the Wing: Zen Anec...Osho

Eleven classic anecdotes provide starting points to demonstrate the relevance of Zen to every aspect of 21st-century life. From the professor so full of his own ideas that he has no room for any new learning, to the monastery cook who solve… more

A Bird on the Wing: Zen Anecdotes for Everyday Life (OSHO Classics)
Osho Media International , English

Facing DestinySelene St. Claire

Dustin is your average, geeky college freshman who can’t meet girls to save his life. Except now, he’s found a spellbook that once belonged to a professor who mysteriously disappeared. Now, Dustin, and his best bud and fellow nerd, Josh, … more

Facing Destiny
Selene St. Claire

ZaxxonRichard M Clements

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Description The Necronomicon - fabled book of the Black Arts, lost in antiquity and supposedly bound in human skin - the legend promises absolute power to the finder, but at a price that some are only too willing to pay, a price just as dan… more

Richard M Clements
Chipmunka Publishing Ltd , English

Sinister SistersRichard Russell

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Third in the Series following The occult detectives of “The Colleagues of Professor Van Helsing” and THe villains of the “Friends of Fu Manchu,” Sinister Sisters covers female vampires. Too often in the shadows of the guys, the distaff side… more

Sinister Sisters
Richard Russell
Sangraal, Inc. , English

Fucking Teacher for an "A"J.M. Christopher

1 rating
Average wait: 11h

Samantha is a model student, but when she is suspected of cheating on an exam, she must prove to her professor that she wasn’t. The professor needs a lot of convincing and Samantha, though infatuated with him, isn’t sure if she is willing t… more

Fucking Teacher for an “A”
J.M. Christopher
E-Spice Productions , English

Margie and the School of Har...Margie Gerow

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There are many twists and turns in Level Two as the children”s backgrounds begin to emerge. A new professor joins the staff. Everything you wanted to know about Catholicism as a child but were never allowed to ask, is told.

Margie and the School of Hard Knocks: Level Two
Margie Gerow
AuthorHouse , English

The Giant Man - a screenplayK e i t h P l a n i t

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The story: When a brilliant Professor’s 65-foot-tall experimental man goes awry — by wanting to be human, falling in love, & having a better relationship with the Prof’s daughters — then runs away, the professor must track him down and ei… more

The Giant Man - a screenplay
K e i t h P l a n i t

Chasing SunrisePamela Burns

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Annie and her three young children are caught in an anomaly of space and transported into a dangerous and unfamilar time and place. The kingdom is called Roah and the laws of a society assuring their safety carry threats as well. Things a… more

Chasing Sunrise
Pamela Burns
Pam Burns , English

The Professor and The StrangerPeter Johnson

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What happens when a literature professor takes up with a strange woman who confesses to be his biggest fan? Perfection, of course.

A short erotic story of fireworks.

The Professor and The Stranger
Peter Johnson

Tied Down and Taken: Five Ve...Allysin Range

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Here are five stories of very rough sex from bestselling erotica author Allysin Range. These women don’t have an easy time of it, and they’re all restrained. Only Allysin Range can write this kind of intense erotica!1. Tied Up by the Prof… more

Tied Down and Taken: Five Very Rough Bondage Erotica Stories
Allysin Range
BJ Hardcore Erotica Press , English

The Wonder Island Boys Treas...Roger Thompson Finlay

The doleful sound. The Alma Perdita. Cry of the Lost Soul. John, Uraso and Muro listening to the signals of the enemies. The night watch. Stalking. The answering cry. The Konotos. Sacrificial feasts. The dark of the moon. Its significance…. more

The Wonder Island Boys Treasures of the Island
Roger Thompson Finlay

The Co-Ed (Student Teacher Erotica)Dawn McDermott

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Susan has no interest in her anthropology class, until she realizes the object of her interest is the professor. But even with careful planning, she can’t seem to get his attention. Or does she? When Professor Stephens expresses his desire … more

The Co-Ed (Student Teacher Erotica)
Dawn McDermott
Dawn McDermott , English

Ask Me Anything 2: More Prov...J. Budziszewski

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College students have real questions about real-life issues. Professor Theophilus offers answers in a completely fresh way from a Christian standpoint. Sixteen dialogues about college life for Christians cover topics such as faith and reaso… more

Ask Me Anything 2: More Provocative Answers for College Students (TH1NK)
J. Budziszewski
NavPress , English