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Fucking Teacher for an "A" - J.M. Christopher

Fucking Teacher for an "A"J.M. Christopher

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Samantha is a model student, but when she is suspected of cheating on an exam, she must prove to her professor that she wasn’t. The professor needs a lot of convincing and Samantha, though infatuated with him, isn’t sure if she is willing t… more

Fucking Teacher for an “A”
J.M. Christopher
E-Spice Productions , English
Queen Sheba's Ring - Haggard... - Henry Rider, 1856-1925 Haggard

Queen Sheba's Ring - Haggard...Henry Rider, 1856-1925 Haggard

Excerpt from the book…THE COMING OF THE RINGEvery one has read the monograph, I believe that is the right word,of my dear friend, Professor Higgs—Ptolemy Higgs to give him his fullname—descriptive of the tableland of Mur in North Centra… more

Queen Sheba’s Ring - Haggard, Henry Rider, 1856-1925
Henry Rider, 1856-1925 Haggard
Getting the Grade, Railing M... - Jaime E Johnson

Getting the Grade, Railing M...Jaime E Johnson

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Adults 18+ only: This work contains mature M/F sexual scenes. This is fiction erotica featuring non-related, consenting characters 18 years of age and older.


I was in my first year of college and really having a hard time in my … more

Getting the Grade, Railing My Professor
Jaime E Johnson
Homeschool Book - Become a H... -

Homeschool Book - Become a H...

Give Your Child The Education They Deserve Right From Your Home, Teach Them More Than High Paying Private Schools Do”Learn How To Teach Your Home Schooled Child All Of The Basics As Well A How To Excel In All Areas Of Learning. My book, “P… more

Homeschool Book - Become a Homeschool Professor - Homeschool Your Child
The Chemistry Project - Starr Jacobs

The Chemistry ProjectStarr Jacobs

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When Abby learns of her new Sociology project, she doesn’t know what she wants to do it on. However, after seeing her professor in a compromising position, she decides it is best to do it on what she knows best. Everything is in motion an… more

The Chemistry Project
Starr Jacobs
On Becoming a SUPER Student - Gilbert NMO-Morris

On Becoming a SUPER StudentGilbert NMO-Morris

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On Becoming a SUPER Student is a guide for students entering university and those already at university. The author - Professor Gilbert NMO Morris - shares his techniques for learning. However, beneath that objective, with charming humor, h… more

On Becoming a SUPER Student
Gilbert NMO-Morris
The Christmas Mitzvah - Doug  Allyn

The Christmas MitzvahDoug Allyn

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On a holiday visit to his wife’s picture postcard hometown, an English professor learns that meeting your in-laws can be deadly.

The Christmas Mitzvah
Doug Allyn
New Word City, Inc. , English
The Specter at Wellow Brook ... - Christopher Tracy

The Specter at Wellow Brook ...Christopher Tracy

Professor Winters is on his first case, trying to protect an aristocratic family from a horrific apparition, but all is not as it seems…

The Specter at Wellow Brook (The Professor Winters Mysteries Book 1)
Christopher Tracy
Sigma Phi Kappa Press , English
Helping the Boss: Story 5 of... - Arla Coopa

Helping the Boss: Story 5 of...Arla Coopa

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Kim has just messed around with the crazy English professor and finished up her third book. But when the boss shows up in her room, she realizes playtime has only just begun. And oh the things she’ll do for her boss.

Helping the Boss: Story 5 of the Kim’s Boss Series
Arla Coopa
birth of man - chris bouter

birth of manchris bouter

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This essay was written as part of my BAH education in the year 1982 in the course ‘Ancient History’.It is a semi-scientific sermon against Darwinism. My professor still gave me an A, but chided me for writing a sermon instead of a scientifi… more

birth of man
chris bouter
chris bouter , English
Private Lesson - Ruby Glenn

Private LessonRuby Glenn

Kayla was having difficulty with her junior year biology course in college. When her step-father becomes her professor, he offers some extra help and incentive for learning the material.

Private Lesson
Ruby Glenn
Training Catherine (Teacher-... - Penelope Wilson

Training Catherine (Teacher-...Penelope Wilson

When Catherine came into my office after her disastrous midterm grade, I was expecting her to beg, plead, or threaten me for a better grade. The last thing I expected was a clumsy, inexperienced seduction attempt that fell flat on it’s face… more

Training Catherine (Teacher-Student Submissive Dubcon)
Penelope Wilson
Sex with my English Professor - Alexia Engle

Sex with my English ProfessorAlexia Engle

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I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I pulled out the best tricks I had. I wore almost nothing to class, and throughout the lecture I flashed my warm mound for my English professor. After class he tries to reprimand me, but it quickly turns into… more

Sex with my English Professor
Alexia Engle
Breed Me, Professor - Pamela Clarke

Breed Me, ProfessorPamela Clarke

ALL ROMANCE E-BOOKS BESTSELLERI want a man who likes to ride bareback. I want a man who wants to shoot his seed into me and make me a baby. I want a man who will fuck me three times a day when my belly is hard and tight and my tits are heav… more

Breed Me, Professor
Pamela Clarke
To Punish the Student (Beyon... - Lord Koga

To Punish the Student (Beyon...Lord Koga

punishing students in the 50’s required a stiff wooden paddle… seem the only things that have changed since then is the enjoyment.

To Punish the Student (Beyond their Control: The Virgin Chronicles Book 3)
Lord Koga
Veenstra Publishing , English
Salute the Word - Professor M.R. Ali

Salute the WordProfessor M.R. Ali

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Salute the Word is the fourth collection of poetry from Professor M.R Ali. The poems included in this collection are influenced by the diversity and richness of language as the author injects English ideas with an Arabic perspective.

Salu… more

Salute the Word
Professor M.R. Ali
Matador , English
Bedridden Honeymoon: A Novelette - Brandon Meyers, Bryan Pedas

Bedridden Honeymoon: A NoveletteBrandon Meyers, Bryan Pedas

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In Bedridden Honeymoon, a newlywed English professor falls into paranoiac delusion as he is stalked by the his new bride’s deranged ex-husband on their honeymoon.

Bedridden Honeymoon: A Novelette
Brandon Meyers, Bryan Pedas
The Fifty-Minute Nietzsche - Michael Jasper

The Fifty-Minute NietzscheMichael Jasper

Peter rushed into the classroom and fell onto a seat at the bottom of the horseshoe of tables aimed at the professor. Pulling a three-ring binder from his rain-soaked bag, he squeezed his toes in the wet lining of his shoes and wished he c… more

The Fifty-Minute Nietzsche
Michael Jasper
UnWrecked Press , English
The Adventures of Professor ... - Martin Kelly

The Adventures of Professor ...Martin Kelly

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Professor MacAllan McTuddy, a human-shaped creature made up of bits and bobs and flotsam and jetsam (and a suit). He soon had a gang and they were well weird and so were their adventures.

The Adventures of Professor MacAllan McTuddy (To the Lighthouse Book 1)
Martin Kelly
The Concise Adair on Creativ... - John Adair

The Concise Adair on Creativ...John Adair

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Recuitment and innovation

New ideas are essential for industry, they are the lifeblood of successful organisations. Creative and innovative thinking, the means by which ideas are born and nurtured, are not products of clearly defined steps… more

The Concise Adair on Creativity and Innovation
John Adair
Thorogood Publishing Ltd , English