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Breed Me, Professor (Breedin... - pamela clarke

Breed Me, Professor (Breedin...pamela clarke

I want a man who likes to ride bareback. I want a man who wants to shoot his seed into me and make me a baby. I want a man who will fuck me three times a day when my belly is hard and tight and my tits are heavy with milk. I want my Profess… more

Breed Me, Professor (Breeding and Pregnancy Erotica)
pamela clarke
pamela clarke , English
Radical Domination #1: The U... - Nathan Travers

Radical Domination #1: The U...Nathan Travers

Jason is a shy a Literature Professor with limited sexual experience. Clark is his young student with a bit of a dark side and a penchant for BDSM. What will happen when these two meet after hours?“Jason had always played by the rules… and … more

Radical Domination #1: The Unlocking
Nathan Travers
Ciao, Mephisto - Ralph  Moore

Ciao, MephistoRalph Moore

It’s a novel about a professor and his seminar on philosophy. The seminar addresses physics, metaphysics, the soul, and other things. For this he has some help from a “person” called Mephistopheles. The seminar brings out new ideas on reali… more

Ciao, Mephisto
Ralph Moore
Ralph Moore , English
How I Banged the Professor [... - Michelle Maibelle

How I Banged the Professor [...Michelle Maibelle

Emily had always been the nerdy loser in school, wishing that the hot male teachers in her classes would notice her. But one day, she decides that she’s going to change herself for the better and gain the attention of her sexy French profes… more

How I Banged the Professor [F/F, F/M, dominance]
Michelle Maibelle
The Wonder Island Boys: Trea... - Roger Thompson Finlay

The Wonder Island Boys: Trea...Roger Thompson Finlay

The doleful sound. The Alma Perdita. “Cry of the Lost Soul.” John, Uraso and Muro listening to the signals of the enemies. The night watch. Stalking. The answering cry. The Konotos. Sacrificial feasts. The dark of the moon. Its significance… more

The Wonder Island Boys: Treasures of the Island
Roger Thompson Finlay
S.W.O.R.D. 3 Brothers - Art Vascherault

S.W.O.R.D. 3 BrothersArt Vascherault

A secret organization must abduct and bring in new agents who will police the Shadow World, where creatures exist beyond the knowledge of every day life. After failed missions, the recruitment process takes on new assets that seem to be ou… more

S.W.O.R.D. 3 Brothers
Art Vascherault
Arthur R. Vascherault , English
Gardening Naked! - Joy Cox

Gardening Naked!Joy Cox

Average wait: N/A

The greenhouse was completely private and the flowers were in full bloom. How could Nea resist shedding her clothes and exploring the sensual world of naked gardening? Will her first taste of the naturist lifestyle change her forever? And w… more

Gardening Naked!
Joy Cox
Taken by the Minotaur Herd (... - Odessa Lasch

Taken by the Minotaur Herd (...Odessa Lasch

Haile has always been interested in history and ancient monsters.

When her professor spots her enthusiasm, and gives her the opportunity to visit an unexplored island rumored to hold an ancient dark secret she jumps at the chance.

But th… more

Taken by the Minotaur Herd (An Erotic Fantasy Short)
Odessa Lasch
Writing Better Research Pape... - Jonathan Wiggins

Writing Better Research Pape...Jonathan Wiggins

Average wait: N/A

Every college student needs to master the art of writing research papers. But it is not easy. In this book, you will learn 5 tips that will immediately improve your performance on writing assignments.

How should you begin paragraphs? Why … more

Writing Better Research Papers: Simple Strategies to Improve Your Performance On College Writing Assignments
Jonathan Wiggins
Professor's New Pet (Gay Fir... - Andre Young

Professor's New Pet (Gay Fir...Andre Young

Average wait: N/A

A freshman in college, Jeremy is still struggling with his own sexuality. Then he accidentally catches one of his favorite professors having sex with another student at the library and he’s convinced that this is what he wants as well. But… more

Professor’s New Pet (Gay First Time Erotica)
Andre Young
Exit the Professor - Henry Kuttner, C.L. Moore

Exit the ProfessorHenry Kuttner, C.L. Moore

Average wait: N/A

The professor wanted to study the Hogbens… to figure out their mysteries…

Exit the Professor
Henry Kuttner, C.L. Moore
eStar Books , English
The Leap of Human Thought - W. Scott Morton

The Leap of Human ThoughtW. Scott Morton

Average wait: N/A

Many books have been written on philosophies and religions in the East and the West. I wanted to offer something of an overview, brief and easily understood; so I chose dialogue form, between a retired professor and an ordinary student. Th… more

The Leap of Human Thought
W. Scott Morton
Xlibris , English


You have been so, said the Professor emphatically. I have had perfect confidence in you, and this has relieved me of a great deal of anxiety. It would have been very easy for one in your position to cheat me out of a considerable sum of mo… more

Horatio Alger
Blood For Gold - Rakesh Manganellore

Blood For GoldRakesh Manganellore

If John is alive, by this time Rahul will be able find the mastermind behind the conspiracy. But now he doesn’t have any other option. The most painful thing because of which Rahul is feeling very disgusting is that; John was killed by the … more

Blood For Gold
Rakesh Manganellore
The Professor's Human Cow (Book 1) - Aubrey Ember

The Professor's Human Cow (Book 1)Aubrey Ember

Average wait: N/A

(6,000 words) When Honey came to college, she had to keep keep her secret under wraps…and under her sweater. But, when she accidentally reveals she’s got a special problem to her professor, he thinks she’s a liar! Can Honey prove him wron… more

The Professor’s Human Cow (Book 1)
Aubrey Ember
Aubrey Ember , English
Plant Roots: Growth, Activit... - Peter J. Gregory

Plant Roots: Growth, Activit...Peter J. Gregory

Average wait: N/A

The root system is a vital part of the plant and therefore understanding roots and their functioning is key to agricultural, plant and soil scientists.In Plant Roots Professor Peter Gregory brings together recent developments in techniques … more

Plant Roots: Growth, Activity and Interactions with the Soil
Peter J. Gregory
Wiley-Blackwell , English
Journey After School: A Guid... - Jasmine Sheffield

Journey After School: A Guid...Jasmine Sheffield

Average wait: N/A

Graduating from college is easy when compared to the effort of getting hired after graduation. Once hired, maintaining your professionalism and managing your finances can be challenging. Journey after School seeks to provide guidance for n… more

Journey After School: A Guide to Starting Your Career and Managing Your Finances
Jasmine Sheffield
Our Journey Publishing , English
Second Site (Splashdown Drop... - Grace Bridges

Second Site (Splashdown Drop...Grace Bridges

Average wait: N/A

Short story, 1200 words. The Professor lives in fear of his inevitable clashes with his most demanding student. But today’s discussion reveals a strange new twist to this gamer kid.

Second Site (Splashdown Droplets SHORT STORY)
Grace Bridges
Escape to Adventure: The Dre... - John Pirillo

Escape to Adventure: The Dre...John Pirillo

Average wait: N/A

Rusty is in love with Professor Danish, a man whose heart is more in his Indiana Jones lifestyle, than in personal relationships. But that all changes when Rusty comes in contact with a mystical talisman that causes her to change both physi… more

Escape to Adventure: The Dreamers Awaken (Escape to Aventure Book 1)
John Pirillo
John Pirillo , English
Good Guy Sam vs. The Grammar Hammer - J Cline

Good Guy Sam vs. The Grammar HammerJ Cline

Average wait: N/A

An English professor at a community college decides to bring down the hammer on bad grammar. Can Good Guy Sam stop him from destroying the city?

Good Guy Sam vs. The Grammar Hammer
J Cline
Jarrod Cline , English