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The Professor and Ciara: The... - Bellmione Clara AER Grace

The Professor and Ciara: The...Bellmione Clara AER Grace

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The second book in the Professor What? series. Take a look at the other two times The Professor has met Ciara and wonder … are they really the only other times they’ve met?

The Professor and Ciara: The Woman Thrice Dead (Professor What? Book 2)
Bellmione Clara AER Grace
Bellmione Clara AER Grace , English
White Next Door (Taboo Inter... - Jazmine Perry

White Next Door (Taboo Inter...Jazmine Perry

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“Are you dirty, Shonda?”

Shonda isn’t like other girls. She’s surrounded by too many men who are only interested in blonde bimbos, but Shonda has her eye on another prize - the sexy older white man that lives next door. Can this Professor … more

White Next Door (Taboo Interracial Romance BWWM)
Jazmine Perry
Sinister Sisters - Richard Russell

Sinister SistersRichard Russell

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Third in the Series following The occult detectives of “The Colleagues of Professor Van Helsing” and THe villains of the “Friends of Fu Manchu,” Sinister Sisters covers female vampires. Too often in the shadows of the guys, the distaff side… more

Sinister Sisters
Richard Russell
Sangraal, Inc. , English
Professed in Passion (Profes... - Gypsy LaRue

Professed in Passion (Profes...Gypsy LaRue

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Skylla has had a major crush on her Professor since the start of the term, not to mention an indecent numbers of erotic fantasies about him (Read Professed in Lust to see exactly what she has been dreaming about). What happens when he gives… more

Professed in Passion (Professed Series Book 2)
Gypsy LaRue
Gypsy LaRue , English
JETHRO'S LAST SUMMER   and  ... - Victor W  Terry

JETHRO'S LAST SUMMER and ...Victor W Terry

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A mountain man’s life story and a professor’s struggle with the mystery of infinity. Jethro’s Last Summer is a story of an old American mountain man, in the days of the Wild West, who in his later life, whilst living in a cave, befri… more

Victor W Terry
The Greatest Human Vice - William F Jack

The Greatest Human ViceWilliam F Jack

An American professor walks into his office and discovers that he’s lost a year of his life: It’s not 2004, but 2005. Why? He knows only that he’s committed a grievous crime (“the greatest of sins”). He knows that the numbers 4 and 5 are… more

The Greatest Human Vice
William F Jack
Lulu.com , English
The Mad Professor - Rad Ebber

The Mad ProfessorRad Ebber

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The Mad Professor has always enjoyed designing and making wacky inventions. But when the landlord threatens to throw him out of his home, the pressure is on to prove that his inventions can be useful. Follow the heart-warming, fun story of … more

The Mad Professor
Rad Ebber
David Bradbeer , English
Daddy's The Secret of My G-S... - Christian A. Turner

Daddy's The Secret of My G-S...Christian A. Turner

DESCRIPTION: A stepdaughter comes home to her stepfather, a professor, for help with a paper on human sexuality. Sexual tension rises through the use of conscious and subconscious gestures exhibited by both of the lovers. They discuss the … more

Daddy’s The Secret of My G-Spot Orgasm (Stepdad & Stepdaughter Wild-in-Bed) - A Short Erotic Story
Christian A. Turner
Professed in Lust (Professed... - Gypsy LaRue

Professed in Lust (Professed...Gypsy LaRue

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Skylla is your typical college student, and like many college students has a crush on a professor. Combining her crush on the professor and her love of history she brings day dreaming to a whole new steamy level. Don’t forget to read the ne… more

Professed in Lust (Professed Series Book 1)
Gypsy LaRue
Gypsy LaRue , English
Rubi (Confessions of a Lonel... - June Spears

Rubi (Confessions of a Lonel...June Spears

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A professor and his pupil take lessons far beyond the classroom.

Rubi (Confessions of a Lonely Woman Book 4)
June Spears
Fried Bologna: More Than An Anomaly - M.P. Johnson

Fried Bologna: More Than An AnomalyM.P. Johnson

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“Fried Bologna” is the story of LaTrea Campbell, a young African American woman who wants to continue her adult education, and finds herself enrolled full time at a university away from the home she has lived in until the age of 32. As she … more

Fried Bologna: More Than An Anomaly
M.P. Johnson
AuthorHouse , English
Ensnared (Enthralled Book 1) - Gwendoline Townsend

Ensnared (Enthralled Book 1)Gwendoline Townsend

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In this 4,000 word short story, a student is going to approach a professor to tell him she doesn’t like his romantic advances. Going to deal with him, however, she quickly finds herself enslaved by a new neuroprogramming device he has on hi… more

Ensnared (Enthralled Book 1)
Gwendoline Townsend
The professor's role in jesu... - Luis Rafael Velasco

The professor's role in jesu...Luis Rafael Velasco

In this notebook, the author shares the four characteristics that he believes should be present in the reflection on education and teaching, and should inspire the role of the professor in Jesuit universities today: To be mystagogues with t… more

The professor’s role in jesuit universities today (Jesuit Thinking Collection)
Luis Rafael Velasco
ITESO , English
The Voyage - Ivana Vianno

The VoyageIvana Vianno

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A professor is brought in to investigate strange activity in a sleepy Californian town. Initially he focuses on a series of horrific murders. However, he soon finds that all is not what it seems when his investigations lead him into a super… more

The Voyage
Ivana Vianno
The Strange Voyage - Ivana Vianno

The Strange VoyageIvana Vianno

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In this science fiction comedy, a professor is brought in to investigate strange activity in a sleepy Californian town. Initially he focuses on a series of horrific murders. However, he soon finds that all is not what it seems when his inve… more

The Strange Voyage
Ivana Vianno
Present to my Christian frie... -  Phoebe Palmer

Present to my Christian frie... Phoebe Palmer

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(…)” ENTIRE DEVOTION TO GOD. I. HOLINESS’. Dost thou turn away with half-averted eye, yielding to an impression indefinitely formed, that this, for the present, is a subject that does not demand special attention? Let us for a few mo… more

Present to my Christian friend on entire devotion to God
Phoebe Palmer
The Co-Ed (Student Teacher Erotica) - Dawn McDermott

The Co-Ed (Student Teacher Erotica)Dawn McDermott

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Susan has no interest in her anthropology class, until she realizes the object of her interest is the professor. But even with careful planning, she can’t seem to get his attention. Or does she? When Professor Stephens expresses his desire … more

The Co-Ed (Student Teacher Erotica)
Dawn McDermott
Dawn McDermott , English
The Charm Necklace Shawna's ... - Jada Mercury

The Charm Necklace Shawna's ...Jada Mercury

Shawna is trying to catch the overly shy Professor Timmons, but he’s too afraid to respond to her advances. Soon, Shawna meets Coral, and she is given the chance to have the professor in her bed with the help of the ever magical charm neckl… more

The Charm Necklace Shawna’s Lust (The Charm Necklace Series)
Jada Mercury
Crestwood - Joe Egly

CrestwoodJoe Egly

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They did something terrible. About twenty years ago, in a small college community called Crestwood, A few friends formed a society that would change their lives and grant them the success and power they desired. Things didn’t go like they p… more

Joe Egly
createspace , English
Big Bully - B T Palmer

Big BullyB T Palmer

Author B T Palmer – I am not a professor in English literature, I have not been on any writing classes, my stories have not been proofread or edited; they are my raw copies. If you can put the bad grammar to one side I am sure you will enjo… more

Big Bully
B T Palmer