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Kampus - James Gunn

KampusJames Gunn

The college of the future has just one purpose: endless battle. Political organizations urge ruthless combat with an invisible opponent and each student is challenged to be more extreme than the rest. One man finds his fame by kidnapping an… more

James Gunn
E-Reads , English
A Bird on the Wing: Zen Anec... - Osho

A Bird on the Wing: Zen Anec...Osho

Eleven classic anecdotes provide starting points to demonstrate the relevance of Zen to every aspect of 21st-century life. From the professor so full of his own ideas that he has no room for any new learning, to the monastery cook who solve… more

A Bird on the Wing: Zen Anecdotes for Everyday Life (OSHO Classics)
Osho Media International , English
The Wonder Island Boys: Trea... - Roger Thompson Finlay

The Wonder Island Boys: Trea...Roger Thompson Finlay

The doleful sound. The Alma Perdita. “Cry of the Lost Soul.” John, Uraso and Muro listening to the signals of the enemies. The night watch. Stalking. The answering cry. The Konotos. Sacrificial feasts. The dark of the moon. Its significance… more

The Wonder Island Boys: Treasures of the Island
Roger Thompson Finlay
What Are You? - Elizabeth Ruffins

What Are You?Elizabeth Ruffins

What Are You? Huh? I thought I was human, woman, a daughter even. What do you mean “What are you?” Hi, I’m Liz and this is my story of being biracial and answering that most dreadful question. This short memoir includes the good, the bad an… more

What Are You?
Elizabeth Ruffins
Elizabeth Ruffins , English
Inequality Reexamined - Amartya Kumar Sen

Inequality ReexaminedAmartya Kumar Sen

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Professor Sen revisits the issues tackled in his previous seminal work, On Economic Inequality, first published in 1973, and provides new analyses and insights in this crucial area. This original and incisive book brings together and develo… more

Inequality Reexamined
Amartya Kumar Sen
Clarendon Pr , English
The Intimates of Irene Adler - Richard Russell

The Intimates of Irene AdlerRichard Russell

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An Anthology of Victorian Femme Fatale characters, fifth in a series of anthologies dealing with archetypal characters following the occult detectives of “The Colleagues of Professor Van Helsing”, the villains of the “Friends of Fu Manchu,”… more

The Intimates of Irene Adler
Richard Russell
Sangraal Inc. , English
How to Write a College Book ... - Carly Evans

How to Write a College Book ...Carly Evans

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Many college students incorrectly assume that, when assigned a book review from a professor, the criteria for the review are similar to the criteria used for book reviews written in high school. College book reviews, however, are actually … more

How to Write a College Book Review (A Learning Booklet)
Carly Evans
Academic Resources Inc. , English
Lily's Submission - Alexandra Cameron

Lily's SubmissionAlexandra Cameron

Lily’s Submission is a BDSM erotic short story about a student who embarks on a relationship with her professor, and soon comes to realise the full extent of her craving for his dominance.


“It wasn’t a request,” he said quietly… more

Lily’s Submission
Alexandra Cameron
Seeing Beyond the Natural: S... - Tanya Taylor

Seeing Beyond the Natural: S...Tanya Taylor

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Perspective … Change Your Life!

You have the ability to create a shift in your own circumstances and that of your loved ones. Learn what it takes to live a life filled with miracles, success, and insight. A… more

Seeing Beyond the Natural: Student: Me… Professor: God
Tanya Taylor
Tanya R. Taylor , English
Fairyland - Fox McBride

FairylandFox McBride

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An American Professor sets out on a mission to prove the existence of small humanoid creatures which inhabit a lost island. He plunges into a subterranean paradise which is filled with many bizarre creatures and unidentified species. He enc… more

Fox McBride
The Wanting (D'Shar Men Book 1) - Shyla Colt

The Wanting (D'Shar Men Book 1)Shyla Colt

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Phelan D’Shar knew agent Zasha Johnson was his mate the moment she walked into his classroom. At the time, her age and his position as her professor kept him from acting on his desires. When the biological mating period known as The Wanting… more

The Wanting (D’Shar Men Book 1)
Shyla Colt
Evernight Publishing , English
Soulless - Amber  Bratton

SoullessAmber Bratton

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What happens to us when we die? How far would someone go to find out? In this short memoir I will tell you what I have seen…I will tell you the truth. The truth, how I learned it from the Professor.

Amber Bratton
A.R. Bratton , English
Black Coffee - Jeffery Farnol

Black CoffeeJeffery Farnol

Is it a surfeit of black coffee, or a recently-delivered Egyptian mummy that has got the Professor so edgy? Read it and find out.

Black Coffee
Jeffery Farnol
It was my daughters fault (M... - sherry golding

It was my daughters fault (M...sherry golding

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The first in a series about a teenager who takes her mother back into time but cannot get back. Helped by the professor who created the future game, they build better time machines and end up in all kinds of funny and scary adventures.Also … more

It was my daughters fault (My daughter takes me twenty years in the past Book 1)
sherry golding
sherry golding the tao parable writer , English
Strategies and Techniques of... - Howard E. Katz, Kevin Franci...

Strategies and Techniques of...Howard E. Katz, Kevin Franci...

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Intended to help you, the new professor prepare for your first semesters in the classroom. This book also has ideas that will be useful to more experienced professors as well.

Strategies and Techniques of Law School Teaching - A Primer for New (and Not So New) Professors
Howard E. Katz, Kevin Francis O’Neill
Aspen , English
Naughty Wizardess (Tales of ... - M.J. Forest

Naughty Wizardess (Tales of ...M.J. Forest

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Claudia has been a naughty wizarding student. With her long, deep, red hair and sharp green eyes, can she convince her professor to give her another chance?This quickie (2000 words) contains graphic scenes and descriptions intended for mat… more

Naughty Wizardess (Tales of the Unearthly University)
M.J. Forest
The spectre of the camera ; ... - Julian Hawthorne

The spectre of the camera ; ...Julian Hawthorne

The spectre of the camera ; or The professor’s sister; a romance

The spectre of the camera ; or The professor’s sister; a romance
Julian Hawthorne
A Sexual Education - Dextrousleftie

A Sexual EducationDextrousleftie

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The Professor knows that his new student looks familiar. Where had he seen this guy? And why does he have an image of him naked in his head?

A Sexual Education
The Strange Voyage - Ivana Vianno

The Strange VoyageIvana Vianno

In this science fiction comedy, a professor is brought in to investigate strange activity in a sleepy Californian town. Initially he focuses on a series of horrific murders. However, he soon finds that all is not what it seems when his inve… more

The Strange Voyage
Ivana Vianno


You have been so, said the Professor emphatically. I have had perfect confidence in you, and this has relieved me of a great deal of anxiety. It would have been very easy for one in your position to cheat me out of a considerable sum of mo… more

Horatio Alger