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Kampus - James Gunn

KampusJames Gunn

The college of the future has just one purpose: endless battle. Political organizations urge ruthless combat with an invisible opponent and each student is challenged to be more extreme than the rest. One man finds his fame by kidnapping an… more

James Gunn
E-Reads , English
A Bird on the Wing: Zen Anec... - Osho

A Bird on the Wing: Zen Anec...Osho

Eleven classic anecdotes provide starting points to demonstrate the relevance of Zen to every aspect of 21st-century life. From the professor so full of his own ideas that he has no room for any new learning, to the monastery cook who solve… more

A Bird on the Wing: Zen Anecdotes for Everyday Life (OSHO Classics)
Osho Media International , English
Inequality Reexamined - Amartya Kumar Sen

Inequality ReexaminedAmartya Kumar Sen

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Professor Sen revisits the issues tackled in his previous seminal work, On Economic Inequality, first published in 1973, and provides new analyses and insights in this crucial area. This original and incisive book brings together and develo… more

Inequality Reexamined
Amartya Kumar Sen
Clarendon Pr , English
A Sexual Education - Dextrousleftie

A Sexual EducationDextrousleftie

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The Professor knows that his new student looks familiar. Where had he seen this guy? And why does he have an image of him naked in his head?

A Sexual Education
The Age of Pope 17001744 - John Dennis

The Age of Pope 17001744John Dennis

The Age of Pope is designed to form one of a series of Handbooks, edited by Professor Hales, which it is hoped will be of service to students who love literature for its own sake, instead of regarding it merely as a branch of knowledge r… more

The Age of Pope 17001744
John Dennis
The Professor and the Madman... - BookRags

The Professor and the Madman...BookRags

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The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary lesson plan contains a variety of teaching materials that cater to all learning styles. Inside you’ll find 30 Daily Lessons, 20 Fun Ac… more

The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary by Simon Winchester Lesson Plans
Chasing Sunrise - Pamela Burns

Chasing SunrisePamela Burns

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Annie and her three young children are caught in an anomaly of space and transported into a dangerous and unfamilar time and place. The kingdom is called Roah and the laws of a society assuring their safety carry threats as well. Things a… more

Chasing Sunrise
Pamela Burns
Pam Burns , English
Teaching Jane - Cherry Harper

Teaching JaneCherry Harper

Teaching JaneJane is a shy, nerdy, but clever Math student, who develops a huge crush on her Professor. Little did she know that she would be getting into all sorts of different situations involving roommates. Jane’s exploits and experience… more

Teaching Jane
Cherry Harper
York House Publishing , English
Prince Izon -  James Paul Kelly

Prince Izon James Paul Kelly

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(…)”“Good!” exclaimed the professor. “First I wish to introduce you to my daughter and my niece. This, girls, is my blood-brother, Black Eagle, who saved my life many years ago.(…)”.First I wish to introduce you to my daughter and my ni… more

Prince Izon
James Paul Kelly
A Lesson on Seduction - Chloe Glint

A Lesson on SeductionChloe Glint

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After Lisa writes an essay about how much she’s in love with her professor, she gets called to his office. She expects to get into trouble, but she might just get a lesson on seduction instead.

A Lesson on Seduction
Chloe Glint
Owl Wise Publishing , English
COLLEGE in WORDS: Tips and A... - Gregory Bullock

COLLEGE in WORDS: Tips and A...Gregory Bullock

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[Formerly published by the title GRADES, MONEY, HEALTH: The Book Every College Student Should Read]. If you are a student attending college, this is the book you can’t do without. College is challenging and is the cornerstone in the foundat… more

COLLEGE in WORDS: Tips and Advice for Students and Parents on Grades, Money and Health
Gregory Bullock
Acute Books , English
birth of man - chris bouter

birth of manchris bouter

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This essay was written as part of my BAH education in the year 1982 in the course ‘Ancient History’.It is a semi-scientific sermon against Darwinism. My professor still gave me an A, but chided me for writing a sermon instead of a scientifi… more

birth of man
chris bouter
chris bouter , English


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Use the Identity Property to Multiply!: Algebra Made Easy!>>>Vedic Math can make you a Mental Math dynamo…Simple concepts based on binomial algebra and the identity property can help you become a math dynamo. Anything considered to be a t… more

USE THE IDENTITY PROPERTY TO MULTIPLY!: Algebra Made Easy (Get Math by the Tail! Book 2)
John Carlin
John Carlin , English
After Class: A Study of the ... - Dr. Garth Mundinger-Klow

After Class: A Study of the ...Dr. Garth Mundinger-Klow

Remember that old Van Halen song “Hot for Teacher”? Do you remember that junior high, high school, and college crush on your favorite instructor or professor and their wonderful intellect, man or woman?At one point or another, we have a… more

After Class: A Study of the Student-Teacher Sexual Relationship
Dr. Garth Mundinger-Klow
Olympia Press , English
Painted Student - HARDCORE - R.W. Pell

Painted Student - HARDCORER.W. Pell

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Being a professor for so long, never did he give attention to one particular student ever since he started teaching. Until he sees Jade.What really caught his attention is her incredible body art work - her tattoo. It’s … more

Painted Student - HARDCORE
R.W. Pell
TT Publishing , English
The Cemetery Club 2013 - R.L.   Wilson, B.A. Wilson

The Cemetery Club 2013R.L. Wilson, B.A. Wilson

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A Professor is teaching a night course, a class he teaches at night and in a cemetery of course… through many short stories he teaches the students about the many types of magic everywhere, but there’s one lesson he forgot to teach them,… more

The Cemetery Club 2013
R.L. Wilson, B.A. Wilson
The Wrong Side Productions , English
Fun After Class with Schoolg... - Kendra Claire

Fun After Class with Schoolg...Kendra Claire

The second I saw you in my lecture hall, I knew I had to have you…

Eighteen-year-old Ashley’s first college anatomy class got off to a bad start when her jerk of a professor humiliated her in front of everyone, but it’s starting to look b… more

Fun After Class with Schoolgirl Ashley
Kendra Claire
Beautiful Sins, LLC , English
Now and Forever 4 - The Reno... - Jean Joachim

Now and Forever 4 - The Reno...Jean Joachim

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Can a broken heart be renovated like an old house? Kit’s life came to a halt when her husband slapped her with a divorce. Finding herself without a job or a place to live, she’s forced to take Tunney Nichols up on his offer of cheap rent fo… more

Now and Forever 4 - The Renovated Heart
Jean Joachim
Secret Cravings Publishing , English
Cut the Rope: Experiments: P... - Jon Zoidburg

Cut the Rope: Experiments: P...Jon Zoidburg

A NEW TWIST ON THE FAVORITE CUT THE ROPE!Cut the Rope: Experiments has new features and gameplay elements including Rope Shooters and Suction-cups with the same great style you’ve come to love from Cut the Rope. This game has 125 new levels… more

Cut the Rope: Experiments: Play for free and Learn How to Become an Expert! Guaranteed to Increase Your Score!
Jon Zoidburg
Inexplicably, Love: Three St... - Paul Hina

Inexplicably, Love: Three St...Paul Hina

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What happens when a professor has fallen in love with a colleague’s wife? What about when a pushy New Yorker falls in love with an emotionally wounded former ballerina in her forties? What about when two strangers meet at a hotel bar during… more

Inexplicably, Love: Three Stories of Love in Real Time
Paul Hina
Corba Press , English