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The Fifty-Minute Nietzsche - Michael Jasper

The Fifty-Minute NietzscheMichael Jasper

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Peter rushed into the classroom and fell onto a seat at the bottom of the horseshoe of tables aimed at the professor. Pulling a three-ring binder from his rain-soaked bag, he squeezed his toes in the wet lining of his shoes and wished he c… more

The Fifty-Minute Nietzsche
Michael Jasper
UnWrecked Press , English
Ciao, Mephisto - Ralph  Moore

Ciao, MephistoRalph Moore

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It’s a novel about a professor and his seminar on philosophy. The seminar addresses physics, metaphysics, the soul, and other things. For this he has some help from a “person” called Mephistopheles. The seminar brings out new ideas on reali… more

Ciao, Mephisto
Ralph Moore
Ralph Moore , English
The Christmas Mitzvah - Doug  Allyn

The Christmas MitzvahDoug Allyn

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On a holiday visit to his wife’s picture postcard hometown, an English professor learns that meeting your in-laws can be deadly.

The Christmas Mitzvah
Doug Allyn
New Word City, Inc. , English
Fried Bologna: More Than An Anomaly - M.P. Johnson

Fried Bologna: More Than An AnomalyM.P. Johnson

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“Fried Bologna” is the story of LaTrea Campbell, a young African American woman who wants to continue her adult education, and finds herself enrolled full time at a university away from the home she has lived in until the age of 32. As she … more

Fried Bologna: More Than An Anomaly
M.P. Johnson
AuthorHouse , English
Katie and the Caveman - Maggie Chatterley

Katie and the CavemanMaggie Chatterley

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When Katie agrees to step into Professor Singleton’s time machine, she didn’t expect it to work. She certainly didn’t expect it to whisk her back to the beginning of mankind, left alone to face the primitive needs of the Neanderthal man and… more

Katie and the Caveman
Maggie Chatterley
Maggie Chatterley , English
Rubi (Confessions of a Lonel... - June Spears

Rubi (Confessions of a Lonel...June Spears

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A professor and his pupil take lessons far beyond the classroom.

Rubi (Confessions of a Lonely Woman)
June Spears
The Dean of Discipline, Book Two - A.B.

The Dean of Discipline, Book TwoA.B.

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Professor Bradley is back as the Dean of Discipline at Emberley College, where he continues to handle his duties of meting out punishment to the wayward girls attending this last-chance academic institution. He has his work cut out for him…. more

The Dean of Discipline, Book Two
CF Publications , English
Present to my Christian frie... -  Phoebe Palmer

Present to my Christian frie... Phoebe Palmer

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(…)” ENTIRE DEVOTION TO GOD. I. HOLINESS’. Dost thou turn away with half-averted eye, yielding to an impression indefinitely formed, that this, for the present, is a subject that does not demand special attention? Let us for a few mo… more

Present to my Christian friend on entire devotion to God
Phoebe Palmer
Graduation Day - Caitlyn Willows

Graduation DayCaitlyn Willows

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How can Lily maintain her 4.0 grade average when the professor is to die for? And how can Greg be expected to teach when his prim little student is…uhm…engaging in other activities while he teaches? Genres: Contemporary / Teachers & Stu… more

Graduation Day
Caitlyn Willows
Amber Quill Press, LLC , English
College Tutoring - Michelle  Bennett

College TutoringMichelle Bennett

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The professor is meeting with his students to talk about their term papers, but there’s been one that he can’t get off his mind. Madeleine is beautiful but not pretentious, unlike Josephine, who looks like a porn star and acts like she know… more

College Tutoring
Michelle Bennett
Crestwood - Joe Egly

CrestwoodJoe Egly

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They did something terrible. About twenty years ago, in a small college community called Crestwood, A few friends formed a society that would change their lives and grant them the success and power they desired. Things didn’t go like they p… more

Joe Egly
createspace , English
Tied Down and Taken: Five Ve... - Allysin Range

Tied Down and Taken: Five Ve...Allysin Range

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Here are five stories of very rough sex from bestselling erotica author Allysin Range. These women don’t have an easy time of it, and they’re all restrained. Only Allysin Range can write this kind of intense erotica!1. Tied Up by the Prof… more

Tied Down and Taken: Five Very Rough Bondage Erotica Stories
Allysin Range
BJ Hardcore Erotica Press , English
The Weekend (The Professor's... - Helen Cooper

The Weekend (The Professor's...Helen Cooper

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Abby agree’s to spend the weekend with Professor O’Brien and she finds herself indulging in some role-play.The only thing is they may have been spotted and now they are receiving threatening letters. Louise is really starting to get to like… more

The Weekend (The Professor’s Student) Book 3
Helen Cooper
X-Men: The End Book Three: E... - Chris Claremont

X-Men: The End Book Three: E...Chris Claremont

Collects X-Men: The End - Men and X-Men #1-6. The endgame of the last tale of Marvel’s most popular mutants concludes! They’ve suffered through sneak attacks, betrayals, and fatalities - now, Professor X and Magneto are taking the fight bac… more

X-Men: The End Book Three: End - Men and X-Men: Bk. 3
Chris Claremont
Marvel , English
Milay (Tales of Mimion) - Rigel Ailur

Milay (Tales of Mimion)Rigel Ailur

People on Mimion cherish their aversion to technology. Only the tiniest minority lives in space. Can one scientist convince the ruler of the orbiting city of how much more progress they can make by having a university above their world as w… more

Milay (Tales of Mimion)
Rigel Ailur
Bluetrix Books , English
At A Dead Run - Dick Adams

At A Dead RunDick Adams

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The professor was not the usual scholar. He had his degrees, but also a past that was beyond the usual qualifications for scholarship. Quite unusual. He had reached a time of peace, well earned at his age, but it couldn’t last. What happene… more

At A Dead Run
Dick Adams
Kampus - James Gunn

KampusJames Gunn

The college of the future has just one purpose: endless battle. Political organizations urge ruthless combat with an invisible opponent and each student is challenged to be more extreme than the rest. One man finds his fame by kidnapping an… more

James Gunn
E-Reads , English
The Giant Man - a screenplay - K e i t h P l a n i t

The Giant Man - a screenplayK e i t h P l a n i t

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The story: When a brilliant Professor’s 65-foot-tall experimental man goes awry — by wanting to be human, falling in love, & having a better relationship with the Prof’s daughters — then runs away, the professor must track him down and ei… more

The Giant Man - a screenplay
K e i t h P l a n i t
The Chemistry Project - Starr Jacobs

The Chemistry ProjectStarr Jacobs

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When Abby learns of her new Sociology project, she doesn’t know what she wants to do it on. However, after seeing her professor in a compromising position, she decides it is best to do it on what she knows best. Everything is in motion an… more

The Chemistry Project
Starr Jacobs
Blackmailed by the Professor... - Delilah Fawkes

Blackmailed by the Professor...Delilah Fawkes

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When Hailey and Brad are caught trying to have sex in their professor’s classroom, he leaves them with a choice: Let him join in the fun, or he’ll have them expelled.Hailey’s not sure she’s ready for her first double penetration (and first … more

Blackmailed by the Professor (MFM Menage Erotica)
Delilah Fawkes