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JETHRO'S LAST SUMMER   and  ... - Victor W  Terry

JETHRO'S LAST SUMMER and ...Victor W Terry

A mountain man’s life story and a professor’s struggle with the mystery of infinity. Jethro’s Last Summer is a story of an old American mountain man, in the days of the Wild West, who in his later life, whilst living in a cave, befri… more

Victor W Terry
Rubi (Confessions of a Lonel... - June Spears

Rubi (Confessions of a Lonel...June Spears

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A professor and his pupil take lessons far beyond the classroom.

Rubi (Confessions of a Lonely Woman Book 4)
June Spears
The Professor Is In - Anna Leigh Keaton

The Professor Is InAnna Leigh Keaton

Every marriage needs a little spice in it. Barbara decides her hubby, a professor at the local college, needs a birthday surprise he’ll never forget.When Barbie shows up and pushes her way into his office and then his pants, trying to convi… more

The Professor Is In
Anna Leigh Keaton
Cobblestone Press , English
H.A. Pendant - Louisiana Pam... - H.A. Pendant

H.A. Pendant - Louisiana Pam...H.A. Pendant

H.A. Pendant erotic tales are famous for replacing much of the “naughty” body parts and deeds usually associated with this genre with “clean” words.This title contains Mature Content, and is suitable for Adults Only.CONTAINS SEPARATE FFM, F… more

H.A. Pendant - Louisiana Pam ‘n Anna (A Wet Weather Campus Story - WWC)
H.A. Pendant
XAMBooks , English
Radical Domination #1: The U... - Nathan Travers

Radical Domination #1: The U...Nathan Travers

Jason is a shy a Literature Professor with limited sexual experience. Clark is his young student with a bit of a dark side and a penchant for BDSM. What will happen when these two meet after hours?“Jason had always played by the rules… and … more

Radical Domination #1: The Unlocking
Nathan Travers
Beyond Admiration (The Dark ... - Rebekah Colegrove

Beyond Admiration (The Dark ...Rebekah Colegrove

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On Pu’sos: As Arlana’s journey continues… she begins to feel torn in every which direction. One confesses his unending love, one is completely smitten and obsessed.

On Earth: Arlana even catches the eyes of the Professor, who wants to da… more

Beyond Admiration (The Dark Divinity Series Book 2)
Rebekah Colegrove
Rebekah Colegrove , English
Prayer of the Laughing Yoga Frog - Melissa Soldani Lemon, Alex Lehr

Prayer of the Laughing Yoga FrogMelissa Soldani Lemon, Alex Lehr

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A delightful, inspiring tale about a professor and a very wise student that shows the power of hope, forgiveness and synchronicity along with the life-changing importance of learning to trust and treasure the many little clues and gifts the… more

Prayer of the Laughing Yoga Frog
Melissa Soldani Lemon, Alex Lehr
Gardening Naked! - Joy Cox

Gardening Naked!Joy Cox

The greenhouse was completely private and the flowers were in full bloom. How could Nea resist shedding her clothes and exploring the sensual world of naked gardening? Will her first taste of the naturist lifestyle change her forever? And w… more

Gardening Naked!
Joy Cox
Good Guy Sam vs. The Grammar Hammer - J Cline

Good Guy Sam vs. The Grammar HammerJ Cline

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An English professor at a community college decides to bring down the hammer on bad grammar. Can Good Guy Sam stop him from destroying the city?

Good Guy Sam vs. The Grammar Hammer
J Cline
Jarrod Cline , English
And Through the Trembling Air - Michael  Keith

And Through the Trembling AirMichael Keith

A child is declared dead but her parents believe otherwise, a teenage boy is hunted for his precious body parts, a professor violates his own code of ethics for fame, an abandoned house wreaks havoc on a neighborhood family, an incinerated … more

And Through the Trembling Air
Michael Keith
Blue Mustang Press , English
Escape to Adventure: The Dre... - John Pirillo

Escape to Adventure: The Dre...John Pirillo

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Rusty is in love with Professor Danish, a man whose heart is more in his Indiana Jones lifestyle, than in personal relationships. But that all changes when Rusty comes in contact with a mystical talisman that causes her to change both physi… more

Escape to Adventure: The Dreamers Awaken (Escape to Aventure Book 1)
John Pirillo
John Pirillo , English
How I Banged the Professor [... - Michelle Maibelle

How I Banged the Professor [...Michelle Maibelle

Emily had always been the nerdy loser in school, wishing that the hot male teachers in her classes would notice her. But one day, she decides that she’s going to change herself for the better and gain the attention of her sexy French profes… more

How I Banged the Professor [F/F, F/M, dominance]
Michelle Maibelle
Taken by the Minotaur Herd (... - Odessa Lasch

Taken by the Minotaur Herd (...Odessa Lasch

Haile has always been interested in history and ancient monsters.

When her professor spots her enthusiasm, and gives her the opportunity to visit an unexplored island rumored to hold an ancient dark secret she jumps at the chance.

But th… more

Taken by the Minotaur Herd (An Erotic Fantasy Short)
Odessa Lasch
The Wanting (D'Shar Men Book 1) - Shyla Colt

The Wanting (D'Shar Men Book 1)Shyla Colt

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Phelan D’Shar knew agent Zasha Johnson was his mate the moment she walked into his classroom. At the time, her age and his position as her professor kept him from acting on his desires. When the biological mating period known as The Wanting… more

The Wanting (D’Shar Men Book 1)
Shyla Colt
Evernight Publishing , English
The Professor's Human Cow (M... - Aubrey Ember

The Professor's Human Cow (M...Aubrey Ember

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              THERE'S A HUCOW ON CAMPUS...AND SHE'S GOING TO PROVE SHE'S CREAMY!(6,000 words) When creamy bimbo Honey came to college, she had to keep keep her secret under wraps...and under her sweater. But, when she accidentally revea... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00LC9102U/#editorial-review">more</a>
The Professor’s Human Cow (Milky College Student Book 1)
Aubrey Ember
Aubrey Ember , English
Ciao, Mephisto - Ralph  Moore

Ciao, MephistoRalph Moore

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It’s a novel about a professor and his seminar on philosophy. The seminar addresses physics, metaphysics, the soul, and other things. For this he has some help from a “person” called Mephistopheles. The seminar brings out new ideas on reali… more

Ciao, Mephisto
Ralph Moore
Ralph Moore , English
Inexplicably, Love: Three St... - Paul Hina

Inexplicably, Love: Three St...Paul Hina

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What happens when a professor has fallen in love with a colleague’s wife? What about when a pushy New Yorker falls in love with an emotionally wounded former ballerina in her forties? What about when two strangers meet at a hotel bar during… more

Inexplicably, Love: Three Stories of Love in Real Time
Paul Hina
Corba Press , English
Calestro - Fatma Durmush

CalestroFatma Durmush

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Calestro is near Mars and is the central place with igloos and of course mad people. Igloos and everyone’s IQ tremendously high. A narrative poem. The central character is Grace? Who is Grace? What is she? Who are all those people?Who is th… more

Fatma Durmush
Chipmunkapublishing Ltd , English
Pounding Out the A's (Dicey ... - M.L. Patricks

Pounding Out the A's (Dicey ...M.L. Patricks

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(2,300 words)During my last semester at college, my professor gave me a failing grade on my final paper. After class, I visited her during her office hours, and she offered to let me earn a passing grade, the hard way. Needless to say, I ea… more

Pounding Out the A’s (Dicey Affairs Book 16)
M.L. Patricks
The spectre of the camera ; ... - Julian Hawthorne

The spectre of the camera ; ...Julian Hawthorne

The spectre of the camera ; or The professor’s sister; a romance

The spectre of the camera ; or The professor’s sister; a romance
Julian Hawthorne