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Electrical Product Safety: A... - David Holland, Jimmy Tzimenakis

Electrical Product Safety: A...David Holland, Jimmy Tzimenakis

This book provides a step-by-step approach to meeting the LVD and reducing safety approval costs. It is a practical and easy to follow guide aimed at helping manufacturers of electrical products, and in particular small and medium sized bu… more

Electrical Product Safety: A Step-by-Step Guide to LVD Self Assessment: A Step-by-Step Guide to LVD Self Assessment
David Holland, Jimmy Tzimenakis
Newnes , English
Design Methods for Reactive ... - R. J. Wieringa

Design Methods for Reactive ...R. J. Wieringa

Design Methods for Reactive Systems describes methods and techniques for the design of software systems-particularly reactive software systems that engage in stimulus-response behavior. Such systems, which include information systems, workf… more

Design Methods for Reactive Systems: Yourdon, Statemate, and the UML (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Software Engineering and Programming)
R. J. Wieringa
Morgan Kaufmann , English