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How Can You Tell If He's Lyi... - Kelly Roberts

How Can You Tell If He's Lyi...Kelly Roberts

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Every woman, including you, has been lied to at some point in her life. It’s no big surprise. However, the question you are now struggling with is: Are you presently being misled, deceived, or straight up lied to by the man in your life?

P… more

How Can You Tell If He’s Lying To You: 7 Simple Steps (a practical guide for women who want to know the truth)
Kelly Roberts
Enos (Priestess of Nergal Book 2) - Zarug Thane

Enos (Priestess of Nergal Book 2)Zarug Thane

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Warning: For Adults Only. Heterosexual and homosexual behavior; coerced and reluctant participation; light dominance and discipline.

Enos is a private investigator with a problem: he’s four months behind on the rent, and he hasn’t had a… more

Enos (Priestess of Nergal Book 2)
Zarug Thane
Still the One (Silhouette In... - Debra Cowan

Still the One (Silhouette In...Debra Cowan

The woman standing in Rafe Blackstock’s office was beautiful—unforgettably beautiful—and desperate for his help. But this wasn’t just another client who needed a private investigator. This was the only woman he’d ever loved—the one who’d wa… more

Still the One (Silhouette Intimate Moments)
Debra Cowan
Silhouette Intimate Moments , English
Money To Burn (Wild Bill Ser... - William S. Ellis

Money To Burn (Wild Bill Ser...William S. Ellis

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Follow Private Investigator Wild Bill on his exciting adventures in this first book of the series. Wild Bill faces an unknown threat to his way of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness when he tries to discover who is behind all of the ter… more

Money To Burn (Wild Bill Series Book 1)
William S. Ellis
Tactical Investigations , English
My Informant Zardon - Jamil Nasir

My Informant ZardonJamil Nasir

My informant Zardon, a private investigator in interpenetration universe L-2 with whom I exchange letters, sent me this report of a case he had.

My Informant Zardon
Jamil Nasir
Interzone Magazine , English
Rescued by a Vampire - JT Schultz

Rescued by a VampireJT Schultz

Valentino De Marcus has it all, a loving family, a successful surfing school and an amazing woman. She’s sexy, smart and—in his dreams. Val wishes on a shooting star to find the woman who visits him nightly. He knows she’s real and their f… more

Rescued by a Vampire
JT Schultz
JT Schultz , English
Duality Inc. - J Thomas Beaton

Duality Inc.J Thomas Beaton

1 rating
Average wait: N/A


Duality Inc.
J Thomas Beaton
The Foothills Incident - C.D. Nelson

The Foothills IncidentC.D. Nelson

Average wait: N/A

This is a novelette of just over 12,000 words, it is NOT a full-length novel.

A suspect in the killing of three of his fellow hikers, recounts the experience he had in the foothills of the Cascades. His sanity is in question, and so far no… more

The Foothills Incident
C.D. Nelson
SEVER: five tales of horror - Ty Johnston

SEVER: five tales of horrorTy Johnston

Average wait: N/A

5 tales of horrorDay TripA young couple on a hiking trip stumbles across death in the woods of Eastern Kentucky.AugustA private investigator with powers beyond the norm faces a ghost that just won’t go away.Dark Side of IoThe crew of a spac… more

SEVER: five tales of horror
Ty Johnston
L.M.Press , English
Checkmate (2 Pack Bundle): A... - Al Lamanda

Checkmate (2 Pack Bundle): A...Al Lamanda

Average wait: N/A


Former US Marine, sometimes private investigator, oftentimes hit man for hire, Kellerman is as hard core as they come. Peppered into his life, Kellerman’s closest friend from the Corps and sometimes backup man is gay, his busines… more

Checkmate (2 Pack Bundle): A Kellerman Mystery
Al Lamanda
Al Lamanda , English
Stiff Chix - Mike O'Connor

Stiff ChixMike O'Connor

Average wait: N/A

Martin is a private investigator, hired by a woman who suspects her husband is cheating. It seems like a routine case, until Martin trails his quarry to the kind of bar where the “girls” pack large surprises in their panties. Getting up clo… more

Stiff Chix
Mike O’Connor
Mike O’Connor , English
First Grave on the Right (Ch... - Darynda Jones

First Grave on the Right (Ch...Darynda Jones

5 ratings

First Grave on the Right is the smashing, award-winning debut novel that introduces Charley Davidson: part-time private investigator and full-time Grim Reaper. Charley sees dead people. That’s right, she sees dead people. And it’s her job t… more

First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson Book 1)
Darynda Jones
St. Martin’s Press , English
Mind Slide - Glenn Bullion

Mind SlideGlenn Bullion

2 ratings
Average wait: < 1h

A random act of nature changed Mason’s life forever. He lost his parents on that fateful day, even his memories of them.But he gained something in return.Mason has the ability to “mind slide”, the ability to project his consciousness. He ca… more

Mind Slide
Glenn Bullion
Doggone - Josh Foster

DoggoneJosh Foster

Average wait: N/A

I’ve always felt the need to save things but it’s hard to save the world when stuck behind a jewelry store counter in a mall all day. Soon enough that wouldn’t be a problem since they let me go in light of what was happening in my personal … more

Josh Foster
Xlibris US , English
Mucky Streak (Squeaky Clean ... - Christy Barritt

Mucky Streak (Squeaky Clean ...Christy Barritt

Average wait: 2h

After her last encounter with a serial killer, Gabby St. Claire feels her life is smeared with the stain of tragedy. Between the exhaustion of trying to get her fiancé back on his feet, routine night terrors, and potential changes looming o… more

Mucky Streak (Squeaky Clean Mysteries: Book 7)
Christy Barritt
River Heights , English
Escaping Melissa - Robert Moore

Escaping MelissaRobert Moore

A lighthouse seemed like a perfect place to hide. Running from the woman he loved, it seemed like the ideal refuge, until he learned that it was already occupied… by a ghost. As he befriends the ghost as well as the lover that he is separ… more

Escaping Melissa
Robert Moore
Robert Moore , English
The Doorway - J.H. Soeder

The DoorwayJ.H. Soeder

Average wait: N/A

A Private Investigator is asked to find a missing person and steps into the world of the supernatural.

The Doorway
J.H. Soeder
LumenSoul Productions , English
Lollypops (A Kellerman Novel... - Al Lamanda

Lollypops (A Kellerman Novel...Al Lamanda

Average wait: N/A

Former US Marine, sometimes private investigator, oftentimes hit man for hire, Kellerman is as hard core as they come. Peppered into his life, Kellerman’s closest friend from the Corps and sometimes backup man is gay, his business associate… more

Lollypops (A Kellerman Novel Book 2)
Al Lamanda
Maxwell Marlowe, Private Eye... - Raymond Boyd Dunn

Maxwell Marlowe, Private Eye...Raymond Boyd Dunn

Average wait: N/A

Max is puzzled. Nothing about this case seems to make sense. Is the heiress really in danger? Who are the scantily clad people in the beach photos? Max is a Private Investigator and solves ‘the case of the missing heiress.

Maxwell Marlowe, Private Eye. ‘The Case of the Missing Heiress’ (Maxwell Marlowe Private Eye Book 1)
Raymond Boyd Dunn
Raymond Boyd Dunn , English
I Watched Another Man Bang My Wife - D. M. Coffin

I Watched Another Man Bang My WifeD. M. Coffin

Average wait: N/A

Jill has an adventurous side. She is married to Jack, a good man who provides for her. Jack however is old fashioned and conservative, and suspects that Jill may be cheating on him. Jack decides to go down the rabbit hole and hire a private… more

I Watched Another Man Bang My Wife
D. M. Coffin
Talent Writers , English