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Forgotten - Anthony Izzo

ForgottenAnthony Izzo

Average wait: N/A

A 60,000 word novel of terror from the author of The Hollow and The Dead Land Trilogy.

For as long as anyone can remember, The Dwellers have lived on the mountain near Forgotten. After remaining dormant for years, they’ve returned. Hungry…. more

Anthony Izzo
White Knuckle Books , English
The Lost Sister - Russel D. McLean

The Lost SisterRussel D. McLean

In Russel D. McLean’s The Lost Sister, a teenage girl is missing. Her godfather is a known criminal and her mother is hiding a dark secret. For Private Investigator J. McNee, what starts as a favor for a friend soon becomes a nightmare as h… more

The Lost Sister
Russel D. McLean
Minotaur Books , English


Average wait: N/A

Private Investigator searches for an heir who is searching for sasquatches.

Edmund Ramble
L. Townsend , English
Doggone - Josh Foster

DoggoneJosh Foster

Average wait: N/A

I’ve always felt the need to save things but it’s hard to save the world when stuck behind a jewelry store counter in a mall all day. Soon enough that wouldn’t be a problem since they let me go in light of what was happening in my personal … more

Josh Foster
Xlibris US , English
The Doorway - J.H. Soeder

The DoorwayJ.H. Soeder

Average wait: N/A

A Private Investigator is asked to find a missing person and steps into the world of the supernatural.

The Doorway
J.H. Soeder
LumenSoul Productions , English
Playing Fields (Cassidy Fiel... - Karen Stillwagon

Playing Fields (Cassidy Fiel...Karen Stillwagon

Average wait: N/A

Caught with his hands in the cookie jar… well, almost. When a woman suspects the man in her life of infidelity, it’s Cassidy Fields he needs to be on the watch for. As a very specialized private investigator, she’ll study her subject t… more

Playing Fields (Cassidy Fields Series Book 1)
Karen Stillwagon
Karen Stillwagon , English
Checkmate (A Kellerman novel... - Al Lamanda

Checkmate (A Kellerman novel...Al Lamanda

Average wait: N/A

Former US Marine, sometimes private investigator, oftentimes hit man for hire, Kellerman is as hard core as they come. Peppered into his life, Kellerman’s closest friend from the Corps and sometimes backup man is gay, his business associate… more

Checkmate (A Kellerman novel Book 1)
Al Lamanda
A Fine Profession (Chamberma... - Sarah Michelle Lynch

A Fine Profession (Chamberma...Sarah Michelle Lynch

Average wait: N/A

Charlotte “Lottie” Taylor survived childhood cancer and then spent years feeling at odds with who she was and where her life was heading. A chambermaid at a run-of-the-mill hotel chain, she found escape in her imagination and eventually dis… more

A Fine Profession (Chambermaid Series Book 1)
Sarah Michelle Lynch
Sarah Michelle Lynch , English
The Foothills Incident - C.D. Nelson

The Foothills IncidentC.D. Nelson

Average wait: N/A

This is a novelette of just over 12,000 words, it is NOT a full-length novel.

A suspect in the killing of three of his fellow hikers, recounts the experience he had in the foothills of the Cascades. His sanity is in question, and so far no… more

The Foothills Incident
C.D. Nelson
In the Midnight Hour - Patti O'Shea

In the Midnight HourPatti O'Shea

Anise is trouble Ryne is a magical troubleshooter, sworn to protect the innocent from being harmed by magic—and she’s been chasing Anise, her former mentor, for six years. Deke is a private investigator who knows something key to defeating… more

In the Midnight Hour
Patti O’Shea
Tor Paranormal Romance , English
My Informant Zardon - Jamil Nasir

My Informant ZardonJamil Nasir

My informant Zardon, a private investigator in interpenetration universe L-2 with whom I exchange letters, sent me this report of a case he had.

My Informant Zardon
Jamil Nasir
Interzone Magazine , English
Still the One (Silhouette In... - Debra Cowan

Still the One (Silhouette In...Debra Cowan

The woman standing in Rafe Blackstock’s office was beautiful—unforgettably beautiful—and desperate for his help. But this wasn’t just another client who needed a private investigator. This was the only woman he’d ever loved—the one who’d wa… more

Still the One (Silhouette Intimate Moments)
Debra Cowan
Silhouette Intimate Moments , English
Rescued by a Vampire - JT Schultz

Rescued by a VampireJT Schultz

Average wait: N/A

Valentino De Marcus has it all, a loving family, a successful surfing school and an amazing woman. She’s sexy, smart and—in his dreams. Val wishes on a shooting star to find the woman who visits him nightly. He knows she’s real and their f… more

Rescued by a Vampire
JT Schultz
JT Schultz , English
Enos (Priestess of Nergal Book 2) - Zarug Thane

Enos (Priestess of Nergal Book 2)Zarug Thane

Average wait: N/A

Warning: For Adults Only. Heterosexual and homosexual behavior; coerced and reluctant participation; light dominance and discipline.

Enos is a private investigator with a problem: he’s four months behind on the rent, and he hasn’t had a… more

Enos (Priestess of Nergal Book 2)
Zarug Thane
Shadow Talk - Biff Olson

Shadow TalkBiff Olson

Private investigator Vint Crowford searches for a missing necklace and a killer in a small, dusty Arizona town in this gritty crime short story.

Shadow Talk
Biff Olson
Hukilau , English
Cuckold Daydreams and Cuckol... - Jessica Lee

Cuckold Daydreams and Cuckol...Jessica Lee

Average wait: N/A

You do not have to read The Trophy Wife #1 to enjoy this story! Bernard has found out that his wife is cheating on him with another man, which would be shocking enough. But after hiring a private investigator and seeing pictures of her wi… more

Cuckold Daydreams and Cuckold Nightmares (The Trophy Wife Book 2)
Jessica Lee
The Beginnings of a Cuckold ... - Jessica Lee

The Beginnings of a Cuckold ...Jessica Lee

When Bernard learns that his trophy wife is cheating on him with another man, he hires a private investigator to tail her and take photographs to use during their divorce. To his surprise, upon receiving images of her with her new lover, he… more

The Beginnings of a Cuckold Fetish (The Trophy Wife Book 1)
Jessica Lee
The Suicide Investigation: A... - Candace Mia

The Suicide Investigation: A...Candace Mia

Average wait: 4h

Meet Rollins Krump. With his sexy blue eyes and amazing body, women can’t seem to resist him. He used to be a cop, and he used to be married. After leaving his wife and his job, Rollins went to work as a private investigator. His methods ar… more

The Suicide Investigation: A Pillow Talk P. I. Novel
Candace Mia
Skip Tracing - How to find t... - Sizemore Seminars

Skip Tracing - How to find t...Sizemore Seminars

Skip Tracing is a vocation where people find those who skip on their loans. This is one woman’s story on how she not only found the car, but the Rouge who skipped with a car for which she had co-signed for, on the loan. The information offe… more

Skip Tracing - How to find the Rouge who Dun you Wrong!
Sizemore Seminars
Sizemore Seminars , English
Hot Bytes - Lois Bonde

Hot BytesLois Bonde

Karn is just doing her job. As a private investigator of white-collar crime, she knows what needs to be done when she takes on an industrial theft case. Being a friend of the family is no obstacle, until a man from her past returns, stirrin… more

Hot Bytes
Lois Bonde
Echelon Press , English