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Deepsix (The Academy series(... - Jack McDevitt

Deepsix (The Academy series(...Jack McDevitt

In the year 2204, tragedy and terror forced a scientific team to prematurely evacuate Maleiva III. Nineteen years later, a rogue moon hurtling through space is about to obliterate the last opportunity to study this rare, life-supporting pl… more

Deepsix (The Academy series(Priscilla Hutchins) novel Book 2)
Jack McDevitt
HarperCollins e-books , English
Starhawk (The Academy series... - Jack McDevitt

Starhawk (The Academy series...Jack McDevitt

Priscilla Hutchins has been through many experiences.This is the story of her first unforgettable adventure… Priscilla “Hutch” Hutchins has finally realized her lifelong dream: She’s completed a nerve-bending qualification flight for a pilo… more

Starhawk (The Academy series(Priscilla Hutchins) novel Book 7)
Jack McDevitt
Ace , English
Cauldron (The Academy series... - Jack McDevitt

Cauldron (The Academy series...Jack McDevitt

Chosen as One of the Five Best SF Novels of the Year by Library Journal. When a young physicist unveils an efficient star drive capable of reaching the core of the galaxy, veteran star pilot Priscilla ?Hutch? Hutchins finds herself back in … more

Cauldron (The Academy series(Priscilla Hutchins) novel Book 6)
Jack McDevitt
Ace , English