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Disney Princess: The Sweetes... - Apple Jordan

Disney Princess: The Sweetes...Apple Jordan

Share the sweetness of spring with Cinderella, Ariel, and all the Disney princesses in a fun and bouncy Disney reader. This delightful story with bright and beautiful illustrations will have budding young princess fans blossoming into wonde… more

Disney Princess: The Sweetest Spring
Apple Jordan
Disney Press , English
The wheat princess - Jean Webster

The wheat princessJean Webster

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(…)”THE WHEAT PRINCESS CHAPTER I IT was late and the studio was already well filled when two new-comers were ushered into the room—one a woman still almost young, and still (in a kindly light) beautiful; the other a girl emphatically youn… more

The wheat princess
Jean Webster
Taming the Stud (M/f erotica) - Stella Hayne

Taming the Stud (M/f erotica)Stella Hayne

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Paul is the consummate ladies’ man - week after week, new women at the bar end up in his bed. Paul doesn’t know how he does it, but has resigned himself to his fate.On a random night at the club, after a near-disastrous run in with a girl w… more

Taming the Stud (M/f erotica)
Stella Hayne
Shopaholic (Bruised Boys BDS... - Jade Edwards

Shopaholic (Bruised Boys BDS...Jade Edwards

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ADULT CONTENT WARNINGThis story contains explicit sexual material. Please do not purchase if you are under the age of 18 or offended by the subject of BDSM and Female Domination.BRUISED BOYS BDSM TALESTold from the point of view of the boys… more

Shopaholic (Bruised Boys BDSM Tales)
Jade Edwards
Into Publishing Ltd , English
The Blue Mermaid - Sinalyna

The Blue MermaidSinalyna

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Synopsis A mermaid was born at sea; she was different from other sirens because she had been born blue. Then her name was blue.Other books by SinalynaJANYENNYGINYWITCH IKA THE CIRCUSTHE SQUINT PRINCESSTHE BLUE MERMAID

The Blue Mermaid
Princesinha books , English
A Lady of Quality : (Classic... - Frances Hodgson Burnett

A Lady of Quality : (Classic...Frances Hodgson Burnett

A larger-than-life heroine, drama, romance, villainy, dark secrets — if all you’ve read of Burnett is The Secret Garden and A Little Princess, this book will make your head spin. This is one of my favorites of her books; it’s not the best … more

A Lady of Quality : (Classic Book Series) With Active Table Of Contents (Annotated)
Frances Hodgson Burnett
Ned Firebreak - Brian Clopper

Ned FirebreakBrian Clopper

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The Firebreaks are a family of dragonslayers. After dispatching the unruly lizards, this father/son team brings back the fair maidens to live on their magically protected princess reservation. At least that’s what their brochure would have … more

Ned Firebreak
Brian Clopper
Behemoth Books , English
Love VS Loyalty ( La' Femme ... - Mz. Mimi

Love VS Loyalty ( La' Femme ...Mz. Mimi

Born into a dysfunctional family, Chyna has had it bad since she can remember. Things get worse when her mother Princess makes a desperate move to pay a debt and Chyna is left on her own. In the mist of turmoil she meets the love of her li… more

Love VS Loyalty ( La’ Femme Fatale’ Publishing )
Mz. Mimi
LFF Publishing , English
White Dove (Short Stories By... - Kate Leanne Miller

White Dove (Short Stories By...Kate Leanne Miller

This story stemmed from an assignment. The assignment was to create a short story that highlighted a problem in society in a fairy tale fashion for an adult or young adult audience. In this short story a Princess experiences the shallowness… more

White Dove (Short Stories By Kate Leanne)
Kate Leanne Miller
A Sweet Story (The Critter C... - Byron Boyd

A Sweet Story (The Critter C...Byron Boyd

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A sweet childrens book written by a father to his beautiful daughter. A princess of a magical kingdom must overcome greed and selfishness through the love and friendship she shares with all of the critters in the kingdom.

A Sweet Story (The Critter Chronicles Book 1)
Byron Boyd
Byron Boyd , English
The Swan Knight - Seamus King

The Swan KnightSeamus King

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Sir Edon, the Swan Knight, awaits his bride’s arrival in his tattered keep: but as she and her kin approach, they are ambushed by the marchland rebels. Now he and his fiery bride-to-be must rescue her sister and her mother, and must someho… more

The Swan Knight
Seamus King
Confessions of a Teenage Her... - Lianne Simon

Confessions of a Teenage Her...Lianne Simon

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From the heart of an intersex teen, one who must ultimately choose male or female—family or true love—comes the story of a deeply emotional and perilous journey home. This is a young adult novel unlike any other—an authentic portrayal of… more

Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite
Lianne Simon
MuseItUp Publishing , English
The Magic Fishbone (Illustrated) - Charles Dickens

The Magic Fishbone (Illustrated)Charles Dickens

A historical story about a princess named Alicia who is given a magic fish-bone by a fairy. The fish-bone allows her to wish for whatever she wants, but the wishes have to be made at the right time or else something bad may happen. This ver… more

The Magic Fishbone (Illustrated)
Charles Dickens
Bedtime Stories for Children - Anonymous

Bedtime Stories for ChildrenAnonymous

This is a collection of 5 bedtime stories for Children

Bedtime Stories for Children
KK , English
The Divine Ones: Dangerous Love - Elizabeth Moore

The Divine Ones: Dangerous LoveElizabeth Moore

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Jezebel is everything a vampire princess should be; she’s beautiful, smart and spoiled. Her life is picture perfect and she’s in line to take the throne next until a painful deceit turns it upside down. Now not only is her heart on the lin… more

The Divine Ones: Dangerous Love
Elizabeth Moore
Xlibris , English
Sex with the Warrior Princes... - Sara Scott

Sex with the Warrior Princes...Sara Scott

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Sex with the Warrior Princess: A Roleplay Erotica StoryWho says nerds can’t have sexy fun? Sandra may not understand why her boyfriend is so enamored with fantasy movies and TV shows, but for his birthday she decides to dress up for him, a… more

Sex with the Warrior Princess: A Roleplay Erotica Story
Sara Scott
DigiSmith Press , English
The Classic Works of George Ade - George Ade

The Classic Works of George AdeGeorge Ade

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Ade’s FablesFables in SlangKnocking the NeighborsMore FablesPeople You Know The Slim Princess

The Classic Works of George Ade
George Ade
The Secret Memoirs of Louis ... - Madame du Hausset, an "Unkno...

The Secret Memoirs of Louis ...Madame du Hausset, an "Unkno...

The Secret Memoirs of Louis XV./XVI, Complete by Madame du Hausset, an “Unknown English Girl” and the Princess Lamballe with illustrations.The Secret Memoirs of Louis XV./XVI, Complete (Illustrated) was converted from its physical edition t… more

The Secret Memoirs of Louis XV./XVI, Complete (Illustrated)
Madame du Hausset, an “Unknown English Girl”, Princess Lamballe
My Ass is yours, My Pussy is... - Cassie Palmer

My Ass is yours, My Pussy is...Cassie Palmer

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Lorraine, my high school’s perfect little princess. Blonde, platinum colored hair, blue eyes and immaculate in every way, she’s like a portrait of some noblewoman come alive. But one look ofthose piercing blue orbs of hers could make you fr… more

My Ass is yours, My Pussy is not. (A HOT First Time Anal Sex Story)
Cassie Palmer