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Santorum-Anal Sex/Oral Sex/H... - Lexi Voss

Santorum-Anal Sex/Oral Sex/H...Lexi Voss

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I’m African American. She is a Jewish-American Princess and she seemed to be such a bitch. Our antipathy leads to some very emotional sex. After starting off tempestuously with this white snob, our relationship got much better after I fucke… more

Santorum-Anal Sex/Oral Sex/Hardcore Interracial Seduction-Erotica
Lexi Voss
Liquid Crystal (Heroes of Magic 3) - Simon Smith-Wilson

Liquid Crystal (Heroes of Magic 3)Simon Smith-Wilson

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Secrets are hidden away upon a mysterious island. People are going missing, as the military rules with an iron fist. A magical glass dome separates the island from the outside world, hiding the civil war that has taken place. An evil doctor… more

Liquid Crystal (Heroes of Magic 3)
Simon Smith-Wilson
Smith-Wilson Books , English
Sorrowheart - K. A.  Thomas

SorrowheartK. A. Thomas

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Long ago, a tormented young princess put a secret in a box and locked it tight. What once was locked, will soon be opened. Long ago an arrogant man, the possessor of the magical Key of Mazi, was lost at sea. What was thought lost, will soon… more

K. A. Thomas
Comfort Publishing , English
Vuorra: Sticks & Stones - Bruce Corbett

Vuorra: Sticks & StonesBruce Corbett

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How can a small band of alien rebels take on the galaxy’s greatest military power and win? This story introduces Timm Bruce, a Terran who betrays his own kind for the love of an alien princess.

Vuorra: Sticks & Stones
Bruce Corbett
Bruce Corbett , English
The Avatar & the Crystal Key - Janine Regan-Sinclair

The Avatar & the Crystal KeyJanine Regan-Sinclair

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Packed with more exciting adventures ‘The Avatar & the Crystal Key’ is the fourth book in the Angel Warrior series, taking readers on another enlightening journey through the higher levels of consciousness and many other realms of existence… more

The Avatar & the Crystal Key
Janine Regan-Sinclair
Bookwhirl , English
A Princess Of Mars (Translated) (Danish Edition)
Edgar Rice Burroughs
The Serpent's Teeth (Penguin Epics) - Ovid

The Serpent's Teeth (Penguin Epics)Ovid

In a world of gods and monsters, nothing is as it seems.When a deadly serpent’s teeth are sown in the ground, warriors spring from the bloody soil. Only a great man can tame them and fulfil his destiny. Far away, Medusa, snakes writhing in … more

The Serpent’s Teeth (Penguin Epics)
Penguin , English
Legend of an Iron Tower and ... - Natalia Dobzhanska

Legend of an Iron Tower and ...Natalia Dobzhanska

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A Book of seventeen original stories about dreams and losses, pride and forgiveness, fear and sacrifice, misery and hope…. In most of the stories the heroes undergo personal conflicts… a man has no face of his own, an inventor finds a pa… more

Legend of an Iron Tower and Other Fables…
Natalia Dobzhanska
Knight Publishing Company , English
Women of the Exodus - A Bibl... - Constance Woloschuk

Women of the Exodus - A Bibl...Constance Woloschuk

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Moses is the centrepiece of the Exodus story, appointed and spoken to by God Himself. And, yes, it was a patriarchal society. However, as a woman of the 21st century, have you never wondered how the women coped, not just the highlighted wom… more

Women of the Exodus - A Bible Study for Women of Today
Constance Woloschuk
Constance Woloschuk , English
Buggy Breakout (Nancy Drew a... - Carolyn Keene

Buggy Breakout (Nancy Drew a...Carolyn Keene

In Buggy Breakout, spring has sprung, bringing…bugs? The Clue Crew must use their best detective skills to recover the Bug Club’s prize insect.

Buggy Breakout (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew)
Carolyn Keene
Aladdin , English
Valkyrie - princess vampire ... - Pet Torres

Valkyrie - princess vampire ...Pet Torres

SynopsisValkyrie is a young woman who grew up only with the education of her mother. A woman who suffered much in life by to have got pregnant without knowing the true origin of the father of her daughter.Valkyrie grew up having strange dre… more

Valkyrie - princess vampire ( A novel -book # 1) (Valkyrie princess vampire)
Pet Torres
Pet Torres Books , English
Children Book: Save the Prin... - amit offir

Children Book: Save the Prin...amit offir

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This book is written in Hebrew.The Israeli best selling book “Save the Princess” is a story about love and fear. Fears that move us and make us look for love.This story is for people that fear love and the answer for that is in the book.Mag… more

Children Book: Save the Princess - a Story About Love and Fear (Hebrew Edition) (Children Books and Stories for Kids (Hebrew Edition) Book 1)
amit offir
troubadour , English
Atheena Cooks Dinner (Prince... - Larissa Cameron

Atheena Cooks Dinner (Prince...Larissa Cameron

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Atheena is a princess. She goes to her friends house and brings home vegetables to cook for dinner.

Atheena Cooks Dinner (Princess Atheena Book 1)
Larissa Cameron
Moonbeams (Beams and Light Book 1) - Lakisha Spletzer

Moonbeams (Beams and Light Book 1)Lakisha Spletzer

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A Veil Recipe

3 clueless college students 1 magical dimension 1 Warrior Princess A pinch of danger

Take three clueless college students, mix in a tobacco field. Combine one magical dimension and stir in a defiant Warrior Princess. Throw i… more

Moonbeams (Beams and Light Book 1)
Lakisha Spletzer
The Princess and The Pebble - Sarah-Ann Pon

The Princess and The PebbleSarah-Ann Pon

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Join Sarah, a shoe-loving-girl, as she discovers that she’s someone really special! This beautifully illustrated book will entrance young girls and their imaginations.

The Princess and The Pebble
Sarah-Ann Pon
Aliens and Me : Funny manga ... - Zeren

Aliens and Me : Funny manga ...Zeren

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The Funny Aliens’ Manga you shouldn’t miss.Review :I am not an aliens’ Princess.Aliens you might be misunderstanding.I am a man!!And I have been since the day I was born!I am, of course I am!I have always been a man!!I am a man with a mothe… more

Aliens and Me : Funny manga story about Aliens and Human
Aliens RenRenGang , English
Dark Angel (Bound in Darkness) - Lucy Blue

Dark Angel (Bound in Darkness)Lucy Blue

A deadly quest … The sworn knight of an English lord, Gareth returns to the Highlands to pay a debt of blood to his uncle, the man who killed his father. But when his uncle’s men murder his companions and leave him for dead, a mysteri… more

Dark Angel (Bound in Darkness)
Lucy Blue
Pocket Books , English
Cinderella (Futanari Erotica... - Julie Law

Cinderella (Futanari Erotica...Julie Law

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Cinderella (Futanari Erotica Fairy Tales) Cinderella’s life took a turn for the worse after her father’s death. Where before she had a life of a princess, with all the riches and comfort she desired, now she was treated as a servant, force… more

Cinderella (Futanari Erotica Fairy Tales Book 3)
Julie Law
Pepper, Princess, and Petey ... - Margaux Sky

Pepper, Princess, and Petey ...Margaux Sky

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This second book in the Pepper, Princess, and Petey children book series finds Petey on an escapade into the wild blue yonder.

Pepper, Princess, and Petey - Petey Soars the Wild Blue Yonder
Margaux Sky
Margaux Sky , English