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Disney Princess: The Sweetes... - Apple Jordan

Disney Princess: The Sweetes...Apple Jordan

Share the sweetness of spring with Cinderella, Ariel, and all the Disney princesses in a fun and bouncy Disney reader. This delightful story with bright and beautiful illustrations will have budding young princess fans blossoming into wonde… more

Disney Princess: The Sweetest Spring
Apple Jordan
Disney Press , English
Shopaholic (Bruised Boys BDS... - Jade Edwards

Shopaholic (Bruised Boys BDS...Jade Edwards

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ADULT CONTENT WARNINGThis story contains explicit sexual material. Please do not purchase if you are under the age of 18 or offended by the subject of BDSM and Female Domination.BRUISED BOYS BDSM TALESTold from the point of view of the boys… more

Shopaholic (Bruised Boys BDSM Tales)
Jade Edwards
Into Publishing Ltd , English
The Blue Mermaid - Sinalyna

The Blue MermaidSinalyna

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Synopsis A mermaid was born at sea; she was different from other sirens because she had been born blue. Then her name was blue.Other books by SinalynaJANYENNYGINYWITCH IKA THE CIRCUSTHE SQUINT PRINCESSTHE BLUE MERMAID

The Blue Mermaid
Princesinha books , English
A Lady of Quality : (Classic... - Frances Hodgson Burnett

A Lady of Quality : (Classic...Frances Hodgson Burnett

A larger-than-life heroine, drama, romance, villainy, dark secrets — if all you’ve read of Burnett is The Secret Garden and A Little Princess, this book will make your head spin. This is one of my favorites of her books; it’s not the best … more

A Lady of Quality : (Classic Book Series) With Active Table Of Contents (Annotated)
Frances Hodgson Burnett
Sex with the Warrior Princes... - Sara Scott

Sex with the Warrior Princes...Sara Scott

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Sex with the Warrior Princess: A Roleplay Erotica StoryWho says nerds can’t have sexy fun? Sandra may not understand why her boyfriend is so enamored with fantasy movies and TV shows, but for his birthday she decides to dress up for him, a… more

Sex with the Warrior Princess: A Roleplay Erotica Story
Sara Scott
DigiSmith Press , English
Planet Ladder Vol. 2 (Shojo Manga) - Yuri Narushima

Planet Ladder Vol. 2 (Shojo Manga)Yuri Narushima

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Help! In the blink of an eye, my life has changed forever: one moment I am home safe in my bedroom, and the next, I am abducted by a crazy sorcerer and whisked away to another planet. I have no idea where I am or what I’m doing here, but I … more

Planet Ladder Vol. 2 (Shojo Manga)
Yuri Narushima
Digital Manga Inc. , English
Primordial Dust - Sarah Daltry

Primordial DustSarah Daltry

A princess, trained to behave. An assassin, betrothed to her. A thief, whose eyes she dreams of at night. A kingdom at war, torn apart by the suppression of magic and truth, as well as family secrets that threaten to destroy decades of peac… more

Primordial Dust
Sarah Daltry
SDE Press , English
Black Sail - Brenna Lyons

Black SailBrenna Lyons

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When a strange man washes up on the shores of her beloved Naxos, Ariadne longs to be his. Dionysis has no clue who Ari is or how she came to Naxos, but he won’t rest until he knows - and until she is his. Can a former princess with no faith… more

Black Sail
Brenna Lyons
Phaze Books , English
The Princess At War (The Sec... - Lorraine J. Anderson

The Princess At War (The Sec...Lorraine J. Anderson

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The Princess is back — and, once again, she’s trying to get away from her dragon. But when she joins forces with a mysterious alluring stranger with a dangerous past and some ghostly enemies, she discovers her past, her destiny, and her fu… more

The Princess At War (The Second-Hand Princess Series)
Lorraine J. Anderson
Cinderella (Disney Princess) - Random House Disney

Cinderella (Disney Princess)Random House Disney

The most beloved princess movie of all time-Disney’s Cinderella-is retold in the classic Little Golden Book format. It’s perfect for Disney Princess fans ages 2-5, and available just in time for the movie’s Diamond Edition DVD and Blu-ray r… more

Cinderella (Disney Princess)
Random House Disney
Golden/Disney , English
Nicolo: The Powerful Sicilia... - Sandra Marton

Nicolo: The Powerful Sicilia...Sandra Marton

Nicolo Orsini has better things to do than visit some ancient Tuscan vineyard! Yet, when family and business mix, he has little choice. Then he meets Alessia Antoninni—a spoiled little princess, with a smart mouth and pert figure—and the tr… more

Nicolo: The Powerful Sicilian (Orsini Brides Book 4)
Sandra Marton
Harlequin Presents , English
Gypsies' Passion - Tara Gabor

Gypsies' PassionTara Gabor

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An independent gypsy princess is caught between two strong men. Each man desires to marry her to further their own gypsy clans as Nazi forces grow menacing. Only one man deserves her affections.  Unsure of what love is, Zsuzsanna navigates … more

Gypsies’ Passion
Tara Gabor
Tara Gabor , English
Fearless Part I (Fearless Series) - Jennifer Jade Blackburn

Fearless Part I (Fearless Series)Jennifer Jade Blackburn

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Every girl has a story to tell, this is Eve’s. Adopted and raised by human parents in our world, Eve believes she is just an ordinary girl, but as her 18th birthday approaches, strange physical changes begin to surface. She must accept the… more

Fearless Part I (Fearless Series)
Jennifer Jade Blackburn
The Misadventures of Fim - Timothy McCaffrey

The Misadventures of FimTimothy McCaffrey

Fim is a magian who seems to have a knack for misadventures. There’s not telling what might happened next but this is the story of how it all got started. A princess in distress, a new invention called champagne, a potion and a burping cont… more

The Misadventures of Fim
Timothy McCaffrey
Rescue Princesses #3: The Mo... - Paula Harrison

Rescue Princesses #3: The Mo...Paula Harrison

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These are no ordinary princesses … they’re Rescue Princesses!Princesses to the rescue! Another animal is in trouble and the Rescue Princesses must save the day.Princess Lulu loves visiting the lion cubs that roam the plains of her kingd… more

Rescue Princesses #3: The Moonlight Mystery
Paula Harrison
Scholastic Paperbacks , English
Immortal Bound #2 in the Imm... - Nicole Grane

Immortal Bound #2 in the Imm...Nicole Grane

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In a struggle between the past and the present, Phoebe awakens to a world she cannot conceive. Believing that she is still the vampire princess of old, Marcus and Raymose try to convince her that she is a modern day twenty-three year old mo… more

Immortal Bound #2 in the Immortal Wounds Vampire Series-Paranormal Romance/Vampire Romance/Romantic Fantasy
Nicole Grane
Redwood House Books , English
The Sweetest Spring (Disney ... - Apple Jordan

The Sweetest Spring (Disney ...Apple Jordan

Share the sweetness of spring with Cinderella, Ariel, and all the Disney Princesses in this fun and bouncy Step 2 reader. This delightful story with bright and beautiful illustrations will have budding young princess fans blossoming into wo… more

The Sweetest Spring (Disney Princess) (Step into Reading)
Apple Jordan
Random House/Disney , English
I Want My Light On! (Anderse... - Tony Ross

I Want My Light On! (Anderse...Tony Ross

Boo!”I’m not so much afraid of the dark!” said the Little Princess.”I’m sort of more afraid of GHOSTS!”Everyone says there are no such things as ghosts. Maybe so, but then how do you explain what’s under the Little Princess’s bed?

I Want My Light On! (Andersen Press Picture Books)
Tony Ross
Andersen Press USA , English
Disney Syndrome: The effects... - Daniel Marques

Disney Syndrome: The effects...Daniel Marques

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Parents that allow their children to watch fairy-tales alone, often repeating the same movie over and over again are exposing them to the worse form of manipulation that exists nowadays. Children are extremely vulnerable in early ages to th… more

Disney Syndrome: The effects of fairy-tales as a mind-programming tool
Daniel Marques