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A Virgin for the Minotaur (m... - Francis Ashe

A Virgin for the Minotaur (m...Francis Ashe

Thrown into the labyrinth near her village, innocent and virginal Adria finds herself alone, in the dark, and terrified, intended to be a sacrifice to the monstrous Minotaur who dwells inside.In the stark blackness within, the creature hunt… more

A Virgin for the Minotaur (monster romance) (Forced by the Beast)
Francis Ashe
Ashe Land Publications , English
Aladdin - Gaiam


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This ebook contains over 40 minutes of f video!The classic tale, adapted, from Arabian Nights. Aladdin recovers a magic lamp that harbors a magical genie that grants his wishes. With his genie, Aladdin seeks to gain the hand of the princess… more

Gaiam , English
The Dragon and the (Virgin) ... - Maxwell Avoi

The Dragon and the (Virgin) ...Maxwell Avoi

Scorches-Stone has a problem: he’s a dragon without a virgin princess (an important status symbol in dragon culture). He learns that virgin princesses come from castles, and that there are several different kinds. But when he finally captur… more

The Dragon and the (Virgin) Princess
Maxwell Avoi
The Serpent's Teeth (Penguin Epics) - Ovid

The Serpent's Teeth (Penguin Epics)Ovid

In a world of gods and monsters, nothing is as it seems.When a deadly serpent’s teeth are sown in the ground, warriors spring from the bloody soil. Only a great man can tame them and fulfil his destiny. Far away, Medusa, snakes writhing in … more

The Serpent’s Teeth (Penguin Epics)
Penguin , English
Wayward: scifi stories & poems - M.W.  Fowler

Wayward: scifi stories & poemsM.W. Fowler

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M.W. Fowler’s Wayward: scifi stories & poems is a wonderful collection in which young characters experience futuristic adventures. The science fiction is low-key, but the stories are anything but in this whimsical collection featuring a boy… more

Wayward: scifi stories & poems
M.W. Fowler
M.W. Fowler , English
Skywren and the Tor Destiny - Heather Choate

Skywren and the Tor DestinyHeather Choate

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The adventure continues as Skywren and his friends both old and new journey through treacherous lands towards Tidon, a refuge from Sull and his bullies. But things are not as they seem, and Skywren finds himself facing more than just monste… more

Skywren and the Tor Destiny
Heather Choate
Akela Publishing , English
Glory Hole Sissy - Jeremy Ron, Maya Ray, B.D.  ...

Glory Hole SissyJeremy Ron, Maya Ray, B.D. ...

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Excerpt:One guy walked up and sat in the couch right where I was kneeling. He looked at me and said “If you’re such a princess then you know what to do.” I unzipped his jeans and took his cock out and started to do what I do best. I love se… more

Glory Hole Sissy
Jeremy Ron, Maya Ray, B.D. Masters, Laya Lu
Drinking Death (The Blood Pr... - Mara Lee

Drinking Death (The Blood Pr...Mara Lee

The Blood Princess Chronicles: Book OneAnd out of the darkness one will rise. One will breed true. One will rule.Annaleigh Savage wants none of the prophecy and none of the madness that comes from the throne being forced upon her. She has r… more

Drinking Death (The Blood Princess Chronicles, Book 1)
Mara Lee
Liquid Silver Books , English
A Princess Of Mars (Translated) (Norwegian Edition)
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Rising Green - Sabrina York

Rising GreenSabrina York

Average wait: 9d, 17h

Chaos erupts for members of a scientific expedition on a remote island when Sage—the team’s botanist—is impregnated with the spores of an alien plant form. She’s always been the crew’s “ice princess” but now something’s changed. Now somethi… more

Rising Green
Sabrina York
Ellora’s Cave , English


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IN this tale I have closely followed the lines of Tacitus’s narrative, though I have idealized the character of . Claudia, the British Princess,on whose marriage with a certain Pudens Martial writes an epigram, may, perhaps, be identified w… more

Redhen , English
Hunters' Quest (Hunters of R... - Kasper Beaumont

Hunters' Quest (Hunters of R...Kasper Beaumont

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Magical Reloria is under siege by scaly Vergai invaders by portal who have captured the Elven Jewel which creates their protective forcefield. These Vergai live across the western sea, and have fled with the elven princess. Halfling friend… more

Hunters’ Quest (Hunters of Reloria series)
Kasper Beaumont
Black Colossus Conan the Bar... - Robert Ervin Howard

Black Colossus Conan the Bar...Robert Ervin Howard

A godly command places Conan in charge of a mighty army tasked with saving a haunted princess and the kingdom of Khoraja from a mysterious sorceror.

Black Colossus Conan the Barbarian #4 : Full Annotated version
Robert Ervin Howard
More Princess Games - Sam Caracara

More Princess GamesSam Caracara

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Cyrus returns to the capitol to see his beautiful princess. It turns out she has more games for him and this time the two are not alone in their fun.

(note: This is an adult short story (~2000 words) containing elicit descriptions of sex i… more

More Princess Games
Sam Caracara
The Princess and the Pea - Hans Christian Andersen

The Princess and the PeaHans Christian Andersen

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Re-discover this timeless nighttime story that is fit for a real princess.

The Princess and the Pea
Hans Christian Andersen
Merry Fairy Tales , English
The Last Rebellion - Elijah Stephens

The Last RebellionElijah Stephens

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In Ancient Japan, as two warlords join forces with plans to conquer the Empire, the Princess of the Yamato Plains must gather enough allies to save her people.

The Last Rebellion
Elijah Stephens
Liquid Heaven Productions , English
Princess Of Pain - K Bennett

Princess Of PainK Bennett

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Princess of Pain is my very first book of poetry. I have written poetry since childhood as a form of release I have found it at times very therapeutic. The first three poems are completely fictional, and the rest of them are biographical. S… more

Princess Of Pain
K Bennett
Sexy Romantic Erotic Stories - Anonymous Authors

Sexy Romantic Erotic StoriesAnonymous Authors

Sexy Romantic Erotic Stories1. The Rain2. The Real Awakening3. The Sexiest Kiss4. The Right Time5. The Sound of Settling6. The Shower I Would Have Had7. The Warrior8. The Way It Should Be9. To Go or Not10. They See Trough Each Other’s Eyes1… more

Sexy Romantic Erotic Stories
Anonymous Authors
Legend Of The Fourth Moon: T... - Donna Michaels

Legend Of The Fourth Moon: T...Donna Michaels

In the Andromeda Galaxy, XANDRA MONOCERROS, Princess of Lacerta, dreads the coming of the Fourth Moon. Every five years it appears, drawing death to someone dear. First her mother then her husband. Will this cycle take another loved one? Ev… more

Legend Of The Fourth Moon: The Mark Of Goren
Donna Michaels
The Wild Rose Press , English