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The Loves of Krishna in Indi... - W. G. Archer

The Loves of Krishna in Indi...W. G. Archer


The Loves of Krishna in Indian Painting and Poetry
W. G. Archer
The Fallen One (Saga of Sons... - Lenore Wolfe

The Fallen One (Saga of Sons...Lenore Wolfe

A 25,000 word, novella, The Fallen One is an in-depth saga about an ancient race and a prophecy that foretells of four dark princes, the sons of the dark mother, who will rise up with a nation of old vamps to stop the rogue factions from ru… more

The Fallen One (Saga of Sons of the Dark Mother)
Lenore Wolfe
Triquetra Press Publications , English
Black - Tracy Brown

BlackTracy Brown

Who said the streets don’t love nobody? Black is the novel that shatters the myth. Kaia didn’t choose the streets. The streets chose her. Tossed from a broken home, Kaia is forced to learn the hard way just how grimy street life can be. She… more

Tracy Brown
Triple Crown Publications , English
Dark Moon (Firebringer Trilogy) - Meredith Ann Pierce

Dark Moon (Firebringer Trilogy)Meredith Ann Pierce

Volume Two of the Firebringer Trilogy “Carefully plotted, with satisfying action and fully developed, intriguing characters, this is sure to please fantasy lovers.”—Booklist He was the youngest prince the unicorns had ever known: Alj… more

Dark Moon (Firebringer Trilogy)
Meredith Ann Pierce
Firebird , English
Wedding Gown Girl - Kathy Bosman

Wedding Gown GirlKathy Bosman

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Kienna loves dressing up her clients in beautiful gowns at the bridal shop where she works but she doesn’t believe in fairytale weddings or happily ever afters. After all, her prince turned out to be a frog, and her divorce broke her heart…. more

Wedding Gown Girl
Kathy Bosman
Astraea Press , English
VAMPIRES Paranormal Romance BOX SET - Pet Torres

VAMPIRES Paranormal Romance BOX SETPet Torres

VAMPIRES Paranormal Romance BOX SET presentsBook 1 - Vampire EROSBook 2 - Destiny with bloodBook 3 - Prince - Heir of DarknessBook 4 - OMEGA - Vampires adversaries

VAMPIRES Paranormal Romance BOX SET
Pet Torres
Pet Torres books , English
Entering Prince's Soul Where... - Welch Paul

Entering Prince's Soul Where...Welch Paul

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Entering Prince’s Soul Where All the Secrets Lie WithinBy: Welch Paul

Entering Prince’s Soul Where All the Secrets Lie Within
Welch Paul
Xlibris , English
The Spirit Of The Bird And T... - Jaime Bedoya Martinez

The Spirit Of The Bird And T...Jaime Bedoya Martinez

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This tale teaches us that we have abandoned the wise lifestyle of the little bird and the free will that we enjoyed once upon a time, only to get lost in a labyrinth from which we cannot escape as easily as one might have imagined…

And n… more

The Spirit Of The Bird And The Royal Prince
Jaime Bedoya Martinez
José F. Bedoya , English
Recollections of a Billiard-marker -  Leo Tolstoy

Recollections of a Billiard-marker Leo Tolstoy

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[…] Just yawning,—and not even stopping to place the ball,—you see, he was not made of stone,—now just notice what he said. “We are playing for money,” says he, “and not for chips.” But this man puzzled me worse than all the rest. W… more

Recollections of a Billiard-marker
Leo Tolstoy
Oath of Swords and Sword Bro... - David Weber

Oath of Swords and Sword Bro...David Weber

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Whom the gods would recruit, they first tick off . . .

Our Hero: The unlikely Paladin, Bahzell Bahnakson of the Horse Stealer Hradani. He’s no knight in shining armor. He’s a hradani, a race known for their uncontrollable rages, bloodthirs… more

Oath of Swords and Sword Brother (War God combo volumes)
David Weber
Baen Books , English
The Cursery Rhymes - Infrareds Crush

The Cursery RhymesInfrareds Crush

When we were children before drifting to sleep, we would always go to bed with a story. These fables and tales would teach us a valuable lesson that would shape our view of the world, and then warm in the knowledge that everything worked ou… more

The Cursery Rhymes
Infrareds Crush
Infrareds Crush , English
Empires In Collision - George E. Vandeman

Empires In CollisionGeorge E. Vandeman

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The words echo out in different languages. But the faces are much the same. Anger, hatred, and violence flare out—all in the name of religion. We preach love and understanding. We all denounce bloodshed. No one wants it.Why, then, are so m… more

Empires In Collision
George E. Vandeman
Pacific Press Publishing Association , English
Incubus Master: Captured 3 (... - Yamila Abraham

Incubus Master: Captured 3 (...Yamila Abraham

Explicit Adult Content. Scor and Jinady end the dissension between them in bed, but Jinady fears Scor will figure out his lies. Meanwhile Vandrel’s lurid past is revealed to Figaru. A lascivious demon wizard and a murderous older bro… more

Incubus Master: Captured 3 (Incubus Master Captured)
Yamila Abraham
Yaoi Press , English
The Prince's Virgin Wife - Lucy Monroe

The Prince's Virgin WifeLucy Monroe

If I find you naked in my bed, I will fire you on the spot.”Maggie didn’t need warning. She knew that Principe Tomasso Scorsolini, her gorgeous Italian boss, was way out of her league.But now Tomasso needs to marry. He’s had enough of gold… more

The Prince’s Virgin Wife
Lucy Monroe
Harlequin Presents , English
Til Death Do Us Part - Dextrousleftie

Til Death Do Us PartDextrousleftie

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Drummond Alkaine is the worst Reaper ever. So when he is sent to collect the soul of a prince who is scheduled to die, it should have been no surprise to him or anyone else that he managed to botch his assignment so thoroughly. Worse, he s… more

Til Death Do Us Part
Rules of Fire - Tia Fanning

Rules of FireTia Fanning

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Once upon time, a long time ago, in a far away land, a young girl journeyed to a magical desert temple and met a handsome prince…To most, this sounds like the start of a beautiful fairytale. To me, it’s the start of a horrible nightmare.M… more

Rules of Fire
Tia Fanning
Resplendence Publishing, LLC , English
THE PRINCE by Nicolo Machiavelli - Nicolo Machiavelli

THE PRINCE by Nicolo MachiavelliNicolo Machiavelli

THE PRINCEby Nicolo MachiavelliThe Classic.

THE PRINCE by Nicolo Machiavelli
Nicolo Machiavelli
Fred's Story - D.B. Story

Fred's StoryD.B. Story

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Fred is either the most unfortunate young man in the world, or the luckiest one that you will ever meet. When his fairytale marriage to his equally rich and socially prominent childhood sweetheart was cruelly smashed to pieces in front of h… more

Fred’s Story
D.B. Story
Excessica Publishing , English
Prince Jade - Celesta Thiessen

Prince JadeCelesta Thiessen

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Jade, the fourteen-year-old, second-born prince of Kedrin, is full of unnatural powers and an uncontrollable darkness. He is ready to seize the throne. But when Jade’s life takes an unexpected turn, he meets Marigold, a simple farm girl wh… more

Prince Jade
Celesta Thiessen
7 Simple, Yet Powerful Trait... - Kay Rose Nachilima

7 Simple, Yet Powerful Trait...Kay Rose Nachilima

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Dear Reader,

Any beautiful single woman can turn heads, but very few women can capture a man’s heart and become the kind of woman he can’t live without. You may be asking yourself this question:” How can I capture his heart and become th… more

7 Simple, Yet Powerful Traits: That will make you irresistable to every man
Kay Rose Nachilima