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Grimm's Fairy Tales - A New ... - Jacob Grimm

Grimm's Fairy Tales - A New ...Jacob Grimm

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Specially adapted and arranged for young people.The Frog Prince - Hansel and Grethel - The Brave Little Tailor - Cinderella and many many more.Originally published c1814.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales - A New Translation
Jacob Grimm
Much Ado About Nothing - Willam Shakesphere

Much Ado About NothingWillam Shakesphere

Hero. Good Margaret runne thee to the parlour, There shalt thou finde my Cosin Beatrice, Proposing with the Prince and Claudio, Whisper her eare, and tell her I and Vrsula, Walke in the Orchard, and our whole discourse Is all of her, say th… more

Much Ado About Nothing
Willam Shakesphere
Prince Charming My Way - Vanity Johnson, Vanessa Johnson

Prince Charming My WayVanity Johnson, Vanessa Johnson

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This story is about a woman taking her past memories and putting a twist to them and she learns about love, relationships, and family. She comes to see her paths and she has to make a decision. Can she be free to be her? Or does she be the… more

Prince Charming My Way
Vanity Johnson, Vanessa Johnson
Xlibris , English
The Prince's Slut - Mira Turner

The Prince's SlutMira Turner

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Life is a fairy tale for innocent Rapuzel, who has no knowledge of the world outside her tower. But one day, the Prince rides up and can’t resist teaching her a thing or two about the way the world works… especially about sex! Will she fo… more

The Prince’s Slut
Mira Turner
Prince for a Princess (Orca Echoes) - Eric Walters

Prince for a Princess (Orca Echoes)Eric Walters

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Christina and her family adopt Prince, a retired greyhound, but after he escapes one day, they decide to adopt another dog to keep Prince company.

Prince for a Princess (Orca Echoes)
Eric Walters
Orca Book Publishers , English
Rasselas (1759) (Annotated) - Samuel Johnson

Rasselas (1759) (Annotated)Samuel Johnson

Ye who listen with credulity to the whispers of fancy, and pursue with eagerness the phantoms of hope; who expect that age will perform the promises of youth, and that the deficiencies of the present day will be supplied by the morrow, att… more

Rasselas (1759) (Annotated)
Samuel Johnson
PlanetMonk Books , English
The Empire of the Moon - Jerome Brooke

The Empire of the MoonJerome Brooke

The wise women circled the fire. Skyclad, they were chilled by the night air. One of their number, her dark hair turning white, drew close to the young knight. “Welcome, Sir Knight. What do you seek?”The Empire of the Moon is a collection o… more

The Empire of the Moon
Jerome Brooke
GoodSamaritan Press , English
First Date - Stephanie Louise Smith

First DateStephanie Louise Smith

First dates are a right of passage. From choosing the outfit, to picking the hair style, to practicing thoughtful conversation starters. For Stephanie, on her very first date ever, it feels like at the tender age of sixteen her entire datin… more

First Date
Stephanie Louise Smith
The Little Lame Prince - Dinah Maria Mulock Craik, Ma...

The Little Lame PrinceDinah Maria Mulock Craik, Ma...

He was the most beautiful prince that ever was born.Being a prince, people said this; and it was true. When he looked at the candle, his eyes had an earnest expression quite startling in a new-born baby. His nose was aquiline; his complexio… more

The Little Lame Prince
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik, Margaret Waters
Kiss of the Goblin Prince (S... - Shona Husk

Kiss of the Goblin Prince (S...Shona Husk

Steamy, sensual, and dangerous…Dark and delicious.”—Fresh Fiction on The Goblin King The Man of Her Dreams He is like a prince in a fairy tale: tall, outrageously handsome, and way too dark for her own good. Amanda has been hurt before,… more

Kiss of the Goblin Prince (Shadowlands)
Shona Husk
Sourcebooks Casablanca , English
Secret Science for Kids (Twi... - Verawat Kanoknukroh

Secret Science for Kids (Twi...Verawat Kanoknukroh

this is the very best anecdot from the knowledge of Verawat Kanoknukroh the Prince of Scifi.

Secret Science for Kids (Twilight Stories of Verawat Kanoknukroh)
Verawat Kanoknukroh
Verawat Kanoknukroh , English
Disciple, Part III - L. Blankenship

Disciple, Part IIIL. Blankenship

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Kate fought for her place as a healer in the war’s front lines. Serving her homeland has been her goal since her magical gifts earned her a coveted apprenticeship with the kingdom’s greatest healer. She believes she’s prepared.

But nothin… more

Disciple, Part III
L. Blankenship
The Cabil , English
The Little Lame Prince - Dinah Maria Mulock Craik

The Little Lame PrinceDinah Maria Mulock Craik

Yes, he was the most beautiful Prince that ever was born.Of course, being a prince, people said this; but it was true besides. When he looked at the candle, his eyes had an expression of earnest inquiry quite startling in a new born baby.

The Little Lame Prince
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
Rumplestiltskin: An Erotic F... - Sandy Stroker

Rumplestiltskin: An Erotic F...Sandy Stroker

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The fair maiden that could spin gold has made a deal with a mischief making troll. A prince that is holding her captive is not the wee bit interested in her beauty, only in her ability to make gold for him at a moment’s notice. Will the tro… more

Rumplestiltskin: An Erotic Fairytale (For Adults Only) (Erotic Fairytales Book 4)
Sandy Stroker
Merlin: The Poisoned Chalice - Various Authors

Merlin: The Poisoned ChaliceVarious Authors

Merlin is poisoned by the sorceress Nimueh and Arthur seeks the only antidote that can save him - but the prince is walking into a trap…

Merlin: The Poisoned Chalice
Various Authors
RHCB Digital , English
Angelic Rebellion - K Holmes Brown

Angelic RebellionK Holmes Brown

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This short story chronicles the efforts of a villager trying to claim a better life for her people, and a prince who hopes he has grown into a better man than his father.

Angelic Rebellion
K Holmes Brown
To Call Down the Thunder - Mary Dennison

To Call Down the ThunderMary Dennison

Bronwyn lives in two worlds - the world of the village and the world of the forest. She often wonders whether either world is a perfect fit. Growing up as the daughter of a Forestwife (a woman whom some would call Witch) did not prepare her… more

To Call Down the Thunder
Mary Dennison
Mary Dennison , English
Enlightening Cinderella Beyo... - Suzanne E. Harrill

Enlightening Cinderella Beyo...Suzanne E. Harrill

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Cinderella, ten years after, sits crying in the castle garden because she is not living happily ever after and doubts if Prince Charming is her soul mate after all. To her surprise Fairy Godmother reappears and the two have a series of meet… more

Enlightening Cinderella Beyond the Prince Charming Fantasy
Suzanne E. Harrill
Innerworks Publishing , English
How to Find a Rich Man to Marry - Lola Henry

How to Find a Rich Man to MarryLola Henry

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HOW TO FIND A RICH MAN TO MARRY5 EASY WAYS TO FINDING YOUR PRINCEAre you tired of going on countless dates with no suitable partners? Is the dating scene getting discouraging? This guide will help you find the man to make all your dreams co… more

How to Find a Rich Man to Marry
Lola Henry
Bound by Duty (Bound Series Book 1) - Stormy Smith

Bound by Duty (Bound Series Book 1)Stormy Smith

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Amelia grew up in a world of half-truths. She knows she’s an Elder, but has no idea what that means. Her father reminds her daily that she must maintain control, but he refuses to explain why. Even worse, she’s betrothed to the prince of th… more

Bound by Duty (Bound Series Book 1)
Stormy Smith
Perfect Storm Publishing, LLC , English