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The Loves of Krishna in Indi... - W. G. Archer

The Loves of Krishna in Indi...W. G. Archer


The Loves of Krishna in Indian Painting and Poetry
W. G. Archer
The Fallen One (Saga of Sons... - Lenore Wolfe

The Fallen One (Saga of Sons...Lenore Wolfe

A 25,000 word, novella, The Fallen One is an in-depth saga about an ancient race and a prophecy that foretells of four dark princes, the sons of the dark mother, who will rise up with a nation of old vamps to stop the rogue factions from ru… more

The Fallen One (Saga of Sons of the Dark Mother)
Lenore Wolfe
Triquetra Press Publications , English
Black - Tracy Brown

BlackTracy Brown

Who said the streets don’t love nobody? Black is the novel that shatters the myth. Kaia didn’t choose the streets. The streets chose her. Tossed from a broken home, Kaia is forced to learn the hard way just how grimy street life can be. She… more

Tracy Brown
Triple Crown Publications , English
Empires In Collision - George E. Vandeman

Empires In CollisionGeorge E. Vandeman

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The words echo out in different languages. But the faces are much the same. Anger, hatred, and violence flare out—all in the name of religion. We preach love and understanding. We all denounce bloodshed. No one wants it.Why, then, are so m… more

Empires In Collision
George E. Vandeman
Pacific Press Publishing Association , English
Incubus Master: Captured 3 (... - Yamila Abraham

Incubus Master: Captured 3 (...Yamila Abraham

Explicit Adult Content. Scor and Jinady end the dissension between them in bed, but Jinady fears Scor will figure out his lies. Meanwhile Vandrel’s lurid past is revealed to Figaru. A lascivious demon wizard and a murderous older bro… more

Incubus Master: Captured 3 (Incubus Master Captured)
Yamila Abraham
Yaoi Press , English
The Prince's Virgin Wife - Lucy Monroe

The Prince's Virgin WifeLucy Monroe

If I find you naked in my bed, I will fire you on the spot.”Maggie didn’t need warning. She knew that Principe Tomasso Scorsolini, her gorgeous Italian boss, was way out of her league.But now Tomasso needs to marry. He’s had enough of gold… more

The Prince’s Virgin Wife
Lucy Monroe
Harlequin Presents , English
THE PRINCE by Nicolo Machiavelli - Nicolo Machiavelli

THE PRINCE by Nicolo MachiavelliNicolo Machiavelli

THE PRINCEby Nicolo MachiavelliThe Classic.

THE PRINCE by Nicolo Machiavelli
Nicolo Machiavelli
Fred's Story - D.B. Story

Fred's StoryD.B. Story

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Fred is either the most unfortunate young man in the world, or the luckiest one that you will ever meet. When his fairytale marriage to his equally rich and socially prominent childhood sweetheart was cruelly smashed to pieces in front of h… more

Fred’s Story
D.B. Story
Excessica Publishing , English
Thief Prince - Cheree Alsop

Thief PrinceCheree Alsop

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“I absolutely loved this book! I could not put it down…The Thief Prince will whisk you away into a new world that you will not want to leave! I hope that Ms. Alsop has more about this story to write, because I would love more Kit and An… more

Thief Prince
Cheree Alsop
The Unsightly Heir (The Forg... - Jessann Hahner

The Unsightly Heir (The Forg...Jessann Hahner

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Casimir must foil the plans of his violent twin brother in hopes to save his country and the country of Alwarda, which is full of peaceful artisans. This blind prince is trapped in the dungeon and must get his message heard. Will he make it… more

The Unsightly Heir (The Forgotten Royalty)
Jessann Hahner
Jessann Hahner , English
Happiness is Not a BUY-Product! - Bernadette Harada

Happiness is Not a BUY-Product!Bernadette Harada

Yes, happiness is free. It is NOT a “buy product.” Happiness is mental state that everyone in the spectrum of society, from the “pauper” all the way to the “prince”, has direct and immediate access to. Unlike this eBook, happiness is not ev… more

Happiness is Not a BUY-Product!
Bernadette Harada
The Frog Prince In French an... - Brothers Grimm

The Frog Prince In French an...Brothers Grimm

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What better way to introduce your child to a new language than with this dual language of Grimm’s classics !The Brothers Grimm’s fairytales are magical; but how do you get kids excited about the stories when most translations were written o… more

The Frog Prince In French and English (Bilingual Edition)
Brothers Grimm
Ashwyn: Cinderella Retold wi... - Nadia Lee

Ashwyn: Cinderella Retold wi...Nadia Lee

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A long time ago, an evil witch cast a spell on the beautiful Ashwyn, creating a Shroud that made her not only virtually invisible but utterly forgettable as well. She needs a champion to break this curse. But it isn’t easy to find a man who… more

Ashwyn: Cinderella Retold with an Erotic Twist
Nadia Lee
Four Isles Press , English
Black Crystal Lamp - Scott F Neve

Black Crystal LampScott F Neve

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The young prince of the land of eternal night discovered a great secret. No one had ever been so sure of their fate than he. He knew his destiny. “I will bring light to my people,” he swore an oath to the gods who might be listening. His p… more

Black Crystal Lamp
Scott F Neve
Scott F Neve , English
Otto and the Dragon - Sheryl Nelson

Otto and the DragonSheryl Nelson

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A young boy and his friend, a dragon, through no fault of their own, rescue a mighty warrior, help kill an evil wizard, and release a young prince from a magic spell, ultimately learning what it really takes to be a hero.

Otto and the Dragon
Sheryl Nelson
Kate and William's Amusement... - M. Chici

Kate and William's Amusement...M. Chici

An unhappy woman meets her prince in one of the happiest places on earth, but he’s hiding something that might destroy their fairytale romance.

Kate and William’s Amusement Park Romance
M. Chici
Mistress Masquerade (Erotic ... - Violet Bard

Mistress Masquerade (Erotic ...Violet Bard

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Cinderella’s stepfather won’t let her go to the Mistress Masquerade with the other whores and noblemen, but she is determined to attend and meet the Prince. If she can sell him her virginity, she’ll be able to escape the lowly life of a hig… more

Mistress Masquerade (Erotic Fairy Tales) (Sexy Cinderella Series)
Violet Bard
Naughty Niche Publishing , English
The Haughty Prince - Andrew Perkins

The Haughty PrinceAndrew Perkins

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A spoiled young prince learns lessons in humility and graciousness after a fateful horseback ride. An illustrated children’s book

The Haughty Prince
Andrew Perkins
Ben-Hur - Lew Wallace

Ben-HurLew Wallace

Ben-Hur is the remarkable saga of betrayal, revenge, and redemption, played out in the bloodstained arenas of ancient Rome. Framed for attempting to murder a Roman official, Ben-Hur is robbed of his freedom, family, and fortune. Condemned t… more

Lew Wallace
Signet Classic , English
The Happy Prince And Other T... - Oscar Wilde

The Happy Prince And Other T...Oscar Wilde

The Happy Prince And Other Tales

The Happy Prince And Other Tales (Translated) (German Edition)
Oscar Wilde