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Prince of Passion (Royal Chr... - Donna Grant

Prince of Passion (Royal Chr...Donna Grant

Average wait: N/A

As eldest and heir to the throne of Drahcir, Keiran feels the weight of the ancient curse heavily on his shoulders. He had always allowed his passion to rule him, and for good or bad, he has followed that passion. But when he gives in to a … more

Prince of Passion (Royal Chronicles #4)
Donna Grant
The Happy Prince And Other T... - Oscar Wilde

The Happy Prince And Other T...Oscar Wilde

The Happy Prince And Other Tales

The Happy Prince And Other Tales (Translated) (Spanish Edition)
Oscar Wilde
Le prince heureux et autres ... - Oscar Wilde

Le prince heureux et autres ...Oscar Wilde

Le prince heureux et autres contes

Le prince heureux et autres contes (Translated) (French Edition)
Oscar Wilde
teen alien 4 (teen alien book #4) - ipam

teen alien 4 (teen alien book #4)ipam

Starra, the beautiful and bold alien is locked in a time wrap, only she knows.Dirk, the deceptive and dangerous enemy wants to unlock the time wrap and rule the world, only he knows.Rann, the bronze and bold prince can break the lock once h… more

teen alien 4 (teen alien book #4)
Pamela Joan Barlow , English
Girls to the Rescue Bundle: ... -

Girls to the Rescue Bundle: ...

In most heroic tales, a helpless young lady waits around for a prince to rescue her. But the spunky girls in this entertaining series are much too busy saving the day to await Prince Charming. These adaptations and original stories from aro… more

Girls to the Rescue Bundle: Books #1-7
Meadowbrook , English
Legend of Catseye: Book One:... - Airiel Hawkins

Legend of Catseye: Book One:...Airiel Hawkins

Average wait: N/A

The Legend of Catseye is a story about a strong and courageous woman’s fight to fulfill a destiny she wanted no part of. She is joined by her twin brother and his wife, cousins, and her husband, the prince of the land she calls home. Togeth… more

Legend of Catseye: Book One: Nikolaos
Airiel Hawkins
The Histories of Earth, Book... - Steven J. Carroll

The Histories of Earth, Book...Steven J. Carroll

Average wait: N/A

A high action sci-fi, fantasy series… Journeys to the edge of our galaxy, and battles to save all the Worlds of men.

The Histories of Earth series contains the following books: In the Window Room (Book 1) A Prince of Earth (Book 2) All … more

The Histories of Earth, Books 1-4: In the Window Room, A Prince of Earth, All the Worlds of Men, and Worlds Unending
Steven J. Carroll
Globe Light Press , English
Little Girl Lost 5: Queens o... - Keith Lee Johnson

Little Girl Lost 5: Queens o...Keith Lee Johnson

Average wait: < 1h

Her prince was dead and nothing was going to bring him back.And now all Lauren could do was think about the night she stole away from her family and her lover’s brother, who she left at the altar on their wedding day. She wanted a do over, … more

Little Girl Lost 5: Queens of New Orleans
Keith Lee Johnson
Dare To Imagine Publishing , English
Lords of Oak and Holly - Frances Pauli

Lords of Oak and HollyFrances Pauli

Average wait: N/A

When Maris loses the annual ice sculpting competition, her favorite season takes a turn toward dismal. The rent is due and her landlady won’t accept a fourth place ribbon. When the mysterious Lord Brayce arrives with a last minute commissio… more

Lords of Oak and Holly
Frances Pauli
eXtasybooks , English
The Hand of the Moon (Sky Gu... - Nikolas Lee

The Hand of the Moon (Sky Gu...Nikolas Lee

Year 2301

One month has passed since the death of Lady Vinya, since the night sky went black in the sudden disappearance of the Moon.

From the ruined lands of the Outerworld, to the floating island home of the gods, the loss of the Moon i… more

The Hand of the Moon (Sky Guardian Chronicles series Book 2)
Nikolas Lee
Oycher: Vampire Werewolf Men... - Talyn Scott

Oycher: Vampire Werewolf Men...Talyn Scott

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

Oycher Evdokimov, Commanding Vojak for the North American Vampire Coven has protected humans from his very race for centuries. After he presents a petition to emancipate the human Donors who feed the monarchy before the ruling prince of vam… more

Oycher: Vampire Werewolf Menage (Sanibel Immortals Book 1)
Talyn Scott
The Cursery Rhymes - Infrareds Crush

The Cursery RhymesInfrareds Crush

When we were children before drifting to sleep, we would always go to bed with a story. These fables and tales would teach us a valuable lesson that would shape our view of the world, and then warm in the knowledge that everything worked ou… more

The Cursery Rhymes
Infrareds Crush
Infrareds Crush , English
Otto and the Dragon - Sheryl Nelson

Otto and the DragonSheryl Nelson

Average wait: N/A

A young boy and his friend, a dragon, through no fault of their own, rescue a mighty warrior, help kill an evil wizard, and release a young prince from a magic spell, ultimately learning what it really takes to be a hero.

Otto and the Dragon
Sheryl Nelson
Black Crystal Lamp - Scott F Neve

Black Crystal LampScott F Neve

Average wait: N/A

The young prince of the land of eternal night discovered a great secret. No one had ever been so sure of their fate than he. He knew his destiny. “I will bring light to my people,” he swore an oath to the gods who might be listening. His p… more

Black Crystal Lamp
Scott F Neve
Scott F Neve , English
Surrender To The Dragon Prin... - Rose Black

Surrender To The Dragon Prin...Rose Black

Average wait: N/A

Sold by her father, added to a luxurious harem of beautiful women, and in love with her darkly sexy new owner…

Alyssa’s determined to stand out from the exotic beauties of Dracaro’s harem, and make the shapeshifting dragon prince want he… more

Surrender To The Dragon Prince (Alyssa’s shapeshifter erotic romance)
Rose Black
The Golden Lotus - L.E. Bryce

The Golden LotusL.E. Bryce

Average wait: 1178d, 20h

When his master is defeated in battle, the concubine Tamet volunteers to take his place as a royal hostage. But when betrayal leaves Tamet trapped in an unfamiliar land, with a prince who both attracts and repels him, what fate will the fut… more

The Golden Lotus
L.E. Bryce
Phaze Books , English
Transfigured - Ava Zavora

TransfiguredAva Zavora

Approximately 20 pages A dark retelling of Beauty and the Beast… Ever after is nothing at all like what Beauty expected. The Beast has changed back to a handsome prince, yet Beauty despairs in the mockery of their outwardly perfect marria… more

Ava Zavora
The Enchantress ~ An Arabian... - D. M. Raver

The Enchantress ~ An Arabian...D. M. Raver

Average wait: N/A

The padded footsteps of a white tiger pass a servant girl in the hallway of an Arabian palace. The prince’s toys rise up to defend him from a band of mercenaries. A sinister man takes control of the palace while the Sultan is away… but wh… more

The Enchantress ~ An Arabian Fantasy
D. M. Raver
Raver Books , English
Mistress Masquerade (Erotic ... - Violet Bard

Mistress Masquerade (Erotic ...Violet Bard

Cinderella’s stepfather won’t let her go to the Mistress Masquerade with the other whores and noblemen, but she is determined to attend and meet the Prince. If she can sell him her virginity, she’ll be able to escape the lowly life of a hig… more

Mistress Masquerade (Erotic Fairy Tales) (Sexy Cinderella Series)
Violet Bard
Naughty Niche Publishing , English
Kate and William's Amusement... - M. Chici

Kate and William's Amusement...M. Chici

An unhappy woman meets her prince in one of the happiest places on earth, but he’s hiding something that might destroy their fairytale romance.

Kate and William’s Amusement Park Romance
M. Chici