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The Little Lame Prince (Tran... - Miss Mulock

The Little Lame Prince (Tran...Miss Mulock

The Little Lame Prince

The Little Lame Prince (Translated) (French Edition)
Miss Mulock
Winter Demon 2 (Yaoi) - Yamila Abraham, Le Peruggine

Winter Demon 2 (Yaoi)Yamila Abraham, Le Peruggine

2 ratings
Average wait: 3h

The monk Hakuin prayed that his first meeting with the demon Fuyu would be his last. Now it seems his destiny is to partner with the demon for life. His only advantage is the fact that Fuyu is desperately in love with him. Hakuin will use t… more

Winter Demon 2 (Yaoi)
Yamila Abraham, Le Peruggine
Yaoi Press , English
The Puppy Prince - Candace Tong-Li

The Puppy PrinceCandace Tong-Li

Average wait: N/A

A humorous story about a puppy’s adventure into the world, the joy of making friends and the appreciation of one’s family. Young and naive, Sam, a puppy, is excited and curious about everything he sees and senses. He meets different young a… more

The Puppy Prince
Candace Tong-Li
Princess Imprints Inc. , English
Allon Book 3 - Heir Apparent - Shawn Lamb

Allon Book 3 - Heir ApparentShawn Lamb

Average wait: N/A

Shortly after a defeated enemy arrives in Allon with the offer of a royal marriage, strange things begin to happen. What is the connection of four mysterious stones to a jade statue? Are these linked to Prince Nigel’s haunting nightmares? T… more

Allon Book 3 - Heir Apparent
Shawn Lamb
Allon Books , English
Tapestry of Tales: Classic F... - Sarah Deckard

Tapestry of Tales: Classic F...Sarah Deckard

Average wait: N/A

Whatif our favorite fairy tales recounted a few aspects of the storiesincorrectly? Maybe they omitted key characters, misinterpretedevents, falsely placed blame, or even told the wrong ending.  SarahDeckard explores these possibilities

Tapestry of Tales: Classic Fairy Tales Retold
Sarah Deckard
AuthorHouse , English
Mills & Boon comics: The Bil... - MEGUMI TODA, MIRANDA LEE

Mills & Boon comics: The Bil...MEGUMI TODA, MIRANDA LEE

The Billionaire Boss’s Forbidden Mistress - PART 2 Blessed with brilliant beauty and abundant wealth ELena used to be a prince of the fashionable society until an accident took everything away from her, leaving only ugly scar in her leg. H… more

Mills & Boon comics: The Billionaire Boss’s Forbidden Mistress - PART 2
Harlequin K.K./ SOFTBANK Creative Corp. , English
Grimm's Fairy Tales - A New ... - Jacob Grimm

Grimm's Fairy Tales - A New ...Jacob Grimm

Average wait: N/A

Specially adapted and arranged for young people.The Frog Prince - Hansel and Grethel - The Brave Little Tailor - Cinderella and many many more.Originally published c1814.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales - A New Translation
Jacob Grimm
The Prince's Slut - Mira Turner

The Prince's SlutMira Turner

Average wait: N/A

Life is a fairy tale for innocent Rapuzel, who has no knowledge of the world outside her tower. But one day, the Prince rides up and can’t resist teaching her a thing or two about the way the world works… especially about sex! Will she fo… more

The Prince’s Slut
Mira Turner
Witch Queen (The Witch Queen Saga) - Zachary Hill

Witch Queen (The Witch Queen Saga)Zachary Hill

A feared witch is the only one that knows of a coming invasion from another world, a long lost colony that was thought destroyed. When a prince comes to her for answers about a prophesy they discover that it might already be too late as the… more

Witch Queen (The Witch Queen Saga)
Zachary Hill
Her Prince's Secret Son - Linda Goodnight

Her Prince's Secret SonLinda Goodnight

Stepping into Prince Aleks’s turreted castle is like going back in time. Five years ago he didn’t tell Sara he was a prince, now he’s wearing a crown!Sara once loved Aleks with all her heart, and she feels like the center of his world again… more

Her Prince’s Secret Son
Linda Goodnight
Harlequin Romance , English
Much Ado About Nothing - Willam Shakesphere

Much Ado About NothingWillam Shakesphere

Hero. Good Margaret runne thee to the parlour, There shalt thou finde my Cosin Beatrice, Proposing with the Prince and Claudio, Whisper her eare, and tell her I and Vrsula, Walke in the Orchard, and our whole discourse Is all of her, say th… more

Much Ado About Nothing
Willam Shakesphere
The Ice Princess - Theodore Svea

The Ice PrincessTheodore Svea

Average wait: N/A

A prince has his heart, memories, and crown stolen by a cold, cruel, unattainable beauty.

The Ice Princess
Theodore Svea
Prince Charming My Way - Vanity Johnson, Vanessa Johnson

Prince Charming My WayVanity Johnson, Vanessa Johnson

Average wait: N/A

This story is about a woman taking her past memories and putting a twist to them and she learns about love, relationships, and family. She comes to see her paths and she has to make a decision. Can she be free to be her? Or does she be the… more

Prince Charming My Way
Vanity Johnson, Vanessa Johnson
Xlibris , English
Cinnamon - Kristian Krawford

CinnamonKristian Krawford

Average wait: N/A

A modern-day Cinderella story about one young woman who shops too much, preaches too much and can’t hold onto her job. So when she meets Prince Charming, her friends doubt she can hold onto him. But Cinnamon Fairfield learns that God has va… more

Kristian Krawford
WinePress , English
Flight and Fantasy - Viola Grace

Flight and FantasyViola Grace

Average wait: 28d, 8h

Wingless Annanya has been working on a flight suit for the grand exhibition, but meeting a handsome prince throws a wrench into the works. Can a woman raised amongst a species with wings ever find true happiness with a man who can soar when… more

Flight and Fantasy
Viola Grace
eXtasybooks , English
The Wolf of Helocene - Mark Taylor

The Wolf of HeloceneMark Taylor

Who, or what, is the Wolf of Helocene?It is a thousand years old, but has been asleep for a generation.The Prince of Moelberg seeks to make the Wolf his ally.The bitter race of Kurne would lure the Wolf to its doom.The Sennen, imprisoned in… more

The Wolf of Helocene
Mark Taylor
Spinning Gold - C. Margery Kempe

Spinning GoldC. Margery Kempe

How long would it be before the prince discovered Freawine couldn’t really spin straw into gold—or that this “peasant girl” was really a boy?

Spinning Gold
C. Margery Kempe
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC , English
The Preserve Season 1: Episo... - Josh Hilden

The Preserve Season 1: Episo...Josh Hilden

Average wait: N/A

Jeff wakes in a strange hospital with a Faux Corpse for company. The Warrior and The Prince size one another up.

The Preserve Season 1: Episode 2 “Jeff”
Josh Hilden
Action Monkey (GWS Press) , English
Grimms' Fairy Tales (Puffin ... - George Cruikshank, Jacob Gri...

Grimms' Fairy Tales (Puffin ...George Cruikshank, Jacob Gri...

From the land of fantastical castles, vast lakes and deep forests, the Brothers Grimm collected a treasury of enchanting folk and fairy stories full of giants and dwarfs, witches and princesses, magical beasts and cunning children. From cla… more

Grimms’ Fairy Tales (Puffin Classics)
George Cruikshank, Jacob Grimm, Brothers Grimm
Puffin , English
Rasselas (1759) (Annotated) - Samuel Johnson

Rasselas (1759) (Annotated)Samuel Johnson

Ye who listen with credulity to the whispers of fancy, and pursue with eagerness the phantoms of hope; who expect that age will perform the promises of youth, and that the deficiencies of the present day will be supplied by the morrow, att… more

Rasselas (1759) (Annotated)
Samuel Johnson
PlanetMonk Books , English