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The Wonderful Mantra - Arthy Muthanna Singh

The Wonderful MantraArthy Muthanna Singh

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The Jataka Tales are a collection of stories from the Buddha’s previous life. The stories are simple yet deal with life’s deep truths. The Jataka Tales were written to instil and maintain moral values in society and they continue to play th… more

The Wonderful Mantra
Arthy Muthanna Singh
D C Books , English
Desire: An Erotica Collection - Brenda Edge

Desire: An Erotica CollectionBrenda Edge

Desire is compilation of six adult stories: “Priest Unleashed”, “Yes, Please”, “My First Time”, “My Best Friend, Summer”, “After School Fun” and “Strangers With Love.”Each and every story is filled with heart-pouding erotic wordplay that wi… more

Desire: An Erotica Collection
Brenda Edge
The Infidelity Diaries: The ... - Chastity Banes

The Infidelity Diaries: The ...Chastity Banes

I was a priest, my fidelity owed to the church, but on her eighteenth birthday, one Catholic schoolgirl pushed me to my limits. Confession wasn’t enough. She had to be punished, to bear the burden of both of our guilt. Caning wasn’t enough … more

The Infidelity Diaries: The Priest’s Confession
Chastity Banes
Abandonment to Divine Provid... - Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Abandonment to Divine Provid...Jean-Pierre de Caussade

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God is sovereign.God is in charge of everything, including the little things.Not a hair falls from our heads without God’s divine will.We must rest in God’s grace, as we are totally unable to contribute to our salvation.What word pops into … more

Abandonment to Divine Providence - Enhanced Version
Jean-Pierre de Caussade
Christian Classics Ethereal Library , English
Tribute Trail (Trails Foretold) - Chris Power, Terri Beckett

Tribute Trail (Trails Foretold)Chris Power, Terri Beckett

Blush: This is a sensual romance (may have explicit love scenes, but not erotic level). Trained all his life to serve the will of the Great Goddess, Kherin is her Chosen, her warrior, mage and priest. Betrayed by one he trusted, given as a … more

Tribute Trail (Trails Foretold)
Chris Power, Terri Beckett
Ellora’s Cave , English
Heaven's Wave: A Novel of th... - DeEarlon

Heaven's Wave: A Novel of th...DeEarlon

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WHAT IF IT REALLY HAPPENS?Predicted by visionaries from the Mayans to the Bible Code to the I Ching, the prophecy of the end of the world as we know it, in 2012, is capturing attention and imaginations around the globe as the date looms dar… more

Heaven’s Wave: A Novel of the Doomsday Prophecy of 2012
Barking Cat Books , English
Vlad: The Last Confession - C.C. Humphreys

Vlad: The Last ConfessionC.C. Humphreys

Trust nothing that you’ve heard.”Winter 1431, a son is born to the Prince of Transylvania.His father christened him “Vlad.”His people knew him as “The Dragon’s Son.” His enemies reviled him as “Tepes”-The Impaler.He became the hero of a na… more

Vlad: The Last Confession
C.C. Humphreys
Sourcebooks Landmark , English
Fearless Parenting. Raising ... - Harry H. Harrison Jr.

Fearless Parenting. Raising ...Harry H. Harrison Jr.

Childhood is short.Adulthood however, is for a very long time. And it’s waiting. And for millions of kids about to fly out of the house, adulthood is going to be a scary, hopeless existence because they are simply unprepared to face it. Th… more

Fearless Parenting. Raising a Child to Face the Adult World.
Harry H. Harrison Jr.
Harry H. Harrison Jr. , English
Collecting Isobelle: (Book 3... - L.L. Muir

Collecting Isobelle: (Book 3...L.L. Muir

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Being buried alive taught her nothing…

Believing that true love can never be hers, Isobelle plunges herself into danger, yet again, for the sake of desperate lovers. But this time, the man who condemns her is much more powerful than any … more

Collecting Isobelle: (Book 3) (The Curse of Clan Ross)
L.L. Muir
The Sentence - Charles E. Miller

The SentenceCharles E. Miller

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He who entered Hell a cavalier youth emerges white haired, yet wiser in spirit, having spent his life’s years reviewing his rebellion against God.” This is the gist of this great dramatic narrative poem by Miller. Told in 31 cantos, the poe… more

The Sentence
Charles E. Miller
Xlibris , English
Yesterday's Bread - Michael Paul Burns

Yesterday's BreadMichael Paul Burns

One priest’s story, cast in fictional form, from boyhood through to Ordination and beyond, to his final relinquishing of the priesthood and at least partial disillusionment. The book tells of the heights and depths, the joys and sorrows; al… more

Yesterday’s Bread
Michael Paul Burns
The Black Robe - Wilkie Collins

The Black RobeWilkie Collins

A high ranking Catholic priest schemes to recover land considered Church property.

The Black Robe
Wilkie Collins
Start Classics , English
The First Light - Donovan, Jo Davis

The First LightDonovan, Jo Davis

The First Light follows character Michael’s tale of his birth and life in search of his true purpose in the world. It spans several decades and is augmented by the intimate exchanges between an angelic being and her master. The latter is ou… more

The First Light
Donovan, Jo Davis
Passionate Writer Publishing , English
Penance - Cain Berlinger

PenanceCain Berlinger

Guilty of sodomy with a stranger, Simon confesses all to his priest. He’s transgressed before, but there’s more than religious zeal driving the priest’s response. Simon will be brutally punished.

Cain Berlinger
The Paradoxes of the Highest... - Eliphas Levi

The Paradoxes of the Highest...Eliphas Levi

MANY paths lead to the mountain top, and many and diverse are the rifts in the Veil, through which glimpses may be obtained of the secret things of the Universe. The Abbé Louis Constant, better known by his nom de plume of ÉLIPHASVI, wa… more

The Paradoxes of the Highest Science
Eliphas Levi
Theophania Publishing , English
The Power of an Endless Life - Doug Fortune, Wade Taylor, J...

The Power of an Endless LifeDoug Fortune, Wade Taylor, J...

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There’s a new breed of ‘priest’ arising in the earth today. “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people…” (1Peter 2:9) We are all called to be priests, not just a select few. This new breed of ‘p… more

The Power of an Endless Life
Doug Fortune, Wade Taylor, John Follette
"Do We Have Rights?" and Oth... - CJS Hayward

"Do We Have Rights?" and Oth...CJS Hayward

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A lay homilist in Orthodoxy may be rare, but through the kind leniency of priests, a layman may be able to preach a homily. Here are five homilies offered by the author; there is much else he has written in theology (Orthodoxy has a rich tr… more

Do We Have Rights?” and Other Homilies (The Collected Works of CJS Hayward)
CJS Hayward
John Baptist De LA Salle: Th... - John Baptist de La Salle

John Baptist De LA Salle: Th...John Baptist de La Salle

This volume in the Classics of Western Spirituality makes available to a broad readership a selection of the core writings of John Baptist de La Salle (1651-1719), a French priest and educator who changed the face of education in his time a… more

John Baptist De LA Salle: The Spirituality of Christian Education (Classics of Western Spirituality)
John Baptist de La Salle
Paulist Press , English
Candy at the Convent (Rehab ... - Miranda Push

Candy at the Convent (Rehab ...Miranda Push

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approx 7500 words. Candy (remember Candy? From Candy’s Canine Caper?) has been busted again! She’s been sent back to convent rehab. No puppy dogs this time but horny nuns, devious Mother Superior - and don’t forget the priest! He has the na… more

Candy at the Convent (Rehab Re-do / Pleasuring the Priest)
Miranda Push
Miranda Push , English
Faith: A Sci-Fi Short - Gregg Vann

Faith: A Sci-Fi ShortGregg Vann

When science and religion clash, can miracles occur? Or will the truth shatter man’s belief in God?When it’s discovered that Pandora’s Box is real-that the myth is based on actual events-a dying priest sets out to recapture the evil release… more

Faith: A Sci-Fi Short
Gregg Vann
Silver Rocket Press , English