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Age Of The Necromancer (Holy... - Tyler King

Age Of The Necromancer (Holy...Tyler King

A story of Danny who gets involved with the crusaders and the priest of the light as a apprentice under the crusader his master and begins a fight against evil necromancers and demons part one of a short book series around 1700 words to 250… more

Age Of The Necromancer (Holy trainee)
Tyler King
Gather Darkness! - Fritz Leiber

Gather Darkness!Fritz Leiber

GATHER, DARKNESS! is a science-fiction classic. It tells the story of Armon Jarles, a man on the edge, living amidst the disputes of two rival powers at large in the world. 360 years after a nuclear holocaust ravaged mankind, throwing socie… more

Gather Darkness!
Fritz Leiber
E-Reads, Ltd. , English
English-Bisaya Grammar - Various

English-Bisaya GrammarVarious

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In presenting this English-Bisaya Grammar I do not pretend to be considered an author, my only aspiration is to be useful to my American brethren in the priesthood, in order that they in turn, may be so to the Bisaya people. The priest for … more

English-Bisaya Grammar
Year of Trial, Year of Grace... - Clayvon C. Harris

Year of Trial, Year of Grace...Clayvon C. Harris

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Silver-medal Winner 2013 Illumination Awards! (Best new titles written and published with a Christian worldview.) An inspiring and provocative revelation of one person’s religious faith, Year of Trial, Year of Grace: A Catholic’s Search for… more

Year of Trial, Year of Grace: A Catholic’s Search for Faith
Clayvon C. Harris
Angelwalk, llc , English
The First Light - Donovan, Jo Davis

The First LightDonovan, Jo Davis

The First Light follows character Michael’s tale of his birth and life in search of his true purpose in the world. It spans several decades and is augmented by the intimate exchanges between an angelic being and her master. The latter is ou… more

The First Light
Donovan, Jo Davis
Passionate Writer Publishing , English
Sins of Blood and Stone - John Urbancik

Sins of Blood and StoneJohn Urbancik

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Five hundred years ago, he served as a priest during the Spanish Inquisition. When he thought his love affair, which had produced a child, had been discovered, he had the man who knew the secrets put to death. Then by his own decree, he had… more

Sins of Blood and Stone
John Urbancik
DarkFluidity , English
Catholic Perspective on Paul - Taylor Marshall

Catholic Perspective on PaulTaylor Marshall

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How did Paul’s background as a Jewish rabbi inform his message? * Did Paul believe that the Church was one, holy, catholic, and apostolic? * Did Paul hold that we are justified by faith alone? * Did Paul teach baptismal regeneration? * Did … more

Catholic Perspective on Paul
Taylor Marshall
Saint John Press , English
The Paradoxes of the Highest... - Eliphas Levi

The Paradoxes of the Highest...Eliphas Levi

MANY paths lead to the mountain top, and many and diverse are the rifts in the Veil, through which glimpses may be obtained of the secret things of the Universe. The Abbé Louis Constant, better known by his nom de plume of ÉLIPHASVI, wa… more

The Paradoxes of the Highest Science
Eliphas Levi
Theophania Publishing , English
Candy at the Convent (Rehab ... - Miranda Push

Candy at the Convent (Rehab ...Miranda Push

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approx 7500 words. Candy (remember Candy? From Candy’s Canine Caper?) has been busted again! She’s been sent back to convent rehab. No puppy dogs this time but horny nuns, devious Mother Superior - and don’t forget the priest! He has the na… more

Candy at the Convent (Rehab Re-do / Pleasuring the Priest)
Miranda Push
Miranda Push , English
The Devil's Bike: Origins - Giovanni Flores

The Devil's Bike: OriginsGiovanni Flores

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Origins is the second installment of The Devil’s Bike series. This time around we find Warren entangled in a supernatural mess. The recent divorce of his parents’ has landed him in a rental house that comes with a curse. A former priest is … more

The Devil’s Bike: Origins
Giovanni Flores
Strange Conceit - George Timothy

Strange ConceitGeorge Timothy

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Strange Conceit takes place in a Mexican tourist town. It weaves together the narratives of a broken-down priest who has just lost his wife, a mysterious and protective black dog, an adolescent young man convinced that the world is meaningl… more

Strange Conceit
George Timothy
Faith: A Sci-Fi Short - Gregg Vann

Faith: A Sci-Fi ShortGregg Vann

When science and religion clash, can miracles occur? Or will the truth shatter man’s belief in God?When it’s discovered that Pandora’s Box is real-that the myth is based on actual events-a dying priest sets out to recapture the evil release… more

Faith: A Sci-Fi Short
Gregg Vann
Silver Rocket Press , English
Vlad: The Last Confession - C.C. Humphreys

Vlad: The Last ConfessionC.C. Humphreys

Trust nothing that you’ve heard.”Winter 1431, a son is born to the Prince of Transylvania.His father christened him “Vlad.”His people knew him as “The Dragon’s Son.” His enemies reviled him as “Tepes”-The Impaler.He became the hero of a na… more

Vlad: The Last Confession
C.C. Humphreys
Sourcebooks Landmark , English
God, help me make the right ... - Michael Christian Bell

God, help me make the right ...Michael Christian Bell

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Guidance is one of the most important lessons in the Christian experience, and let’s face it, many Christians are unable to discern the voice of the Lord and are unfamiliar with the term called ‘the leading of the Spirit.’ This is a growth… more

God, help me make the right decision - Spiritual Guidance
Michael Christian Bell
Michael Christian Bell , English
compendium of Poetry - Reginald Tripp

compendium of PoetryReginald Tripp

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Some recent humorous and love poetry to a particular person. One poem in particular called RUFUS THE RED might be considered a modern version of the bawdy poetry of Chaucer and particularly The Nun’s Priest’s Tale and will be best appreciat… more

compendium of Poetry
Reginald Tripp
Reginald Tripp , English


1 rating

Catholic school virgin, Molly has a dirty mind, and Father Gregory is going to help her cleanse it… The hard way. He’ll make her…Bend over and Repent!…. “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.”…This book is NOT a Love story… *This … more

BEND OVER and REPENT - Catholic School Virgin Confessions
Burt Maverick , English
Lolita: Porn Star - Peter de Sade

Lolita: Porn StarPeter de Sade

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After getting kicked out of her foster home, (after being caught by her foster mom giving her foster dad a blow-job) nineteen year old 4’ 5” Lolita gets a job at Golden Production Studies. A studio that specializes in videos with woman play… more

Lolita: Porn Star
Peter de Sade
The Last Nephilim - Martyn Housley-Smith

The Last NephilimMartyn Housley-Smith

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Veiled from the world, three teenage nephilim and the priest who raised them battle to prevent the Fallen making their own Hell on earth. But when their mentor is forced to reveal his true identity, his dying words send them on a dangerous … more

The Last Nephilim
Martyn Housley-Smith
Foundling Wizard (Apprentice... - James Eggebeen

Foundling Wizard (Apprentice...James Eggebeen

Average wait: < 1h

For over a hundred years the priests of Ran have been killing young wizards to take their power. When the Wizard’s power comes awake in Lorit he is targeted for special attention by the Temple. Lorit must learn to master his magic in time t… more

Foundling Wizard (Apprentice to Master)
James Eggebeen
The Hunchback of Notre Dame ... - Victor Hugo

The Hunchback of Notre Dame ...Victor Hugo

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A mad priest, a vagabond playwright, a social-climbing soldier, and a deformed bell-ringer—all are captivated by a gypsy girl’s beauty and charm. Two of them will betray her, but the others will remain loyal, even in the shadow of the gall… more

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Dover Thrift Editions)
Victor Hugo
Dover Publications , English