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Between the Covers (a collec... - Erica Sloane

Between the Covers (a collec...Erica Sloane

Over 150,000 words (equivalent of roughly 500 print pages) of erotica and erotic romance…Passion. Tension. Love. Controversy. Scorching hot sex….It’s all here in this erotica collection—one short story, five novellas and two full lengt… more

Between the Covers (a collection of erotic stories)
Erica Sloane
Knight of the Flame (Childre... - H John Spriggs

Knight of the Flame (Childre...H John Spriggs

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There’s so much left to learn.

Caymus had always thought he would be a priest, one of the masters of the Temple of the Conflagration, whose intimate connections with the realm of enduring flames have, for thousands of years, allowed them c… more

Knight of the Flame (Children of the Old War Book 1)
H John Spriggs
A Fresh Start - B.J. McQueen

A Fresh StartB.J. McQueen

After being disowned by his religious parents for being gay, Jeremiah took to the streets and started earning money the only way he could, by turning tricks. After changing his name to Lance and working for a while as a prostitute, he think… more

A Fresh Start
B.J. McQueen
Where Steel Whispers - Erik Petersen

Where Steel WhispersErik Petersen

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Set in a slightly alternate middle ages, “Where Steel Whispers” follows the stories of an assassin, an apprentice swordsman and an exiled priest.

A complex plot involving intrigue, mystery and a liberal dash of horror.

Where Steel Whispers
Erik Petersen
The Katara - Harry Harris

The KataraHarry Harris

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION CONCERNING THE PLAYIn the Greek Orthodox religion, ‘CROSSING’ oneself is performed by pressing the thumb against the forefinger and the middle finger simultaneously and then moving the hand first to the forehead and th… more

The Katara
Harry Harris
Just a Little Bit Closer... - Whitney N. Lee

Just a Little Bit Closer...Whitney N. Lee

It was a beautiful autumn day. The sun was bright and clear, and the air around was crisp and light. Fallen leaves coated the ground and occasionally were swept into the air by the gentle breeze. By all definitions, it was a perfect day.

B… more

Just a Little Bit Closer…
Whitney N. Lee
The Demon In Alice - Virginia Wade

The Demon In AliceVirginia Wade

A young woman in the grip of a sexual possession, a priest trained to perform an elaborate ritual, and a concerned stepfather find themselves in over their heads as they battle a cock hungry demon.This story contains oral sex, anal sex, dou… more

The Demon In Alice
Virginia Wade
I Love Stacy , English
The Alley Man - J. Reed S.

The Alley ManJ. Reed S.

A priest replaces God with something altogether more primal when he realizes his godly life has been a charade.

The Alley Man
J. Reed S.
All Things Work Together for Good - Frederick Hoehn

All Things Work Together for GoodFrederick Hoehn

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Things don’t always go the way we would like them to.

But as Christians, God is perfecting that which concerns us.

The author is a Priest, who provides scriptures on the subject.

All Things Work Together for Good
Frederick Hoehn
Frederick Hoehn , English
Nikki's Story (Sisters of Lo... - Diane Thorne

Nikki's Story (Sisters of Lo...Diane Thorne

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Months of preparation for Nikki’s wedding have fallen down the toilet in a matter of days. One accident after another pops up and she must scramble to make amends. Her six sisters come to her aid, but when the priest scheduled to preside at… more

Nikki’s Story (Sisters of Lonewood Book 1)
Diane Thorne
Evernight Publishing , English


My opposition is based on two grounds first, the right of every rational being to become a “Priest unto himself,” and by the test of enlightened reason, to form his own unbiased judgment of all things natural and spiritual: second, that the… more

The Expert - Steve Nubie

The ExpertSteve Nubie

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A man who is an expert on demonic possession gets more than he bargained for when he meets a priest with a new approach to exorcism. Discover the ancient secrets and incantations that have been used for thousands of years by Catholics, Jews… more

The Expert
Steve Nubie
Steve Nubie , English
Priest, The (Sons of Encoura... - Francine Rivers

Priest, The (Sons of Encoura...Francine Rivers

2 ratings

The Priest is the first book in a new companion series to A Lineage of Grace. Each novella peers into the life of one of five biblical men (such as Aaron, Jonathan, Barnabus) who stood behind the great heroes of faith.

Priest, The (Sons of Encouragement Series #1)
Francine Rivers
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. , English
For Lent, I Give Up Altar Boys - Robert Ceivers

For Lent, I Give Up Altar BoysRobert Ceivers

Danny is a Catholic priest. He also happens to be gay and has an affection for youthful, blonde 20-somethings. During this Lenten season, he has decided to give up his habit of chasing after young studs. Will he be able to hold out for the … more

For Lent, I Give Up Altar Boys
Robert Ceivers
One69 Publishing , English
The Seven - Michael Harold Brown

The SevenMichael Harold Brown

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A fast-paced, dramatic, frightening spiritual novel about a priest who for decades has been preparing to confront a horrible evil entity that is final tracked to a woodland and a secret genetic laboratory. There he and a cop pursue the awfu… more

The Seven
Michael Harold Brown
The Sight of the Blind: A Fa... - James Aubrey Goins

The Sight of the Blind: A Fa...James Aubrey Goins

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A blind woman offers to peer into the heart of a priest.

The Sight of the Blind: A Father Whit Short Story
James Aubrey Goins
Year of Trial, Year of Grace... - Clayvon C. Harris

Year of Trial, Year of Grace...Clayvon C. Harris

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Silver-medal Winner 2013 Illumination Awards! (Best new titles written and published with a Christian worldview.) An inspiring and provocative revelation of one person’s religious faith, Year of Trial, Year of Grace: A Catholic’s Search for… more

Year of Trial, Year of Grace: A Catholic’s Search for Faith
Clayvon C. Harris
Angelwalk, llc , English
The Ice Queen (The Histories... - Nira

The Ice Queen (The Histories...Nira

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In the distant future, humankind has vanished, replaced by a new race – the race of Elves.To the Elves, where innate abilities reveal themselves in flames bursting from their bodies, where all is governed by the will of the First, mighty ru… more

The Ice Queen (The Histories of the Elves Book 1)
Le Fay Books , English
Lolita: Porn Star - Peter de Sade

Lolita: Porn StarPeter de Sade

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After getting kicked out of her foster home, (after being caught by her foster mom giving her foster dad a blow-job) nineteen year old 4’ 5” Lolita gets a job at Golden Production Studies. A studio that specializes in videos with woman play… more

Lolita: Porn Star
Peter de Sade
The Last Nephilim - Martyn Housley-Smith

The Last NephilimMartyn Housley-Smith

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Veiled from the world, three teenage nephilim and the priest who raised them battle to prevent the Fallen making their own Hell on earth. But when their mentor is forced to reveal his true identity, his dying words send them on a dangerous … more

The Last Nephilim
Martyn Housley-Smith