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All Saints' Day and Other Se... - Charles Kingsley

All Saints' Day and Other Se...Charles Kingsley

Excerpt from the book…”Inheriting the zealAnd from the sanctity of elder timesNot deviating;—a priest, the like of whomIf multiplied, and in their stations set,Would o’er the bosom of a joyful landSpread true religion, and her genuine f… more

All Saints’ Day and Other Sermons-Charles Kingsley
Charles Kingsley
Paul as Priest (Seminary Papers) - Oswald Sobrino

Paul as Priest (Seminary Papers)Oswald Sobrino

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This Master of Arts thesis in biblical studies focuses on Paul’s self-identification as a priest in Romans 15:15-16, by closely analyzing the original text and context of this passage, a passage which is often overlooked or only superficial… more

Paul as Priest (Seminary Papers)
Oswald Sobrino
Oswald Sobrino , English
Unnatural Sleepwalkers - Pre... - Beth Wright

Unnatural Sleepwalkers - Pre...Beth Wright

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A mother of three watches as her children sleep walk every night, the thing that frightens her more than anything is that their eyes turn from beautiful silver-blue to bright emerald green and they recite an eerie song. Frightened by their … more

Unnatural Sleepwalkers - Prequel (Thorn Blackstorm Book 1)
Beth Wright
Beth Fullaway , English
The Fire and Ice Legend - Janvier Chouteu-Chando

The Fire and Ice LegendJanvier Chouteu-Chando

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A man tries to stop a massacre and ignites a haunting impulse that sees him blazing a path through life that raises mixed feelings. But who is the searching soul to himself in a conflict with his world that mirrors man’s pilgrimage through… more

The Fire and Ice Legend
Janvier Chouteu-Chando
TISI BOOKS , English


Fiction Action Adventure, discovery of a gold mine by a Russian Orthodox Priest. and his attemptto keep the secret.

Jerry Williams
quARTerly-online.vom , English
Blood Heritage - Dale Drake

Blood HeritageDale Drake

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From across the stony sea came the Shalmerian. A warrior priest, the last of his kind, on a perilous quest to a strange and unfamiliar land where he will face gods, demons and dark magic on his never ending pursuit for vengeance against th… more

Blood Heritage
Dale Drake
Dale Drake , English
The Devil's Bike: Origins - Giovanni Flores

The Devil's Bike: OriginsGiovanni Flores

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Origins is the second installment of The Devil’s Bike series. This time around we find Warren entangled in a supernatural mess. The recent divorce of his parents’ has landed him in a rental house that comes with a curse. A former priest is … more

The Devil’s Bike: Origins
Giovanni Flores
Age Of The Necromancer (Holy... - Tyler King

Age Of The Necromancer (Holy...Tyler King

A story of Danny who gets involved with the crusaders and the priest of the light as a apprentice under the crusader his master and begins a fight against evil necromancers and demons part one of a short book series around 1700 words to 250… more

Age Of The Necromancer (Holy trainee)
Tyler King
Angel of Lust (Fantasy, Paranormal) - Raminar Dixon

Angel of Lust (Fantasy, Paranormal)Raminar Dixon

The angel of lust, Muriel, has become bored with her eternal existence and seeks to liven things up by visiting with none other than Satan, her ex-boyfriend.While she’s hanging out with him in Hades, she learns that the bond he holds over h… more

Angel of Lust (Fantasy, Paranormal)
Raminar Dixon
A Lion's Heart - Crymsyn Hart

A Lion's HeartCrymsyn Hart

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Reseph gave his heart and soul to the priesthood of the lion god Mysis. He prays the god won’t smite him for removing offerings from the altar in order to save an ailing lion cub.Mysis has had his eye on Reseph and can’t help but visit him … more

A Lion’s Heart
Crymsyn Hart
Amira Press , English
Erasing God - Jeff Ambrose

Erasing GodJeff Ambrose

A Catholic priest decides to have his memory erased of all knowledge of God in an extreme attempt to prove God’s existence. But will it work the way he hopes?ERASING GOD is a science fiction short story.

Erasing God
Jeff Ambrose
Dark Elms Press , English
The Wonderful Mantra - Arthy Muthanna Singh

The Wonderful MantraArthy Muthanna Singh

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The Jataka Tales are a collection of stories from the Buddha’s previous life. The stories are simple yet deal with life’s deep truths. The Jataka Tales were written to instil and maintain moral values in society and they continue to play th… more

The Wonderful Mantra
Arthy Muthanna Singh
D C Books , English
Desire: An Erotica Collection - Brenda Edge

Desire: An Erotica CollectionBrenda Edge

Desire is compilation of six adult stories: “Priest Unleashed”, “Yes, Please”, “My First Time”, “My Best Friend, Summer”, “After School Fun” and “Strangers With Love.”Each and every story is filled with heart-pouding erotic wordplay that wi… more

Desire: An Erotica Collection
Brenda Edge
Understanding God II: Soul S... - Michael O'Brien

Understanding God II: Soul S...Michael O'Brien

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Heaven’s Entrance Exam Study GuideNo one can truly understand God, we can only share what knowledge He bestows on us. Every one of us is like a ship sailing across the sea of life! God created each of us with a free will to steer our ship a… more

Understanding God II: Soul Salvation
Michael O’Brien
Outskirts Press, Inc. , English
The Infidelity Diaries: The ... - Chastity Banes

The Infidelity Diaries: The ...Chastity Banes

I was a priest, my fidelity owed to the church, but on her eighteenth birthday, one Catholic schoolgirl pushed me to my limits. Confession wasn’t enough. She had to be punished, to bear the burden of both of our guilt. Caning wasn’t enough … more

The Infidelity Diaries: The Priest’s Confession
Chastity Banes
Explosive Reasoning: A Minds... - Ryan Baldridge

Explosive Reasoning: A Minds...Ryan Baldridge

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Explosive Reasoning is an original mindset. You can become happy, motivated and feel personally transformed. This book is full of inspirational truths and quotes that will cause you to become as joyful as a child. Many people love reading q… more

Explosive Reasoning: A Mindset to Live By
Ryan Baldridge
Ryan Baldridge , English
Abandonment to Divine Provid... - Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Abandonment to Divine Provid...Jean-Pierre de Caussade

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God is sovereign.God is in charge of everything, including the little things.Not a hair falls from our heads without God’s divine will.We must rest in God’s grace, as we are totally unable to contribute to our salvation.What word pops into … more

Abandonment to Divine Providence - Enhanced Version
Jean-Pierre de Caussade
Christian Classics Ethereal Library , English
Tribute Trail (Trails Foretold) - Chris Power, Terri Beckett

Tribute Trail (Trails Foretold)Chris Power, Terri Beckett

Blush: This is a sensual romance (may have explicit love scenes, but not erotic level). Trained all his life to serve the will of the Great Goddess, Kherin is her Chosen, her warrior, mage and priest. Betrayed by one he trusted, given as a … more

Tribute Trail (Trails Foretold)
Chris Power, Terri Beckett
Ellora’s Cave , English
Heaven's Wave: A Novel of th... - DeEarlon

Heaven's Wave: A Novel of th...DeEarlon

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WHAT IF IT REALLY HAPPENS?Predicted by visionaries from the Mayans to the Bible Code to the I Ching, the prophecy of the end of the world as we know it, in 2012, is capturing attention and imaginations around the globe as the date looms dar… more

Heaven’s Wave: A Novel of the Doomsday Prophecy of 2012
Barking Cat Books , English
Vlad: The Last Confession - C.C. Humphreys

Vlad: The Last ConfessionC.C. Humphreys

Trust nothing that you’ve heard.”Winter 1431, a son is born to the Prince of Transylvania.His father christened him “Vlad.”His people knew him as “The Dragon’s Son.” His enemies reviled him as “Tepes”-The Impaler.He became the hero of a na… more

Vlad: The Last Confession
C.C. Humphreys
Sourcebooks Landmark , English