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Life Eternal - Aaron J. Booth

Life EternalAaron J. Booth

The warrior priest, Castus, embarks on a hunt for one of the deadliest creatures to ever walk the lands of Taal—a vampire by the name of Sallus. After a year of failure, Castus enlists the aid of Giento, a man who claims a special ability t… more

Life Eternal
Aaron J. Booth
Three Ravens , English
Davey's Brain Drain (Confess... - Steven Crown

Davey's Brain Drain (Confess...Steven Crown

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Imagine facing death by lethal injection! Just hours before Davey is set to be executed, a priest tells him he should write out a confession. Davey decides to use his last few hours on earth to do just that. In his confession, Davey talks a… more

Davey’s Brain Drain (Confessing his horrors Book 1)
Steven Crown
The Ice Queen (The Histories... - Nira

The Ice Queen (The Histories...Nira

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In the distant future, humankind has vanished, replaced by a new race – the race of Elves.To the Elves, where innate abilities reveal themselves in flames bursting from their bodies, where all is governed by the will of the First, mighty ru… more

The Ice Queen (The Histories of the Elves Book 1)
Le Fay Books , English
BLOODLINE Out of the Shadows - David W. Sheppard, M. Baker

BLOODLINE Out of the ShadowsDavid W. Sheppard, M. Baker

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On his 23rd birthday, a young man from a wealthy family discovers that he is from an alien bloodline and is their messiah, the key to their sinister plan to destroy the Earth and fulfill their covenant.

Hez Harrington’s family has kept a … more

BLOODLINE Out of the Shadows
David W. Sheppard, M. Baker
Worship, a Key to Success - Frederick Hoehn

Worship, a Key to SuccessFrederick Hoehn

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The Lord wants his people to worship him, and he is worthy to be worshiped.The Lord will bless those who comply.The author is a Priest who provides scriptures on the subject.

Worship, a Key to Success
Frederick Hoehn
Frederick Hoehn , English
Handfast, Pagan & Wiccan Wed... - Genna Morland

Handfast, Pagan & Wiccan Wed...Genna Morland

Handfasting guide, includes vows, rituals, recipes and planning.“When we are handfasted, we are man and wife for a year and a day; that space gone by, each may choose another mate, or, at their pleasure, may call the Priest to marry them fo… more

Handfast, Pagan & Wiccan Weddings: Vows, Rituals, Recipes & Planning
Genna Morland
Star Rising Publishers , English
Healwoman - Janet Lane Walters

HealwomanJanet Lane Walters

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Born under a dark moon, Norna has to battle rumors that she is tainted by evil and unworthy of being anything more than a servant. Discarded by her mother, she runs away from her aunt, a priestess who wants her to enter the temple. Instead,… more

Janet Lane Walters
Books We Love Ltd. , English
SINcerely Megan (BDSM Erotica) - Anne O'Connell

SINcerely Megan (BDSM Erotica)Anne O'Connell

2 ratings
Average wait: 5d, 13h

Megan’s imagination and libido are out of control. She just can’t stop fantasizing about Father Michaels. So when she steps into his confessional just to be closer to him and confesses all her sinful thoughts, she’s surprised when Father Mi… more

SINcerely Megan (BDSM Erotica)
Anne O’Connell
Midnight Fantasy Press , English
The Redemption - Brian Anderson

The RedemptionBrian Anderson

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Redemption often comes down to the decisions made in times of moral turpitude. For a retired Priest and an ex-con, this moment is what life becomes as they collide and have to determine the paths of their souls. But will both men choose t… more

The Redemption
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson , English
Confessions: Fact or Fiction? - Herta Feely

Confessions: Fact or Fiction?Herta Feely

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A priest sleeps with a parishioner…a boy loses faith in his father…a little girl ruins her cousin’s marriage…a man is imprisoned with Frog Woman…a married woman knows she’s a slut.These 22 stories of love, lies, loss and betrayal ex… more

Confessions: Fact or Fiction?
Herta Feely
Chrysalis Editorial , English
The Five Vows: Raising Your ... - Michael Maciel

The Five Vows: Raising Your ...Michael Maciel

Written by a priest who took vows over forty years ago, The Five Vows shows how anyone, not just those in a religious profession, can live spiritually in a crazy, secular world. More than mere promises, the vows are powerful blessings desig… more

The Five Vows: Raising Your Spiritual Commitment to the Next Level
Michael Maciel
FastPencil.com , English
Better with God? Why be "goo... - Fr Daniel Brandenburg

Better with God? Why be "goo...Fr Daniel Brandenburg

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The crisis of faith in modern society became personal for the author from the experience of a priest gone bad and an atheist gone good. This provoked three questions that form the core of the book:1. Can we be good without God? Some of… more

Better with God? Why be “good without God” when you can be better with God?
Fr Daniel Brandenburg
Fr Daniel Brandenburg LC , English
Vespers (87th Precinct) - Ed McBain

Vespers (87th Precinct)Ed McBain

Average wait: < 1h

There are a lot of unspeakable things that happen in the big city, and the murder of St. Catherine’s Father Birney is one of them. For Detectives Carella and Hawes of the 87th Precinct, finding the killer means taking a journey into the dar… more

Vespers (87th Precinct)
Ed McBain
Thomas & Mercer , English
The Nose (The masterpiece to... - Ryunosuke Akutagawa

The Nose (The masterpiece to...Ryunosuke Akutagawa

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You can read the masterpieces by manga are worth reading .Try them so you would be impressed by them !!We faithfully replicated Akutagawa’s works by manga.About 20 centimeters length has the nose of a certain famous priest and I go down fro… more

The Nose (The masterpiece to enjoy by comics. Book 1)
Ryunosuke Akutagawa
NTC Electronic Book Publishing Section , English
The Last Demon - Peter Francis

The Last DemonPeter Francis

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A scary murder mystery thriller with more than a hint of ghost story as a band of people flee the worst night in creation. The small cast includes a priest, a stranger, an old woman, a dying mother and her two young daughters now in the car… more

The Last Demon
Peter Francis
Peter Francis , English
Down on Her Knees (Serving P... - Sarah Daltry

Down on Her Knees (Serving P...Sarah Daltry

She knows she’s been bad. Just turned 18 and she’s been spending her nights in sex chatrooms. Feeling contrite, she goes to confession where her priest is ready to punish her severely until she is sorry. Only Father knows how to sin so well… more

Down on Her Knees (Serving Penance) (First Timers)
Sarah Daltry
The History of the Saints -  John Cook Bennett

The History of the Saints John Cook Bennett

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order of Melchisedec.’ Now here, as by the whole tenor of the apostle’s argument, it appears that the Aaronic and Levitical priesthoods were done away, and Christ created sole priest, forever, after the order of Melchisedec. He, then, is t… more

The History of the Saints
John Cook Bennett
Opus Dei: An Archaeology of ... - Giorgio Agamben

Opus Dei: An Archaeology of ...Giorgio Agamben

In this follow-up to The Kingdom and the Glory and The Highest Poverty, Agamben investigates the roots of our moral concept of duty in the theory and practice of Christian liturgy. Beginning with the New Testament and working through to lat… more

Opus Dei: An Archaeology of Duty (Meridian: Crossing Aesthetics)
Giorgio Agamben
Stanford University Press , English
Love Is Always: A True Story... - Michael Miles

Love Is Always: A True Story...Michael Miles

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Love Is Always has been featured on 60 Minutes, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and The Today Show. It is the dramatic account of the only man in American history to openly marry and begin a family without forfeiting his position as a priest. The a… more

Love Is Always: A True Story of a Man and Woman’s Challenge to Catholicism’s Forbidden World of the Married Priesthood
Michael Miles
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , English


THE BOOK OF WERE-WOLVESใI SHALL never forget the walk I took one night in Vienne, after having accomplished the examination of an unknown Druidical relic, the Pierre labie, at La Rondelle, near Champigni. I had learned of the existence of t… more

Myoctober , English