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Footprints of ThunderJames F. David

When a freak natural phenomenon dissolves the boundaries between yesterday and today, the world is transformed into a patchwork mixture of the present and the distant past. Entire cities are replaced by primeval forests. Prehistoric monster… more

Footprints of Thunder
James F. David
Tor Books , English

Lincoln: The ScreenplayTony Kushner

A decade-long collaboration between three-time Academy Award® winner Steven Spielberg and Pulitzer Prize winner Tony Kushner, Lincoln is a revealing drama that focuses on the 16th President’s tumultuous final months in office. Containing ei… more

Lincoln: The Screenplay
Tony Kushner
Theatre Communications Group , English

The Ripple Effect 101Bryneen Gary

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The Ripple Effect 101, very Intellectual, easy to read but goes deeper than that. A small work of art, for readers and writers of a open mind. 27 poems that speak on Employment, Politics and love. From Letter to the Government, Letter to th… more

The Ripple Effect 101
Bryneen Gary
PoetiQ rOses Publishing , English

Welcome to the JungleA. L. Harlow

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When I began writing this I was at a loss for the reasons why. Why would I open myself up again to all those feelings from years of being lost, broken, imprisoned and nearly killed? I felt I needed to get my story out in hopes that it could… more

Welcome to the Jungle
A. L. Harlow

The HypocriteGuy Thorne

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Excerpt:”I am thinking of writing my impressions, binding them in red leather, with a fleur-de-lys stamped in the corner, and distributing them among my friends,” said the youth with the large tie.”My good fool,” said the President of the U… more

The Hypocrite
Guy Thorne

Mystic Will...The power of t...S.A. Morse

You can be the person you want to be. Whatever your , race, belief, or educational background you can achieve anything you want in life by developing a…Mystic Will Finally, the intriguing subject of the power of the will and super achieve… more

Mystic Will…The power of the will and super achievement!
S.A. Morse

Dangerous Stir (Civil War America)Mark Wahlgren Summers

Summers argues that reconstruction policy after the Civil War was shaped not simply by politics, principles, and prejudices, but also by fears—often unreasonable fears of renewed civil war and a widespread sense that four years of war had … more

Dangerous Stir (Civil War America)
Mark Wahlgren Summers
The University of North Carolina Press , English

Cold Sweat: A Novel of the FutureDakota Devlin

A riveting explosion of a book. “A collage of raw future politics and unforgettable sex make for a heady mix.” A full-length science fiction novel (social science, not gadget science). Lust, money, and power in a near future time of corpora… more

Cold Sweat: A Novel of the Future
Dakota Devlin
Spectrum Tango , English

Abraham LincolnEdith L Elias

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This is a 224 page glimpse into the Historic Abraham Lincoln. This is a digital copy of the 1920 book. It may contain conversion errors, hand written notes etc. However it is a great refrence to the study of our former president.

Abraham Lincoln
Edith L Elias

The Meaning of the WarHenri Bergson

This little volume contains the discourse delivered by M. Bergson as President of the Academie des Sciences Morales et Politiques at its annual public meeting on December 12, 1914. It is the address which preceded the announcement of the … more

The Meaning of the War
Henri Bergson

#09 The Case of the Crooked ...Lewis B. Montgomery

Campaign mania hits Westview when Jazz decides to run for school president. But is someone stealing all her best ideas? And how? Milo and Jazz must solve the mystery—before Election Day!

#09 The Case of the Crooked Campaign (The Milo & Jazz Mysteries ®)
Lewis B. Montgomery
The Kane Press , English

If I Were The President (The...One Old Grandpa

This is a book about a childs imagination and what he would do if he were the president.

If I Were The President (The First Reader Series)
One Old Grandpa
One Old Grandpa , English

Red, White, and--Achoo! #33 ...Nancy Krulik

It?s Presidents? Day, and everyone in class 4A is psyched. It means that they each get to dress up as a president and give an oral report in front of the class. But Katie finds herself on shaky ground after the magic wind switcheroos her in… more

Red, White, and—Achoo! #33 (Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo)
Nancy Krulik
Grosset & Dunlap , English

Kremlon Book 1: The Crystal PendantJane Ellison

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In today’s world, the land of Arikmania is not much different from Earth. The only thing different is that Arikmania holds magic and has a magical past of which Earth does not. On Arikmania, is a country called Kremlon which has both a beau… more

Kremlon Book 1: The Crystal Pendant
Jane Ellison

Wizard the dog that knew Mag...Edmond Humm

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Magic the amazing Golden Retriever is now the sire of three active pups. One puppy, named Wizard, shows strong inherited traits, but Ryan and Magic are off on another adventure. A dirty bomb has been exploded, and the President wants answe… more

Wizard the dog that knew Magic (Magic mysteries)
Edmond Humm

Woodrow Wilson The State of ...Woodrow Wilson

State of the Union Address by Woodrow WilsonHere it is, the State of the Union Address. Every president makes them. Kids need a quick and easy school report, trying reading these in class.Need a quote to spruce up any report or presentation… more

Woodrow Wilson The State of the Union Address (President)
Woodrow Wilson

CrypticRansom Uriah

Cryptic” is a political espionage-thriller involving the management of a new President’s primary Campaign Contributor and his many unusual agendas- making “Cryptic” the perfect black comedy for every American Election Season!This version o… more

Ransom Uriah
The C.C.I.[Private Label] , English

William Jefferson Clinton Th...William Jefferson Clinton

State of the Union Address by William Jefferson ClintonHere it is, the State of the Union Address. Every president makes them. Kids need a quick and easy school report, trying reading these in class.Need a quote to spruce up any report or p… more

William Jefferson Clinton The State of the Union Address (Reference)
William Jefferson Clinton

Babymouse #16: Babymouse for...Jennifer L. Holm, Matthew Holm

A Cupcake in every locker! It’s election season and if anyone knows what this country … er, what the student council needs, it’s Babymouse. The only trouble is, everyone else is running for President, too—even Babymouse’s locker! Will F… more

Babymouse #16: Babymouse for President
Jennifer L. Holm, Matthew Holm
Random House BFYR , English

Space Corps Part 4: The Right ThingK. W. Matthews

“What’s the right thing?”“Whatever lets you sleep at night.”Accepting her limits, Ashley does everything she can to prepare for another alien attack. She can’t break the rules, but she’s going to bend them as far as possible. She’s fighting… more

Space Corps Part 4: The Right Thing
K. W. Matthews
Stix Publishing , English