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John Tyler The State of the ... - John Tyler

John Tyler The State of the ...John Tyler

State of the Union Address by John TylerHere it is, the State of the Union Address. Every president makes them. Kids need a quick and easy school report, trying reading these in class.Need a quote to spruce up any report or presentation the… more

John Tyler The State of the Union Address (Presidents)
John Tyler
Kitty Hawk (I, Q) - Roland Smith

Kitty Hawk (I, Q)Roland Smith

The president’s daughter has been kidnapped by the elusive and lethal Ghost Cell. Quest (Q) and Angela are in hot pursuit with vicious winds and blinding rain thwarting them at every turn. It’s a desperate high stakes chase. But who is chas… more

Kitty Hawk (I, Q)
Roland Smith
Sleeping Bear Press , English
My Administration - Mario Milosevic

My AdministrationMario Milosevic

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Forget 15 minutes of fame. What about 15 minutes of pure power? In the future everyone will have a chance to be president. The only catch is your term of office will last only one quarter of one hour. What can anyone, even the most powerful… more

My Administration
Mario Milosevic
Green Snake Publishing , English
Dangerous Stir (Civil War America) - Mark Wahlgren Summers

Dangerous Stir (Civil War America)Mark Wahlgren Summers

Summers argues that reconstruction policy after the Civil War was shaped not simply by politics, principles, and prejudices, but also by fears—often unreasonable fears of renewed civil war and a widespread sense that four years of war had … more

Dangerous Stir (Civil War America)
Mark Wahlgren Summers
The University of North Carolina Press , English
Sounds Good on Paper: How to... - Roger Horberry

Sounds Good on Paper: How to...Roger Horberry

Figures of speech are everywhere. Popstar or postman, president or paperboy, the chances are you’ve already used a whole heap of them today without realising it. For business writers, they’re pure gold. They make our words more powerful, pe… more

Sounds Good on Paper: How to Bring Business Language to Life
Roger Horberry
A&C BLACK , English
Franklin D. Roosevelt's Seco... -  Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Seco... Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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(…)When four years ago we met to inaugurate a President, the Republic, single-minded in anxiety, stood in spirit here. We dedicated ourselves to the fulfillment of a vision—to speed the time when there would be for all the people that se… more

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Second Inaugural Address
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Amanda - The Signing Bonus - Erik D.  Astor

Amanda - The Signing BonusErik D. Astor

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Amanda thought it was a quick busman’s holiday. Travel with her husband and his boss as a girl Friday while they close a deal worth millions with an African President. But she is thrown into the mix when the President insists that use of he… more

Amanda - The Signing Bonus
Erik D. Astor
Fiction4All , English
Space Corps Part 4: The Right Thing - K. W. Matthews

Space Corps Part 4: The Right ThingK. W. Matthews

“What’s the right thing?”“Whatever lets you sleep at night.”Accepting her limits, Ashley does everything she can to prepare for another alien attack. She can’t break the rules, but she’s going to bend them as far as possible. She’s fighting… more

Space Corps Part 4: The Right Thing
K. W. Matthews
Stix Publishing , English
Babymouse #16: Babymouse for... - Jennifer L. Holm, Matthew Holm

Babymouse #16: Babymouse for...Jennifer L. Holm, Matthew Holm

A Cupcake in every locker! It’s election season and if anyone knows what this country … er, what the student council needs, it’s Babymouse. The only trouble is, everyone else is running for President, too—even Babymouse’s locker! Will F… more

Babymouse #16: Babymouse for President
Jennifer L. Holm, Matthew Holm
Random House BFYR , English
Abraham Lincoln - Edith L Elias

Abraham LincolnEdith L Elias

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This is a 224 page glimpse into the Historic Abraham Lincoln. This is a digital copy of the 1920 book. It may contain conversion errors, hand written notes etc. However it is a great refrence to the study of our former president.

Abraham Lincoln
Edith L Elias
Footprints of Thunder - James F. David

Footprints of ThunderJames F. David

When a freak natural phenomenon dissolves the boundaries between yesterday and today, the world is transformed into a patchwork mixture of the present and the distant past. Entire cities are replaced by primeval forests. Prehistoric monster… more

Footprints of Thunder
James F. David
Tor Books , English
Cryptic - Ransom Uriah

CrypticRansom Uriah

Cryptic” is a political espionage-thriller involving the management of a new President’s primary Campaign Contributor and his many unusual agendas- making “Cryptic” the perfect black comedy for every American Election Season!This version o… more

Ransom Uriah
The C.C.I.[Private Label] , English
William Jefferson Clinton Th... - William Jefferson Clinton

William Jefferson Clinton Th...William Jefferson Clinton

State of the Union Address by William Jefferson ClintonHere it is, the State of the Union Address. Every president makes them. Kids need a quick and easy school report, trying reading these in class.Need a quote to spruce up any report or p… more

William Jefferson Clinton The State of the Union Address (Reference)
William Jefferson Clinton
Eighteen Acres: A Novel - Nicolle Wallace

Eighteen Acres: A NovelNicolle Wallace

1 rating

From the former Communications Director for the White House and current political media strategist comes a suspenseful and smart commercial novel about the first female president and all dramas and deceptions she faces both in politics and … more

Eighteen Acres: A Novel
Nicolle Wallace
Atria Books , English
Breaking Barack - Mike Valasek

Breaking BarackMike Valasek

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Discover what the media isn’t saying about Benghazi.

Breaking Barack
Mike Valasek
The Ripple Effect 101 - Bryneen Gary

The Ripple Effect 101Bryneen Gary

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The Ripple Effect 101, very Intellectual, easy to read but goes deeper than that. A small work of art, for readers and writers of a open mind. 27 poems that speak on Employment, Politics and love. From Letter to the Government, Letter to th… more

The Ripple Effect 101
Bryneen Gary
PoetiQ rOses Publishing , English
Chester Alan Arthur The Stat... - Chester Alan Arthur

Chester Alan Arthur The Stat...Chester Alan Arthur

State of the Union Address by Chester Alan ArthurHere it is, the State of the Union Address. Every president makes them. Kids need a quick and easy school report, trying reading these in class.Need a quote to spruce up any report or present… more

Chester Alan Arthur The State of the Union Address (Presidents)
Chester Alan Arthur
What Is Your Culture To Me -... - Charles Dudley Warner

What Is Your Culture To Me -...Charles Dudley Warner

Twenty-one years ago in this house I heard a voice calling me to ascend the platform, and there to stand and deliver. The voice was the voice of President North; the language was an excellent imitation of that used by Cicero and Julius Caes… more

What Is Your Culture To Me - Charles Dudley Warner
Charles Dudley Warner
iHero: Strike Force: EDGE - Steve Skidmore, Steve Barlow

iHero: Strike Force: EDGESteve Skidmore, Steve Barlow

­­­­­You are part of a Special Operations team and work on the toughest missions. A president’s granddaughter is in danger. Can you find a way to save her? Or will you choose another path? You are the hero of this book. Only you can decide … more

iHero: Strike Force: EDGE
Steve Skidmore, Steve Barlow
Franklin Watts , English
Terrible Advice - Mike Rainey

Terrible AdviceMike Rainey

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Terrible Advice is the perfect book for the loser with no friends, self-esteem, or will power to continue living. So, in other words, this book is perfect for you. This book will give you all the advice your tiny brain can handle on topics … more

Terrible Advice
Mike Rainey