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Smoke and Fears, a Gaslight FantasyLaura VanArendonk Baugh

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I found myself entranced”“…engaging characters moving about in a world that is surprisingly vivid for a short story” Marsden cannot remember his real name, nor how he came to be a valet for the schoolboy son of a powerful magician. Phant… more

Smoke and Fears, a Gaslight Fantasy
Laura VanArendonk Baugh
Æclipse Press , English

The Last Adventure of Garriu...Karl El-Koura

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              A ravenous creature that devours its victims, leaving nothing behind.A hero intent on stopping it before the creature kills again.A powerful magician, left for dead in the ruins of his father's castle, alive and thirsting ... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00D5CILOM/#editorial-review">more</a>
The Last Adventure of Garrius Arilius
Karl El-Koura

Barnstormer's OdeJohn Solomon

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This world of ours, borne along on a tide of Science, is not the only one. An equal and opposite one, founded on Magic, exists to balance it. One day, far into the future, the two will have developed, through their own paths, to have become… more

Barnstormer’s Ode
John Solomon
John Solomon , English

The Wolf and the SorceressBrian Pemberton

Message from the AuthorNemelia Hunter thinks she is an ordinary girl until she discovers that not everyone has the ability to point to an object, then wish for it to move or to be at their side. Her adoptive parents fear for her safety when… more

The Wolf and the Sorceress
Brian Pemberton
Brian P. Pemberton , English

Dragon DesireLisette Ashton

In this scorching tale of dragons, damsels, myths and magicks, Tavia and Caitrin stop at nothing in their quest to sate their desire.“She lifted the carafe and sniffed the neck. A tremor of raw need shivered through her bare flesh. Upturnin… more

Dragon Desire
Lisette Ashton
Mischief , English

The Hollow Kingdom: Book I -...Clare B. Dunkle

She had never screamed before, not when she overturned the rowboat and almost drowned, not even when Lightfoot bucked her off and she felt her leg break underneath her with an agonizing crunch. But now she screamed long and loud, with all … more

The Hollow Kingdom: Book I — The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy
Clare B. Dunkle
Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) , English

Path Of Revenge (Husk Trilogy)Russell Kirkpatrick

Seventy years after the conclusion of the Falthan War, three great continents - and their gods - are again at war for truth and immortality. Husk is the remnant of a once-powerful magician, defeated decades ago by the Undying Man, Lord of … more

Path Of Revenge (Husk Trilogy)
Russell Kirkpatrick
Voyager , English

Chaos WithinM. J. Spickett

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Just when life seems to be returning to normal, all hell breaks loose for Elijah Hawke.� Dubbed as the most power magician of his time, Eli’s battled countless rivals and even the Chaos Demon itself.� But what was believed to be a won battl… more

Chaos Within
M. J. Spickett
eXtasy Books , English

BookwormChristopher Nuttall

3 ratings
Average wait: 38d, 20h

Elaine is an orphan girl who has grown up in a world where magical ability brings power. Her limited talent was enough to ensure a magical training but she’s very inexperienced and was lucky to get a position working in the Great Library. N… more

Christopher Nuttall
Elsewhen Press , English

Demon Knights (2011- ) #12Paul Cornell

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The Demon Knights are helpless in the clutches of Morgaine le Fey. Even worse, they’ve already given her exactly what she needs to become the planet’s most powerful magician!

Demon Knights (2011- ) #12
Paul Cornell
DC , English

The Books of Magic #1: The I...Carla Jablonski

Do you believe in magic?Timothy Hunter is just like any other thirteen-year-old boy in London … except for the tiny fact that he might be the most powerful magician of his time. When four strangers offer to show Tim the realms of magic… more

The Books of Magic #1: The Invitation (Books of Magic (EOS))
Carla Jablonski
HarperTeen , English

Dark Ruby (Dark Jewels Series)Lisa Jackson

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Amid the mists of enchanting Wales, a beautiful woman made a desperate bargain that would seal her fate forever …THE LADYAn arranged marriage put Lady Gwynn at the mercy of a baron who had murdered two wives for not bearing him a son. T… more

Dark Ruby (Dark Jewels Series)
Lisa Jackson
Lisa Jackson , English

Raven's ChildM. J. Spickett

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Reincarnation is never what it seems. For Elijah Hawke and his Watcher, it’s a complete pain in the ass. Memories of his past life invade his daily life after he casts a spell that brings his past incarnation to the forefront. Now he and An… more

Raven’s Child
M. J. Spickett
eXtasy Books , English

The Real BoyAnne Ursu

The Real Boy, Anne Ursu’s follow-up to her widely acclaimed and beloved middle-grade fantasy Breadcrumbs, is an unforgettable story of magic, faith, and friendship.On an island on the edge of an immense sea there is a city, a forest, and a … more

The Real Boy
Anne Ursu
Walden Pond Press , English

Darksong Rising: The Third B...L. E. Modesitt Jr.

1 rating

Darksong Rising is the third Spellsong book , and concludes a trilogy featuring Anna Marshall, the music teacher and soprano from the midwest transported into a fantasy world where magic works according to musical principles—making her a … more

Darksong Rising: The Third Book of the Spellsong Cycle
L. E. Modesitt Jr.
Tor Books , English

Brendan's SongLazette Gifford

[The Dark Staff Series — Book 2] As a prince in hiding comes of age, his world is beset by unexplained evil. Brendan, The Keeper of the Song, is a former slave who became King’s Bard, and has kept many secrets down through the years. Not t… more

Brendan’s Song
Lazette Gifford
Double Dragon eBooks , English

The Magician's WardPatricia Wrede

Happy in her new life as an apprentice to the powerful magician Mairelon, 16-year-old Kim is horrified when a nosy relative determines to turn Kim - a former street urchin - into…a lady! But real trouble begins when several wizards of … more

The Magician’s Ward
Patricia Wrede
Starscape , English

The Blue Beetle, Number 1, T...Fox Feature Syndicate

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In this jumbo, 65 page, action-packed premier of The Blue Beetle we find the following tales of adventure and blue heroics! Discover who is the Blue Beetle and how he got his fantastic strength in “The Origin of Blue Beetle”. A gang-related… more

The Blue Beetle, Number 1, The Origin of Blue Beetle
Fox Feature Syndicate
Yojimbo Press LLC , English

The Bridge over the AbyssNeil Viswanathan

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Lucio sits at the helm of his new empire, his ambitions rising, his eyes turned to new conquests. He will stop at nothing to reform his world, and he will ally himself with anything for power. Beneath his gaze in the outskirts of this empir… more

The Bridge over the Abyss
Neil Viswanathan

The Master of Ordum and The ...J. A. O'Bryan

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Christopher is a boy that without knowing he discovers a passionate secret. Then, a series of strange events start to happen around him and after that moment his life will not be the same. Shocking events will open doors to a world full of… more

The Master of Ordum and The Beginning of the Legend (Part II)
J. A. O’Bryan
J. A. O’Bryan , English