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An Illusion of Harmony: Scie...Taner Edis

Current discussions in the West on the relation of science and religion focus mainly on science’s uneasy relationship with the traditional Judeo-Christian view of life. But a parallel controversy exists in the Muslim world regarding ways to… more

An Illusion of Harmony: Science And Religion in Islam
Taner Edis
Prometheus Books , English

Synchronicity: An Acausal Co...C. G. Jung

To Jung, synchonicity is a meaningful coincidence in time, a psychic factor which is independant of space and time. This revolutionary concept of synchronicity both challenges and complements the physicist’s classical view of casualty. It a… more

Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle
C. G. Jung
Routledge , English

Theory of Orbits: Volume 1: ...Dino Boccaletti, Prof. Giuse...

This textbook treats Celestial Mechanics as well as Stellar Dynamics from the common point of view of orbit theory making use of the concepts and techniques from modern geometric mechanics. It starts with elementary Newtonian Mechanics and … more

Theory of Orbits: Volume 1: Integrable Systems and Non-perturbative Methods (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library)
Dino Boccaletti, Prof. Giuseppe Pucacco
Springer , English

Outlines of a Mechanical The...T. Bassnett

SECTION FIRST. PRESENT STATE OF METEOROLOGY.The present state of the science of which we are about to treat, cannot be better defined than in the words of the celebrated Humboldt, who has devoted a long life to the investigation of this dep… more

Outlines of a Mechanical Theory of Storms Containing the True Law of Lunar Influence
T. Bassnett

The Boy Who Played With Dark...Holy Ghost Writer

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The Boy Who Played with Dark Matter (Illustrated-children’s version) [not to be confused with, yet compliments- ASIN: B00ARTESZ2 ] is a charming tale designed to develop a love for science. Zeddy finds himself alone and forced to hide his h… more

The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter (Special Illustrated Edition for Children) (Count of Monte Cristo Illustrated for Children)
Holy Ghost Writer
Illuminated Publications Ltd , English

What'd You Say? Que Dites vo...Philip Yaffe

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Unless you grow up speaking two or three languages because two or three languages are commonly spoken where you grow up, learning another language later is a difficult task. Not because the older we become, the less flexible our mind, but b… more

What’d You Say? Que Dites vous? (Italian Edition)
Philip Yaffe

New Science TheoryDavid Woodin

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There have not been a new science theory for many years. Presented here is a refreshing new look at what we know as fact presented in no math English. Not written for real the physicist but written for the real curious. Originally written t… more

New Science Theory
David Woodin

Kajori (Kolkata Memoirs)Sramana Mitra

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Story of Kajori, a young woman in the mid 1950s hailing from an old, traditional Bengali family, as she pursues her dreams of becoming a physicist. A love story that faces challenges due to diverging aspirations.

Kajori (Kolkata Memoirs)
Sramana Mitra

Multi-Valued Logic, Neutroso...Florentin Smarandache, Vic C...

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This book was intended to discuss some paradoxes in Quantum Mechanics from the viewpoint of Multi-Valued-logic pioneered by Lukasiewicz, and a recent concept Neutrosophic Logic. Essentially, this new concept offers new insights on the idea… more

Multi-Valued Logic, Neutrosophy, and Schrodinger Equation
Florentin Smarandache, Vic Christianto

That Little HardbackChuck Borough

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FIFTY YEARS OF FREE THOUGHT FROM AN OLD PHYSICISTConsists of 876 Numbered Thoughts and Four Essays. Philosophy, physics, humor, religion, politics, and anything that came to mind for this physicist over the fifty years from 13 years old to … more

That Little Hardback
Chuck Borough
HomeSpun Publishing , English

Killer History Too Hot to Ha...Marek McKenna

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Killer History Too Hot to Handle: A Look at Historical Deviants, Perverts, and the Unusual Perversions of the Past and Present lt;/h2>

Killer History Too Hot to Handle is an up-close and personal examination of historical perverts and th… more

Killer History Too Hot to Handle: A Look at Historical Deviants, Perverts, and the Unusual Perversions of the Past and Present
Marek McKenna
Edna Brady Enterprises, LLC , English

A Zeptospace Odyssey: A Jour...Gian Francesco Giudice

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This book provides a simple and understandable guide for appreciating the discoveries that are about to take place at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, the world’s largest particle accelerator. A CERN physicist leads the lay reader i… more

A Zeptospace Odyssey: A Journey into the Physics of the LHC
Gian Francesco Giudice
OUP Oxford , English

The World Set Free (Carefull...H. G. Wells

Published in 1914 by H.G. Wells, The World Set Free is a novel that foretold the coming of nuclear weapons.Wells held the effect of energy and technological advance as constant themes in his writing. The novel begins: “The history of manki… more

The World Set Free (Carefully formatted by Timeless Classic Books)
H. G. Wells
Timeless Classic Books , English

Cold Fusion is Not Voodoo ScienceLudwik Kowalski

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The discovery of nuclear cold fusion (CF), announced in a press review 23 years ago, remains controversial. This book, in the form of a memoir, describes Ludwik Kowalski’s personal experience in the field. As a retired nuclear physicist he … more

Cold Fusion is Not Voodoo Science
Ludwik Kowalski
Ludwik Kowalski , English

Schrodinger's Kitty: A Short...Libbie Hawker

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Amateur physicist Mark hits on a mysterious woman. Or does he?

Schrodinger’s Kitty: A Short and Uncertain Story
Libbie Hawker

From Falling Bodies to Radio...Emilio Segrè

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Meet a diverse group of highly original thinkers and learn about their lives and achievements: Galileo, a founding father of astronomy and physics; Christiaan Huygens, a seventeenth-century pioneer of wave-particle duality; and Isaac Newton… more

From Falling Bodies to Radio Waves: Classical Physicists and Their Discoveries
Emilio Segrè
Dover Publications , English

Welcome's TodayDoug Olsen

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An enchanting adventure of a retired quantum physicist and his wise talking cat that begins world peace in the middle east by spreading the magic of love.

Welcome’s Today
Doug Olsen
Douglas Olsen , English

Death to Einstein!Scott Reeves

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In this short but devastating book, several glaring inconsistencies in Einstein’s celebrated theory are revealed and explored, inconsistencies that doom relativity to an ignoble death. When the dust settles from relativity’s implosion, the … more

Death to Einstein!
Scott Reeves
Aether Wind , English

Getting Science Back to BasicsDavid Woodin

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By reviewing what we know about science, we come to different conclusions than what is taught. Are we being lied to for a reason or is modern science in the dark?

Read just the facts and what we believe they say and come to your own conclu… more

Getting Science Back to Basics
David Woodin
Amazon , English

Entering LightChris Vuille

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Entering Light was written as a result of a single moment, during which the author, a physicist, perceived the world and himself as it truly is: an undivided whole. In this book the spiritual experiences of the East and West are accurately … more

Entering Light
Chris Vuille
Chris Vuille , English