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New Thought Guide to Life Af... - William Walker  Atkinson, Th...

New Thought Guide to Life Af...William Walker Atkinson, Th...

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What do late nineteenth and early twentieth century New Thought pioneers have to say on the subject of death? This book, “New Thought Guide to Life After Death,” is a collection of material written by William Walker Atkinson, Mary Baker Edd… more

New Thought Guide to Life After Death
William Walker Atkinson, Thomas Troward, Mary Baker Eddy, Prentice Mulford, Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Complete Collected Works... - Linda @kindle-maker.com

The Complete Collected Works...Linda @kindle-maker.com

Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (1802-1866) was a lifelong resident of Belfast, ME and a clockmaker, by trade. From the late 1840s until the time of his transition, he wrote down his own particular philosophical, psychological and metaphysical… more

The Complete Collected Works of Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby
Linda @kindle-maker.com
Seed of Life Publishing , English
Self-Help and Popular Religi... - Roy M. Anker

Self-Help and Popular Religi...Roy M. Anker

The second of two volumes on the relationship between popular religion and the self-help tradition in American culture, this book continues chronologically where the first left off. As with the first volume, this work focuses on the interse… more

Self-Help and Popular Religion in Modern American Culture: An Interpretive Guide: v. 2 (American Popular Culture)
Roy M. Anker
Greenwood , English
The People's Idea of God - I... - Chris Hanily, Mary Baker Eddy

The People's Idea of God - I...Chris Hanily, Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy, the Founder of the Christian Science movement, is widely recognized outside her Church as one of the most remarkable religious figures of modern times.She was born in New England on a farm in Bow, New Hampshire. Her childho… more

The People’s Idea of God - It’s Effect on Health and Christianity
Chris Hanily, Mary Baker Eddy