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Darwin's Theory: LOSTAdrienne Wilder

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Peter and me, we’ve been through a lot over the past few days. Pete bit me, and then was kidnapped by Whitcomb-I-Used-To-Have-Clown-Hair. In my attempt to rescue Peter I was forced to break the promise I made, which went something along the… more

Darwin’s Theory: LOST
Adrienne Wilder

Lost (Darwin's Theory, Book 4)Adrienne Wilder

Peter and me, we’ve been through a lot over the past few days. Pete bit me, and then was kidnapped by Whitcomb-I-Used-To-Have-Clown-Hair. In my attempt to rescue Peter I was forced to break the promise I made, which went something along the… more

Lost (Darwin’s Theory, Book 4)
Adrienne Wilder
Liquid Silver Books , English

Peter and Wendy, or Peter PanJames Matthew Barrie

Peter and Wendy, or Peter Pan by James Matthew Barrie ********** … more

Peter and Wendy, or Peter Pan
James Matthew Barrie

Peter and the Wolf (AW Fairy Tales)Aubrey Watt

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In the deep dark woods of fairy tales, strange beasts lurk in the shadows. When Peter wanders off into the forest, he finds a creature who is part wolf, part man, and all sex. This shapechanger hungers more for passion than for blood, and s… more

Peter and the Wolf (AW Fairy Tales)
Aubrey Watt

The Tree ManDavid Bernstein

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Can two kids alone stop a monstrous evil? Women and children have been mysteriously disappearing from Evan’s town. And now Evan may know why. He was climbing a tree in the woods when he saw a decrepit old man toss a helpless woman into th… more

The Tree Man
David Bernstein
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English

The Faithful SonDavid Schibi

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Faith can move mountains and, when betrayed, destroy lives. Zack and little brother Peter are taught their father was sent from God to bring the Word to a chosen few. When Zack sees Dad abusing his position all his beliefs falter. Everythin… more

The Faithful Son
David Schibi
Gambler Press , English

Strange StoriesGirish Haridas

A collection of four paranormal short stories!

Strange Stories
Girish Haridas
Girish Haridas , English

Be Strong And Finish The Dri...Emily Pruitt

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Follow Sarah and her younger brother as they are forced to deliver their herd of horses to the 7th Calvary alone. “Sarah,” Pa said, his voice shaking, “I need you to be strong now. You and Peter, it’s up to you. You need to move the herd ea… more

Be Strong And Finish The Drive (Sarah Tanner)
Emily Pruitt

Booze at BreakfastCatherine W. Scott

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Booze at Breakfast is a family portrait of the disease of alcoholism.

Stories take us to the heart of life’s deep truths, and this one hits us from all the characters’ perspectives—the abusive self-loathing alcoholic, his wife and the ch… more

Booze at Breakfast
Catherine W. Scott
Xlibris , English

Ana's Huge Bus Ride Surprise...Riley Rourke

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One morning, when eighteen-year old virgin Ana wakes up to see her mom’s boyfriend Peter outside, shirtless, chopping at a tree, she starts to feel something naughty, something she’s never felt before – a sweet, tingly feeling between her l… more

Ana’s Huge Bus Ride Surprise (Eighteen Lust)
Riley Rourke
Ashe Land Publications , English

Julie (Red Fox older fiction)Jean Craighead George

Julie has been reunited with her long-lost father, who, although retaining some of the old traditions, has also embraced many of the new ‘western’ approaches to life. Once again Julie - or Miyax, her Eskimo name - feels torn in two. She lov… more

Julie (Red Fox older fiction)
Jean Craighead George
RHCB Digital , English

Bed MatesKristy Adams

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WARNING - Adults 18+ only: This book contains graphic depictions of sexual encounters. All participants are fictional and over 18 years old. Intended for reading by adults 18+ only.

Short Story: 6,100+ word count

Sandra has been having th… more

Bed Mates
Kristy Adams
Kristy Adams , English

His Every Devotion: The Bill...Emma Rose

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Celine greets Peter’s dark side with open arms, but she believes he is still holding something back. A quiet evening with Sylvia convinces her that there is a deep secret, but it takes Peter himself to finally reveal what it is that is so p… more

His Every Devotion: The Billionaire’s Contract Part 3
Emma Rose

Timber #1 of 4: Trouble Come...Richard Elms

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Timber Jones is looking for a way out of the cowboy game, turns out you need more than just bravado to become a western legend. You need determination, talent and a lot of luck, none of which Timber or his well-meaning sidekick Peter posses… more

Timber #1 of 4: Trouble Comes Knocking
Richard Elms
Con Artist Entertainment , English

Saddle Up & RideDextrousleftie

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Wes Gordon lets his friend Peter convince him to go on a vacation in order to recover from a heartache. Strangely, Peter takes them to a dude ranch, of all places. But both guys find more than just a bargain vacation when they meet up with … more

Saddle Up & Ride
www.DLsYaoi-Polloi.com , English

Lost Things: A Novella (Kind...John Rector

Average wait: 158d, 4h

2013 International Thriller Award WinnerEvan Teller has everything going for him: a good job, a beautiful fiancée, and the prospect of making partner at his firm. But it all comes crashing down one dark night on an empty street, when one ba… more

Lost Things: A Novella (Kindle Single)
John Rector
Thomas & Mercer , English

Bred By Daddy (virgin daught...Francis Ashe

Liz, a shy, late-blooming early-20s virgin, is quite a daddy’s girl. Well, step-daddy’s girl would be more accurate. As she prepares to move off to college, she’s surprised when her step-daddy Peter finally returns some of the teasing affec… more

Bred By Daddy (virgin daughter breeding erotica) (Daddy Erotica)
Francis Ashe
Francis Ashe , English

Emily at the Amusement ParkHenrik Jul

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Emily is a 3 1/2 year old girl. Very enthusiastic and curious. She lives with her mum, dad and her older brother Peter.Today is a very special day, because Emily is going to the Amusement Park, with her family, for the very first time.Follo… more

Emily at the Amusement Park
Henrik Jul
Bedtime Stories , English

Fart Book: Farting pirate.Bo...Samantha Foster

This funny fart book is the story of a young boy named Peter who had a terrible problem with farting. Peter’s farts were loud and smelled really bad. One day in school Peter has no choice but to let one rip during a spelling test that led t… more

Fart Book: Farting pirate.Book of farting noises and foul smelling pirat’s farts. (Farts around the world.)
Samantha Foster

The Very Worst Children's St...M. Hall

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Adlai and his best friend Peter, a rock, are given three wishes by a magic lamp.

Quite possibly the worst children’s story ever, both artistically and from a literary standpoint.

The Very Worst Children’s Story Ever: Adlai and Peter the Rock
M. Hall