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American Tall Tales - Mary Pope Osborne

American Tall TalesMary Pope Osborne

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of these collection of tales. There are among nine “tall” heroes featured in this exuberant collection of traditional American folk tales, including Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed, John Henry, and other Ameri… more

American Tall Tales
Mary Pope Osborne
Knopf Books for Young Readers , English
Birth of a Hero: Metabolic C... - Somnath Sikdar, Pat  Flynn

Birth of a Hero: Metabolic C...Somnath Sikdar, Pat Flynn

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Metabolic Conditioning for Superior Athletics and Aesthetics. This eBook is designed with one very specific goal in mind — to get you shredded in the least amount of time possible.Birth of a Hero also includes:The philosophy and implementa… more

Birth of a Hero: Metabolic Conditioning for Superior Athletics and Conditioning
Somnath Sikdar, Pat Flynn
Tall Tales for Campfires! - Gerald P. Murphy

Tall Tales for Campfires!Gerald P. Murphy

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Tall tales for campfires, including the legends of Paul Bunyan, John Henry and Pecos Bill.

Tall Tales for Campfires!
Gerald P. Murphy
Shamrock Eden Publishing , English
Uncle John's Facts to Go Mod... - Portable Press

Uncle John's Facts to Go Mod...Portable Press

The ancient Greeks had Zeus; today we have the Burger King…king. In Modern Mythology, you’ll meet the world’s most fascinating heroes, villains, and corporate spokesthingies. Featuring Bathroom Reader classics plus a few new treasures, you’… more

Uncle John’s Facts to Go Modern Mythology (Uncle John’s Facts to Go Series Book 7)
Portable Press
Portable Press , English
The Heaviest Things - J.H. Sweet

The Heaviest ThingsJ.H. Sweet

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How can we lift something extremely heavy when we can’t see or touch the thing? In an effort to help an elderly neighbor, ten-year-old Henry Goodwin sets out to discover how some of the heaviest and most mysterious things on earth have bee… more

The Heaviest Things
J.H. Sweet
Westin Hills Books , English
The Greenhorn's Guide to Cha... - Steven Gregersen

The Greenhorn's Guide to Cha...Steven Gregersen

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This book is for the person who is new at or just now entertaining the thought of cutting their own firewood. In fact, (if you haven’t already!) don’t even purchase a chain saw until after you’ve read the first chapter because that’s where… more

The Greenhorn’s Guide to Chainsaws and Firewood Cutting
Steven Gregersen
Paul Bunyan (Rabbit Ears: a ... - Brian Gleeson

Paul Bunyan (Rabbit Ears: a ...Brian Gleeson

Big as a mountain and stronger than a grizzly bear, Paul Bunyan was the greatest lumberjack to ever swagger through the North American forests. All the larger-than-life characters in Paul’s supporting cast are here, including Babe the Blue … more

Paul Bunyan (Rabbit Ears: a Classic Tale)
Brian Gleeson
Rabbit Ears Books , English
BEMIDJI'S ITINERANT LIAR (Lo... - Richard Nystrom


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Rik Love goes fishing in Minnesota with Uncle Matt and Aunt Gretchen where he has a different experience from fishing. He enters a local Paul Bunyan writing contest and wins.

BEMIDJI’S ITINERANT LIAR (Love’s Journals Book 35)
Richard Nystrom
Richard Nystrom , English
Charles Dickens' A Christmas... - Ruth Moore, John Mortimer

Charles Dickens' A Christmas...Ruth Moore, John Mortimer

Perfect for pupils aged 11+, this play edition of Dicken’s classic tale uses John Mortimer’s much-loved dramatisation first produced by the RSC in 1994. It features an extensive section of classroom activities created by leading national ex… more

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol: Improving Standards in English through Drama at Key Stage 3 and GCSE (Critical Scripts)
Ruth Moore, John Mortimer
Bloomsbury Methuen Drama , English
The Phallus from Dallas - Samantha Winston

The Phallus from DallasSamantha Winston

Mitch is a bronco buster with a huge hang-up, er, hard-on. He’s hung like Paul Bunyan and hasn’t found a filly yet who can take him all the way.Country girl Hannah Hunt’s one-track mind is wrapped around pro bull rider Mitch Winston and his… more

The Phallus from Dallas
Samantha Winston
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Paul Bunyan (Classic Illustr... - W. B. Laughead

Paul Bunyan (Classic Illustr...W. B. Laughead

Paul Bunyan was the largest, smartest baby ever born in the state of Maine! He grew up to be the biggest lumberjack in the world. With his blue ox, Babe, by his side, they worked their way west through the North American Forest. Join their … more

Paul Bunyan (Classic Illustrated Junior No. 519)
W. B. Laughead
Trajectory Comics , English
Paul Bunyan (with panel zoom... - W. B. Laughead

Paul Bunyan (with panel zoom...W. B. Laughead

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Paul Bunyan was the largest, smartest baby ever born in the state of Maine! He grew up to be the biggest lumberjack in the world. With his blue ox, Babe, by his side, they worked their way west through the North American Forest. Join their … more

Paul Bunyan (with panel zoom) - Classics Illustrated Junior
W. B. Laughead
Classics Illustrated , English
The Lost Tribe: The Continui... - Roy Stier

The Lost Tribe: The Continui...Roy Stier

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From the loggers’ bunkhouses to the trappers’ cabins, from the saloons to the Hudson’s Bay outposts, the legend of Paul Bunyan was perpetuated in the years following his entry into the north woods in 1837.

His son Pauly, little known to hi… more

The Lost Tribe: The Continuing Adventures of Pauly Bunyan, Paul Bunyan’s Incredible Son!
Roy Stier
Timeless Voyager Press , English
Princess and the Ox - Peggy Ann Craig

Princess and the OxPeggy Ann Craig

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Erika Snowden was the envy of all the young ladies of her acquaintance. However, beneath her smiles and proper demeanor, Erika nursed a lonely heart. In her search for true love, she turns to the town’s most beloved man. However, her cha… more

Princess and the Ox
Peggy Ann Craig
Gay for Cowboy (Stampede Sizzlers) - Jade Buchanan

Gay for Cowboy (Stampede Sizzlers)Jade Buchanan

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Peter has only been in Calgary for a single month and he’s desperate to make some new friends. A trip to the gay rodeo opens his mind and introduces him to out and proud—not to mention burly and bondage-loving—Mitch. He’s never been with an… more

Gay for Cowboy (Stampede Sizzlers)
Jade Buchanan
The Legend of Farmer Will - Dorothy Dayton

The Legend of Farmer WillDorothy Dayton

These are stories of a bigger-than-life farmer. They use the same kind of exaggerated humor as the tall tales about imaginary lumberjack Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Babe, and about super cowboy Pecos Bill. One or both of them is supposed… more

The Legend of Farmer Will
Dorothy Dayton
Dorothy Dayton , English
Bigfoot vs. Paul Bunyan (Ste... - Steve Akley

Bigfoot vs. Paul Bunyan (Ste...Steve Akley

Pine Cone Woods is a remote community outside of Yakima, Washington. When the residents of P.C.W. began to encounter Bigfoot, they were intrigued at first. After all, they were amazed to find out the legendary monster was real!

As the crea… more

Bigfoot vs. Paul Bunyan (Steve Akley’s Commuter Series Book 7)
Steve Akley
Paul Bunyan and His Big Blue Ox - W. B. Laughead

Paul Bunyan and His Big Blue OxW. B. Laughead

This is a classic reprint of the Red River Lumber Company book, written and illustrated by W. B. Laughead. Appropriate for all ages, this title represents a portion of the Pacific Northwest lore regarding the giant logger and his blue ox, B… more

Paul Bunyan and His Big Blue Ox
W. B. Laughead
Office of Historical Document Archives and Access , English
Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics - Jay Dubya

Thirteen Sick Tasteless ClassicsJay Dubya

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Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics is author Jay Dubya’s twelfth e-book. The work satirizes thirteen famous literature classic stories. From American literature Mark Twain’s Jumping Frog, The Legend of Paul Bunyan and Edgar Allan Poe’s Tell-T… more

Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics
Jay Dubya
Jay Dubya Books , English
The Curious Incident of the ... - Mark Haddon, Simon Stephens

The Curious Incident of the ...Mark Haddon, Simon Stephens

This schools’ edition of Mark Haddon’s multi-award-winning novel adapted for the stage of the National Theatre by Simon Stephens is perfect for Key Stages 3 and 4. Christopher, fifteen years old, stands beside Mrs Shears’s dead dog. It has… more

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time: The Play (Critical Scripts)
Mark Haddon, Simon Stephens
Bloomsbury Methuen Drama , English