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La Esmeralda - Victor Hugo

La EsmeraldaVictor Hugo

Excerpt from the book…”Si par hasard quelqu’un se souvenait d’un roman en �coutant un op�ra,l’auteur croit devoir pr�venir le public que pour faire entrer dans laperspective particuli�re d’une sc�ne lyrique quelque chose du dramequi sert… more

La Esmeralda
Victor Hugo
Thursday's Child (Blue Jackets) - M. Leon Smith

Thursday's Child (Blue Jackets)M. Leon Smith

Tuesday has an extraordinary gift. She cannot lose. So why is she suddenly penniless in Paris? Who was the woman who was killed? Why is Tuesday being looked for? Can she solve the mysteries life has thrown her? Her life will become even mor… more

Thursday’s Child (Blue Jackets)
M. Leon Smith
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The Witch of Ecce Homo (The ... - JM Robby

The Witch of Ecce Homo (The ...JM Robby

From the Occult World an unexpected inheritance brought Henrietta to Alcala de Henares and introduced her to the town life, an unique experience for a native of Paris.

The Witch of Ecce Homo (The Unexpected Inheritance)
JM Robby
Roman Catholic Opposition to... -  W.J. Sparrow Simpson

Roman Catholic Opposition to... W.J. Sparrow Simpson

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[…]AQUINAS. Opuscula Selecta. Paris. 4 vols. 1884. In Sententiis. 3 vols. Parma Edit. ARGENTRE, D’. Elementa Theologica. Paris. 1702. AUGUSTINE. Works. GaumJs Edition. BARRAL. Defense des Liber tes de PEglise Gallicane. 1817. BAUNARD…. more

Roman Catholic Opposition to Papal Infallibility
W.J. Sparrow Simpson
The Erotic Picture of Dorian... - Anonymous

The Erotic Picture of Dorian...Anonymous

Peculiar work, first published at Paris in the 1940s for the enjoyment of German occupation forces. What young Dorian was really up to all those years. Volume One traces his initial growth into a legend of decadence.

The Erotic Picture of Dorian Gray, v1
Disruptive Publishing, Inc. , English
The Little Black Book of Par... - Vesna Neskow

The Little Black Book of Par...Vesna Neskow

This sleek little guide to the City of Light and beyond will help you locate landmarks, arts and entertainment venues, restaurants, cafés, hotels, chic shops, and after-dark spots!”Top Picks” attractions are not be to missed; “Notes” page… more

The Little Black Book of Paris 2009 (Travel Guide)
Vesna Neskow
Peter Pauper Press , English
Lessons From Madame Chic: Th... - Jennifer L. Scott

Lessons From Madame Chic: Th...Jennifer L. Scott

Have you ever wondered what everyday life is like inside a modern, aristocratic Parisian household? The French are notoriously secretive when it comes to their private lives but Jennifer L. Scott’s Lessons from Madame Chic: The Top 20 Thing… more

Lessons From Madame Chic: The Top 20 Things I Learned While Living in Paris
Jennifer L. Scott
Anna's French Kiss  (Book 4 ... - Pibs Tandy

Anna's French Kiss (Book 4 ...Pibs Tandy

Anna is excited about her new job and the trip to Paris with Jim. She finds out quickly that her jet-setting lifestyle is full of surprises and heart pounding sex.Joining the mile high club is just the beginning, but will she be too busy su… more

Anna’s French Kiss (Book 4 in the Erotic Nectar Lane Series)
Pibs Tandy
LUXE Paris - LUXE City Guides

LUXE ParisLUXE City Guides

Want the very best of Paris in one glam little pocket/purse-sized companion? Want to find stashes of vintage jewels and clothes and even have them customised? Want to find the best steak freites in town? Want to hire your own perso… more

LUXE Paris
LUXE City Guides
LUXE Asia Limited , English
Satin Dreams - Maggie Davis

Satin DreamsMaggie Davis

Alix is on her way to becoming the hottest fashion model in Paris. She had success, power, beauty, and a dark secret. She is running away from a past she refuses to accept and a man she refuses to be tamed by. Serving as the model for the … more

Satin Dreams
Maggie Davis
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Experienced: A Beautiful Ame... - Lucy Silag

Experienced: A Beautiful Ame...Lucy Silag

All hell breaks loose when PJ is discovered alive by her friends after she faked her own suicide. Alex, Jay, Olivia, and Zack all vow to protect her and keep her hidden in Paris, but one by one she turns their lives into a nightmare. Despit… more

Experienced: A Beautiful Americans Novel
Lucy Silag
Razorbill , English
Days of May - Travis Charbeneau

Days of MayTravis Charbeneau

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An aging hipster encounters his misspent youth (1968 to be exact) 20 years after the misspending. By 1988, the post-Reagan “roll back the clock” cultural mindset is well-established and our hero suffers from career disappointments, divorce … more

Days of May
Travis Charbeneau
Booksurge Publishing , English
The Real Latin Quarter - Frank Berkeley Smith

The Real Latin QuarterFrank Berkeley Smith

Excerpt:And so Louise is content. The two breakfast on a ragoût and a bottle of wine while they talk of going on Sunday to St. Cloud for the day—and so they must be economical this week. Yes, they will surely go to St. Cloud and spend all … more

The Real Latin Quarter
Frank Berkeley Smith
The Portal - Dennis Dreeson

The PortalDennis Dreeson

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Suspense, romance, murder, time travel and a bit of science fiction. Join Ridley as he travels through time in an attempt to resurrect his murdered fiance. Drink in the beauty of Paris in the 1900’s, New Orleans and the French Quarter.

The Portal
Dennis Dreeson
Dennis Dreeson , English
Prisoner of the Flames - Dawn MacTavish

Prisoner of the FlamesDawn MacTavish

1 rating
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A horribly scarred Scottish laird goes to Paris to seek healing from the great Nostradamus, and instead finds love with a blind flower girl—and a French civil war!

Prisoner of the Flames
Dawn MacTavish
Montlake Romance , English
What about us? - Jacqui Henderson

What about us?Jacqui Henderson

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“When you said you could love me Grace, did you mean it? Could you love me enough to trust me? Could you love me enough to give up everything you’ve ever known, to take my hand and just step off this world, if it was the only way we could b… more

What about us?
Jacqui Henderson
Amalek ou la Folie de Dieu- ... - Serge Goldmann

Amalek ou la Folie de Dieu- ...Serge Goldmann

Prix du meilleur premier roman- Salon du Livre de Paris!

Un collectif fait un procès a Dieu pour tous les crimes contre l’humanité commis en son nom. L’accusation est portée devant les plus grandes instances juridiques du monde civil… more

Amalek ou la Folie de Dieu- premier chapitre gratuit (French Edition)
Serge Goldmann
Editions D.R. , French
Lettres à Sophie Volland (Fr... - Denis Diderot

Lettres à Sophie Volland (Fr...Denis Diderot

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Extrait : Paris, le 10 mai 1759. Nous partîmes hier à huit heures pour Marly ; nous y arrivâmes à dix heures et demie ; nous ordonnâmes un grand dîner, et nous nous répandîmes dans les jardins, où la chose qui me frappa, c’est le contrast… more

Lettres à Sophie Volland (French Edition)
Denis Diderot
A Real Mom's Travel Guide: P... - Christina Monk

A Real Mom's Travel Guide: P...Christina Monk

REVISED edition featuring over 30 hotels especially suited to help families enjoy Paris. We’ve done the leg work so you don’t have to!We’ve hand-selected and detailed dozens of family friendly hotels and restaurants and attractions for you… more

A Real Mom’s Travel Guide: Paris with Kids 2014
Christina Monk


His Majesty remained only ten days at Saint-Cloud, passed two or three of these in Paris at the opening of the session of the Corps Legislatif, and at noon on the 29th set out a second time for Bayonne.

Louis Constant Wairy