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Meet Coco Chanel - An eStory... - Charles Margerison

Meet Coco Chanel - An eStory...Charles Margerison

Meet Coco Chanel! She was one of the most influential style icons of all time. Everyone knows the Chanel brand, but far fewer know the amazing rags-to-riches story behind it. Take a journey from a poor house in Saumur to a convent to the gl… more

Meet Coco Chanel - An eStory: Inspirational Stories
Charles Margerison
Amazing People Club , English
Managing Your Business the T... - Michelle Novak

Managing Your Business the T...Michelle Novak

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We can learn a lot about business from children. Children see opportunity-not obstacles. Children dream without limitations. Children pursue their interests with passion and persistence. Entrepreneurs who approach business through child eye… more

Managing Your Business the Toddler Way: Practical Steps for Starting Your Business that are Inspired by Childhood
Michelle Novak
Nova Studios , English
Campus Diversity (Gender Tra... - Gregor Daniels

Campus Diversity (Gender Tra...Gregor Daniels

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After a mistake in residential availability at a university, Sam is assigned to live with a strange sorority on the campus, where the girls inside are a little different than the average college chicks. Once the existence of magic is no lon… more

Campus Diversity (Gender Transformation Erotica)
Gregor Daniels
Seeing in Paris 8 (A Short G... - Stuart Vadnais

Seeing in Paris 8 (A Short G...Stuart Vadnais

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Specifically Written For Men OnlyThe Elders are not entirely convinced that Rory had nothing to do with the theft of the morchang, nor with the evisceration of the Sapkota family’s memories. They believe that he has a personal reason … more

Seeing in Paris 8 (A Short Gay Paranormal Erotica)
Stuart Vadnais
Stuart Vadnais , English
Bellator (Saga Bellator) (Sp... - Victoria Vílchez

Bellator (Saga Bellator) (Sp...Victoria Vílchez

Nathaniel pertenece a una antigua raza dedicada a salvaguardar a la especie humana, protegiéndola de toda clase de criaturas sobrenaturales. Su décimo octavo cumpleaños le convertirá en Bellator, algo para lo que se ha estado preparando des… more

Bellator (Saga Bellator) (Spanish Edition)
Victoria Vílchez
Victoria Vílchez , Spanish
LOS ENEMIGOS DE LA MUJER (Ed... - Vicente Blasco Ibáñez

LOS ENEMIGOS DE LA MUJER (Ed...Vicente Blasco Ibáñez

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Un elegante ejemplo de la insolidaridad humana y una crítica a la ludopatía como esperanza de los desdichados.Los enemigos de la mujer es la última manifestación literaria del compromiso ético y humano contraído por Blasco Ibáñez a raíz de … more

LOS ENEMIGOS DE LA MUJER (Edición anotada, con hipervínculos a webs seleccionadas). (Colección Esenciales Vicente Blasco Ibáñez) (Spanish Edition)
Vicente Blasco Ibáñez
Collatio Editores , Spanish
The Three Musketeer's - Gaiam

The Three Musketeer'sGaiam

This ebook contains over 40+ minutes of video content.This animated adventure follows a girl from the country named Corinne on her dream trip to Paris. She has her mind set on becoming the first female musketeer, and little does she know, t… more

The Three Musketeer’s
Gaiam , English
10 recettes avec des champig... - Jérôme Odouard, Anne Cécile Odouard

10 recettes avec des champig...Jérôme Odouard, Anne Cécile Odouard

/// NOUVEAU ! LIVRE ILLUSTRÉ ///Les champignons de Paris sont un de mes produits préférés. J’en ai toujours une boîte dans mes placards car ils s’accommodent en un tour de main et se marient pratiquement avec tout ! Bien sûr, les champignon… more

10 recettes avec des champignons de Paris (Dans mon placard) (French Edition)
Jérôme Odouard, Anne Cécile Odouard
Nos Éditions , French
The Phantom of the Opera (Do... - Gaston Leroux

The Phantom of the Opera (Do...Gaston Leroux

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This thrilling novel and its many adaptations have captured the imaginations of countless audiences throughout the 20th century. The mystery classic featuring the “ghost” of the famed Paris landmark tells a gripping tale of human desire, fe… more

The Phantom of the Opera (Dover Thrift Editions)
Gaston Leroux
Dover Publications , English
24: thriller (French Edition) - Jean-Michel Lecocq

24: thriller (French Edition)Jean-Michel Lecocq

Nous sommes en 1572, le 24 de chaque mois, le cadavre d’un homme est retrouvé dans une église de Paris. Quand certains accusent la Cour des miracles, d’autres mettent en cause les Réformés, d’autres encore les Catholiques ultras. Vincenzo v… more

24: thriller (French Edition)
Jean-Michel Lecocq
Harmattan , French
Oeuvres de Charles Péguy (Fr... - Charles Péguy

Oeuvres de Charles Péguy (Fr...Charles Péguy

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7 Oeuvres de Charles PéguyEcrivain, poète et essayiste français (1873-1914)Ce livre numérique présente une collection de 7 Oeuvres de Charles Péguy éditées en texte intégral. Une table des matières dynamique permet d’accéder directement aux… more

Oeuvres de Charles Péguy (French Edition)
Charles Péguy
Editions la Bibliothèque Digitale , French
The Phantom Lady of Paris - Calvin Davis

The Phantom Lady of ParisCalvin Davis

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The Phantom Lady of Paris? I knew her well. On the other hand—as I later discovered—I didn’t know her at all. The woman did everything wrong. She did nothing wrong. She was a Jezebel, deceptive in every way. I’ve never known a more honest a… more

The Phantom Lady of Paris
Calvin Davis
Second Wind Publishing LLC , English
The Ogre Spawning Pits: The ... - Fannie Tucker

The Ogre Spawning Pits: The ...Fannie Tucker

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After Carrie graduates as the high school valedictorian, her parents reward her with a three month trip to Paris. When she meets a mysterious, handsome man named Andre, she decides she’s had enough of being a goody two-shoes. But when Andre… more

The Ogre Spawning Pits: The Paris Catacombs
Fannie Tucker
Tucker Press , English
Sandcastles in the Sand - Priyanka Shitole

Sandcastles in the SandPriyanka Shitole

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Sandcastles in the Sand is a novella by Priyanka Shitole. It is the story of a young woman – Paris. It is an extraordinary journey of her life, where she finds love of her life. It’s a story of how she finds her way to the happiness, while … more

Sandcastles in the Sand
Priyanka Shitole
Priyanka Shitole , English
A Walk on the Wild Side of Wicked - Mechele Armstrong

A Walk on the Wild Side of WickedMechele Armstrong

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Kari takes a walk on the wild side of wicked and has a fling with a stranger in Paris. It’s the most impetuous thing she’s ever done. Only now Maynard has ideas of making the fling permanent—which doesn’t fit into her desire to be a wicked… more

A Walk on the Wild Side of Wicked
Mechele Armstrong
Loose Id LLC , English
Wanderlust: A Beautiful Amer... - Lucy Silag

Wanderlust: A Beautiful Amer...Lucy Silag

In this sexy, mysterious and romantic follow up to Beautiful Americans, snow falls over the French countryside as Alex, Olivia, and Zack search for their missing classmate, PJ. But while they have been looking for their beautiful troubled f… more

Wanderlust: A Beautiful Americans Novel
Lucy Silag
Razorbill , English
Not Exactly Allies (MI5 1/2) - Kathryn Judson

Not Exactly Allies (MI5 1/2)Kathryn Judson

The Hughs, Leandre Durand, and company, are up against murderers, moles, communists, and other criminal mayhem - while theory-warped psychologists and lovestruck family and colleagues aren’t making life any easier. Meanwhile, the team must … more

Not Exactly Allies (MI5 1/2)
Kathryn Judson
Kathryn Judson , English
Blueblood and the Pauper, a ... - S T Sloan

Blueblood and the Pauper, a ...S T Sloan

Blueblood and the Pauper, a Parisian Fairy Tale’, is a short story for adults. It is set in Paris where real and magical worlds collide.

Blueblood and the Pauper, a Parisian Fairy Tale
S T Sloan
Flawless: The 10-Week Total ... - Bob Paris

Flawless: The 10-Week Total ...Bob Paris

Champion bodybuilder Paris follows his Beyond Built with this unique program for “accelerated gains” that will give the reader the body he wants in only ten weeks. Included are step-by-step methods to accelerate the bodyshaping process, att… more

Flawless: The 10-Week Total Image Method for Transforming Your Physique
Bob Paris
Grand Central Publishing , English
Projet De Restauration De No... - Timothy Allen

Projet De Restauration De No...Timothy Allen

Dans un semblable travail on ne saurait agir avec trop de prudence et de discrétion; et nous le disons les premiers, une restauration peut être plus désastreuse pour un monument que les ravages des siècles et les fureurs populaires! car le … more

Projet De Restauration De Notre Dame De Paris -Timothy Allen
Timothy Allen