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Lost in Translation: A Short Story - P. K. Gallagher

Lost in Translation: A Short StoryP. K. Gallagher

American Wren Saunders is halfway through a semester studying French language and culture in Paris. Li Hai is a Chinese student finishing up a business degree from La Sorbonne. The only thing they have in common is an imperfect grasp of Fre… more

Lost in Translation: A Short Story
P. K. Gallagher
BookRix GmbH & Co. KG , English
Refutation suivie de l'ouvra... - Denis Diderot

Refutation suivie de l'ouvra...Denis Diderot


Aucun ouvrage n’a fait autant de bruit. La matière et le nom de l’auteur y ont contribué. Il y a quinze ans que l’auteur y travaille ; il y en a sept ou huit qu’il a quitté sa place de fermier général pour prendre la femme qu’il … more

Refutation suivie de l’ouvrage d’Helvetius intitule l’Homme (French Edition)
Denis Diderot
Voice Over - Celine Curiol

Voice OverCeline Curiol

A young woman works in Paris, at the Gare du Nord. She spends every day talking into a microphone, announcing platforms and timetables, invisible to the world. And then she falls in love with a man who, in turn, loves another. To our heroin… more

Voice Over
Celine Curiol
Seven Stories Press , English
My Soul Fainted Within Me: S... - Shonda

My Soul Fainted Within Me: S...Shonda

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How does it feel to live in a household with two loving parents? Or in a home embedded with abuse and fear? How does it feel to not know your father? Or to crave time and affection from your mother? What does it feel like to hate? To love? … more

My Soul Fainted Within Me: Second Edition
Sole Reason Publishing, LLC , English
A Brief Indiscretion - Only ... - Carolyn Moncel

A Brief Indiscretion - Only ...Carolyn Moncel

One of five short stories contained in a collection called “Encounters in Paris - A Collection of Short Stories.”  NOTE:  This short story is already included in the paperback and Kindle editions of  “Encounters in Paris - A Collection of S… more

A Brief Indiscretion - Only (Encounters in Paris - A Collection of Short Stories)
Carolyn Moncel
Mondave Media , English
Projet De Restauration De No... - Timothy Allen

Projet De Restauration De No...Timothy Allen

Dans un semblable travail on ne saurait agir avec trop de prudence et de discrétion; et nous le disons les premiers, une restauration peut être plus désastreuse pour un monument que les ravages des siècles et les fureurs populaires! car le … more

Projet De Restauration De Notre Dame De Paris -Timothy Allen
Timothy Allen
The Phantom of the Opera (Do... - Gaston Leroux

The Phantom of the Opera (Do...Gaston Leroux

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This thrilling novel and its many adaptations have captured the imaginations of countless audiences throughout the 20th century. The mystery classic featuring the “ghost” of the famed Paris landmark tells a gripping tale of human desire, fe… more

The Phantom of the Opera (Dover Thrift Editions)
Gaston Leroux
Dover Publications , English
Fancies Fashions and Fads - Ralph Nevill

Fancies Fashions and FadsRalph Nevill

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Society - Politics - Bohemia - Restaurants - Paris - Art - Fashion - Uniforms - Fads - DemocracyOriginally published 1914.

Fancies Fashions and Fads
Ralph Nevill
One Weekend of Sexual Pleasure - Catherine Duchene

One Weekend of Sexual PleasureCatherine Duchene

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Imagine you are young, single and new to Paris. Away from the dull routine of the provincial town you grew up in, where would life in your vibrant capital city lead you?That question is answered for Solange one weekend, when a Friday night … more

One Weekend of Sexual Pleasure
Catherine Duchene
The Wedding Belle (Diary of ... - Elizabeth Ann Trigg

The Wedding Belle (Diary of ...Elizabeth Ann Trigg

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In book 4 of the series, Emma must choose whether to marry for convenience or hold out for true love. What is better for herself and Paris? What is better for everyone? Will she even ever find someone that makes her feel head-over-heels, cr… more

The Wedding Belle (Diary of A Teenage Mom Book 4)
Elizabeth Ann Trigg
Navarone Books , English
Campus Diversity (Gender Tra... - Gregor Daniels

Campus Diversity (Gender Tra...Gregor Daniels

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After a mistake in residential availability at a university, Sam is assigned to live with a strange sorority on the campus, where the girls inside are a little different than the average college chicks. Once the existence of magic is no lon… more

Campus Diversity (Gender Transformation Erotica)
Gregor Daniels
The Price of Things - Elinor Glyn

The Price of ThingsElinor Glyn

I wrote this book in Paris in the winter of 1917-18—in the midst of bombs, and raids, and death. Everyone was keyed up to a strange pitch, and only primitive instincts seemed to stand out distinctly. ”

The Price of Things
Elinor Glyn
A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens, Peter Merchant

A Tale of Two CitiesCharles Dickens, Peter Merchant

This novel traces the private lives of a group of people caught up in the cataclysm of the French Revolution and the Terror. Dickens based his historical detail on Carlyle’s The French Revolution, and his own observations and investigations… more

A Tale of Two Cities
Charles Dickens, Peter Merchant
Wordsworth Editions , English
French Bleu - Caroline Clemens

French BleuCaroline Clemens

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French Bleu, titled after a vintage nightclub in Paris, is a novel of discovery, personal triumph and heroism amidst death, illness and captivity.

French Bleu
Caroline Clemens
La Vie Parisienne - Elegance - Elliot Jay

La Vie Parisienne - EleganceElliot Jay

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Pretty girls, lots of money, Paris at the turn of the 19th Century - just for fun

La Vie Parisienne - Elegance
Elliot Jay
Best Buys and Bargains in Pa... - Jeanne Feldman

Best Buys and Bargains in Pa...Jeanne Feldman

If you were French, Where would you shop?How would you act to get the best service?*What would you do to save time and money?Find out, in BEST BUYS AND BARGAINS IN PARISPlus shopping tips, gift ideas and more.”

Best Buys and Bargains in Paris: (Yes, they do exist!)
Jeanne Feldman
iUniverse , English
Lost in the Lair of the Garg... - Odessa Lasch

Lost in the Lair of the Garg...Odessa Lasch

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When adventurous young Celeste explores the catacombs of Paris she stumbles into a cavern that isn’t on any map. It could be the best find of her life, but this tomb is protected by gargoyle guardians.

These monsters are not mere stone, bu… more

Lost in the Lair of the Gargoyles (Dark Fantasy Erotica)
Odessa Lasch
The Ogre Spawning Pits: The ... - Fannie Tucker

The Ogre Spawning Pits: The ...Fannie Tucker

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After Carrie graduates as the high school valedictorian, her parents reward her with a three month trip to Paris. When she meets a mysterious, handsome man named Andre, she decides she’s had enough of being a goody two-shoes. But when Andre… more

The Ogre Spawning Pits: The Paris Catacombs
Fannie Tucker
Tucker Press , English
A Rose in Winter - Catherine Miller

A Rose in WinterCatherine Miller

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On one cold winter’s eve, two broken souls meet through unfortunate circumstances. Tragically deformed and disillusioned toward the world of his fellow men, Erik must learn compassion for the young woman in his care. Christine must overcome… more

A Rose in Winter
Catherine Miller
En Route - R.J. Seeley

En RouteR.J. Seeley

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Peter arrived late, Logan’s friend didn’t turn up and they just had to go, so two boys who’ve never met before, had no classes together and had barely seen each other in school are made to sit together for the 12 hour drive to Paris what st… more

En Route
R.J. Seeley