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His Majesty remained only ten days at Saint-Cloud, passed two or three of these in Paris at the opening of the session of the Corps Legislatif, and at noon on the 29th set out a second time for Bayonne.

Louis Constant Wairy
The Price of Things - Elinor Glyn

The Price of ThingsElinor Glyn

I wrote this book in Paris in the winter of 1917-18—in the midst ofbombs, and raids, and death. Everyone was keyed up to a strange pitch,and only primitive instincts seemed to stand out distinctly.Life appeared brutal, and our very fashion… more

The Price of Things
Elinor Glyn
A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens, Peter Merchant

A Tale of Two CitiesCharles Dickens, Peter Merchant

This novel traces the private lives of a group of people caught up in the cataclysm of the French Revolution and the Terror. Dickens based his historical detail on Carlyle’s The French Revolution, and his own observations and investigations… more

A Tale of Two Cities
Charles Dickens, Peter Merchant
Wordsworth Editions , English
The Strange Case of Doctor J... - James Reese

The Strange Case of Doctor J...James Reese

It’s 1870, and a young woman named Odile is fighting to survive on the blood-soaked streets of Paris. Luckily, Odile has an advantage and a bizarre birthright. She is descended from the Cagots, a much-despised race whose women were reputed … more

The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll & Mademoiselle Odile (A Shadow Sisters Novel)
James Reese
Roaring Brook Press , English
Théophile Gautier (French Edition) - Ferdinand Brunetière

Théophile Gautier (French Edition)Ferdinand Brunetière

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Théophile GautierFerdinand Brunetière, critique littéraire français (1849-1906)Ce livre numérique présente «Théophile Gautier», de Ferdinand Brunetière, édité en texte intégral. Une table des matières dynamique permet d’accéder directement … more

Théophile Gautier (French Edition)
Ferdinand Brunetière
Editions la Bibliothèque Digitale , French
Your Paris - The Editors of New Word City

Your ParisThe Editors of New Word City

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The secret smart travelers turn to when facing a dizzying choice of what to do and see is to establish their own personal relationship with a city. Bonjour, Paris.

Your Paris
The Editors of New Word City
New Word City, Inc. , English
Meet Coco Chanel - An eStory... - Charles Margerison

Meet Coco Chanel - An eStory...Charles Margerison

Meet Coco Chanel! She was one of the most influential style icons of all time. Everyone knows the Chanel brand, but far fewer know the amazing rags-to-riches story behind it. Take a journey from a poor house in Saumur to a convent to the gl… more

Meet Coco Chanel - An eStory: Inspirational Stories
Charles Margerison
Amazing People Club , English
Zagat Paris Restaurants 2009... - Alexander Lobrano

Zagat Paris Restaurants 2009...Alexander Lobrano

Take an insider’s tour of one of the world’s greatest culinary centers. Based on the opinions of thousands of avid restaurants-goers, this guide rates and reviews 1,000 of the best restaurants in and around Paris. The trademark reviews and … more

Zagat Paris Restaurants 2009/10 (ZAGAT Restaurant Guides)
Alexander Lobrano
Zagat - A , English
A Rifleman in Normandy - Charles A. Mills

A Rifleman in NormandyCharles A. Mills

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A first person account of the Normandy campaign from D-Day + 1 to the liberation of Paris. War from the perspective of the average citizen soldier.

A Rifleman in Normandy
Charles A. Mills
Apple Cheeks Press , English


We arrived in Paris on the 1st of January at nine o’clock in the evening; and as the theater of the palace of the Tuileries was now completed, on the Sunday following his Majesty’s return the Griselda of M. Paer was presented in this magnif… more

Louis Constant Wairy
Sex Dares, The Final Chapter... - Pibs Tandy

Sex Dares, The Final Chapter...Pibs Tandy

In this final chapter of the Nectar Lane Series, Anna and Alesa return home from Paris and decide to spend the day getting to know each other better, which includes a game of sexdares.

Sex Dares, The Final Chapter In The Erotic Nectar Lane Series
Pibs Tandy
LikePhate Publishing , English
The Price of Things - Elinor Glyn

The Price of ThingsElinor Glyn

I wrote this book in Paris in the winter of 1917-18—in the midst of bombs, and raids, and death. Everyone was keyed up to a strange pitch, and only primitive instincts seemed to stand out distinctly. ”

The Price of Things
Elinor Glyn
A Wolf in Paris (A Paranorma... - Marjorie Lux

A Wolf in Paris (A Paranorma...Marjorie Lux

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My vacation to Paris was supposed to be a time of solitary self-reflection but a chance encounter with a sexy stranger turned all my plans upside down. What secrets was this attractive Frenchman keeping? And did he feel the same attraction … more

A Wolf in Paris (A Paranormal Alpha Mate Erotic Romance)
Marjorie Lux
French Bleu - Caroline Clemens

French BleuCaroline Clemens

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French Bleu, titled after a vintage nightclub in Paris, is a novel of discovery, personal triumph and heroism amidst death, illness and captivity.

French Bleu
Caroline Clemens
Menage a Quatre: 36 Hours of... - REX GORDON

Menage a Quatre: 36 Hours of...REX GORDON

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When two couples meet by chance during a weekend in Paris.  A bored husband makes an audatious suggestion.  The beginning will be spouse swapping, with each partner making love to the other’s husband or wife.  But soon the four will find th… more

Menage a Quatre: 36 Hours of Pleasure
PageTurner , English
The Wedding in Paris: A Novella - Adrianne Holt

The Wedding in Paris: A NovellaAdrianne Holt

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Losing love is never easy. For James and Donna, it’s nearly impossible to cope with considering the recent news that their ex-lovers are getting married—to each other.

With their worlds turned upside down, it seems only natural to team up… more

The Wedding in Paris: A Novella
Adrianne Holt
Oakley and Bella on Holiday - DC Swain

Oakley and Bella on HolidayDC Swain

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Oakley and Bella are taken to Paris on holiday by their owners in this playful new story where they learn the value of friendship.

This is a journey of fun, adventure and the value of friendship.

Buy the paperback version and receive a ma… more

Oakley and Bella on Holiday
DC Swain
Wandering Paris: A Short Story - Nicketas

Wandering Paris: A Short StoryNicketas

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A Man Travelling In Paris Discovers Something Very Romantic About His World…

Wandering Paris: A Short Story
The Story of Paris- Katherin... - Katherine Kimball

The Story of Paris- Katherin...Katherine Kimball

Excerpt from the book…”In recasting Paris and its Story for issue in the “Mediæval TownsSeries,” opportunity has been taken of revising the whole and ofadding a Second Part, wherein we have essayed the office of cicerone

The Story of Paris- Katherine Kimball
Katherine Kimball
Des réactions politiques (Fr... - Benjamin  CONSTANT

Des réactions politiques (Fr...Benjamin CONSTANT

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Lorsqu’il arrive à Paris, accompagnant Mme de Staël, en mai 1795, il est acquis depuis des années aux idées révolutionnaires de liberté et d’égalité. Il a tout à conquérir, une position politique, l’argent et l’amour. Cinq années passeront… more

Des réactions politiques (French Edition)