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Phaedo (Classic Series) with...Plato

The Phaedo is acknowledged to be one of Plato’s masterpieces, showing him both as a philosopher and as a dramatist at the height of his powers. For its moving account of the execution of Socrates, the Phaedo ranks among the supreme literary… more

Phaedo (Classic Series) with New Illustrated

Frankenstein: or The Modern ...Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

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Shelley’s suspenseful and intellectually rich gothic tale confronts some of the most important and enduring themes in all of literture—the power of human imagination, the potential hubris of science, the gulf between appearance and essence… more

Frankenstein: or The Modern Prometheus (Oxford World’s Classics)
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Oxford Paperbacks , English

Advice to a Young Man upon F...Edward Berens

I have long thought that a book was wanted, of the nature of that which I have here attempted. How far I have succeeded in the attempt, the public will determine. I have had,—have at present,—and (if I live,) expect to have hereafter,—… more

Advice to a Young Man upon First Going to Oxford
Edward Berens

Subjective, Intersubjective,...Donald Davidson

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This is the long-awaited third volume of philosophical writings by Davidson, whose influence on philosophy since the 1960s has been deep and broad. His first two collections, published by Oxford in the early 1980s, are recognized as contemp… more

Subjective, Intersubjective, Objective: Philosophical Essays Volume 3 (Philosophical Essays of Donald Davidson)
Donald Davidson
Oxford University Press, USA , English


In the meantime he kept studying the subject of Buddhism from various sources; and in 1878 began to lecture, here in Oxford, on the Travels with my Davis Chinese scholar.

A RECORD OF BUDDHISTIC KINGDOMS Being an Account by the Chinese Monk Fa-Hsien
James Legge
James Legge , English

Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Bo...Friedrich Nietzsche

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The profoundest book there is, born from the innermost richness of truth, an inexhaustible well into which no bucket descends without coming up with gold and goodness.’

Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1885) was Nietzsche’s own favourite among all… more

Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for Everyone and Nobody (Oxford World’s Classics)
Friedrich Nietzsche
OUP Oxford , English

Meditations on First Philoso...René Descartes, Michael Moriarty

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It is some years now since I realized how many false opinions I had accepted as true from childhood onwards…I saw that at some stage in my life the whole structure would have to be utterly demolished’

In Descartes’s Meditations, one of t… more

Meditations on First Philosophy: with Selections from the Objections and Replies (Oxford World’s Classics)
René Descartes, Michael Moriarty
OUP Oxford , English

AN Instance of the FingerpostIain Pears

In 1663 Oxford, a servant girl confesses to a murder. But four witnesses—a medical student, the son of a traitor, a cryptographer, and an archivist—each finger a different culprit…

AN Instance of the Fingerpost
Iain Pears
Berkley , English

Oxford Modern English GrammarBas Aarts

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Oxford Modern English Grammar is Oxford’s brand new and definitive guide to English grammar. This book has been written by a leading expert in the field, covers both British and American English, and makes use of authentic spoken and writt… more

Oxford Modern English Grammar
Bas Aarts
OUP Oxford , English

A Philosophical Enquiry into...Edmund Burke

An eloquent and sometimes even erotic book, the Philosophical Enquiry was long dismissed as a piece of mere juvenilia. However, Burke’s analysis of the relationship between emotion, beauty, and art form is now recognized as not only an impo… more

A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful
Edmund Burke
Oxford University Press, USA , English

Todas las almas (Spanish Edition)Javier Marías

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Todas las almas cuenta la historia de los dos brumosos y singulares años que el narrador pasó en la Universidad de Oxford, una ciudad fuera del mundo y del tiempo.Y fuera de ambos viven los cautivadores personajes de esta novela: la amante … more

Todas las almas (Spanish Edition)
Javier Marías
Alfaguara , Spanish

The Road From Mandalay:A Jou...Richard Rhodes James

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This is a tale of a life few understand today: the human cost of Empire, where families were torn apart - a father seen once every four years - growing up in the Thirties, a time much talked and written about by those who never knew it; a … more

The Road From Mandalay:A Journey in the Shadow of the East
Richard Rhodes James
AuthorHouse , English

Adventures Of A Despatch Rid...Captain W H L Watson

Do you remember how in the old days we used to talk about my first book? Of course it was to be an Oxford novel full of clever little character-sketches—witty but not unkind: of subtle and pleasurable hints at our own adventures, for no on… more

Adventures Of A Despatch Rider - Captain W H L Watson
Captain W H L Watson

'The Sixpenny Debt' and Othe...Rosie Orr, Margaret Pelling,...

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From thirteen talented Oxford writers, stories that sweep across town, gown and countryside. Featuring everything from love, lust, loss and death to tortoise and Tchaikovsky, this collection of stories will delight and enthrall al those who… more

The Sixpenny Debt’ and Other Oxford Stories (OxPens Oxford Short Story Anthologies)
Rosie Orr, Margaret Pelling, Jane Stemp, Mary Cavanagh, Sheila Costello, Jane Gordon-Cumming, Gina Claye, Chris Blount, Angela Cecil-Reid, Linora Lawrence
OxPens Publishing , English

Oxford Tales, one to six (Ne...Sabita Banerji, Helen Datson...

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The Turl Street Story Tellers offer tales about Oxford, from the university to the town, from the river to the city centre. Oxford’s long history and rich culture ensure a host of settings, each offering a unique view of a very special plac… more

Oxford Tales, one to six (New Oxford Tales)
Sabita Banerji, Helen Datson, Jenny Burrage, Karen Kidd, Neil Hancox, Roger Marshall

Oxford Tales, thirteen to ei...Jenny Burrage, Vicky Brehm, ...

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Short stories in and about or inspired by Oxford written by the Turl Street Story Tellers, an Oxford based writing group. This is the third in a series being published on-line, but see two previous books of short stories published by the gr… more

Oxford Tales, thirteen to eighteen (New Oxford Tales)
Jenny Burrage, Vicky Brehm, Roger Marshall, Neil Hancox, Nicola Wilcox, Gwilym Scourfield

Oxford Tales, seven to twelv...Nichola May, Gwilym Scourfie...

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Short stories in and about or inspired by Oxford written by the Turl Street Story Tellers, an Oxford based writing group. This is the second in a series being published on-line, but see see two previous books of short stories published by t… more

Oxford Tales, seven to twelve (New Oxford Tales)
Nichola May, Gwilym Scourfield, Nicola Wilcox, Neil Hancox, Sheila Johnson, Roger Marshall

The Origin and Evolution of ...Robert Boyd, Peter J. Richerson

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Oxford presents, in one convenient and coherently organized volume, 20 influential but until now relatively inaccessible articles that form the backbone of Boyd and Richerson’s path-breaking work on evolution and culture. Their interdiscipl… more

The Origin and Evolution of Cultures (Evolution and Cognition)
Robert Boyd, Peter J. Richerson
Oxford University Press, USA , English

Beware of the Trains (Blooms...Edmund Crispin

How acute are your powers of perception? Do they begin to match those of Gervase Fen, Oxford don and sleuth supreme? First published in 1953, these sixteen short stories are classic examples of Fen’s mastery of his art-solving the most inso… more

Beware of the Trains (Bloomsbury Reader)
Edmund Crispin
Bloomsbury Reader , English

"Shakespeare" identified in ...J. Thomas Looney

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Shakespeare” identified in Edward De Vere, the seventeenth earl of Oxford

Shakespeare” identified in Edward De Vere, the seventeenth earl of Oxford
J. Thomas Looney