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The Best in Tent Camping: Or... - Jeanne Louise Pyle

The Best in Tent Camping: Or...Jeanne Louise Pyle

From rocky coastlines to sagebrush deserts, camping in Oregon has never been better. The Best in Tent Camping: Oregon guides tent campers to the state’s quietest, most scenic and serene campsites. It’s the perfect resource for those who bla… more

The Best in Tent Camping: Oregon: A Guide for Car Campers Who Hate RVs, Concrete Slabs, and Loud Portable Stereos (Best Tent Camping)
Jeanne Louise Pyle
Menasha Ridge Press , English
Bug Out Bag: The Prepper Beg... - Alexa Baccardi

Bug Out Bag: The Prepper Beg...Alexa Baccardi

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How safe do you consider yourself in this ever changing world? With our limited understanding of how things work, whether in the natural world OR in human society alike, we can only predict a limited amount of disasters. But that does not m… more

Bug Out Bag: The Prepper Beginner’s Guide To The Ultimate B.O.B. For Survival Camping
Alexa Baccardi
Lormor Internet Ventures, LLC , English
The Brotherhood - David B. Riley

The BrotherhoodDavid B. Riley

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Gregory jerked from surprise. “How’d you get in here?”John held up his hands. “I mean you no harm, Holy Father, but I must speak with you.”“Tell me brother, what is so urgent that it could not wait for a morning audience?”The monk smiled. “… more

The Brotherhood
David B. Riley
Timescape , English
Oregon Boy Adventure - Stephen Luttrell

Oregon Boy AdventureStephen Luttrell

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Oregon Boy Adventure is an adventure story that takes place in the wilds of Oregon in the 1950’s. The stories are told just as they happened or as I remember them. Circumstances, natural events, surroundings, and imagination forged the back… more

Oregon Boy Adventure
Stephen Luttrell
Stephen Luttrell , English
Highway 33 and other poems - H. Robert Mac

Highway 33 and other poemsH. Robert Mac

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This is a book of poems inspired by the Okanagan, and Oregon, and Washington State, as well as the people who have inhabited. It is my first book of poems to be published, but actually the seconds book written.

Highway 33 and other poems
H. Robert Mac
MacG Titles , English
The Seductive Torch (Passion... - S.M. Gray

The Seductive Torch (Passion...S.M. Gray

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Calida Aeros is just trying to escape. Haunted by events that have scarred her flesh and soul, she heads north to the forested town of Lonely Hearts, Oregon, to the safety of a childhood friend. But once she arrives, she discovers that all … more

The Seductive Torch (Passion’s Flame)
S.M. Gray
S.M. Gray , English
Bizarre Tales Vol. 2 - David H Fears

Bizarre Tales Vol. 2David H Fears

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FIVE SHORT STORIES totalling 10k words; Looking for something different? Something that defies category? 1) “Many a Good Man” is a haunting trip that dumbfounds a young man after seeing a shapely woman sunbathing. Do they really rob banks? … more

Bizarre Tales Vol. 2
David H Fears
Horizon Micro Publishing, LLC , English
The Dark Path of Julie E.: A... - Beatrice Brusic

The Dark Path of Julie E.: A...Beatrice Brusic

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This is the story of a wholesome, all American girl from Oregon, who dreamed of fame and fortune and she achieved all her dreams. But did she become a victim of notoriety in the process? The search for happiness is elusive and reality can… more

The Dark Path of Julie E.: A tragic, tumultuous tale about the perils of fame.
Beatrice Brusic
Beatrice Brusic , English
No Going Back - Jonathan Langford

No Going BackJonathan Langford

A gay teenage Mormon growing up in western Oregon in 2003. His straight best friend. Their parents. A typical LDS ward, a high-school club about tolerance for gays, and a proposed anti-gay-marriage amendment to the state constitution. These… more

No Going Back
Jonathan Langford
Zarahemla Books , English
To Maui with Kids - Rolf McEwen

To Maui with KidsRolf McEwen

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A family from Oregon takes a vacation to Maui where the father formerly lived as a bachelor. He takes his wife and two young children on an adventure that includes a plane crash and some unpredictable events that serve to bring the family … more

To Maui with Kids
Rolf McEwen
Understanding The Rain: Natu... - Allen Scarbrough

Understanding The Rain: Natu...Allen Scarbrough

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Understanding The Rain” is a unique memoir of my personal experiences in the great outdoors. I have spent many hours in the natural beauty of Oregon and have met some of the most interesting people on earth. From these “wise souls” I have … more

Understanding The Rain: Natural Lessons From An Oregon Life
Allen Scarbrough
iUniverse , English
Lost in the Hell Hole - Yvonne Rose Bush; William C. Bush

Lost in the Hell HoleYvonne Rose Bush; William C. Bush

”“Lost in the Hellhole”” is the story of a man and his two young son’s survival in the wilderness of Oregon during the worst blizzard in many years. How could William, Chris, and Joe know that a one-day hunting trip in the mountains of Ore… more

Lost in the Hell Hole
Yvonne Rose Bush; William C. Bush
Trafford , English
Huckleberry Finn Grows Up - Sam Sackett

Huckleberry Finn Grows UpSam Sackett

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With his last adventures officially behind him, Huck Finn has just made up his mind to escape Aunt Sally’s wishes for him to get “sivilized.” Without a second thought, Huck strikes out for the Injun Territory on foot, leaving Tom Sawyer an… more

Huckleberry Finn Grows Up
Sam Sackett
iUniverse , English
My War With Poseidon - Jake Schepers

My War With PoseidonJake Schepers

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In a short story inspired by Homer’s “Odyssey,” a young man living in a beach community in Oregon has a series of encounters with a man he sees on the beach. As the encounters escalate it becomes clear that this stranger is more than what h… more

My War With Poseidon
Jake Schepers
Haunted Oregon: The Most Hau... - Jeffrey Fisher

Haunted Oregon: The Most Hau...Jeffrey Fisher

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This guide offers information on the most haunted locations in the state of Oregon. Each location includes information on its history, and the spirit(s) believed to haunt the property.

Haunted Oregon: The Most Haunted Locations
Jeffrey Fisher
The Classic Works of George Gibbs - George Gibbs

The Classic Works of George GibbsGeorge Gibbs

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Madcap Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon, or, Trade Language of Oregon Paradise Garden - The Satirical Narrative of a Great Experiment The Secret Witness Alphabetical Vocabularies of the Clallum and Lummi The Vagrant Duke

The Classic Works of George Gibbs
George Gibbs
Oregon by the Numbers - Impo... - EJ Craig, John Craig

Oregon by the Numbers - Impo...EJ Craig, John Craig

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Oregon by the Numbers is a look at Oregon’s statistics from a new perspective. From Longitude and Latitude of every city within her borders, we can determine not just distance, but personality, flavor, ambiance. Oregon holds many amazing re… more

Oregon by the Numbers - Important and Curious numbers about Oregon and her cities (States by the Numbers Book 37)
EJ Craig, John Craig
Books to Believe In , English
Paper or Plastic? - Mackey Chandler

Paper or Plastic?Mackey Chandler

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Roger was medically discharged after his service in the Pan Arabic Protectorate, cutting off his chosen career path early. He is living in rural Sitra Falls, Oregon trying to deal with hyper-vigilance and ease back into civilian life.

Whe… more

Paper or Plastic?
Mackey Chandler
Mackey Chandler , English
The Ghost Of Shelley Lane - Escapee

The Ghost Of Shelley LaneEscapee

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Ghost story from Oregon

The Ghost Of Shelley Lane
Escapee , English
The Botanical Magazine - Ill... - William Curtis

The Botanical Magazine - Ill...William Curtis

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Beautifully illustrated:”THEBotanical Magazine;OR,Flower-Garden Displayed:IN WHICHThe most Ornamental Foreign Plants, cultivated in the Open Ground, the Green-House, and the Stove, are accurately represented in their natural Colours.TO WHICmore

The Botanical Magazine - Illustrated Volumes 1-6
William Curtis