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Love Grounds and Coffee Poems - Deborah Bauer, Todd Bauer

Love Grounds and Coffee PoemsDeborah Bauer, Todd Bauer

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They say that once you are in your middle years, finding love is about as likely as being struck by lightening. Not necessarily true. This is a love poetry book that is non-rhyming, sometimes funny, sometimes erotic, and speaks to the hope … more

Love Grounds and Coffee Poems
Deborah Bauer, Todd Bauer
Deborah and Todd Bauer , English
Searching for the One - Gabriella Murray

Searching for the OneGabriella Murray

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When Melvin suddenly leaves Sara for a much younger woman, after eighteen years of a bumpy marriage, she is left with three growing children and a heart full of dreams. Hurt, saddened, and not sure how to go on, she is not given much time t… more

Searching for the One
Gabriella Murray
Chasing Circumstance - Dina Redmon

Chasing CircumstanceDina Redmon

How do you define the word used? Some of the synonyms often associated with the word used are accustomed to or habituated. If acting as an adjective, it could mean, not new or second hand. You could be speaking of a used car, used clothi… more

Chasing Circumstance
Dina Redmon
Dina Redmon , English
Best Dating Tips. - Napoleon House

Best Dating Tips.Napoleon House

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Best Dating Tips. Here are over 100 tips on dating…………………………Some of these tips are for a more mature audience.If you have been searching for the love of your life for a long time now, and you always seem to end up single… more

Best Dating Tips.
Napoleon House
Whet Appetites Of Virtual Strangers - Elaine Shuel

Whet Appetites Of Virtual StrangersElaine Shuel

Agreeing to meet a stranger she met at an online dating site, leads to a night of sexual adventures at a fine dining establishment.

Whet Appetites Of Virtual Strangers
Elaine Shuel
How to Find The One for Free... - Nicole Andrews Moore

How to Find The One for Free...Nicole Andrews Moore

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Nothing is more challenging than trying to figure out the dating scene. This book will demystify Craigslist so that you can find someone without the expense or commitment of online dating sites. With a creative post and some common sense,… more

How to Find The One for Free: The Ultimate Guide to Craigslist Personals
Nicole Andrews Moore
The Purple Orchid List - Jennifer Waters

The Purple Orchid ListJennifer Waters

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When I was 32, my third husband walked out on my two young boys and I. It was the week before Christmas. I had a brand new business, with no predictable income. We lived in a little town house, I wasn’t sure I would be able to pay the light… more

The Purple Orchid List
Jennifer Waters
Jennifer Waters , English
What To Write To Her: My Sec... - Joseph Conner

What To Write To Her: My Sec...Joseph Conner

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In this book I give you 25 emails that you can send to women on any online dating site and get replies.

For six years I’ve been using these emails to date all of the women that I wanted, these emails have only been seen by women who I’ve … more

What To Write To Her: My Secret Emails For Online Dating Revealed (25 Pre-Written Emails For Online Dating You Can Send Her Right Now!)
Joseph Conner
Cyber Dating Dangers - Why W... - Dr. Noah Pranksky

Cyber Dating Dangers - Why W...Dr. Noah Pranksky

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Cyber Dating Dangers - Why Women Should Not Use Online Dating Sites demonstrates the online dating scams to unsuspecting online singles using singles sites. How is online dating dangerous is described in this book and should be used to und… more

Cyber Dating Dangers - Why Women Should Not Use Online Dating Sites (Parenting and Families)
Dr. Noah Pranksky
ePubWealth.com , English
I Discovered I'm a Lesbian: ... - Kander Bumpo

I Discovered I'm a Lesbian: ...Kander Bumpo

This book contains graphic descriptions of a variety of sexual acts and objects, including domination and submission. It should not be read by anyone under age 18. Here in Volume 2, Tara starts a new life after her divorce. She recen… more

I Discovered I’m a Lesbian: Volume 2, Searching for Love
Kander Bumpo
Bent on the Boat: A Rough Fi... - Sandra Strike

Bent on the Boat: A Rough Fi...Sandra Strike

When Sophie’s best friend suggests she try an online dating site, she of course refuses. That doesn’t stop Kat from creating a profile, and by the time Sophie can get her to give up the login information, she already has a match. She’s st… more

Bent on the Boat: A Rough First Anal Sex with Stranger Erotica Story (Sandra’s Stranger Sex Sluts)
Sandra Strike
Mmmmore Productions , English
Making Him My Slave (Female ... - Elisha Rayne

Making Him My Slave (Female ...Elisha Rayne

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When Skylar discovers Leo on an online dating site she thinks she’s met the love of her life - that is until he admits he wants to be her sex slave! Wanting to keep him around, she agrees. It turns out she enjoys being Leo’s master a lot mo… more

Making Him My Slave (Female Dominance Erotica)
Elisha Rayne
Elisha Rayne Publications , English
Whet Appetites Of Virtual Strangers - Elaine Shuel

Whet Appetites Of Virtual StrangersElaine Shuel

Agreeing to meet a stranger she met at an online dating site, leads to a night of sexual adventures at a fine dining establishment.

Whet Appetites Of Virtual Strangers
Elaine Shuel
Online Service: Gay Romance Erotica - Dick Parker

Online Service: Gay Romance EroticaDick Parker

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Growing old can get pretty lonely, especially with no one to grow old with…

When a middle-aged man finds himself needing a more intimate type of companionship, he signs up in an online dating site and posts an ad, saying he is looking fo… more

Online Service: Gay Romance Erotica
Dick Parker
BLVNP Incorporated , English
Does Online Dating Still Wor... - Fiona Haggins

Does Online Dating Still Wor...Fiona Haggins

When it comes to finding someone for relationship purposes there is an old expression: “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” When it comes to catching fish, there’s another expression that says: “You have to fish where the fish are.” In o… more

Does Online Dating Still Work? Tips to Help You Stand Out and Meet Your Dream Man Online
Fiona Haggins
Tapping Out - La'Shae Colt

Tapping OutLa'Shae Colt

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Serena Catron lived a boring life, and she was lonely. That all changed the night she found her “Mr Right Now” at an online dating site. Taking a risk bigger than any she’d ever taken, she invites him over, and the fun begins.

Tapping Out
La’Shae Colt
Get Over Yourself!: How to G... - Patti Novak, Laura Zigman

Get Over Yourself!: How to G...Patti Novak, Laura Zigman

True love doesn’t just happen, notes professional matchmaker Patti Novak. You have to work for it–and want it. Forget eight-minute speed dates or online dating sites with twenty-page questionnaires that promise a scientifically calculated p… more

Get Over Yourself!: How to Get Real, Get Serious, and Get Ready to Find True Love
Patti Novak, Laura Zigman
Ballantine Books , English
Online Dating For Men And Wo... - Sarah Richardson

Online Dating For Men And Wo...Sarah Richardson

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Online Dating for men and women made easy

Are you looking for the love of your life? Do you want to find love, romance and happiness with your one true love? Are you tired of being alone? Do you want to know how to find love through online… more

Online Dating For Men And Women Made Easy: A guide and tips in choosing the right online dating site, the common issues that can occur, the lies people tell when looking for love online..
Sarah Richardson
Sarah Richardson , English


GREAT TIPS FOR DATING SUCCESSThink you’re the only one out there trying - and failing — to get a date? You’re not alone! And with Dr. Dating’s Great Tips for Dating Success, you won’t ever have to be alone again. The good Dr. will share al… more

Dr. Dating
A Man's Secrets to Successfu... - Tom Kennedy

A Man's Secrets to Successfu...Tom Kennedy

Online dating has arrived in a big way. Meeting someone in the real world is not easy or simple. The kind of person you can hope to meet in reality is determined by the lifestyle you lead and the work you do. So, if you’re stuck in a small … more

A Man’s Secrets to Successful Online Dating
Tom Kennedy