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The Dragon's Lover - Johannes Lowe

The Dragon's LoverJohannes Lowe

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Lena has been summoned for a performance on her instrument of choice - the harp - for a secretive benefactor, the mysterious Lord Oliver. When she is brought to him, she meets this reclusive and wealthy figure that has influenced the kingd… more

The Dragon’s Lover
Johannes Lowe
little brown bag books , English
The Lost Soul - Rosie Goodwin

The Lost SoulRosie Goodwin

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When a mysterious fire kills her adoptive parents, Madeleine’s worst fear comes true – she and her beloved brother Oliver are separated. Worse still, Maddie is blamed for starting the fire and, labelled a difficult child, she is sent to a c… more

The Lost Soul
Rosie Goodwin
CB Creative Books , English
The Shadows: The Books of El... - Jacqueline West

The Shadows: The Books of El...Jacqueline West

For fans of Pseudonymous Bosch, Coraline, and Septimus Heap comes the first book in the award-winning, New York Times bestselling Books of Elsewhere series. This house is keeping secrets … When eleven-year-old Olive and her parents mo… more

The Shadows: The Books of Elsewhere: Volume 1
Jacqueline West
Puffin , English
Georgie - Robert Bright

GeorgieRobert Bright

Georgie is the sweet shy little ghost who lives in Mr. and Mrs Whittaker’s attic. Every evening he creaks a loose board on the stairs and squeaks the parlor door. This is the cue for Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker to go to bed, Herman the cat to st… more

Robert Bright
Denio Press , English
The Shadows: The Books of El... - Jacqueline West

The Shadows: The Books of El...Jacqueline West

When eleven-year-old Olive moves into a crumbling Victorian mansion with her parents, she knows there’s something strange about the house - especially the odd antique paintings covering the walls. And when she puts on a pair of old spectacl… more

The Shadows: The Books of Elsewhere: Volume 1
Jacqueline West
Puffin , English
Surfing Liquid Blue Topaz: R... - Dr. Martin W. Oliver PhD

Surfing Liquid Blue Topaz: R...Dr. Martin W. Oliver PhD

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Through the analogy of surfing, the sport of Kings, Dr. Oliver takes the reader on a lifetime journey telling how to regain lost skills and move to peak performances regardless of age or circumstances. A perfect book for surfers, sports en… more

Surfing Liquid Blue Topaz: Regaining Lost Skills, Moving to Peak Performances
Dr. Martin W. Oliver PhD
Dr. Martin W. Oliver PhD, BCPC , English
The Wizard's Pencil - C. Gray

The Wizard's PencilC. Gray

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A demented wizard has left his pencil to a little boy named Oliver. After 8 years, his potion-incurred dementia is cured by its antidote. Thereafter, his mission is to get back the magic pencil. Surely, you will feel the story and relate to… more

The Wizard’s Pencil
C. Gray
Oliver and Frank - Sussanne Pauline Gehle

Oliver and FrankSussanne Pauline Gehle

Patience is a virtue.” Words spoken lovingly, by a happy go lucky dog named Frank to his less than easy going friend, Oliver the squirrel who has a great penchant for fishing. Follow Oliver on his quest to find the fastest and prettiest fi… more

Oliver and Frank
Sussanne Pauline Gehle
AuthorHouse , English
Unlocking and Activating You... - Dr. Martin W. Oliver PhD BCPC

Unlocking and Activating You...Dr. Martin W. Oliver PhD BCPC

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Dr. Oliver helps you through this amazing book discover, unlock and activate your true God given potential. Most importantly you can discover the source of your potential and how to handle potential wisely. Potential is dormant ability, res… more

Unlocking and Activating Your God Given Potential
Dr. Martin W. Oliver PhD BCPC
Dr. Martin W. Oliver PhD, BCPC , English
Answering to Him (Old-Fashio... - Dinah McLeod

Answering to Him (Old-Fashio...Dinah McLeod

Average wait: N/A

Alicia is a closet Spanko who can’t bear for her husband to find out the truth about her. What if he thinks she’s strange? Yet the burning inside her will not be denied, so she finds herself uttering the words she has kept penned inside for… more

Answering to Him (Old-Fashioned Husband Book 1)
Dinah McLeod
Blushing Books Publications , English
The Boy Who Spoke Mosquito - Norman Crane

The Boy Who Spoke MosquitoNorman Crane

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Duey Pepper doesn’t talk much. He doesn’t have parents. His only friend is Oliver. Oliver died. They should have left Duey alone after that.

The Boy Who Spoke Mosquito
Norman Crane
Rose's Renaissance - Berengaria Brown

Rose's RenaissanceBerengaria Brown

Rose is at the swimming pool, unhappily completing physical therapy after breaking her leg, when she meets up with Oliver, a very attractive man she saw at rehab. However, Oliver is in a gay partnership with Kieran, who’s another hottie. Ol… more

Rose’s Renaissance
Berengaria Brown
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
My Kingdom for a Corner - Melinda Barron

My Kingdom for a CornerMelinda Barron

Average wait: < 1h

Though skeptical at first about playing the bottom role, Francesca decides to play along, thinking it’s just for one night. But after an evening of mind-blowing sex, Francesca can’t get Santa off her mind, especially when she finds out he’s… more

My Kingdom for a Corner
Melinda Barron
Resplendence Publishing, LLC , English
End of Graves - David Lloyd

End of GravesDavid Lloyd

Average wait: N/A

Oliver thought he was just an average fellow, living an ordinary life. In the twilight days of a dystopian society, Oliver is just trying to make it through the day before it all falls apart. But when he crosses the border of life and death… more

End of Graves
David Lloyd
BalboaPress , English
Angelic Part 1 (Fallen from Grace) - J.A. Stryker

Angelic Part 1 (Fallen from Grace)J.A. Stryker

Average wait: N/A

Angelic is the story about angel of death, Eli, whose job is to pick souls up after they leave their bodies and bring them to Heaven, but despite the glory that his job brings, he still despises his work. But when his job leads him to a you… more

Angelic Part 1 (Fallen from Grace)
J.A. Stryker
I Know My Tools - SD Entertainment, Jay Fukuto...

I Know My ToolsSD Entertainment, Jay Fukuto...

The “I KNOW MY” series of pre-school books is designed to support young children as they learn about the alphabet, numbers, food, tools, holidays and more. Crisp art, whimsical characters and a collaborative adventure keep children engaged… more

I Know My Tools
SD Entertainment, Jay Fukuto, Abby Fukuto
Premier Digital Publishing , English
Being Friends with Boys - Terra Elan McVoy

Being Friends with BoysTerra Elan McVoy

From the author of Pure and The Summer of Firsts and Lasts, a lyrical friendship story with one girl, two bands, several boys, and lots of complications.Charlotte and Oliver have been friends forever. She knows that he, Abe, and Trip consid… more

Being Friends with Boys
Terra Elan McVoy
Simon Pulse , English
Midsummer Star (Best of Bett... - Betty Neels

Midsummer Star (Best of Bett...Betty Neels

Facing bankruptcy, Celine’s family was forced to turn their home into a guesthouse to make ends meet. Celine found her new life to be a lot of hard work but great fun, too. And she soon met a young man, Nicky, who seemed very taken with her… more

Midsummer Star (Best of Betty Neels)
Betty Neels
Harlequin Special Releases , English
Sabrás perdonarme (Spanish Edition) - M. Martínez

Sabrás perdonarme (Spanish Edition)M. Martínez

Average wait: N/A

Tras una llamada de su jefe, el señor Pere i Calabuig, para comunicarle que cuenta con quince días de vacaciones, Ana viajará a Roma para conocer un parque: el parque de los monstruos en Bomarzo. Su chico, Oliver, no podrá acompañarla por m… more

Sabrás perdonarme (Spanish Edition)
M. Martínez
Forever and Eternity (The Pu... - Amber Hawkins

Forever and Eternity (The Pu...Amber Hawkins

Average wait: N/A

Rayne is a normal high school girl. She gets good grades, has troublemakers for friends, and… a mystery filled past and ancestry. Rayne has heard stories of her ancestors and couldn’t believe them, no matter how much she wanted too, until a… more

Forever and Eternity (The Pure Bloods Book 1)
Amber Hawkins
Amber Hawkins , English