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Native Nights Roxanna - A.S. Johnson

Native Nights RoxannaA.S. Johnson

Roxanna O’Donnell wasn’t about to back down from any challenge in life. The strong Scottish widow was hell bent on regaining her independence in the untamed Oklahoma Indian Territory she didn’t realize it would take her to the edge of death… more

Native Nights Roxanna
A.S. Johnson
SEEN (The Wanderer Series, #1) - Heather Sutherlin

SEEN (The Wanderer Series, #1)Heather Sutherlin

Through a portal, into another world, on an impossible quest...This wasn't how they planned to spend the summer.

Rory has no idea what's going on in the woods behind her house, but it's driving her crazy. On the last day of her senior y... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00AYJJ1ZW/#editorial-review">more</a>
SEEN (The Wanderer Series, #1)
Heather Sutherlin
Sutherlin Books , English
The Trestle Monster - c phipps

The Trestle Monsterc phipps

Monster Story:A short vignette describing a young boy’s memories of a magical summer with his cousin, as they spend their nights looking for the “Deer Woman”, and their Oklahoma days searching for the illusive “Trestle Monster”. Their quest… more

The Trestle Monster
c phipps
Ponca Publishing , English
Gangster Moll - Powerone

Gangster MollPowerone

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The roaring twenties were the era of the gangster, the public infatuated with the bad boys of crime. What should have been loathed by the public was personified by the press. Gangster Moll is the story of one gang that plagued Oklahoma, r… more

Gangster Moll


Average wait: N/A

A novel set in the hills of Oklahoma.

Ken Holly
Changing Seasons - Billie Martin Dean Buckles

Changing SeasonsBillie Martin Dean Buckles

This book contains various real-life stories of Billie, a woman who did not dwell in a utopian life of golden spoons and signature clothes. She began to grasp maturity in the southern part of Oklahoma during the 1950s. With her parents, mod… more

Changing Seasons
Billie Martin Dean Buckles
Tate Publishing , English
Uncharted - Nikki Thornton

UnchartedNikki Thornton

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Kennedy needed to get away. What better way to do that than go on a road trip? Open road, no plans, no one getting in the way. At least, not until she ran into motorcycle riding Emmerick in Oklahoma. He left his trip with his pals to follow… more

Nikki Thornton
The Smell of Good Mud - Lauren Zuniga

The Smell of Good MudLauren Zuniga

Nationally acclaimed for her poem, To The Oklahoma Lawmakers, which MoveOn.org called “The most riveting message about the war on women in under three minutes,” Zuniga”s newest collection of poetry, The Smell of Good Mud, explores the wild … more

The Smell of Good Mud
Lauren Zuniga
Write Bloody Publishing , English
Sunday Meals & Snake Neckties - Peggy Randall-Martin

Sunday Meals & Snake NecktiesPeggy Randall-Martin

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              A coming-of-age story set in 1951 rural Oklahoma: My mother was a country girl, and she married a town boy. I didn't come along until 1945. Mother said it took the Japanese two days to find out I had been born, and when th... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B007XHW20Y/#editorial-review">more</a>
Sunday Meals & Snake Neckties
Peggy Randall-Martin
Back In His Arms - Becky Barker

Back In His ArmsBecky Barker

1 rating
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Dynamite…The whole cast comes alive and plays out their drama right in front of you, enticing you to join them on their journey to happiness. You’re wishing for more, please, after you turn that last page. The only thing to do is read it… more

Back In His Arms
Becky Barker
Understanding Foster Parenti... - U.S. Department of Health an...

Understanding Foster Parenti...U.S. Department of Health an...

Foster homes are a critical resource within the child welfaresystem, with more than 260,000 children in non-relative fostercare at the end of FY 2001. Child welfare agencies arecontinually challenged to provide adequate numbers of fosterhom… more

Understanding Foster Parenting: Using Administrative Data to Explore Retention
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
LittleWhiteEbook.com , English
Growing up in Oklahoma (Adve... - Thomas Shaw

Growing up in Oklahoma (Adve...Thomas Shaw

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Growing up in Oklahoma was the start of the Adventures of a BabyBoomer…

Growing up in Oklahoma (Adventures of a BabyBoomer Book 1)
Thomas Shaw
These Last Days: Angelic Mes... - Dottie Mae Goard

These Last Days: Angelic Mes...Dottie Mae Goard

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All around the world stories are popping up of ordinary people being visited as if in preparation for wonderful events that are beginning to happen. This true story is told by a simple Oklahoma woman who never anticipated she would join thi… more

These Last Days: Angelic Messengers Reveal the Future
Dottie Mae Goard
Hope Publishing House , English
The Early Girl Gets the Bloo... - Michele Bardsley

The Early Girl Gets the Bloo...Michele Bardsley

1 rating
Average wait: 12d, 17h

Meckenzie is a thief on the run … right into the strong, buff arms of loup de sang Ren Marchand. Unfortunately, her nemesis Ena, an evil witch who’s still angry about Meckenzie’s … er, appropriation of a certain gem, chases her right to… more

The Early Girl Gets the Blood Wolf (Broken Heart Paranormal Short Story)
Michele Bardsley
A Freeman Paranormal Romance Publication , English
Native Nights Roxanna - A.S. Johnson

Native Nights RoxannaA.S. Johnson

Roxanna O’Donnell wasn’t about to back down from any challenge in life. The strong Scottish widow is hell bent on regaining her independence in the untamed Oklahoma Indian Territory she didn’t realize it would take her to the edge of death … more

Native Nights Roxanna
A.S. Johnson
RFD #3, Mangum, Oklahoma - Dave Thornton

RFD #3, Mangum, OklahomaDave Thornton

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A memoir of the struggles of an Oklahoma dry land farm family facing the challenges of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, told by those who lived it and survived it.

RFD #3, Mangum, Oklahoma
Dave Thornton
Before the Twister Hits - Joy Stone

Before the Twister HitsJoy Stone

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Growing up in Oklahoma, which is right in the middle of Tornado Alley, was both exciting and scary at the same time. Oklahoma is a state with alot of flat land which usually gets more, as well as stronger, bad storms and tornadoes. It was o… more

Before the Twister Hits
Joy Stone
The Coma Lights: A Novel - Joshua Scribner

The Coma Lights: A NovelJoshua Scribner

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An Oklahoma tornado drops from the sky to sweep up Sully Jacobson and his car. Weeks later, he awakes from a coma with a crippling fear of driving. Horrid visions resist Sully’s attempts at facing his fear, and glowing people haunt his drea… more

The Coma Lights: A Novel
Joshua Scribner
Jobsearch Resources USA: Okl... - Internal Arts

Jobsearch Resources USA: Okl...Internal Arts

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Comprehensive directory of Jobsites for US Jobseekers looking for employment in the state of Oklahoma.

Jobsearch Resources USA: Oklahoma Job Search Directory. Jobsites, newspapers & staffing agencies. 2014 Edition.
Internal Arts
Internal Arts , English
The Heir of Hunde - Sheri Webber

The Heir of HundeSheri Webber

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Bly Reed endured a lousy childhood only to wind up stranded after graduation, visiting her mother in jail– again. Home soon becomes an obscure town in Oklahoma where she learns to coexist with an estranged grandmother. Her future has litt… more

The Heir of Hunde
Sheri Webber