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Give It To Your Guide: How T... - Jezebel Jorge

Give It To Your Guide: How T...Jezebel Jorge

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A practicing witch and medium, along with her spirit guide Odessa, share their story and offer instruction on how to connect with your Spirit Guides.This book covers the following topics:What are Spirit Guides?Ascended or Maser GuideSpirit … more

Give It To Your Guide: How To Connect With And Accept Help From Spirit
Jezebel Jorge
Witch Lit Chick , English
Romance Mini 1: The Long Road Home - Lynn Ryles

Romance Mini 1: The Long Road HomeLynn Ryles

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On one hand Alejandro is everything Sophie dreamed about. He is handsome, rebellious and charismatic. After all, that’s why she ran away from the safety of her Texas home to roam the country.On the other hand though, her new love seems to b… more

Romance Mini 1: The Long Road Home
Lynn Ryles
The Long Road Home: A Latin Romance - Lynn Ryles

The Long Road Home: A Latin RomanceLynn Ryles

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On one hand Alejandro is everything Sophie dreamed about. He is handsome, rebellious and charismatic. After all, that’s why she ran away from the safety of her Texas home to roam the country.On the other hand though, her new love seems to b… more

The Long Road Home: A Latin Romance
Lynn Ryles
A Home on the Range: Odessa ... - Coty Justus

A Home on the Range: Odessa ...Coty Justus

Book 1: Odessa and Jason

After her mother’s death at the hands of a cult leader, Odessa escapes, relying upon determination, instinct and a mysterious voice to keep her one step ahead of her pursuers. The blood-stained contents of the he… more

A Home on the Range: Odessa and Jason (Birthrights)
Coty Justus
The Firefighter's Woman - Tressie Lockwood

The Firefighter's WomanTressie Lockwood

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Odessa has been in love with Steven for years, ever since she first met him when she was seven, and he was nineteen. But Steven has been best friends with her sister since they were in high school, and even though she’s now twenty-three to … more

The Firefighter’s Woman
Tressie Lockwood
Amira Press , English
Life Passion: Words Inspire ... - Mark Gregory Washer

Life Passion: Words Inspire ...Mark Gregory Washer

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Life Passion: Words Inspire Our Desire is an inspiring collection of poetry and short stories offering an alternative view of God and religion. Author Mark Gregory Washer gives a fresh perspective on life and God’s expectations of how we s… more

Life Passion: Words Inspire Our Desire
Mark Gregory Washer
Trafford , English
Unthinkable    Book 2 to Fad... - Fallon

Unthinkable Book 2 to Fad...Fallon

Secrets….Some can wreck a relationship or end it.There’s something very wrong going on betwteen Maya and Nesha but neither are talking.Suddenly the girl are missing and everyone is antsy with worry and fear.In steps Odessa Maddocks.This c… more

Unthinkable Book 2 to Fade (Girls Gone Wild)
Blaqk Kouture/B.I. Productions , English
Under My Skin (Odessa's) - Jezebel Jorge

Under My Skin (Odessa's)Jezebel Jorge

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This seductive short story was channeled to Jezebel Jorge by her spirit guide. Odessa, a ravishing red haired witch, takes us back to her days amidst the living to share an erotic encounter with her first love and then the man who later lai… more

Under My Skin (Odessa’s)
Jezebel Jorge
Witch Lit Chick , English
Sky Taxi (BWWM Interracial S... - Tia Archer

Sky Taxi (BWWM Interracial S...Tia Archer

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Sky Taxi (An Interracial Sci-Fi Romance BWWM)

A fun and exciting sci-fi adventure”

It is the year 2044 and Odessa is just a normal African American female taxi driver trying to make a living in tough economical times. So not much has ch… more

Sky Taxi (BWWM Interracial Sci-fi Romance)
Tia Archer
Map of Odessa (Maps of Ukraine) - Digital Maps

Map of Odessa (Maps of Ukraine)Digital Maps

Street Map of Odessa, UkraineThis ebook features :1. Country Specific Information- Country Description- Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)/Embassy Location- Entry/Exit Requirements for U.S. Citizens- Threats to Safety and Security- Cr… more

Map of Odessa (Maps of Ukraine)
Digital Maps
Bimbo, Texas (Bimbo Transfor... - Gregor Daniels

Bimbo, Texas (Bimbo Transfor...Gregor Daniels

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Deep in the heart of Texas, the town of Bimbo is home to over one thousand blonde, curvy, and stacked ladies, all with an insatiable libido and low intelligence. Although it is invisible on most maps, one man believes that the only way to r… more

Bimbo, Texas (Bimbo Transformation Erotica)
Gregor Daniels
Ghosts of Texas: The Haunted... - Jeffrey Fisher

Ghosts of Texas: The Haunted...Jeffrey Fisher

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This guide offers information on the haunted locations in Midland, Odessa and San Angelo, Texas. Each location includes information on its history, and the spirit(s) believed to haunt the property.

Ghosts of Texas: The Haunted Locations of Midland, Odessa and San Angelo
Jeffrey Fisher
Langata Rules: Pirates at Lat 10 - Ken Miller

Langata Rules: Pirates at Lat 10Ken Miller

The Odessa has changed hands.African pirates take control of the Odessa, a British merchant ship with seemingly innocent cargo, starting a desperate race among pirates, warlords, rebel insurgents, government agents, shadowy oil interests, a… more

Langata Rules: Pirates at Lat 10
Ken Miller
Mountainland Publishing, Inc. , English
Compelled:Spellbound (Book Seven) - Trinity Night

Compelled:Spellbound (Book Seven)Trinity Night

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I Want You To Understand What Is Happening Intended For Adult Audiences This is a novelette of about 11,000 words that is Part 7 of 8 in a Paranormal BDSM erotica romance series.

It is finally time to go home to Seattle so Julia pack… more

Compelled:Spellbound (Book Seven)
Trinity Night
Velvet Sky Publishing , English
Sell and Negotiate with Top ... - William Kerley

Sell and Negotiate with Top ...William Kerley

• Planning your Day • Set your Goals and Dreams • Preparing for the Presentation • Working with Jerks • How to make money on “NO SALE” calls • How not to be intimidated • Selling or negotiating One on One • Selling to Organized Groups • Whe… more

Sell and Negotiate with Top Guns: Fly With Eagles
William Kerley
PublishAmerica , English
Peace Boat - Richard James

Peace BoatRichard James

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“Electric blaze, Akihabara night. The rain doesn’t fall, it buzzes in the air like static on a broken television. Puddles slashed with neon, illuminated advertising trucks blaring songs and voices. The crowds slosh by, PVC umbrellas up. Fro… more

Peace Boat
Richard James
Notes to Self - Naomi Rowen

Notes to SelfNaomi Rowen

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Tabby Bibbins, mild-mannered cookie factory worker, happens to find papers that reveal the life story of Odessa Cole. She soon finds that Odessa, who once ran uphill marathons, tamed lions and parasailed into active volcanoes, needs help. … more

Notes to Self
Naomi Rowen
Faces--Samantha - Clarissa Burton

Faces--SamanthaClarissa Burton

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Faces begins with the main character, 8 year old Samantha, being pushed out of a car onto cold asphalt in front of General Hospital’s emergency room by her cruel babysitter, Mrs. Odessa. It is almost 1 o’clock a.m., and the Midwest winter … more

Clarissa Burton
Broken Fences (A TroubleMake... - Kelly Gendron

Broken Fences (A TroubleMake...Kelly Gendron

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Colden Saint James, Dusty Owens, and a single night of passion had equaled to poor old Mr. McAllister’s broken fence. Add six years, a troublemaking photo, and there’s not a fence in Texas that’s gonna be safe.

It took Dusty Owens two year… more

Broken Fences (A TroubleMaker Novel, #1)
Kelly Gendron
Kelly Gendron (October 15, 2013) , English
Go Green! - Amanda Austin

Go Green!Amanda Austin

A unique and adventurous novella set in the nineties, laced full of fun styles, TV shows, and music we all tend to forget about. If you need a change of scenery from paranormal romances and happy-ending YA novels, this is the book for you… more

Go Green!
Amanda Austin