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Hero (Epic Book 3) - Lee Stephen

Hero (Epic Book 3)Lee Stephen

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Throughout its domination of Earth, humanity has been tormented by its own imperfection. The miracle of life is tarnished by the tragedy of sin. All fall short of the glory. Three months have passed since darkness overwhelmed the Fourteenth… more

Hero (Epic Book 3)
Lee Stephen
Stone Aside Publishing, L.L.C. , English
The Glorious Becoming (Epic) - Lee Stephen

The Glorious Becoming (Epic)Lee Stephen

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It is March of 0012, and change is on the horizon. President Carl Pauling nears retirement. Nightman control of Novosibirsk is reaching new heights. And in the depths of The Machine, a revelation about the Alien War has put the Fourteenth o… more

The Glorious Becoming (Epic)
Lee Stephen
Stone Aside Publishing, L.L.C. , English
Advances in Genetics: 33 -

Advances in Genetics: 33

Advances in Genetics increases its focus on modern human genetics and its relation to medicine with Volume 33 of this long-standing serial. The recent merger of Molecular Genetic Medicine with Advances in Genetics affirms the Academic Press… more

Advances in Genetics: 33
Academic Press , English
The Gentleman from Finland - Robert Goldstein

The Gentleman from FinlandRobert Goldstein

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Two days aboard what he believes is the Trans-Siberian Express, the author discovers he’s on the wrong train. It is 1987, and he is traveling in the Soviet Union, holding a train ticket that mistakenly identifies him as a Finn. In fact, he … more

The Gentleman from Finland
Robert Goldstein
Rivendell Publishing Northwest , English
Highly Satisfactory - Steve Schach

Highly SatisfactorySteve Schach

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Dr. Ulrich zu Westerheimer is a German-born nuclear physicist working on the American atomic bomb project in Los Alamos. In 1943, he flies to Novosibirsk in Siberia for a meeting with his younger brother, Carl Friedrich, a fanatical Nazi wh… more

Highly Satisfactory
Steve Schach
Wandering in the Words Press , English
Computational Science and Hi... - Egon Krause, Yurii I. Shokin...

Computational Science and Hi...Egon Krause, Yurii I. Shokin...

This volume contains contributions to the Russian-German Advanced Research Workshop on Computational Science and High Performance Computing as presented in September 2003 at Novosibirsk (Academgorodok), Russia. The workshop was organized jo… more

Computational Science and High Performance Computing: 88 (Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design)
Egon Krause, Yurii I. Shokin, Nina Shokina
Springer Berlin Heidelberg , English
Quiller Meridian - Adam Hall

Quiller MeridianAdam Hall

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A mission is blown in Bucharast: London’s Bureau agent is killed and his Russian contact fled before priceless information could be delivered. Quiller is called in to track down the contact and proceed with the mission, code name Meridian…. more

Quiller Meridian
Adam Hall
Spectrum Literary Agency, Inc. , English