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Beach Boy - David Roy

Beach BoyDavid Roy

Ever wondered what it was like growing up in Northern Ireland in the 1970s? No? Oh, well fair enough then. But if you change your mind…..

Beach Boy
David Roy
Northern Ireland and the Div... -

Northern Ireland and the Div...

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Written by a leading group of scholars, this unique volume examines post-Agreement Northern Ireland. It compares Northern Ireland with societies in four continents that are also divided, showing that comparative analysis is essential for un… more

Northern Ireland and the Divided World: Post-Agreement Northern Ireland in Comparative Perspective
Oxford University Press, USA , English
Easy Guide to...Northern Ire... - Eve Stephenson

Easy Guide to...Northern Ire...Eve Stephenson

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A short, light hearted guide to the colourful world of Northern Ireland slang. Includes an A-Z of common words, phrases and idioms.

Easy Guide to…Northern Ireland Slang
Eve Stephenson
Beyond Suppression: Global P... -

Beyond Suppression: Global P...

The magnitude of the problem of youth violence in nations throughout the world is shocking. What is encouraging is that strategies to combat this issue do appear to work. For example, community-based restorative justice programs in Northern… more

Beyond Suppression: Global Perspectives on Youth Violence (Global Crime and Justice)
Praeger , English
From Belfast to St. Joe: 1838 - Ann Levingston Joiner

From Belfast to St. Joe: 1838Ann Levingston Joiner

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A shipmaster’s wife keeps a log of the family’s adventures while crossing the Atlantic from Northern Ireland to their new home in Florida Territory in a two-masted schooner in 1838.

From Belfast to St. Joe: 1838
Ann Levingston Joiner
Growing up in Northern Irela... - Joseph Alan Johnston

Growing up in Northern Irela...Joseph Alan Johnston

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A short recollection of growing up in Northern Ireland before the troubles

Growing up in Northern Ireland before the Madness started
Joseph Alan Johnston
J.A Johnston , English
The Revolutionary Youth - John Simpson

The Revolutionary YouthJohn Simpson

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Individual lives and history collide. For some the start of Northern Ireland’s ‘Troubles’ is the beginning of a revolution, for others it is the beginning of a descent into hell. Some choose to get involved, others have no choice - but what… more

The Revolutionary Youth
John Simpson
'Belfast Confetti' by Ciaran... - David Wheeler

'Belfast Confetti' by Ciaran...David Wheeler

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A detailed critical essay on this well-known poem from Northern Ireland.

Belfast Confetti’ by Ciaran Carson - A Critical Essay
David Wheeler
Dog’s Tail Books , English
Three Colours Black - Karl Riennes

Three Colours BlackKarl Riennes

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Three Colours Black, the first of the Three Colours trilogy, takes you deep into the underbelly of the Northern Ireland Conflict; a dark place that can draw from a person the most extreme version of themselves in order to survive.Nina is a … more

Three Colours Black
Karl Riennes
Karl Riennes , English
Celtic Knots - Audrey Nicholson

Celtic KnotsAudrey Nicholson

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After an irate young woman confronts her father and his mistress, the entire family suffers disastrous consequences. Set in Northern Ireland between two world wars, and amidst violent religious tension, the family deals with personal traged… more

Celtic Knots
Audrey Nicholson
Antrim Road Publishing , English
Knick Knack Paddy Whack - David Moore

Knick Knack Paddy WhackDavid Moore

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You are invited to partake in a unique autobiographical slant on the combined personal, social and military history of a young soldier, his mates and family. See the troubles in the Northern Ireland and the tailored counter insurgency tacti… more

Knick Knack Paddy Whack
David Moore
The Extraordinary Tales of a... - John Kendrick

The Extraordinary Tales of a...John Kendrick

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Contains adult themes. This wonderful collection of true stories are from the lives of an ordinary bloke, his family and his friends. The sort of tales you’d tell down the pub; like his future wife’s ordeal on breaking his parents’ toilet t… more

The Extraordinary Tales of an Ordinary Bloke: A Collection of true stories
John Kendrick
GJB Publishing , English
Forced By The Sidh (Lisa's F... - Bree Bellucci

Forced By The Sidh (Lisa's F...Bree Bellucci

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While doing her PhD Candidate research on the legendary Sidh people of northern Ireland, Lisa’s lets her curiosity get the best of her. When her cab driver abandons her in the middle of nowhere she travels into an ancient Sidh cave dwelling… more

Forced By The Sidh (Lisa’s Forced Seduction) (Forced Seduction Series)
Bree Bellucci
Shooter in a Plague Year (A ... - Jim Wills

Shooter in a Plague Year (A ...Jim Wills

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In 2018, peace, possibly fair possibly lasting, is getting far too close, too real, for the hardliners on both sides in Northern Ireland. Shooter in a Plague Year, the third Irish historical novel in the Kavanagh saga, describes one possibl… more

Shooter in a Plague Year (A Kavanagh Story)
Jim Wills
Carswell House Books , English
Mad Dog - Johnny Adair

Mad DogJohnny Adair

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Johnny “Mad Dog” Adair earned his reputation as a paramilitary leader seeking freedom and peace in Northern Ireland. The authorities hold him responsible for 41 murders and he became known as the most feared and infamous terrorist of them a… more

Mad Dog
Johnny Adair
John Blake , English
First Communion - Jack Scoltock

First CommunionJack Scoltock

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What should a young boy do when he discovers that his father is involved in the IRA? Who can you trust when an insane murderer is trapped on the same train you’re riding? How can a Catholic child manage to fit in at a Protestant school in N… more

First Communion
Jack Scoltock
Barking Rain Press , English
Moving Beyond Sectarianism: ... - Joseph Liechty

Moving Beyond Sectarianism: ...Joseph Liechty

In Northern Ireland, few interventions can raise the emotional temperature of a conversation so sharply as bringing up the topic of sectarianism. It is a harsh word, expressing a harsh reality and often hurled as an accusing, … more

Moving Beyond Sectarianism: Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation in Nothern Ireland
Joseph Liechty
Columba Press , English
C. Wright Mills and the Endi... - John Brewer

C. Wright Mills and the Endi...John Brewer

This book has two aims: to clarify the meaning of C. Wright Mills’s depiction of the sociological imagination; and to use this to develop a sociological framework that assists in understanding the process by which communal violence has ende… more

C. Wright Mills and the Ending of Violence
John Brewer
Palgrave Macmillan
Death & Tennis - Howard Gimple

Death & TennisHoward Gimple

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DEATH & TENNIS is about a young tennis pro who sets out to avenge the murder of his beloved coach and gets caught up in international espionage, organized crime, covert black ops governmental operations and murder. The book also includes th… more

Death & Tennis
Howard Gimple
Poetry of Seamus Heaney: A C... - Narendra Kumar

Poetry of Seamus Heaney: A C...Narendra Kumar

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Heaney’s astonishingly rapid growth as a literary reputation and the culmination of it in the winning of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1995, is a long and successful journey of his facile pen, which unearthed several volumes of poetry, … more

Poetry of Seamus Heaney: A Critical Study
Narendra Kumar