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Brotherly Bond (a triple-tea... - Mabel Malark

Brotherly Bond (a triple-tea...Mabel Malark

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Chelsea dumped her boyfriend, Nick, for reasons she really does not want to dwell on. Hearing a knock on the door, she answers expecting to find her ex. Instead, three of his frat brothers fill her doorway. They want her to apologize to Nic… more

Brotherly Bond (a triple-team rough erotic short)
Mabel Malark


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Kelly misses her soldier man, and she’s excited to visit him for a weekend of love, lust, and fun. It’s so hard maintaining a long-distance relationship when you miss your man; but Kelly is willing to do anything to keep their love alive, … more

KELLY BENT OVER BY THE SOLDIERS (A First Anal Sex Erotica Story with Double Penetration) (Bent Over For More Than One)
DP Backhaus
Naughty Daydreams Press , English


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*Please note this book is for the age of 18+. This is not a fairy tale romance. It is a dark romance that contains sexual scenes, violence and explicit language* This is a short story that is the first instalment to a 3 part seri… more

Nicola Treherne , English
Halebopp - A Rabbit's Tale - Nicholas Kousen

Halebopp - A Rabbit's TaleNicholas Kousen

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His name is Halebopp and he is a cute bunny rabbit. He’s had a very tough life because something terrible happened to him. He sits alone all day in his cage, afraid and confused. He just wants a family again. He just wants to be loved.But a… more

Halebopp - A Rabbit’s Tale
Nicholas Kousen
RJ Communications LLC, New York , English
Solana and the Master - Michael McClain

Solana and the MasterMichael McClain

Average wait: N/A

Solana finds herself locked outside her apartment house. It’s raining and dark. She hears an approaching vehicle and temporarily escapes capture with help from her new friend, Nick and his clown companion. But she is soon captured and brou… more

Solana and the Master
Michael McClain
Michael McClain , English
The Curse [mmf, gender swap,... - Haleigh Cookson Clark

The Curse [mmf, gender swap,...Haleigh Cookson Clark

Average wait: N/A

Frat boy Nick wakes up after a hard night of drinking and discovers that he’s somehow stuck inside the body of a sultry blonde aerobics instructor. Even worse, once his friends arrive, he finds himself increasingly aroused by them and is un… more

The Curse [mmf, gender swap, transformation] (Fantastically Filthy Fantasies Vol.3)
Haleigh Cookson Clark
In the Shadows of the Trees - Tim Tracer

In the Shadows of the TreesTim Tracer

Average wait: N/A

This wasn’t a time for visitors, not when Nick’s wife has been dead a week and his son has an inoperable brain tumor. How can one family suffer such agony? Then a strange man shows up claiming Nick’s wife wasn’t who she claimed - and that t… more

In the Shadows of the Trees
Tim Tracer
Flying Raven Press , English
Bicurious: His Loss Innocence - Michail Devoul

Bicurious: His Loss InnocenceMichail Devoul

Average wait: N/A

Bicurious” has a twisted plot put into play by Annette when she meets David. He is unaware of Annette’s boyfriend Nick who soon becomes part of her plot.

The three become intertwined in a erotic relationship that David did not foresee, a… more

Bicurious: His Loss Innocence
Michail Devoul
Michail Devoul , English
Combination Pack: Brotherly ... - Mabel Malark

Combination Pack: Brotherly ...Mabel Malark

Average wait: N/A

Brotherly Bond:Chelsea dumped her boyfriend, Nick, for reasons she really does not want to dwell on. Hearing a knock on the door, she answers expecting to find her ex. Instead, three of his frat brothers fill her doorway. They want her to a… more

Combination Pack: Brotherly Bond and Indecent Intent
Mabel Malark
Time Eaters - Jay Wilburn

Time EatersJay Wilburn

Average wait: N/A

Following his father’s suicide, Al and his best friend, Nick, devote their lives to building a time machine. When future versions of themselves begin popping up, they find it safe in concluding they’ve succeeded. However, when an endless ar… more

Time Eaters
Jay Wilburn
Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing , English
Coming Clean: An Erotic Story - Amber Lane

Coming Clean: An Erotic StoryAmber Lane

Average wait: N/A

Stacy has lusted after her brother’s best friend Nick for years, but he always seemed untouchable. Now, she meets him again at a mud volleyball match and the clean up is hotter than either of them can imagine. Coming Clean is an erotic stor… more

Coming Clean: An Erotic Story
Amber Lane
JDAP Publishing , English
Vampire Wanted - Amber Kell

Vampire WantedAmber Kell

1 rating

Nick is surprised when his hookup from the night before not only doesn’t want him to leave but plans to keep him forever. For party boy Nick, finding out your lover is a vampire is only a little less scary than a lifetime commitment.

Vampire Wanted
Amber Kell
Literary Road Press , English
Knights of Forever - Michael Walsh

Knights of ForeverMichael Walsh

Average wait: N/A

Nick and his father lived on a peaceful farm. Nick had grown up there. He loved working with his father on the farm.Their peaceful setting was changed when an old friend of his father’s knocked on their door one day changing their lives, t… more

Knights of Forever
Michael Walsh
It Started With a Kiss - Emma Hillman

It Started With a KissEmma Hillman

Average wait: N/A

It starts with a kiss. It’s nothing more than a peck on the lips, but the impact is huge. Probably because it’s one of her husband’s friends and colleagues who just kissed her quite deliberately. Alexandra is tired of her routine life. She’… more

It Started With a Kiss
Emma Hillman
Fido Publishing , English
Caught Cheating - Saffron Daughter

Caught CheatingSaffron Daughter

Now listen to me,” he growled into her ear. “You’re going to do as I say, got it?” Rose is getting naughty with her neighbor when she sees her husband, Nick, standing in the doorway. He’s home early, and he’s got a box of chocolates in his… more

Caught Cheating
Saffron Daughter
Consequences - Stephanie L. Smith

ConsequencesStephanie L. Smith

Katherine was normally a truthful person, unfortunately, she knew that one speeding ticket, let alone three, would land her over her husbands lap so she decided to hide them from him. Unfortunately for her, her husband, Nick, found them and… more

Stephanie L. Smith
Tales of the Blue Knight:Bec... - Mark O. Chapman

Tales of the Blue Knight:Bec...Mark O. Chapman

When Nick wakes up the morning after a party and finds himself in a castle in a strange land, he thinks his foggy thoughts are just another symptom of a hangover. But when he learns that he fought a powerful Ogre the night before and won t… more

Tales of the Blue Knight:Becoming a Knight
Mark O. Chapman
iUniverse , English
Mr. Nick's Mustache - Sean Q. Johnson, Melissa Johnson

Mr. Nick's MustacheSean Q. Johnson, Melissa Johnson

Average wait: N/A

Mr. Nick is proud of his very large mustache, but one day he loses it. Find out how Mr. Nick and his clumsy cat try to regain the mustache he once had. This story is hilarious and full of vibrant illustrations on all pages. Your children wi… more

Mr. Nick’s Mustache
Sean Q. Johnson, Melissa Johnson
Sean Q. Johnson , English
KEEPING HIM (A-to-Z Forbidde... - Mia Carson, Zania Summers

KEEPING HIM (A-to-Z Forbidde...Mia Carson, Zania Summers

Average wait: N/A


Becky prefers to keep her boyfriend, Nick, all to herself. When April, a girl really close to her gets dumped, Becky plans to cheer her up, but how far will she go to make sure April is satisfied and happy? What role d… more

KEEPING HIM (A-to-Z Forbidden-To-Him Series) TABOO! (A to Z Forbidden-to-Him Series Book 11)
Mia Carson, Zania Summers
The Reluctant Cougar (Hot Fl... - Morgan K. Wyatt

The Reluctant Cougar (Hot Fl...Morgan K. Wyatt

Average wait: N/A

The very last thing Ashlee expected was to meet a hot, younger guy Nick, at her boyfriend’s funeral. The tall, soft-spoken man comforted her with stories of her boyfriend since he studied under him. Grateful for Nick’s help and the shared c… more

The Reluctant Cougar (Hot Flash Book 9)
Morgan K. Wyatt
Secret Cravings Publishing , English