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The Complete Book of Republi... - Peter Klein

The Complete Book of Republi...Peter Klein

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While politics is serious, after a long and divisive presidential political campaign season, many would just like all the politicians and the news media that encourages them to foam at the mouth to just shut up and go away.This interactive … more

The Complete Book of Republican Wisdom and Knowledge
Peter Klein
Peter Klein , English
PIT BULL: For Love Of The Breed - Michael Francis

PIT BULL: For Love Of The BreedMichael Francis

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These stories are true. They are for dog lovers of allbreeds. Some are reconstructed from conversations withthe actual participants, others from my own experience. Ido not promote or condone dog fi ghting but neither do Itolerate the contin… more

PIT BULL: For Love Of The Breed
Michael Francis
Xlibris , English
Four Seasons of Top-Bar Beekeeping - Stephen Garriga

Four Seasons of Top-Bar BeekeepingStephen Garriga

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With the news media’s oft repeated dire, stories about “colony collapse disorder”, or perhaps just as a fad, there has been a renewed interest in beekeeping across the world. Urban locations are seeing odd hives pop up here and there, and i… more

Four Seasons of Top-Bar Beekeeping
Stephen Garriga
Zip Gun Guides , English
Should I Do Business on The ... - Pam Tarver

Should I Do Business on The ...Pam Tarver

The popular news media has been glutted with stories about the Internet, so glutted that many people are skeptical about what the Internet can do for their businesses.Learn how to separate reality from hype, and make an informed decision ab… more

Should I Do Business on The Internet? A Special Report (Business eBook Reports)
Pam Tarver
Business eBook Reports , English
Dead Tide - Stephen A. North

Dead TideStephen A. North

THERE ARE NO CONTINGENCY PLANS FOR THIS!” The dead are coming back to life, filled with a single-minded urge to devour the living. While the power was on, some people follow the bigger picture on television, but the news media is little mo… more

Dead Tide
Stephen A. North
Library of the Living Dead , English
The News: A Groundwork Guide... - Peter Steven

The News: A Groundwork Guide...Peter Steven

Over the past 20 years, the news media has become more restricted, less diverse, and of lower quality. Fewer owners and managers control editorial policies and thousands of journalists have been sacked. However, outside the West, rising lev… more

The News: A Groundwork Guide (Groundwork Guides)
Peter Steven
Groundwood Books , English
SEDUCTION of a Rock Star: Fu... - James Pierson

SEDUCTION of a Rock Star: Fu...James Pierson

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Roderick is the lead of the hot new band, The Tour. He goes by the name of G-Rod and is living the life that every rockstar dreams of. Tour dates, women throwing their underwear at him, people to drive him around, hotels, and so on. But one… more

SEDUCTION of a Rock Star: Fuck My Wife (Book 1)
James Pierson
ATR Publishing , English
Bible Prophecy - God's Agend... - Glen Erickson

Bible Prophecy - God's Agend...Glen Erickson

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This book is the results of study stemming from a personal crisis of faith occurring in the early 90’s in which I questioned the truth of the Bible. I set out to find out why I should believe it or any other allegedly holy book. After a t… more

Bible Prophecy - God’s Agenda And Your Part In It
Glen Erickson
Glen Paul Erickson , English
Vital Signs 2005-2006: The T... - The Worldwatch Institute

Vital Signs 2005-2006: The T...The Worldwatch Institute

VITAL SIGNS does for the environment what stock market indicators do for the City. But it says more about the future of our world than the FTSE ever can ‘BBC Wildlife Magazine’VITAL SIGNS is a sharply focused snapshot of the world� Ideal f… more

Vital Signs 2005-2006: The Trends that are Shaping our Future
The Worldwatch Institute
Routledge , English
The Book of Jerusha: Rising - Scott A. McKenzie

The Book of Jerusha: RisingScott A. McKenzie

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When a series of unexplained miracles begin to occur across the United States all tied to a mystery woman named Jerusha Bale, a woman who seemingly appears out of nowhere, several major religious organizations, the medical field and the new… more

The Book of Jerusha: Rising
Scott A. McKenzie
Arsenic & Lace Publishing , English
The A to Z of the Kurds (The... - Michael M. Gunter

The A to Z of the Kurds (The...Michael M. Gunter

The A to Z of the Kurds covers the largest nation on Earth that does not have its own independent state. Scholars, government officials who are dealing with the Middle East and the Kurds, the news media, as well as the general reader will f… more

The A to Z of the Kurds (The A to Z Guide Series)
Michael M. Gunter
Scarecrow Press , English
Reading and Writing Disabili... - Tanya Titchkosky

Reading and Writing Disabili...Tanya Titchkosky

Mixing rigorous social theory with concrete analysis, Reading and Writing Disability Differently unpacks the marginality of disabled people by addressing how the meaning of our bodily existence is configured in everyday literate society.Tan… more

Reading and Writing Disability Differently: The Textured Life of Embodiment
Tanya Titchkosky
University of Toronto Press , English
The Origin of the Bible: A Guide For the Perplexed (Guides for the Perplexed)
Lee Martin McDonald
Bloomsbury T&T Clark , English
Reservation for Other Backwa... - W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, Fl...

Reservation for Other Backwa...W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, Fl...

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Print and television in India came under fire in the year 2006 when they adopted a biased attitude against the state policy of affirmative action that made provisions to admit students of the downtrodden communities into central government-… more

Reservation for Other Backward Classes in Indian Central Government Institutions Like IITs, IIMs and AIIMS - A Study of the Role of Media Fuzzy Super FRM Models
W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, Florentin Smarandache, K. Kandasamy
Mightier than the Sword: How... - Rodger Streitmatter

Mightier than the Sword: How...Rodger Streitmatter

For more than two centuries, American journalism has played a seminal role not merely in recording this nation’s history but also in shaping it. By looking at fourteen discrete events, from the 1760s through the 1990s, this book reveals tha… more

Mightier than the Sword: How the News Media Have Shaped American History, Second Edition
Rodger Streitmatter
Westview Press , English
Sapphire - B D Edkins

SapphireB D Edkins

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Welcome to New America where all forms of communication: financial, medical, transportation, and news media are now controlled by a single system, Sapphire. At birth your account is activated. By the age of three you are taught to handle yo… more

B D Edkins
Spinnaker Books , English
At War with Metaphor: Media ... - Erin Steuter

At War with Metaphor: Media ...Erin Steuter

When photographs documenting the torture and humiliation of prisoners at Abu Ghraib came to the attention of a horrified public, national and international voices were raised in shock, asking how this happened. At War with Metaphor offers a… more

At War with Metaphor: Media Propaganda and Racism in the War on Terror
Erin Steuter
Lexington Books , English
Splitting America: How Polit... - Don Saposnek, Bill Eddy

Splitting America: How Polit...Don Saposnek, Bill Eddy

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Something nasty is happening in America. Have you noticed the trend? There’s more bullying, more incivility, more disrespect and even more relationship violence between us at home, at work, in our communities and in the news. And, it seems … more

Splitting America: How Politicians, Super PACs and the News Media Mirror High Conflict Divorce
Don Saposnek, Bill Eddy
HCI Press , English
Fall to Grace: A Revolution ... - Jay Bakker

Fall to Grace: A Revolution ...Jay Bakker

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Jay Bakker explores the radical, transformative, and inclusive message at the heart of Jesus’s message: grace.If anyone ever had a reason to leave the faith, Jay Bakker did. The son of mega-televangelists Jim Bakker and the late Tammy Faye … more

Fall to Grace: A Revolution of God, Self & Society
Jay Bakker
FaithWords , English
More Black Athletes in the Media - Michael A. Banks PhD

More Black Athletes in the MediaMichael A. Banks PhD

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Originally published as a dissertation in 1993, this revised edition of “Black Athletes in the Media” is a sociohistorical documentation of trends in the characterization of black athletes in the news media. This study seeks to demonstrate … more

More Black Athletes in the Media
Michael A. Banks PhD
XlibrisUS , English