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Resisting Atlantis (Atlantis #1) - Jamie Canosa

Resisting Atlantis (Atlantis #1)Jamie Canosa

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What if everything you think you know … is wrong?

Cora is your average college freshman. Battling the evils of boring classes and noisy dorms, her greatest concern is how to attract the attention of the drool-worthy, party-god next doo… more

Resisting Atlantis (Atlantis #1)
Jamie Canosa
How I Found America: Collect... - Anzia Yezierska

How I Found America: Collect...Anzia Yezierska

An indispensable volume of immigrant literature.Individually, each of these 27 stories is authentic and immediate, as memorable as family history passed from one generation to the next; taken together, they comprise a vivid, enduring portra… more

How I Found America: Collected Stories of Anzia Yezierska (Second Edition)
Anzia Yezierska
Persea , English
Slootie's Wars: A Memoir of ... - Ira Ellenthal

Slootie's Wars: A Memoir of ...Ira Ellenthal

Slootie’s Wars is an unsentimental memoir that captures the essence of a father, once a gifted pugilist, who chose conventional family values over the gangster’s life many of his friends embraced. It evokes stirring memories of a New York t… more

Slootie’s Wars: A Memoir of My Father’s Fighting Life
Ira Ellenthal
Trafford Publishing , English
The Nobodies - Warren Pawlowski

The NobodiesWarren Pawlowski

It’s been just five years since the city was abandoned, but for those who stayed in the ruins of New York, who watched with hatred and awe as a chain link fence separated them from civilization, it’s felt nothing short of a lifetime.

You s… more

The Nobodies
Warren Pawlowski
Warren Pawlowski , English
Sexy Lips (Lesbian Erotica) - Sapna Patel

Sexy Lips (Lesbian Erotica)Sapna Patel

A young lady who arrived to the city of New York, wide eyed and innocent – a virgin on all counts. Here, her dormant passions were awakened by a person she never thought would be her very first lover. Here, she discovered that there were ma… more

Sexy Lips (Lesbian Erotica)
Sapna Patel
Twists Of Love - Harley Flamez

Twists Of LoveHarley Flamez

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The night was young and so were we, and even though we still had our entire lives ahead of us, the connection between us was far too strong to ignore and being who we were wasn’t going to stop us either. We wanted so much more than this sma… more

Twists Of Love
Harley Flamez
Harley Flamez , English
New York panorama; a compreh... - Federal Writers' Project

New York panorama; a compreh...Federal Writers' Project

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New York panorama; a comprehensive view of the metropolis. 636 Pages.

New York panorama; a comprehensive view of the metropolis
Federal Writers’ Project
Confessions of a Stepmother ... - Christine Greaves

Confessions of a Stepmother ...Christine Greaves

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Being the further confessions of a horny trophy wife whose workaholic husband has gone to New York on business, at short notice, leaving her to look after her visiting teenage stepson on her own …

Confessions of a Stepmother - part 2
Christine Greaves
Inheritance - Peter Mark May

InheritancePeter Mark May

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Jennifer has just got out of a marriage where she was browbeaten, by her cheating husband.Now she has a chance to reinvent herself and when she inherits her English Grandfather’s family home, she jumps at the chance of making a new life for… more

Peter Mark May
Eternal Press, a division of Damnation Books , English
Lost Weekend: A Rocked Short... - Clara Bayard

Lost Weekend: A Rocked Short...Clara Bayard

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This short story takes place between the events of Rocked to the Core and Hard Rocked.When Joe surprises Liss with a trip to New York for just the two of them, she’s over the moon. He’s thought of everything, and a little time alone is exac… more

Lost Weekend: A Rocked Short Story (BBW New Adult Rock Star Romance)
Clara Bayard
Rising Books , English
A Trio of Deceit - Annette Reid

A Trio of DeceitAnnette Reid

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Three beautiful sisters. Each living a life filled with secrets.

When the police notify the family that one of three sisters is gone, two horrified sisters make the necessary arrangements to fly to New York to prepare each other for the w… more

A Trio of Deceit
Annette Reid
California Times Publishing, Los Angeles , English
Ragged Dick: A Graded Reader... - Horatio Alger Jr.

Ragged Dick: A Graded Reader...Horatio Alger Jr.

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This is a simplified version of Horatio Alger’s novel of a kind, energetic orphan who shines shoes and lives on the street in 1868 New York. Dick faces all kinds of situations and adversity but is always ahead of the game and the con artist… more

Ragged Dick: A Graded Reader of the classic by Horatio Alger (Horatio Alger Books for ELLs Book 1)
Horatio Alger Jr.
Alien Breeding - Mister Average

Alien BreedingMister Average

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For most people life just drones along, the same old thing every day – you know what it is like. We all get screwed by the rich and powerful, life sucks and there is no relief apart from small little pleasures. And then one day all that was… more

Alien Breeding
Mister Average
Silver Dawn (The Wishes Series) - G.J. Walker-Smith

Silver Dawn (The Wishes Series)G.J. Walker-Smith

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Silver Dawn - book 4.5 of the Wishes Series After five long years of waiting, Gabrielle and Alex’s most longed-for wish is about to come true. Their baby son is due any day, and Gabi has everything planned down the last detail. Alex has … more

Silver Dawn (The Wishes Series)
G.J. Walker-Smith
NITRO - Stone Franks

NITROStone Franks

A jarring suspense story set in the lesbian underworld of New York. You never see the shot that nails you, especially if it’s from a .38

Stone Franks
Stone Franks , English
Get Published Today! An Insi... - Penny C. Sansevieri

Get Published Today! An Insi...Penny C. Sansevieri

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Writing a book is hard enough. Publishing it shouldn’t be. Get Published Today! is the definitive guide to getting your book published. From New York publishing to eBooks to self-publishing, this is the one comprehensive and insightful book… more

Get Published Today! An Insider’s Guide to Publishing Success
Penny C. Sansevieri
Wheatmark , English
Another Way: An Erotic Story... - Gladys Anna

Another Way: An Erotic Story...Gladys Anna

A short story. A sizzling erotic story of lesbian desire. A woman traveling to New York meets a new lover. But once she arrives in New York she quickly finds herself with two lovers and not merely one. And then a morning after that brings e… more

Another Way: An Erotic Story of Lesbian Desire
Gladys Anna
Spectrum Diva , English
A Killer Read - K Martin Dixon

A Killer ReadK Martin Dixon

The second outing for Ross and Gillhooly as the try to catch a cop killer in 1950’s New York

A Killer Read
K Martin Dixon
And The Meek Shall (The Verses) - Rashad Freeman

And The Meek Shall (The Verses)Rashad Freeman

(Short Story)Judgment day has come and gone. The earth is engulfed in flames. The lucky ones perished long ago, but for those that still roam the earth, safety is a luxury they no longer have. Eve and a small group of survivors are rummag… more

And The Meek Shall (The Verses)
Rashad Freeman
Echo, Sierra, Oscar:A Collec... - Amy Johnson

Echo, Sierra, Oscar:A Collec...Amy Johnson

This Book is a collection of poems  based on many contemporary themes, drawn from  areas of  the Author’s life with  which she is familiar; aviation, law, science, politics, her childhood and her married life. The current trends in philosop… more

Echo, Sierra, Oscar:A Collection of Poems
Amy Johnson
AuthorHouse , English