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Top 20 Places to Visit in Ne... - Jennifer Jen

Top 20 Places to Visit in Ne...Jennifer Jen

Discover the best in NYC for visitors: sight seeing locations, museums, galleries, attractions and more.Guide includes maps, prices and opening times of all locations.Discover the hidden gems of New York!

Top 20 Places to Visit in New York, USA Travel Guide
Jennifer Jen
Rock Media Group , English
Fudged ! or How Sex Changed ... - Jorge Tua

Fudged ! or How Sex Changed ...Jorge Tua

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This is the story of a man who at age 5 gets introduced to sex and sexuality while playing what seems like an innocent game of “tax man” with a young girl. What he experiences at that time will change his life for ever. Out of sexual frustr… more

Fudged ! or How Sex Changed My Life At Age 5
Jorge Tua
Jorge Tua , English
Loves to be Loved (Erotica a... - P. J. Ballantine

Loves to be Loved (Erotica a...P. J. Ballantine

In the hedonistic world of New York in the late 70s, four succubi go looking for the next meal. One of them however finds quite a new taste.Erotica a la carte: Evening Entrees are a series of short stories which combine fantasy, horror or s… more

Loves to be Loved (Erotica a la carte: Evening Entrees)
P. J. Ballantine
ImagineThat! Studios , English
The Wheel of Life Unabridged... - Ellen Glasgow

The Wheel of Life Unabridged...Ellen Glasgow

The scene of this story is laid in New York and it deals with the marital difficulties of the men and women who people its pages.

The Wheel of Life Unabridged (Annotated)
Ellen Glasgow
Last Seen - Myunique C. Green

Last SeenMyunique C. Green

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How far would you go to teach someone a lesson?

It was a romantic weekend, one Kahra Daniels hadn’t experienced in a long time. But, when Kahra discovers that not only is the man she’s seeing married, but living happily as a family with ch… more

Last Seen
Myunique C. Green
New York in the revolution a... - James Arthur

New York in the revolution a...James Arthur

New York in the revolution as colony and state

New York in the revolution as colony and state
James Arthur
Besa - Louis Romano

BesaLouis Romano

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An Albanian’s word of honor, their BESA, is the pride that has made their clans fearless fighters for centuries. In the streets of the Bronx, New York their code has made the “sons of the eagle” a community that has become a powerhouse over… more

Louis Romano
Get Published Today! An Insi... - Penny C. Sansevieri

Get Published Today! An Insi...Penny C. Sansevieri

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Writing a book is hard enough. Publishing it shouldn’t be. Get Published Today! is the definitive guide to getting your book published. From New York publishing to eBooks to self-publishing, this is the one comprehensive and insightful book… more

Get Published Today! An Insider’s Guide to Publishing Success
Penny C. Sansevieri
Wheatmark , English
My Heart - JOE LEE


Catherine was working for a newspaper company in New York. One day, something just happened. Catherine continued to have a bad dream. In her dream, someone just wanted her heart and she did not know him. This dream was so real and was scare… more

My Heart
The Adepts: The Awakening Co... - Alison Caliber

The Adepts: The Awakening Co...Alison Caliber

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Something is changing. People are afraid… things are about on the streets at night, the dead have been reported walking the earth in New York. Ghosts, ghouls and demons are being sighted more and more. Something is building, some pressure… more

The Adepts: The Awakening Collection
Alison Caliber
Something Pretentious Publishing , English
If You Think You Are My Daughter - Compiled by Lewis M. Elia by...

If You Think You Are My DaughterCompiled by Lewis M. Elia by...

Jeanne is sixteen years old and is forced to give up her baby girl for adoption. She never gets to see or hold her but she never forgets. And so begins a journey, a search for a lost child which will last thirty years. Join these two w… more

If You Think You Are My Daughter
Compiled by Lewis M. Elia by Karen Sweet and Jeanne Biedrzycki
Trafford , English
Finding Fiona - Emily Ann Ward

Finding FionaEmily Ann Ward

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The victim of a brutal attack, Fiona remembers little about her life until she meets someone who claims to be from her past. He tells her that her parents were killed for a human replication machine. He’s shocked to discover she’s still ali… more

Finding Fiona
Emily Ann Ward
Nearly Dead: A St. Pete Zombie Tale - Brendan P. Myers

Nearly Dead: A St. Pete Zombie TaleBrendan P. Myers

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When a New York crime boss sends a hitman to St. Pete in the middle of a zombie infestation, the hitman finds that even infested with the undead, his beloved St. Pete hasn’t really changed that much. Yet, even in the middle of an infestatio… more

Nearly Dead: A St. Pete Zombie Tale
Brendan P. Myers
Exigua Publishing , English
the Ultimate (the Ultimate S... - N. Cecil Neville

the Ultimate (the Ultimate S...N. Cecil Neville

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New York is the city that is famous for bringing together people from all walks of life. Will beautiful Travis, a disillusioned ex-escort, find happiness in the arms of Cody, a stranger he knows nothing about? The story of love, despair and… more

the Ultimate (the Ultimate Series Book 1)
N. Cecil Neville
"Tales" From The Tarmac: An ... - Claudia Helena Oxee

"Tales" From The Tarmac: An ...Claudia Helena Oxee

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Tales From The Tarmac…compelling, “behind the scenes” stories of the outlandish and bizarre interactions and incidents between passengers and ground staff at one of the world’s most intimidating airports, New York’s JFK and beyond. These … more

Tales” From The Tarmac: An astonishing “behind the scenes” anthology of true cases about passengers and ground staff at airports worldwide
Claudia Helena Oxee
Trafford , English
City of Promise: A Novel of ... - Beverly Swerling

City of Promise: A Novel of ...Beverly Swerling

Beverly Swerling’s epic saga continues as New York emerges from the Civil War into the Gilded Age—a city marked by soaring expansion and teeming with unbridled ambition and dazzling glamour. Joshua Turner returns home from the war with only… more

City of Promise: A Novel of New York’s Gilded Age
Beverly Swerling
Simon & Schuster , English
Of Stallions and Unicorns - Kate Lee

Of Stallions and UnicornsKate Lee

The story of the sexual adventure of a middle-aged single woman living in New York, desperate to find satisfaction in her life. A Short, sexy, 3000 word+ erotic story.

“I think we should continue this in a more private place”

“Couldn’t a… more

Of Stallions and Unicorns
Kate Lee
Lost Weekend: A Rocked Short... - Clara Bayard

Lost Weekend: A Rocked Short...Clara Bayard

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This short story takes place between the events of Rocked to the Core and Hard Rocked.When Joe surprises Liss with a trip to New York for just the two of them, she’s over the moon. He’s thought of everything, and a little time alone is exac… more

Lost Weekend: A Rocked Short Story (BBW New Adult Rock Star Romance)
Clara Bayard
Rising Books , English
Rock Solid (BBW New Adult Ro... - Adriana Hunter

Rock Solid (BBW New Adult Ro...Adriana Hunter

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Rock Solid (Rock Hard #3)When Gage finds himself traveling to New York, intent on finding Kate, he realizes that he will do just about anything to get her back. And this time, he plans to make it permanent.Kate has allowed her insecurities … more

Rock Solid (BBW New Adult Rock Star Romance)
Adriana Hunter
Wet Ink Publishing , English
If Only They Could Talk: The... - Bonnie Jones Reynolds, Dawn Hayman

If Only They Could Talk: The...Bonnie Jones Reynolds, Dawn Hayman

Welcome to Spring Farm, where animals and people come together — to explore their own natural ability to communicate with each other…. Something magical is happening on a small farm in upstate New York. Animals of all shapes and sizes a… more

If Only They Could Talk: The Miracles of Spring Farm
Bonnie Jones Reynolds, Dawn Hayman
Pocket Books , English