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Alice - Theromen


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Young Alice lives a dangerous life avoiding the bureaucracy of the city of New York while living alone in the big city as a… More > minor. Alice’s trials and tribulations lead her to make some of the most important decisions in her life w… more

Nathan Hall , English
The Unseen Bridgegroom - May Agnes Fleming

The Unseen BridgegroomMay Agnes Fleming

A dark November afternoon—wet, and windy, and wild. The New York streets were at their worst—sloppy, slippery, and sodden; the sky lowering over those murky streets one uniform pall of inky gloom. A bad, desolate, blood-chilling November … more

The Unseen Bridgegroom
May Agnes Fleming
Night Creatures - Jeremy Jordan King

Night CreaturesJeremy Jordan King

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It’s 1981, and Bryant thinks his move to New York will be the beginning of a new life. But the men he meets are being threatened by a mysterious illness. Could transforming into a Night Creature save him and his loved ones from certain deat… more

Night Creatures
Jeremy Jordan King
Bold Strokes Books , English
The_ LURE OF THE MASK - Harold MacGrath

The_ LURE OF THE MASKHarold MacGrath

Out of the unromantic night, out of the somber blurring January fog, came a voice lifted in song, a soprano, rich, full and round, young, yet matured, sweet and mysterious as a night-bird’s, haunting and elusive as the murmur of the sea in … more

Harold MacGrath
Twixt love and duty - William Chambers Bartlett

Twixt love and dutyWilliam Chambers Bartlett

Excerpt:It was a cold, clear night of February, 1 86-, years before the tide of that migratory spirit which obeyed the behest of fashion and interest, had obliterated the old familiar landmarks of lower New York, and estab lished farther in… more

Twixt love and duty
William Chambers Bartlett
ROMANTIC SUSPENSE : DEATH WH... - Oliver Anderson, Maddie Grace

ROMANTIC SUSPENSE : DEATH WH...Oliver Anderson, Maddie Grace

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ROMANTIC SUSPENSE : DEATH WHISPERED SOFTLY is a thrilling and intriguing suspense filled adventure that deals with a young man’s journey as death’s destiny is at his heels. Is he a victim or a hardened criminal? A child dealt a bad hand tha… more

Oliver Anderson, Maddie Grace
Nine Weeks With Griff - Richard Natale

Nine Weeks With GriffRichard Natale

Marcus moves to New York to party and have sex with every man he’s attracted to. Then he runs into Griff and his killer smile and is drawn into an all-consuming affair. He tries to break it off several times, but while his mind says “go”,… more

Nine Weeks With Griff
Richard Natale
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
Matapalo - C Thurston

MatapaloC Thurston

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Mysticism and Central American folklore are woven together in this gripping novel of…

….a young woman whose sailboat is destroyed along the ragged cliffs of Matapalo, charged with murdering her companion.

…the man who rescues her and hi... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00AWKE5QI/#editorial-review">more</a>
C Thurston
207 - Jill Morris

207Jill Morris

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“207: A Personal Account of Love Paranormal Phenomenon and Demonic Possession,” is a true story based on a series of terrifying events having occurred in the Author’s life while living in Upstate New York. Recounting the horrific experience… more

Jill Morris
Sexy Lips (Lesbian Erotica) - Sapna Patel

Sexy Lips (Lesbian Erotica)Sapna Patel

A young lady who arrived to the city of New York, wide eyed and innocent – a virgin on all counts. Here, her dormant passions were awakened by a person she never thought would be her very first lover. Here, she discovered that there were ma… more

Sexy Lips (Lesbian Erotica)
Sapna Patel
Writing In The Dark - Ian Crossland

Writing In The DarkIan Crossland

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A book about weeks on the streets of New York. A man has a chance to explore the city and the depths of his consciousness, while sleeping in cars.

Writing In The Dark
Ian Crossland
Chess Fundamentals - Jose Capablanca

Chess FundamentalsJose Capablanca

PREFACEChess Fundamentals was first published thirteen years ago. Since then there have appeared at different times a number of articles dealing with the so-called Hypermodern Theory. Those who have read the articles may well have thought t… more

Chess Fundamentals
Jose Capablanca
Mundus Publishing , English
HIS RELUCTANT QUEEN (The Sil... - Samantha Bates

HIS RELUCTANT QUEEN (The Sil...Samantha Bates

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Having spent her life trying to control a powerful gift that gives her visions of death and taking the emotions of others, Claire has a found a place that offers her peace and sanctity. When her sister is abducted, Claire finds herself havi… more

Samantha Bates
MARC IS DYING (Mission Accom... - Veronica S. Cutting

MARC IS DYING (Mission Accom...Veronica S. Cutting

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Marc is given every opportunity to come to terms with his demons, those of greed and indifference, but it’s only when he’s trapped in the dark, dingy tunnels of the New York City subway’s underground that he sees the light.

His throat is… more

MARC IS DYING (Mission Accomplished)
Veronica S. Cutting
Veronica S. Cutting , English
Dogrun - Arthur Nersesian

DogrunArthur Nersesian

mary bellanova came home to her east village apartment, cooked dinner, and fought with her boyfriend, primo. but soon mary realized that primo’s silence in front of the tv set was more than just one of his bad moods: primo was actually dead… more

Arthur Nersesian
MTV Books , English
New York panorama; a compreh... - Federal Writers' Project

New York panorama; a compreh...Federal Writers' Project

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New York panorama; a comprehensive view of the metropolis. 636 Pages.

New York panorama; a comprehensive view of the metropolis
Federal Writers’ Project
The Boy in the Box: A Novel - Lee J. Nelson

The Boy in the Box: A NovelLee J. Nelson

A newcomer to New York searches for a boy he believes has been kidnapped and imprisoned in a box. When he tries to enlist help he’s treated with indifference or disbelief.

The Boy in the Box: A Novel
Lee J. Nelson
Bridgeworks , English
Bram Stoker's Summer Sublet ... - Candy Korman

Bram Stoker's Summer Sublet ...Candy Korman

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It’s a hot and steamy summer in New York. You could fry an egg on the sidewalk and melt your brains on the subway platform. There’s a crime wave involving blood banks, a philosophical parrot and all too many super-friendly dog-people in Tom… more

Bram Stoker’s Summer Sublet (Candy’s Monsters)
Candy Korman
Lymehouse Productions , English
The Three Little New York Po... - Michelle R. Miller

The Three Little New York Po...Michelle R. Miller

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The Three Little New York Pork Chops

The Three Little New York Pork Chops
Michelle R. Miller
Xlibris , English
Cotton Candy - Chad Jones

Cotton CandyChad Jones

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The story of a boy, his parents, and a fateful trip to a Tulip festival in upstate New York in the early ‘70s.

Cotton Candy
Chad Jones
Jones Press , English