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Calendrier 2012 : New York (... - eReaderMaps

Calendrier 2012 : New York (...eReaderMaps

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Cet ebook est un calendrier mensuel 2012 en français, facile à utiliser et contenant de superbes photos de New York.Utilisez la taille de police 3 pour un affichage optimal.

Calendrier 2012 : New York (French Edition)
eReaderMaps.com , French
Washington Square: (A Modern... - Henry James

Washington Square: (A Modern...Henry James

Washington Square is perhaps the only novel in which a man has successfully invaded the feminine field and produced work comparable to Jane Austen’s,’ said Graham Greene. Inspired by a story Henry James heard at a dinner party, Washington … more

Washington Square: (A Modern Library E-Book)
Henry James
Modern Library , English
Games with Friends - Stal Lionne

Games with FriendsStal Lionne

An advertising executive finds her pleasure from a game that starts off as a texting flirtation and quickly turns into an unforgettable afternoon.

*Warning - Contains sexual situations not suitable for those under 18 years of age.

Games with Friends
Stal Lionne
Fingerprints on the Edge: We... - Mark French

Fingerprints on the Edge: We...Mark French

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Zeke belongs to an older New York, a time when a man could find his way with his wits, his hands, and guts. Addiction, heartbreak, and the darkness that finds them on the Lower East Side stalks them and shadows their every move. The novel o… more

Fingerprints on the Edge: We Belong Together
Mark French
Mark French , English
I Feel Relatively Neutral Ab... - Jory John, Avery Monsen

I Feel Relatively Neutral Ab...Jory John, Avery Monsen

Have you ever loved something, but also totally not loved it at the same time? Would you like to “heart” New York, but you’re not quite ready for that kind of commitment? Have you ever had the feeling that other cities probably have pretty … more

I Feel Relatively Neutral About New York
Jory John, Avery Monsen
Chronicle Books LLC , English
New York: A Sketch of the Ci... - Theodore Roosevelt

New York: A Sketch of the Ci...Theodore Roosevelt

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It has been my aim less to collect new facts than to draw from the immense storehouse of facts already collected those which were to real importance in New York history, and to show their true meaning, and their relations to one another; to… more

New York: A Sketch of the City’s Social, Political, and Commercial Progress from the First Dutch Settlement to Recent Times
Theodore Roosevelt
Nisyros Publishers , English
Clench and Cheese Get a Gig ... - J Hardy Carroll

Clench and Cheese Get a Gig ...J Hardy Carroll

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Clench and Cheese are British Punk musicians living in New York

Clench and Cheese Get a Gig (The Adventures of Clench and Cheese Book 1)
J Hardy Carroll
Heat - Marvlous Harrison

HeatMarvlous Harrison

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Easy, the owner of a popular nightclub in the uptown section of the Bronx in New York, rose to the top with hard work and dedication. Not to mention with the help of his father, a one time notorious drug lord. Once on top he encounter peopl… more

Marvlous Harrison
Mikalo's Flame (The Mikalo C... - Syndra K. Shaw

Mikalo's Flame (The Mikalo C...Syndra K. Shaw

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Ronan Grace and her Greek god in grey wool Mikalo Delis. Still happy, still in love, and now living together in New York. Despite it all.Despite the lingering secrets of Mikalo’s past and his complicated life. Despite Ronan’s own doubts and… more

Mikalo’s Flame (The Mikalo Chronicles Book 2)
Syndra K. Shaw
Syndra K. Shaw , English
Bilingual Community Educatio... - Ofelia García, Zeena Zakharia

Bilingual Community Educatio...Ofelia García, Zeena Zakharia

This book explores bilingual community education, specifically the educational spaces shaped and organized by American ethnolinguistic communities for their children in the multilingual city of New York. Employing a rich variety of case stu… more

Bilingual Community Education and Multilingualism: Beyond Heritage Languages in a Global City (Bilingual Education and Bilingualism)
Ofelia García, Zeena Zakharia
Alone In Darkness - Chapter ... - Isabella Kruger

Alone In Darkness - Chapter ...Isabella Kruger

Everyone wants to own the world but not everyone wants the responsibility that goes with it. For Lucia and Amber two vampires owning the world is a reality . Everyday they must choose between death and life .Amber is forced to become someth… more

Alone In Darkness - Chapter 1 (The Shadows)
Isabella Kruger
The Smalbanac: An Opinionate... - Christine Garretson-persans

The Smalbanac: An Opinionate...Christine Garretson-persans

A quirky yet practical guide to New York’s Capital Region.“The Smalbanac is a delightful, informative and reasonably priced guide to history, culture, cuisine and shopping in Albany, Schenectady and Troy … Whether you like to travel, di… more

The Smalbanac: An Opinionated Guide to New York’s Capital District (Excelsior Editions)
Christine Garretson-persans
State University of New York Press , English
A French Diva in New York (T... - Anna Adams

A French Diva in New York (T...Anna Adams

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Maude Laurent has made a decision: she wants to sing opera, and she wants to be a pop singer. With Matt and Cordelia Tragent by her side, she visits London, Berlin, Prague, and Milan to establish her place as an opera diva. But new challeng… more

A French Diva in New York (The French Girl Series Book 4)
Anna Adams
Un délicieux milliardaire (F... - Lily Sheldon

Un délicieux milliardaire (F...Lily Sheldon

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La belle Chloé débarque à New York pour commencer un stage dans une maison d’édition très réputée. Elle y fait la connaissance de Paul, un homme puissant, riche et d’une beauté indécente. Irrésistiblement attirée par son charisme ensorcelan… more

Un délicieux milliardaire (French Edition)
Lily Sheldon
LOL publishing , French
Jessie Hearts NYC - Keris Stainton

Jessie Hearts NYCKeris Stainton

Jessie’s just arrived in New York, hoping to forget about her awful ex. New Yorker Finn is in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. They might be perfect together, but in a city of eight million people, will they find each other?

Jessie Hearts NYC
Keris Stainton
Orchard Books , English
Nefarious Business Mogul - Amadi Arua

Nefarious Business MogulAmadi Arua

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NEFARIOUS BUSINESS MOGULNobody including the detectives could understand why a very rich woman in New York who was a business mogul could be into nefarious act that was not only to cause health hazard to the people of United State but was a… more

Nefarious Business Mogul
Amadi Arua
AuthorHouse , English
Hot Nights at The Mountain C... - Dallas Sketchman

Hot Nights at The Mountain C...Dallas Sketchman

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Sketchman returns to play with his buddies at his mountain cabin in upstate New York and runs into some very hot playmates!

Hot Nights at The Mountain Cabin No. 3
Dallas Sketchman
Dallas Sketchman , English
A Cynic Looks At Life - Ambr... - Ambrose Bierce

A Cynic Looks At Life - Ambr...Ambrose Bierce

The question “Does civilization civilize?” is a fine example of petitio principii, and decides itself in the affirmative; for civilization must needs do that from the doing of which it has its name. But it is not necessary to suppose that… more

A Cynic Looks At Life - Ambrose Bierce
Ambrose Bierce
The Perfect Woman  ( Preview Book ) - Jesse Abundis

The Perfect Woman ( Preview Book )Jesse Abundis

A serial killer is on the loose in New York, winning the hearts of his lovers, then taking a piece of their body to form his ideal Perfect Woman.

This is an early preview book of the novel to come.

The Perfect Woman ( Preview Book )
Jesse Abundis
Jesse Abundis , English
Smilers: A Science Fiction S... - Chad Corman

Smilers: A Science Fiction S...Chad Corman

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In a post-earthquake futuristic New York, a robber chases a wealthy victim into the rubble of the subway tunnels, but then finds the tables are turned on him and he faces something unknown and terrifying.

Smilers: A Science Fiction Short Story
Chad Corman
Chad Corman , English