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The Whispering Fields - Joseph Collins

The Whispering FieldsJoseph Collins

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In the grand tradition of Watership Down, author Joseph Collins’ animal fantasy, The Whispering Fields, follows a group of five stray dogs as they struggle to survive New York’s upstate wilderness, while seeking out a legendary, hidden sanc… more

The Whispering Fields
Joseph Collins
Foremost Press , English
How To Make A New York Will ... - James L. Rogers

How To Make A New York Will ...James L. Rogers

Are you interested in preparing your own will? If so, it is important to be sure you have all the information you need before starting the process. Many people have had their possessions passed on to the wrong parties due to a lack of knowl… more

How To Make A New York Will (Sphinx Legal)
James L. Rogers
Sourcebooks, Inc. , English
The Undertaking: Life Studie... - Thomas Lynch

The Undertaking: Life Studie...Thomas Lynch

“[Lynch] brings the lessons of death to life, and turns life and death into art.” —Time Out New YorkHere is the voice of both witness and functionary. Lynch stands between “the living and the living who have died” with outrage and amaz… more

The Undertaking: Life Studies from the Dismal Trade
Thomas Lynch
W. W. Norton & Company , English
The Consciousness of the Atom - Alice A. Bailey

The Consciousness of the AtomAlice A. Bailey

The seven lectures presented here were delivered in New York for the purpose of presenting the testimony of science as to the relation of matter and of consciousness; to enable the hearers to observe the identical manifestation of these rel… more

The Consciousness of the Atom
Alice A. Bailey
A&D Publishing , English
Mrs. Kimura: An Erotic Novel... - Gordon Wyeth

Mrs. Kimura: An Erotic Novel...Gordon Wyeth

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ABOUT THIS BOOK: A steamy novella of female domination. A young man in New York becomes infatuated with a married Japanese woman and agrees to be her sexual slave. Warning: This story contains explicit scenes of sex. Adults only, please!

Mrs. Kimura: An Erotic Novella of Female Domination
Gordon Wyeth
Spectrum Tango , English
A Little Girl in Old New York - Amanda Minnie Douglas

A Little Girl in Old New YorkAmanda Minnie Douglas

How would you like to go to New York to live, little girl The little girl looked up into her father”s face to see if he was making fun. He did sometimes. He was beginning to go down the hill of middle life, a rather stout personage with a… more

A Little Girl in Old New York
Amanda Minnie Douglas
Here Is New York by E. B. Wh... - BookRags

Here Is New York by E. B. Wh...BookRags

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The Here Is New York lesson plan contains a variety of teaching materials that cater to all learning styles. Inside you’ll find 30 Daily Lessons, 20 Fun Activities, 180 Multiple Choice Questions, 60 Short Essay Questions, 20 Essay Questions… more

Here Is New York by E. B. White Lesson Plans
Bred By The Boss: An Impregn... - Sara Scott

Bred By The Boss: An Impregn...Sara Scott

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Shanna has been embroiled in an affair with Chance for some time now. When he decides he wants a child and he wants Shanna to provide the womb, sparks fly…Warning: This ebook contains graphic descriptions of sexual activity during an office… more

Bred By The Boss: An Impregnation Short
Sara Scott
DigiSmith Press , English
Last Call From The Devil's L... - Njedeh Anthony

Last Call From The Devil's L...Njedeh Anthony

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Last Call from the Devil’s Lane takes you into the Life Cycle of a crime syndicate. They were outcasts: a millionairess who wanted to rule the world, a mastermind who knew how to get anything done, an instigator ready to die, and a gentlema… more

Last Call From The Devil’s Lane (The Armando Chronicles Book 1)
Njedeh Anthony
NVL Publishing , English
Besa (GINO RANNO SERIES) - Louis  Romano

Besa (GINO RANNO SERIES)Louis Romano

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An Albanian’s word of honor, their BESA, is the pride that has made their clans fearless fighters for centuries. In the streets of the Bronx, New York their code has made the “sons of the eagle” a community that has become a powerhouse over… more

Louis Romano
To Please and Serve Him (Bil... - Paloma Eroti

To Please and Serve Him (Bil...Paloma Eroti

Sylvia has come back to New York after years among Swiss nuns, learning obedience and submission. What could be more natural than to submit to her dominant billionaire protector, Dominic? That’s what she’s been preparing for, after all. To … more

To Please and Serve Him (Billionaire Bad Boy Erotica)
Paloma Eroti
ESL and Adult Learners of En... - Frank Gerace

ESL and Adult Learners of En...Frank Gerace

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The author teaches adult immigrants in a New York City college. His experience has inspired this book. This book aims at helping the adult learner of English to have the confidence to write in English. As means to this end, he presents basi… more

ESL and Adult Learners of English CAN WRITE RIGHT!
Frank Gerace
The Age of Innocence (Uplift... - Edith Wharton

The Age of Innocence (Uplift...Edith Wharton

Excerpt:Though there was already talk of the erection, in remote metropolitan distances “above the Forties,” of a new Opera House which should compete in costliness and splendour with those of the great European capitals, the world of fashi… more

The Age of Innocence (Uplifting Classics)
Edith Wharton
Uplifting Publications , English
Sweet Temptations (Demons of... - Eve Tesoro

Sweet Temptations (Demons of...Eve Tesoro

Avan’s sudden expulsion from the bowels of Hell, a result of his softening heart, puts him on the streets of Upstate New York. In a strange environment and a new body, the one he serves for ages hunts him. A wounded demon, he takes shelter … more

Sweet Temptations (Demons of Virtue)
Eve Tesoro
Red Rose Publishing , English
Revved (Drag and Drift Book 1) - Chacelyn Pierce

Revved (Drag and Drift Book 1)Chacelyn Pierce

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Creed has been beating himself up for the hateful way he reacted to Bronx after an intoxicated kiss. However, it stirred something in him that should be brought to light. Creed must visit the raceway and stake his claim on not only the winn… more

Revved (Drag and Drift Book 1)
Chacelyn Pierce
Evernight Publishing , English
The Guilty (A Henry Parker Novel) - Jason Pinter

The Guilty (A Henry Parker Novel)Jason Pinter

Justice is as fast as a bullet…As I lie in bed with Amanda, ignoring another late-night call from my ex, a shot rings out in the New York night and a beautiful starlet dies outside the city’s most popular nightclub. This is the kind of stor… more

The Guilty (A Henry Parker Novel)
Jason Pinter
Harlequin MIRA , English
Bred From Treason - Ju-Ju Bishop

Bred From TreasonJu-Ju Bishop

It’s Jay’s turn to run the streets and East New York has been chosen for him. Jay’s mentor Doogie (Doogs) raised him into the game. Prepped and perfected him for ruthlessness to maintain that claim. A father figure whose own marriage to the… more

Bred From Treason
Ju-Ju Bishop
Urban World Publications , English
I Feel Relatively Neutral Ab... - Jory John, Avery Monsen

I Feel Relatively Neutral Ab...Jory John, Avery Monsen

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Have you ever loved something, but also totally not loved it at the same time? Would you like to “heart” New York, but you’re not quite ready for that kind of commitment? Have you ever had the feeling that other cities probably have pretty … more

I Feel Relatively Neutral About New York
Jory John, Avery Monsen
Chronicle Books LLC , English
Echo, Sierra, Oscar:A Collec... - Amy Johnson

Echo, Sierra, Oscar:A Collec...Amy Johnson

This Book is a collection of poems  based on many contemporary themes, drawn from  areas of  the Author’s life with  which she is familiar; aviation, law, science, politics, her childhood and her married life. The current trends in philosop… more

Echo, Sierra, Oscar:A Collection of Poems
Amy Johnson
AuthorHouse , English
The Circus Procession (Origi... - Is Unknown

The Circus Procession (Origi...Is Unknown

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The Circus Procession takes us back to a time when circuses paraded through towns and cities before setting up the Big Top. The procession was intended to increase ticket sales. This children’s book sets the procession to rhyme, and include… more

The Circus Procession (Original Illustrations) (Classic Books for Children)
Is Unknown
McLoughlin Brothers , English