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Like One of the Family: Conv... - Alice Childress

Like One of the Family: Conv...Alice Childress

Like One of the Family, which provides historical context for Kathryn Stockett’s novel, The Help, is comprised of a series of conversations between Mildred, a black domestic, and her friend Marge. They create a vibrant picture of the life… more

Like One of the Family: Conversations from a Domestic’s Life (Black Women Writers Series)
Alice Childress
Beacon Press , English
To A New Dawn - Michael Brydges

To A New DawnMichael Brydges

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To a New Dawn tells the story of a boy on the verge of becoming a man, but in order to do so he must deal with turmoils around him. They are not physical, but the things we dread the worst: our inner demons. In order to defeat his demons he… more

To A New Dawn
Michael Brydges
From The Stage To The Prayer Mat - Rabia Christine Brodbeck

From The Stage To The Prayer MatRabia Christine Brodbeck

Gracefully chronicling one Western woman?s attraction to the universal charm of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, this inspirational memoir chronicles why and how Brodbeck journeyed from the exciting world of modern dance in New York City to … more

From The Stage To The Prayer Mat
Rabia Christine Brodbeck
Tughra Books , English
Look Up, Central Park! New Y... - Doug Gelbert

Look Up, Central Park! New Y...Doug Gelbert

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There is no better way to see New York City than on foot. And there is no better way to appreciate what you are looking at than with a self-guided walking tour. A walking tour can be many things. Interested in heritage tourism? Looking for … more

Look Up, Central Park! New York City Walking Tours of the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side (Look Up, America!)
Doug Gelbert
walkthetown.com , English
Top 10 New York City (EYEWIT... - Eleanor Berman

Top 10 New York City (EYEWIT...Eleanor Berman

Drawing on the same standards of accuracy as the acclaimed DK Eyewitness Travel Guides, DK Top 10 New York City uses exciting colorful photography and excellent cartography to provide a reliable and useful travel. Dozens of Top 10 lists pro… more

Eleanor Berman
DK Publishing , English
A Copyediting Checklist for ... - Denise Barker

A Copyediting Checklist for ...Denise Barker

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There is only One Rule to copyediting. However, there are more than two dozen tasks set forth on the Checklist herein to implement the One Rule. This book was written for the hands-on author who either does it all or knows how to do it al… more

A Copyediting Checklist for Novelists
Denise Barker
Living the Dream Publishing , English
For The Love of A Butterfly - John Christopher

For The Love of A ButterflyJohn Christopher

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JOHN is “just a guy”, albeit, a very sharp “wise guy”, who has been afforded less than all the best opportunities life has to offer, yet somehow he still owns a greater humanity, compassion, and integrity then most others. His lot has been … more

For The Love of A Butterfly
John Christopher
Xlibris , English
LoveWanderLust - T. Harrison, Tasha L. Harrison

LoveWanderLustT. Harrison, Tasha L. Harrison

“I thought I knew the face of my love. I dreamt of her so often that the image of her face is burned into my mind like a brand upon the skin. But that was years ago, in a different city, and now I’ve lost the thread. My search wanders now a… more

T. Harrison, Tasha L. Harrison
Dirtyscribbler Press , English
Textual Encounters: 2 - Morgan Parker

Textual Encounters: 2Morgan Parker

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Having found a white iPhone in the back of a New York City cab, Katie orchestrates a “chance” meeting with Jake, the man of her dreams. Knowing more than she lets on, Katie develops a relationship with Jake that ultimately gets captured in … more

Textual Encounters: 2
Morgan Parker
QuoteStork Media, Inc. , English
Watson and Holmes #5 - Karl Bollers

Watson and Holmes #5Karl Bollers

For several months, newborn infants have been found in trash dumpsters around New York City’s five boroughs. Is it mere coincidence? A sinister, deeper pattern? And if it happens to be either case, why are Watson and Holmes the only ones to… more

Watson and Holmes #5
Karl Bollers
New Paradigm Studios , English
The Tartarus Key - CE Ryan

The Tartarus KeyCE Ryan

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From the author of the “Sticky & Sweet” series and ” The Single Bitch Manual”, comes “The Tartarus Key” a paranormal erotic novella. “The Tartarus Key” takes the reader through the supernatural, in which fantasy and reality collide. In this… more

The Tartarus Key
CE Ryan
CE Ryan , English


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Valkolar finally meets his children. They’re twins, eleven years old, a boy and a girl named Sirius and Olivia. Like him, the twins are musicians. Also like him, the twins are vampires. Valkolar kills their mortal mother, and the twins drai… more

Brian Bowyer
Seven Days - Anthony Mattarelliano

Seven DaysAnthony Mattarelliano

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Anthony views his first foray into the love world as a journey, and from his first meeting Richard on a bus Monday morning, he knew it would not be an easy one. But as the week progresses he meets a wild cast of characters who are all willi… more

Seven Days
Anthony Mattarelliano
Up with Lo (The Lo Trilogy Book 1) - Roman Dee Hellwigi

Up with Lo (The Lo Trilogy Book 1)Roman Dee Hellwigi

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A fun filled ride that requires an open imagination and a desire to run with the titillation. It’s turn based, plot heavy, and character driven. It’s also very raunchy. But the kind that comes from real thickness and claim. Not the thin… more

Up with Lo (The Lo Trilogy Book 1)
Roman Dee Hellwigi
Gentrification and Schools (... - Jennifer Burns Stillman

Gentrification and Schools (...Jennifer Burns Stillman

This book examines the school choice process of Gentry Parents - -white, middle and upper-middle class, highly-educated parents living in gentrifying neighborhoods - - to determine how, through the compounding effect of their many individu… more

Gentrification and Schools (Education Policy)
Jennifer Burns Stillman
Palgrave Macmillan , English
Red Light Special: A Novel - Risque

Red Light Special: A NovelRisque

Monday Smith is married to the mayor of New York City and struggles to keep her troubled past a secret. But when her husband’s thirst for high-priced sex leads them down an explosive path of passion, murder, and lies, she has to decide if h… more

Red Light Special: A Novel
One World/Ballantine , English
"The Barbizon" A Short Story... - Andy Zeffer

"The Barbizon" A Short Story...Andy Zeffer

A witty and raw short story about a young woman trying to survive in the twilight of New York City’s grittier years.

The Barbizon” A Short Story by Andy Zeffer
Andy Zeffer
Zombie Nightmare - K. William Wares

Zombie NightmareK. William Wares

A star player on the women’s Olympic soccer team tries desperately to reach New York City to rescue her friend during an apocalyptic zombie attack. Together they must fight their way out of the city, and along the way they encounter many ot… more

Zombie Nightmare
K. William Wares
K. William Wares , English
Benny and the Miracle Clarinet - Paul Condello

Benny and the Miracle ClarinetPaul Condello

Benny and the Miracle Clarinet stars a young prodigy in the swinging New York City Jazz era. A boy with a flair for the arts, cooking, swordsmanship and magic tricks, his talent for the clarinet is what steals the hearts of his fans. Howev… more

Benny and the Miracle Clarinet
Paul Condello
Surviving Twenty Years of St... - kevin Cunningham

Surviving Twenty Years of St...kevin Cunningham

This book is more than a conventional memoir; it’s a glimpse into the past. It is the history of New York City during its most violent time; the late 1980’s into the early 1990’s and beyond. It is also how the city handled these times. You … more

Surviving Twenty Years of Stupidity as an NYPD Cop.
kevin Cunningham
Kevin Cunningham , English