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Eva Scrivo on Beauty (with e... - Eva Scrivo

Eva Scrivo on Beauty (with e...Eva Scrivo

Eva Scrivo has worked with thousands of women and knows firsthand that beauty is a learned skill that is within everyone’s grasp. Now, in this cutting edge, enhanced ebook, she shows you how attainable becoming your own beauty expert really… more

Eva Scrivo on Beauty (with embedded videos)
Eva Scrivo
Atria , English
Rainbow City - Kristen Goshorn

Rainbow CityKristen Goshorn

Average wait: N/A

From back yard to big city, Rainbow City explores a child’s-eye view of New York City. Silly things happen in a big city where children ride roller coasters to school, pigeons eat french fries, and leprechauns have hidden a pot of gold.

Rainbow City
Kristen Goshorn
Kristen Goshorn , English
Girls? A collection of essays - Stephanie Georgopulos

Girls? A collection of essaysStephanie Georgopulos

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What does it mean to be a young, single-ish woman in New York City? Sex and the City attempted to answer the question 15 years ago, Girls has recently taken up the cause, and now Girls? attempts to fill in the blanks with a collection of 13… more

Girls? A collection of essays
Stephanie Georgopulos
Thought Catalog , English
Hot Yoga Handbook - Laura Pearl, Abdul Kaya

Hot Yoga HandbookLaura Pearl, Abdul Kaya

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The Hot Yoga Handbook will help you grow to love hot yoga and ultimately to fall more deeply in love with yourself. It is meant for anyone who practices hot yoga, from the complete beginner to the teacher in training. In fact, we like to … more

Hot Yoga Handbook
Laura Pearl, Abdul Kaya
Finding Elliott - Lori Meckley

Finding ElliottLori Meckley

Average wait: N/A

This is a children’s book ages 5 and up.Miles will stop at nothing to find his best friend a stuffed Elephant named Elliott when he turns up lost in New York City. PLEASE NOTEFINDING ELLIOTTHAS BEEN RE-FORMATED AND EDITED, AN UPDATE SHOmore

Finding Elliott
Lori Meckley
New Avengers Vol. 12: Powerloss - Brian Michael Bendis

New Avengers Vol. 12: PowerlossBrian Michael Bendis

Collects New Avengers #55-60. What if the villains fighting for control of New York City’s underworld got their hands on a very powerful machine that could cause the immediate loss of power in any super-powered being? It means the Avenger… more

New Avengers Vol. 12: Powerloss
Brian Michael Bendis
Marvel , English
To Visit the Queen (Cat Novel) - Diane Duane

To Visit the Queen (Cat Novel)Diane Duane

Rhiow, Urruah, and Arhu, the wizard cats who saved New York City in “The Book of Night with Moon”, are summoned to London to deal with a crisis which affects the very fabric of time.

To Visit the Queen (Cat Novel)
Diane Duane
Aspect , English
Accidental Betsy - Gibson Grand

Accidental BetsyGibson Grand

A collection of stories and poems about lost loves and chance sexual encounters in New York City.

Accidental Betsy
Gibson Grand
Flying Monkey Press , English
Too Old a Cat (Trace #6) - Warren Murphy

Too Old a Cat (Trace #6)Warren Murphy

Average wait: N/A

It’s trouble in paradise when a mafioso hires Trace to tail his wayward wife, who’s run off and joined a crazed sex cult. As the case involving the gangster’s gal turns deadly and two cantankerous cops are chomping at the bit, Chico threate… more

Too Old a Cat (Trace #6)
Warren Murphy
Gere Donovan Press , English
My Girl - Kate Baum

My GirlKate Baum

A 10,000 word novella. This story follows “Nice Girl” book one of the Girl Series. Grace and Vinnie’s relationship was full of passion and desire. Grace knew she met the man of her dreams with Vinnie. No other man had ever brought ou… more

My Girl
Kate Baum
Love, Loyalty & Dangerous Games - Kawand Crawford

Love, Loyalty & Dangerous GamesKawand Crawford

Average wait: < 1h

Love, Loyalty & Dangerous Games is inspired by a true story. Years of hearing people telling me I lived an exciting life prompted me to write Love, Loyalty & Dangerous Games. This novel is a picturesque view of my own life lived through a … more

Love, Loyalty & Dangerous Games
Kawand Crawford
Donkawand Publication, LLC , English
Wade - Douglas Gowland

WadeDouglas Gowland

Average wait: N/A

Humorous, romantic love story set in the West Village, New York City.

Douglas Gowland
Vicki Luvs Books , English
The V Club (Random Trysts) - Rodney "Kamal" Jackson

The V Club (Random Trysts)Rodney "Kamal" Jackson

Average wait: N/A

This is an erotic story of uninhibited sex with and in front of strangers, exhibitionism, sex toys and masturbation. It takes place an underground sex club in the underbelly of New York City. This is part of a collection of 3 short stories … more

The V Club (Random Trysts)
Rodney “Kamal” Jackson
Dapwati Entertainment , English
A Squid for Mr. Calaway - Joseph Grammer

A Squid for Mr. CalawayJoseph Grammer

Average wait: N/A

Mr. Calaway loves squid. Nothing else, really. Just squid. He hashes out love’s prickly meanings with his ex-con acquaintance in the wintry streets of New York City. Both are lonely and odd and looking for companionship. As for discussion t… more

A Squid for Mr. Calaway
Joseph Grammer
Joseph Grammer , English
The Lockwood Chronicles Epis... - Katrina LaFond

The Lockwood Chronicles Epis...Katrina LaFond

Average wait: N/A

When Alexander left Madeline, she told him not to expect her to welcome him back with open arms. Now, she’s fled the memories that were all around her in London. Finding that he’s unable to tolerate such a distance between then, Alexander h… more

The Lockwood Chronicles Episode 6: A Second Chance
Katrina LaFond
Katrina LaFond , English
Maximum Ride: The Manga, Vol. 3 - James Patterson

Maximum Ride: The Manga, Vol. 3James Patterson

Narrowly surviving their encounter with Erasers in New York City, the flock is following up a lead on their pasts in Washington, D.C. But what they find waiting for them is…a home?! How will the flock adjust to a real school - one that… more

Maximum Ride: The Manga, Vol. 3
James Patterson
Yen Press , English
Sam Loves New York - Rachael Brennan

Sam Loves New YorkRachael Brennan

Average wait: N/A

Sam the french bulldog travels around New York City having amazing adventures, learning important lessons about himself, and helping others in a time of need. Beautifully illustrated, this book takes you to some of the greatest places in NYmore

Sam Loves New York
Rachael Brennan
Rachael Brennan , English
Showoff (Swindle) - Gordon Korman

Showoff (Swindle)Gordon Korman

Average wait: N/A

The fourth SWINDLE book, centering around a dog show that goes horribly awry!The heroes of SWINDLE, ZOOBREAK, and FRAMED are back - and this time, things have gone to the dogs! When Luthor goes berserk at a mall dog show, he’s accused of ru… more

Showoff (Swindle)
Gordon Korman
Scholastic Press , English
The Body Lovers - Mickey Spillane

The Body LoversMickey Spillane

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

The Body Lovers
Mickey Spillane
Signet , English
Eyes Of Emerald - Harvey Stelman, Andy Nathan

Eyes Of EmeraldHarvey Stelman, Andy Nathan

Average wait: N/A

EYES OF EMERALD is about a young woman becoming the first of her generation to graduate from high school in the new land.The time was the 1930’s, and the place was New York City.These were not the best of economic times, but everyone has dr… more

Eyes Of Emerald
Harvey Stelman, Andy Nathan
Harvey Stelman and Andy Nathan , English