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Mail Order Groom: The Dark C... - Vanessa Carvo

Mail Order Groom: The Dark C...Vanessa Carvo

When a distraught doctor can take no more of sickness and death in cholera-ridden New York City, he answers an ad in the Mail Order Brides section of the newspaper, from a woman seeking help on her ranch and friendship; but not marriage. He… more

Mail Order Groom: The Dark Cowboy: A Christian Mail Order Groom Romance
Vanessa Carvo
Hi, Have You Met Me? - Kate Monahan

Hi, Have You Met Me?Kate Monahan

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This isn’t a book about rehab. This isn’t a book about recovery. This is a book about using. The use of drugs and alcohol and all the manner of shit that goes along with it. The people, places and things. It’s about how all the above is… more

Hi, Have You Met Me?
Kate Monahan
GF&SP Publications , English
Follow the Money: Who Contro... - Lynne A. Weikart

Follow the Money: Who Contro...Lynne A. Weikart

Reveals the powerful influence of financial elites on New York City’s mayors.

Follow the Money: Who Controls New York City Mayors?
Lynne A. Weikart
State Univ of New York Pr , English


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A young man suddenly discovers he has visions of the past which gain the attention of a covert government agency. He is seconded to them to attempt to prevent the complete destruction of a vital service to New York City by a terrorist.

Accounting (Barron's Accounting) - Peter J. Eisen

Accounting (Barron's Accounting)Peter J. Eisen

Barron’s Business Review Books are typically used as college textbook supplements or as main texts in adult education and business brush-up courses. They also make excellent teach-yourself texts for readers who want to expand their busines… more

Accounting (Barron’s Accounting)
Peter J. Eisen
Barron’s Educational Series , English
The Jesus Interview: Includi... - Stephen C. Rose

The Jesus Interview: Includi...Stephen C. Rose

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The Jesus Interview is the transcript of a guided encounter in 2012. Included is another work based on the interview: Abba’s Way - A Universal Spirituality. A remarkable theological event.

Stephen C. Rose (1936-) was born in New York C… more

The Jesus Interview: Including Abba’s Way - A Universal Spirituality
Stephen C. Rose
Stephen C. Rose , English
Strings - Ruthanne Reid

StringsRuthanne Reid

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Have a problem that needs solved? You probably shouldn’t ask Grey.

He’s an elf in New York City. He feeds on love like some kind of vampire. He really doesn’t like people. But sometimes, fate doesn’t care who you are or what you like. Som… more

Ruthanne Reid
4th Floor Publication , English
Taxi! - Graham Russell Gao Hodges

Taxi!Graham Russell Gao Hodges

Naturally identified with the Big Apple, New York City cabdrivers hold a special place in the American folk culture writ large. Cabbies proverbially counsel, console, and confound, all the while flitting through the snarling traffic and bus… more

Graham Russell Gao Hodges
Johns Hopkins University Press , English
In the Wings: Behind the Sce... - Kyle Froman

In the Wings: Behind the Sce...Kyle Froman

Here is New York City Ballet as it really is- the good, the not so good, and the majestically beautiful. It’s a true story, and it’s told by someone who can honestly claim that he was there.”

In the Wings: Behind the Scenes at the New York City Ballet
Kyle Froman
Wiley , English
Probability: Resolve - Robert J. McCarter

Probability: ResolveRobert J. McCarter

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Can an android feel fear?A prototype, the only one of her kind, Nan must fight for her very existence. In a future New York City, she did what any Nanny would do to protect her charge and someone died. To survive, she must defend her action… more

Probability: Resolve
Robert J. McCarter
Prepare for Unforeseen Consequences - Alison Caliber

Prepare for Unforeseen ConsequencesAlison Caliber

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On a normal day to a normal man in a normal coffee shop in New York City, something happens that will change his life. Innocent enough it seems, a homeless man stumbles in but it only gets darker from there. A sudden string of disasters occ… more

Prepare for Unforeseen Consequences
Alison Caliber
Something Pretentious Publishing , English
A Walk in the Park - Elisabeth Lohninger

A Walk in the ParkElisabeth Lohninger

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A Walk in the Park is a collection of two fantasy/magic realism/science fiction stories. The title story is set in New York City. Adriana, a sleep deprived woman with a serious case of writer’s block is roaming Central Park at night when sh… more

A Walk in the Park
Elisabeth Lohninger
Lofish Books , English
THE WORLD OF TOMORROW IS SAD... - Leanna Renee Hieber


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New York City: The Year is 1889. New York City: The year is the future. In 1888 a group of bold pseudo-scientists discover the “temporal current” and begin to view the distant futures that await the Empire City. In the future, all life as… more

Leanna Renee Hieber
Deus ex Victoriana , English
Past Redemption: The Darkwin... - Savannah Russe

Past Redemption: The Darkwin...Savannah Russe

There’s a lethal new recreational drug out on the party circuit. To stop its spread, Team Darkwing must immerse themselves in New York City’s nightlife, where they discover ties between the drug’s revenue and the country’s most powerful dyn… more

Past Redemption: The Darkwing Chronicles, Book Two
Savannah Russe
Signet , English
Young Love in Old Chicago - April Marcom

Young Love in Old ChicagoApril Marcom

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In 1932 Chicago, a quiet high school student finds herself being pursued by, falling in love with, and risking everything to be with a roguishly handsome young man who harbors a terrible secret through no fault of his own. He’s the son of o… more

Young Love in Old Chicago
April Marcom
Dying to be Free - Michael Sutherland

Dying to be FreeMichael Sutherland

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Danny is last one to escape from his own dying planet only to land on earth where everyone wants to hunt him down for being different. What will it take for him to really be free?

Dying to be Free
Michael Sutherland
The Immortals of Penthouse 8... - Michael McGee

The Immortals of Penthouse 8...Michael McGee

(novelette)At a sordid party amongst the spoiled glitterati of New York City, the legends of history are nightly put through the wringer… literally. It comes down to one woman, with a dark and sordid history of her own, to save the heroes… more

The Immortals of Penthouse 8 [a dark sci-fi novelette]
Michael McGee
Battery Park City : The Early Years - Charles J. Urstadt with Gene Brown

Battery Park City : The Early YearsCharles J. Urstadt with Gene Brown

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A plaque on my wall from New York City cites me as “The Father” of Battery Park City, an extraordinary “new town” built on 100 acres of landfill at the southern tip of Manhattan. Today the development houses over 10,000 people. Thousands … more

Battery Park City : The Early Years
Charles J. Urstadt with Gene Brown
Xlibris , English
Gossip Girl, The Carlyles #4... - Cecily Von Ziegesar

Gossip Girl, The Carlyles #4...Cecily Von Ziegesar

It’s Thanksgiving, and the Carlyle triplets are thankful to be escaping the New York City cold-they’re jetting to the tropics and bringing all their friends along for the ride. The sun isn’t the only thing that’s sizzling on this vacation g… more

Gossip Girl, The Carlyles #4: Love the One You’re With (Gossip Girl: The Carlyles)
Cecily Von Ziegesar
Poppy , English
My Girl - Kate Baum

My GirlKate Baum

A 10,000 word novella. This story follows “Nice Girl” book one of the Girl Series. Grace and Vinnie’s relationship was full of passion and desire. Grace knew she met the man of her dreams with Vinnie. No other man had ever brought ou… more

My Girl
Kate Baum