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Fashion Frenzy (Beacon Stree... - Annie Bryant

Fashion Frenzy (Beacon Stree...Annie Bryant

Great new adventures in the bestselling series from Aladdin M!X! Just in time for summer reading, Aladdin M!X offers two brand-new Beacon Street Girls books. In The Great Scavenger Hunt, the BSG and their classmates discover some exciting s… more

Fashion Frenzy (Beacon Street Girls)
Annie Bryant
Aladdin , English
Flirtini with Disaster: The ... - Donna Ison

Flirtini with Disaster: The ...Donna Ison

Average wait: N/A

Have you ever met, married, and buried someone all in the span of five minutes? You have if you’re Kat McCoy, the Dr. Frankenstein of flirting who turns every man into a monster in her mind. Set in New York City at the height of the speed d… more

Flirtini with Disaster: The Single Girl’s Guide to Self-Sabotage (a laugh out loud romantic comedy)
Donna Ison
Donna Ison , English
Death Beneath the Streets: A... - Randolph Mase

Death Beneath the Streets: A...Randolph Mase

In a single week, three people are killed in the subway system beneath the streets of New York City, but the police call the deaths unrelated, and term two of them as accidental. Follow Private Investigator Matthew Hogan as he attacks the m… more

Death Beneath the Streets: A Matthew Hogan Mystery
Randolph Mase
iUniverse , English
The Best Family-Friendly Res... - Laurie Bain Wilson

The Best Family-Friendly Res...Laurie Bain Wilson

Average wait: N/A

When you come to a fork in the road in New York City, dig in! NYC is home to some of the best chefs and most celebrated restaurants around the globe. The challenge, of course, is finding a restaurant that even the moodiest of your kids will… more

The Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in New York City
Laurie Bain Wilson
A Journey Beyond Silence - Elometer Victoria Thomas

A Journey Beyond SilenceElometer Victoria Thomas

Elometer returns from the hospital only to discover that she can no longer hear the voices of her friends and family. In fact, she can’t hear anything at all.It’s hard enough for a young girl to deal with such a loss, but things get even w… more

A Journey Beyond Silence
Elometer Victoria Thomas
iUniverse , English
The Adventures of Danni the ... - Dannielle Loudermilk

The Adventures of Danni the ...Dannielle Loudermilk

Our heroine had to endure merciless bullying as a child, but in adulthood became one of New York City’s most popular male waitresses. Her story could be that of any dozen so-called sissies you know. [Please note that this book was published… more

The Adventures of Danni the Tranny (Fetish Deluxe eBooks)
Dannielle Loudermilk
Mohandas Kleopatra , English
Blood and Salt (The Door-world) - Anna Katherine

Blood and Salt (The Door-world)Anna Katherine

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Gaby has always felt a little too big for her small town — but once she moves to New York City, she realizes she’s a little too plain and a little too nerdy for anything really exciting. Then she meets a geeky… more

Blood and Salt (The Door-world)
Anna Katherine
2013 New York City Restauran... - Zagat Survey

2013 New York City Restauran...Zagat Survey

2013 New York City Restaurants covers over 2,050 restaurants in all five boroughs. This handy guide contains Zagat’s trusted scores & Reviews for New York City restaurants based on the opinions of 38,000 avid diners like you. The trademark … more

2013 New York City Restaurants (Zagat Survey New York City Restaurants)
Zagat Survey
Zagat Survey , English
New York City Marathon - Joseph Devon

New York City MarathonJoseph Devon

Average wait: N/A

The day of the New York City Marathon brings vast crowds to Manhattan. Some come to run the race. Some come to watch the race. Some come to get drunk and watch the race. And some come knowing full well that there is more than one way to run… more

New York City Marathon
Joseph Devon
Dating Chronicles - A. V. SCOTT

Dating ChroniclesA. V. SCOTT

This is an explicit, erotic novella for 18+ Adult eyes only. Contains super hot, one on one sex scenes.

Dating in New York City can be hazardous to your sex life. I should know. I just got out of a ten year relationship with a man who … more

Dating Chronicles
A. V. SCOTT , English
Shouts and Murmurs - Jean  Dubinsky Appleton

Shouts and MurmursJean Dubinsky Appleton

Average wait: N/A

A collection of poems and essays inspired by the ever-changing, emotional flow of life in New York City.

Shouts and Murmurs
Jean Dubinsky Appleton
The Veteran - Robert Soul

The VeteranRobert Soul

Average wait: N/A

A teenager in New York City meets a veteran of the Vietnam War while selling magazine subscriptions. Although the veteran requests to be left alone the teenager insists they could become friends and that he needs to buy something. One fatef… more

The Veteran
Robert Soul
Soul Writers , English
Stay On Track - Anton Philip Noël

Stay On TrackAnton Philip Noël

Average wait: N/A

A coming of age romance/drama set in the mid-90s about a group of high school friends in Brooklyn, New York. All-City track & field star, Shayna, is romantically pursued by fellow classmate “Key”. Despite Shayna’s lack of mutual interest, “… more

Stay On Track
Anton Philip Noël
KeLiz Noël Publishing , English
Cold City (Repairman Jack Book 1) - F. Paul Wilson

Cold City (Repairman Jack Book 1)F. Paul Wilson

The first of three Repairman Jack prequels, revealing the past of one of the most popular characters in contemporary dark fantasy: a self-styled “fix-it” man who is no stranger to the macabre or the supernatural, hired by victimized people … more

Cold City (Repairman Jack Book 1)
F. Paul Wilson
Tor Books , English
Your Life, but Sweeter (Your... - Crystal Velasquez

Your Life, but Sweeter (Your...Crystal Velasquez

Your Life, but … is the only series that lets your true personality lead the way! In this book, you are the main character, so the narrator talks directly to you about everything that’s happening. At the end of each chapter, you’ll take… more

Your Life, but Sweeter (Your Life, but . . .)
Crystal Velasquez
Delacorte Books for Young Readers , English
Auditioning For The Theatre:... - KS  Stevens

Auditioning For The Theatre:...KS Stevens

This book provides advice from a self-producing playwright for actors who are auditioning for New York City’s Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway theatre scene. KS Stevens has written and produced four original productions in three years and … more

Auditioning For The Theatre: Advice From a Self-Producing Playwright
KS Stevens
The Scene: An Original BDSM Play - KS Stevens

The Scene: An Original BDSM PlayKS Stevens

Average wait: N/A

The Scene is an experimental play that debuted in New York City in June 2011. This script is an open a dialogue between a Mistress, Daddy, Girl, Boi and Swtich, about the psychological lures and intrigue of the kinky culture that brought th… more

The Scene: An Original BDSM Play
KS Stevens
Becoming Chloe - Catherine Ryan Hyde

Becoming ChloeCatherine Ryan Hyde

Meet Jordy. He’s on his own in New York City. Nobody to depend on; nobody depending on him. And it’s been working fine.Until this girl comes along. She’s 18 and blond and pretty–her world should be perfect. But she’s seen things no one shou… more

Becoming Chloe
Catherine Ryan Hyde
Knopf Books for Young Readers , English
Somebody - John Hinman

SomebodyJohn Hinman

Average wait: N/A

Molly’s life changes abruptly on a snowy night in New York City. She awakens to find herself on life support. She learns she was in a traffic accident, has been unconscious several days, received major injuries, and remains in critical cond… more

John Hinman
Night Before Christmas In Ne... - Francis Morrone

Night Before Christmas In Ne...Francis Morrone

Their is a Santa imposter on the loose in New York City and the police are trying to nab him. They think they found the imposter, but it’s the real Santa instead. Now he’s in jail and there’s no one to deliver the presents. Fortunately two … more

Night Before Christmas In New York City, The (Night Before Christmas (Gibbs))
Francis Morrone
Gibbs Smith , English