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Young Mutants in Love - William D. Dickerson

Young Mutants in LoveWilliam D. Dickerson

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When there is danger, heroes often arise from the masses. One night while stargazing, Cacy and Gavin witness an astronomical phenomenon that changes their lives. Their bodies change, and they discover that they can access super human abilit… more

Young Mutants in Love
William D. Dickerson
Night and Day (Gremlins) - Dahlia Rose

Night and Day (Gremlins)Dahlia Rose

Larkin Day thought she was a hardened cop until she found out what lurked in the night.When Larkin watched her partner die it was one of the worst nights of her life. They said it was an addict strung out on drugs, but they were all wrong. … more

Night and Day (Gremlins)
Dahlia Rose
Purple Sword Publications LLC , English
Cartoons for the All-Knowing... - Al Allen, S. G.  Memon

Cartoons for the All-Knowing...Al Allen, S. G. Memon

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Please enjoy these cartoons. They are my first attempt at cartooning and humor. They have many people laugh.So I decided to share them with you. Humor is to be treasured. Though it should not to be buried like treasure.I only know this:New … more

Cartoons for the All-Knowing New Yorker
Al Allen, S. G. Memon
NYC Budget Honeymoon - CharLena Pearson-Fulcher

NYC Budget HoneymoonCharLena Pearson-Fulcher

You have planned the best wedding ceremony and reception for your celebratory day, but now you have less than $1000 to use for your honeymoon.  Now what?

New York City is your playground already, but I bet you haven't explored every rom... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00ETCLV1C/#editorial-review">more</a>
NYC Budget Honeymoon
CharLena Pearson-Fulcher
CharLena Pearson-Fulcher , English
The Mole People Beneath the City - Evans Light

The Mole People Beneath the CityEvans Light

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Late at night in the subway, a little girl and her father wait for a train that runs deep beneath New York City. It will be a ride they never forget.  (Also available as part of the SCREAMSCAPES: TALES OF TERROR collection, by Evans Light)

The Mole People Beneath the City
Evans Light
Corpus Press , English
My Turn - Jill Baker

My TurnJill Baker

This tale is about a young artist-housewife who leaves her husband in Texas and follows her dreams to New York City, where she finds adventures, both good and bad, living in a houseboat docked at 79th Street. Does she decide to stay or go b… more

My Turn
Jill Baker
Winchester Cottage Print , English
Tempting Darkness [The Other... - Jamieson Wolf

Tempting Darkness [The Other...Jamieson Wolf

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As the last Shifter, the last true Wolf, Kaden has his share of problems. But he has recently become the holder of the Key. It is the key to all Wisdom. Luke is a New York City cabbie and he’s seen his share of weirdoes and freaks. But when… more

Tempting Darkness [The Other: Book One]
Jamieson Wolf
Cobblestone Press, LLC , English
Tropic of Capricorn - Henry Miller

Tropic of CapricornHenry Miller

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Banned in America for almost thirty years because of its explicit sexual content, this companion volume to Miller’s Tropic of Cancer chronicles his life in 1920s New York City. Famous for its frank portrayal of life in Brooklyn’s ethnic nei… more

Tropic of Capricorn
Henry Miller
Grove Press , English
Orphan Train Riders Danny's ... - Teresa Lilly

Orphan Train Riders Danny's ...Teresa Lilly

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This Historical Chapter Book comes with a Unit study at the end.When Danny and his little sister are left alone in New York City, he decides to take his sister and ride the Orphan Train out west, hoping to find a new family and a new life.T… more

Orphan Train Riders Danny’s New Life Historical Chapter Book
Teresa Lilly
www.chapterbooks4kids.wordpress.com , English
In the Wings: Behind the Sce... - Kyle Froman

In the Wings: Behind the Sce...Kyle Froman

Here is New York City Ballet as it really is- the good, the not so good, and the majestically beautiful. It’s a true story, and it’s told by someone who can honestly claim that he was there.”

In the Wings: Behind the Scenes at the New York City Ballet
Kyle Froman
Wiley , English
Samantha Makes Three - Cherry Celestia

Samantha Makes ThreeCherry Celestia

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Samantha moves into a small New York City apartment with three other college students. One is a hot-headed feminist who loves red meat. The other is a Jamaican vegan who keeps to himself. Before Sam’s first night in the new digs is through,… more

Samantha Makes Three
Cherry Celestia
101 Facts About New York Cit... - Robert Jenson

101 Facts About New York Cit...Robert Jenson

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101 Facts About New York City!Did you know that toilet paper was invented in Manhattan in 1857? Or that there are 6,374.6 miles of streets in New York City? Find out these facts and more on 101 Facts About New York City!A must for your Kind… more

101 Facts About New York City! (Kindle Coffee Table Books)
Robert Jenson
His Fifth Avenue Thief - Abbey MacInnis

His Fifth Avenue ThiefAbbey MacInnis

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Aaron and Cathlene heat up the pages and melt your heart with their adventure-filled, will-they-or-won’t-they reunion. MacInnis grabs you from the first page and keeps you until the last.”Christy Hayes, author of ANGLE OF INCIDENCE AND HEAmore

His Fifth Avenue Thief
Abbey MacInnis
Abbey MacInnis , English
Scars And Bars (Graphic Novel) - Jason Moser, William Rees

Scars And Bars (Graphic Novel)Jason Moser, William Rees

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Scars and Bars is an epic crime comic, 160 pages of non-stop action, set in New York City spanning the years 1992 to 2004. Fasten your seat-belts and prepare yourself for a thrilling ride of murder, mayhem and intrigue. Cops and criminals … more

Scars And Bars (Graphic Novel)
Jason Moser, William Rees
Devil’s Due Digital , English
A Year and a Day - Sara M. Harvey

A Year and a DaySara M. Harvey

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When the Angel of Joy and the Angel of Vengeance take up residence in New York City’s East Village, they are in for more than they bargained for. He thinks he’s there to babysit his charming but irritating companion while she goes about her… more

A Year and a Day
Sara M. Harvey
Baen Books , English
A Question of Morals - S.M. Welles

A Question of MoralsS.M. Welles

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Psychic Greg searches New York City’s projects for people in need of help and finds a young woman who wants to break free from the life she has.

A Question of Morals
S.M. Welles
Macala Publishing, LLC. , English
Christmas Lights (Love Aroun... - Liberty Blake

Christmas Lights (Love Aroun...Liberty Blake

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Rockford Hollister, New York City native, has the perfect opportunity to see Maine’s railroad amusement park when his daughter’s nanny is indisposed. Not that he’s interested in the park- it’s the land it sits on that interests his money-ma… more

Christmas Lights (Love Around the Bend)
Liberty Blake
Murder at Thompson Bog - Jon Batson

Murder at Thompson BogJon Batson

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A collection of dark tales from the author of The Rands Conspiracy and Deadly Research. From a relentless summer night in New York City to the chilly mist over Thompson Bog, stories of dark and sinister intent. If you can’t sleep, this won’… more

Murder at Thompson Bog
Jon Batson
Midnight Whistler Publishers , English
Dreaming My Way Through - Chris Lewis

Dreaming My Way ThroughChris Lewis

My name’s Chandresh Connor. Several months ago, a psycho killed my parents, forcing me to move to New York City to live with my grandfather. Here, I met the man I thought could be the one, except that the vampires got to him. Nearly got to … more

Dreaming My Way Through
Chris Lewis
Sharing Secrets - Gamal Hennessy

Sharing SecretsGamal Hennessy

There are two seductive daydreams in this collection.The Open Window combines voyeurism and exhibitionism on a cold winter night in New York City that burns away the chill for everyone involved.Toy Story describes a visit to a sex museum th… more

Sharing Secrets
Gamal Hennessy
Nightlife Publishing LLC , English