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Death Beneath the Streets: A... - Randolph Mase

Death Beneath the Streets: A...Randolph Mase

In a single week, three people are killed in the subway system beneath the streets of New York City, but the police call the deaths unrelated, and term two of them as accidental. Follow Private Investigator Matthew Hogan as he attacks the m… more

Death Beneath the Streets: A Matthew Hogan Mystery
Randolph Mase
iUniverse , English
A Journey Beyond Silence - Elometer Victoria Thomas

A Journey Beyond SilenceElometer Victoria Thomas

Elometer returns from the hospital only to discover that she can no longer hear the voices of her friends and family. In fact, she can’t hear anything at all.It’s hard enough for a young girl to deal with such a loss, but things get even w… more

A Journey Beyond Silence
Elometer Victoria Thomas
iUniverse , English
2013 New York City Restauran... - Zagat Survey

2013 New York City Restauran...Zagat Survey

2013 New York City Restaurants covers over 2,050 restaurants in all five boroughs. This handy guide contains Zagat’s trusted scores & Reviews for New York City restaurants based on the opinions of 38,000 avid diners like you. The trademark … more

2013 New York City Restaurants (Zagat Survey New York City Restaurants)
Zagat Survey
Zagat Survey , English
Cold City (Repairman Jack Book 1) - F. Paul Wilson

Cold City (Repairman Jack Book 1)F. Paul Wilson

The first of three Repairman Jack prequels, revealing the past of one of the most popular characters in contemporary dark fantasy: a self-styled “fix-it” man who is no stranger to the macabre or the supernatural, hired by victimized people … more

Cold City (Repairman Jack Book 1)
F. Paul Wilson
Tor Books , English
Your Life, but Sweeter (Your... - Crystal Velasquez

Your Life, but Sweeter (Your...Crystal Velasquez

Your Life, but … is the only series that lets your true personality lead the way! In this book, you are the main character, so the narrator talks directly to you about everything that’s happening. At the end of each chapter, you’ll take… more

Your Life, but Sweeter (Your Life, but . . .)
Crystal Velasquez
Delacorte Books for Young Readers , English
Auditioning For The Theatre:... - KS  Stevens

Auditioning For The Theatre:...KS Stevens

This book provides advice from a self-producing playwright for actors who are auditioning for New York City’s Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway theatre scene. KS Stevens has written and produced four original productions in three years and … more

Auditioning For The Theatre: Advice From a Self-Producing Playwright
KS Stevens
Somebody - John Hinman

SomebodyJohn Hinman

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Molly’s life changes abruptly on a snowy night in New York City. She awakens to find herself on life support. She learns she was in a traffic accident, has been unconscious several days, received major injuries, and remains in critical cond… more

John Hinman
Broken Dream (Dark Angel) - Eden Maguire

Broken Dream (Dark Angel)Eden Maguire

Tania’s film studies take her to New York City where she looks forward to getting lost in the anonymity of the big crowded bustling city. But Hell is all around and no place is safe as the Dark Angel’s relentless pursuit of dark souls cont… more

Broken Dream (Dark Angel)
Eden Maguire
Hodder Children’s Books , English
Smoke and Mirrors - Zander Vyne

Smoke and MirrorsZander Vyne

When Christian, an American college student on summer break in New York City, meets Monique, his life undergoes a gestalt-like shift, and he knows his life is altered forever. This French-born coquette with a mermaid’s face and a siren’s al… more

Smoke and Mirrors
Zander Vyne
Erotique Press , English
Tom The Bootblack - Horatio Alger

Tom The BootblackHoratio Alger

How do you feel this morning, Jacob asked a boy of fifteen, bending over an old man crouched in the corner of an upper room, in a poor tenement-house, distant less than a quarter of a mile from the New York City Hall. ”

Tom The Bootblack
Horatio Alger
The Dark Master - Aislinn Satu

The Dark MasterAislinn Satu

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This is not just another Vampire Story. It’s the amazing tale of a powerful being bent on revenge. Discover how a common man became The Dark Master and move with him through the centuries until he winds up in New York City. It’s there that … more

The Dark Master
Aislinn Satu
For the Love of a Butterfly - John Christopher

For the Love of a ButterflyJohn Christopher

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John and Brea have lived very different lives. His began as a near orphan in New York City, where he became involved with, and practically raised by, the mob; accepted as a man of honor by his fellow mobsters, young and old. His involvemen… more

For the Love of a Butterfly
John Christopher
iUniverse , English
Extreme Change - Gary Beck

Extreme ChangeGary Beck

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A middle class family flees the crime and poverty of Detroit for a fresh start in New York City. A fire leaves them homeless and they are forced into the nightmare of the homeless system. A determined woman saves her family and new friends … more

Extreme Change
Gary Beck
Cogwheel Press , English
New York City Restaurants 20... - Curt Gathje, Carol Diuguid

New York City Restaurants 20...Curt Gathje, Carol Diuguid

Our #1 best-selling guide covers the best places to eat in New York City, including all five boroughs. Based on the opinions of 41,000 avid restaurant-goers, it is packed with ratings and reviews to over 2,100 places. With so many options t… more

New York City Restaurants 2012 (ZAGAT Restaurant Guides)
Curt Gathje, Carol Diuguid
Zagat Survey , English
October Rose - Ilil Arbel

October RoseIlil Arbel

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The last day in the life of a homeless woman on the streets of New York City brings a startling, ominous revelation. What is the real connection between the city and the hordes of the starving homeless?

October Rose
Ilil Arbel
My Journey in Urban Spiritua... - Morgan Elizabeth

My Journey in Urban Spiritua...Morgan Elizabeth

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In Morgan Elizabeth’s debut, she shares her thoughts and reflections on living in New York City while in the midst of a year long spiritual quest. Can she maintain her newfound spirituality amongst the bustle of the concrete jungle? With ti… more

My Journey in Urban Spiritual Living
Morgan Elizabeth
The Single Bitch Manual - CE Ryan

The Single Bitch ManualCE Ryan

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The “Single Bitch Manual” is a collection of anecdotes and first-hand accounts of life, growing up into womanhood in New York City. Delve into the life of an extra-ordinary bachelorette living in the city that never sleeps, and find out wha… more

The Single Bitch Manual
CE Ryan
CE Ryan , English
The Great Escape - Sean Patrick Reardon

The Great EscapeSean Patrick Reardon

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A poignant, heartwrenching story about a man who takes his children and Alzheimer’s-stricken grandmother on a road trip to New York City for the day.

The Great Escape
Sean Patrick Reardon
Amazon , English
Playland - John Gregory Dunne

PlaylandJohn Gregory Dunne

A critically acclaimed best-seller set in the glamorous, gangster-dominated Hollywood of the 1940s tells the story of Blue Tyler, a child star who disappears from Hollywood and becomes a bag lady in New York City.

John Gregory Dunne
Random House , English
Contract Killer - Nicholas Black, Jimmy DaSaint

Contract KillerNicholas Black, Jimmy DaSaint

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The Notorious Black Royals, led by the infamous King Brothers, and the violent El Salvadorian Matas, led by the dangerous Juan-Carlos, are two rival drug gangs fighting a war to control the streets of New York City.In the midst of the viole… more

Contract Killer
Nicholas Black, Jimmy DaSaint
DaSaint Entertainment , English