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What is Light and How do We ... - Bill Aldridge

What is Light and How do We ...Bill Aldridge

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This booklet is intended to provide experiences that will help you learn some of the science of light. The method used is based upon the best evidence on how people learn science.1. Learning science should be hands-on! Thus, this booklet c… more

What is Light and How do We Explain it?
Bill Aldridge
Bill G. Aldridge , English
How To Solve Problems And Pr... - Richard W. Wetherill

How To Solve Problems And Pr...Richard W. Wetherill

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How To Solve Problems And Prevent Trouble explains how to eliminate the dilemmas and difficulties of life. Problems and trouble will cease to be a compelling force in your life. The information has been tested and is in daily use by success… more

How To Solve Problems And Prevent Trouble
Richard W. Wetherill
The Alpha Publishing House , English
The Illuminati Paradigm Shif... - Adam Weishaupt

The Illuminati Paradigm Shif...Adam Weishaupt

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Here profits not to tell the whole truth with clear face unveiled. Often is man’s best wisdom to be silent.” - Pindar


The Illuminati Paradigm Shift (The Illuminati Series Book 2)
Adam Weishaupt
Hyperreality Books , English
Principles of Confession and Faith - C. Alan Martin

Principles of Confession and FaithC. Alan Martin

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Christianity is first and foremost a confession.We confess the truth of God’s word that lives in our hearts regardless of what appears on the outside.What does the world and the natural man say?God does not exist because science cannot dete… more

Principles of Confession and Faith
C. Alan Martin
Low Tide Press , English
The Yin and Yang of Creativity - Mary Heather

The Yin and Yang of CreativityMary Heather

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Your Guide to the Creative Process Are you looking for insight into the creative process? Want to know how to synchronise with the most powerful natural law of the universe (Yin and Yang) to create more effective and sustainable creative … more

The Yin and Yang of Creativity
Mary Heather
The Abolition of Man (Annonated) - C. S. Lewis

The Abolition of Man (Annonated)C. S. Lewis

These essays represent C.S. Lewis’ defense of objective truth and natural law. Both Lewis’ own footnotes and the Editor’s Annotations are all active (i.e. internally-linked) for hassle-free navigation.

The Abolition of Man (Annonated)
C. S. Lewis
The Seven Spiritual Laws of ... - Deepak Chopra

The Seven Spiritual Laws of ...Deepak Chopra

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In less than one hour, you can learn the secrets to success that will change your life forever…This “One Hour of Wisdom” edition of Chopra’s classic bestselling book distills the essence of his teachings into seven simple steps for creating… more

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - One Hour of Wisdom Edition (One Hour of Wisdom Series Book 1)
Deepak Chopra
Amber-Allen Publishing , English
Some modern conceptions of n... - Marie Taylor Collins Swabey

Some modern conceptions of n...Marie Taylor Collins Swabey

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Some modern conceptions of natural law. 124 Pages.

Some modern conceptions of natural law
Marie Taylor Collins Swabey
A Biblical Case for Natural Law - David VanDrunen

A Biblical Case for Natural LawDavid VanDrunen

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This monograph is for Christians who are perplexed about the biblical standing of natural law. It offers an explicitly biblical defense for the existence and practical importance of natural law. If natural law is taught in Scripture, it sho… more

A Biblical Case for Natural Law
David VanDrunen
Acton Institute , English
Ethics and Weapons of Mass D... -

Ethics and Weapons of Mass D...

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This volume, first published in 2004, offers an interesting perspective on the discussion of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) by broadening the terms of the debate to include both secular and religious investigations not normally considere… more

Ethics and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Religious and Secular Perspectives (Ethikon Series in Comparative Ethics)
Cambridge University Press , English
Afterlife: What Will It Be Like? - Warren Henderson

Afterlife: What Will It Be Like?Warren Henderson

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If the basis for reasoning death-related questions is solely based on observations in life, then obviously afterlife questions will go unanswered, as that realm, if it does exist, would not be governed by natural law. Consequently, if man w… more

Afterlife: What Will It Be Like?
Warren Henderson
Warren A Henderson , English
The Attraction Blueprint: A ... - James Weaver

The Attraction Blueprint: A ...James Weaver

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The law of attraction states—to put it simply—that like attracts like. Our thoughts literally become things through this process of attraction. This natural law of the universe is always working and our current circumstances are a direct… more

The Attraction Blueprint: A Step-by-Step Guide to Manifesting your Desires
James Weaver
Lumen - Camille Flammarion

LumenCamille Flammarion

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Quærens. You promised, dear Lumen, to describe to me that supremest of moments which immediately succeeds death, and to relate to me how, by a natural law, singular though it may seem, you lived again your past life, and penetrated a hither… more

Camille Flammarion
The Hidden Powers of The Law... - Michael Selim

The Hidden Powers of The Law...Michael Selim

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The law of attraction is a very powerful law. But, like any other natural law, it’s not exactly “perfect.”

The dark side of the law of attraction, is as powerful as you can imagine!

The Hidden Powers of The Law of Attraction”, will expla… more

The Hidden Powers of The Law of Attraction
Michael Selim
M Selim , English
Good God: The Theistic Found... - David Baggett, Jerry L. Walls

Good God: The Theistic Found...David Baggett, Jerry L. Walls

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This book aims to reinvigorate discussions of moral arguments for God’s existence. To open this debate, Baggett and Walls argue that God’s love and moral goodness are perfect, without defect, necessary, and recognizable. After integrating i… more

Good God: The Theistic Foundations of Morality
David Baggett, Jerry L. Walls
Oxford University Press , English
Natural Law and Practical Ra... - Mark C. Murphy

Natural Law and Practical Ra...Mark C. Murphy

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Natural law theory has been undergoing a revival, especially in political philosophy and jurisprudence. Yet, most fundamentally, natural law theory is not a political theory, but a moral theory, or more accurately a theory of practical rati… more

Natural Law and Practical Rationality (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Law)
Mark C. Murphy
Cambridge University Press , English
Natural Law Theories in the ... - T. J. Hochstrasser

Natural Law Theories in the ...T. J. Hochstrasser

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This major addition to Ideas in Context examines the development of natural law theories in the early stages of the Enlightenment in Germany and France. T. J. Hochstrasser investigates the influence exercised by theories of natural law from… more

Natural Law Theories in the Early Enlightenment (Ideas in Context)
T. J. Hochstrasser
Cambridge University Press , English
Shared Morality, A: A Narrat... - Craig A. Boyd

Shared Morality, A: A Narrat...Craig A. Boyd

Morality based on natural law has a long tradition, and has proven to be quite resilient in the face of numerous attacks and challenges over the years. Those challenges are no less serious today, which leads one to ask if natural law is sti… more

Shared Morality, A: A Narrative Defense of Natural Law Ethics
Craig A. Boyd
Brazos Press , English
Be Who You Want, Have What You Want - Chris Prentiss

Be Who You Want, Have What You WantChris Prentiss

From the author of the popular Zen and the Art of Happiness, this effective program for change shows, step by step, exactly what to do to create the life you want now—with lasting happiness thrown in as a bonus. Whatever you now do, whatev… more

Be Who You Want, Have What You Want
Chris Prentiss
Power Press , English
God's Law of Attraction: The... - Susan Lee

God's Law of Attraction: The...Susan Lee

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There has certainly been a lot of talk about the law of attraction over the past several years. Many secular proponents of the law of attraction lead us to believe that we can have or achieve anything we want in life. Many Christians are le… more

God’s Law of Attraction: The Believer’s Guide to Success and Fulfillment
Susan Lee