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What I Don't Hate About Livi... - Lucy Waymire

What I Don't Hate About Livi...Lucy Waymire

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This is the flip side of my first book, “Why I Hate It Here: Life in NW Montana”. Several readers have asked me if there are things I like about it here, or at least things that aren’t so bad. There are, but my first book was exactly what… more

What I Don’t Hate About Living Here: Life in NW Montana
Lucy Waymire
The Top of Her Game (Black Lace) - Emma Holly

The Top of Her Game (Black Lace)Emma Holly

Has city slicker Julia met her match in a rugged Montana cowboy?t’s not only Julia’s professional acumen that has men quaking in their shoes - she also has a taste for keeping men in line after office hours. With an impressive collection of… more

The Top of Her Game (Black Lace)
Emma Holly
Virgin Digital , English
Siofra's Song (Broadus Super... - Theresa Marguerite Hewitt

Siofra's Song (Broadus Super...Theresa Marguerite Hewitt

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In a society where supernatural creatures are known to humans, Siofra O’Hana has to deal with being a half-breed werewolf and telepathic. Losing her boyfriend after just finding out she was pregnant, Siofra takes off on a cross-country adve… more

Siofra’s Song (Broadus Supernatural Society Book 1)
Theresa Marguerite Hewitt
Can You Hear Me Now? (Short ... - David Latham

Can You Hear Me Now? (Short ...David Latham

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In this seventh book of short stories by Montana author David F. Latham, you’ll venture into the distant future, the remote past and the phantasmagorical present, although you won’t always be able to tell which is which.

Can You Hear Me Now? (Short Stories by David F. Latham Book 7)
David Latham
The Montanian, P.O. Box 946, Libby, MT 59923 , English
Primal Calling (North Americ... - Magen McMinimy

Primal Calling (North Americ...Magen McMinimy

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Will magic bring them back together or draw the final line to keep them apart?

Retreating from Montana with a broken heart and questions about his own decisions, Andre throws himself into the magic that will hopefully cure the cursed wolv… more

Primal Calling (North American Pack Book 2)
Magen McMinimy
Why I Hate It Here: Life in ... - Lucy Waymire

Why I Hate It Here: Life in ...Lucy Waymire

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I started writing this as a way to relieve frustration near the end of our long winter, but as I wrote I thought about the people I come into contact with that moved here with expectations that didn’t materialize. Some toughed it out, some… more

Why I Hate It Here: Life in NW Montana
Lucy Waymire
Montana, a state guide book - Federal Writers' Project

Montana, a state guide bookFederal Writers' Project

Montana, a state guide book. 474 Pages.

Montana, a state guide book
Federal Writers’ Project
Gay Alien Abductions - Dallas Sketchman

Gay Alien AbductionsDallas Sketchman

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A rancher in Montana gets a visit from a very special gentleman one night. He goes on quite an adventure and discovers some really sexy hot alien men with great endowment.

Gay Alien Abductions
Dallas Sketchman
Dallas Sketchman , English
Back in the Alley - Saharah Shae

Back in the AlleySaharah Shae

Starr really wants to go to a party with Montana and another girl but she has a major test on Monday. She decides to go to the library to study instead. As she is about to walk out of the dorm room Montana tells her to change her clothes in… more

Back in the Alley
Saharah Shae
Saharah Shae , English
Starr - Saharah Shae

StarrSaharah Shae

Starr is a young college freshman. She has been far away from home and settled into college for a couple of months now. She and her best friend from childhood, Montana, have made the most of their newly acquired freedom. They have taken adv… more

Saharah Shae
Saharah Shae , English
Sabre City (Sabre-toothed Ca... - James Paddock

Sabre City (Sabre-toothed Ca...James Paddock

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Book 2 of the Smilodon trilogy. After 8 years Zechariah Price assumes it is all behind him. Nightmares filled with huge sabre-toothed cats and women screaming still leave him in cold sweats, though less often. He had lost an eye the first t… more

Sabre City (Sabre-toothed Cat Trilogy Book 2)
James Paddock
Desert Bookshelf Publishing , English
Holy Terror - E.N.J. Carter

Holy TerrorE.N.J. Carter

Errant priests confined to a mountain retreat in Montana are confronted by evil supernatural powers.

Holy Terror
E.N.J. Carter
Kittie & Friends: The Happy Family - Eve Gu

Kittie & Friends: The Happy FamilyEve Gu

This is the first installment in the “Kittie & Friends” series. You’ll meet Kittie, and Tiger Mom, Susie and Montana, Elvis, Peter, Strawberry and Carrot. Find out what happens when lightning strikes, and the Happy Family must decide how to… more

Kittie & Friends: The Happy Family
Eve Gu
Porterlance Books , English
I, Mary MacLane        A Dia... - Mary  MacLane

I, Mary MacLane A Dia...Mary MacLane

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IT is the edge of a somber July night in this Butte-Montana.The sky is overcast. The nearer mountains are gray-melancholy.

I, Mary MacLane A Diary of Human Days
Mary MacLane
and along came SPIDER IV (A ... - J.R. WRIGHT

and along came SPIDER IV (A ...J.R. WRIGHT

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In this final book of the SPIDER SERIES Martina find herself in Montana, of all places. And that isn’t all she finds…trouble seems to follow her everywhere…but true love finds her at last.

and along came SPIDER IV (A Martina Spalding Thriller) (Spider Series Book 4)
J.R. Wright / DKW BOOKS , English
Rescue at Cardwell Ranch (Ca... - B.J. Daniels

Rescue at Cardwell Ranch (Ca...B.J. Daniels

The highly anticipated continuation of the  Cardwell Ranch Collection read by more than  2 MILLION!Saving her once was risky. Rescuing her again may be fatal. When Hayes Cardwell arrived in Big Sky, Montana, for his brother’s wedding, the T… more

Rescue at Cardwell Ranch (Cardwell Cousins Book 2)
B.J. Daniels
Harlequin Intrigue , English
H Bomb the movie star - Randy Stensaas

H Bomb the movie starRandy Stensaas

I get a break for the crazy horse for the summer. H Bomb gets to go to Montana and make a movie, much to the grief of the movie wranglers. Been there done that.

H Bomb the movie star
Randy Stensaas
Away From Home - Saharah Shae

Away From HomeSaharah Shae

Best friends, Starr and Montana, have traveled far from home to go to college. On their first night there, they meet a guy and he invites them to his place to meet some other people. The girls go and become the life of the party. Needless t… more

Away From Home
Saharah Shae
Saharah Shae , English
An illustrated history of th... - Joaquin Miller

An illustrated history of th...Joaquin Miller

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An illustrated history of the state of Montana, containing … biographical mention … of its pioneers and prominent citizens. 1,216 Pages.

An illustrated history of the state of Montana, containing … biographical mention … of its pioneers and prominent citizens
Joaquin Miller
Redemption (Averal Saunders Book 3) - Arlon Boozer

Redemption (Averal Saunders Book 3)Arlon Boozer

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This is the third short story in the Averal Saunders series. It is about an elderly RV traveler dealing with pets, criminal investigation, revenge, family issues and public service. The 1st story in the series is RV Park Avenger and the 2nd… more

Redemption (Averal Saunders Book 3)
Arlon Boozer
Arlon Boozer , English