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Lauren, Riding Off Trail (Ta... - Mima

Lauren, Riding Off Trail (Ta...Mima

Lauren is sexy, successful, and haunted by the memory of her college roommate seducing her fiancé. When Sorrel invites Lauren out to her family’s Montana resort ranch to attempt some healing over that betrayal, she cautiously accepts. Upon … more

Lauren, Riding Off Trail (Take Control)
Elk Dreams, A Montana Memoir - Carl Reader

Elk Dreams, A Montana MemoirCarl Reader

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From the first day a couple moves to Montana to fulfill their fantasies of going west and becoming nature photographers in that legendary state, a very different reality assaults them. Far from the Elk Dreams they’ve been living with, they … more

Elk Dreams, A Montana Memoir
Carl Reader
Gay Alien Abductions - Dallas Sketchman

Gay Alien AbductionsDallas Sketchman

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A rancher in Montana gets a visit from a very special gentleman one night. He goes on quite an adventure and discovers some really sexy hot alien men with great endowment.

Gay Alien Abductions
Dallas Sketchman
Dallas Sketchman , English
Cowboy, Take Me Away (Montan... - Cara North

Cowboy, Take Me Away (Montan...Cara North

Roy had watched everyone settle down while all the while dreaming of the one that got away. Lexi only needed a reason to head back to Montana and the man she left behind. A wedding seemed like a good one, especially when she thought it was … more

Cowboy, Take Me Away (Montana Cowboys/ Country Music)
Cara North
Trinity - Michael Dugan

TrinityMichael Dugan

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When pets start disappearing on the west side of the sleepy remote Montana town of Trinity, folks figure there’s a young or injured mountain lion looking for easy picking’s. Or perhaps a coyote running around.When a young man is found ripp… more

Michael Dugan
AuthorHouse , English
Works Of Marah Ellis Ryan: T... - Marah Ellis Ryan

Works Of Marah Ellis Ryan: T...Marah Ellis Ryan

This edition is collection of the books written by B.M. Bower, this edition also comes with a linked Table of Contents.

Works Include:

  1. The Bondwoman
  2. The Flute Of The Gods
  3. That Girl Montana
  4. Told In The Hills

About Author:

Works Of Marah Ellis Ryan: The Bondwoman, The Flute Of The Gods, That Girl Montana, Told In The Hills
Marah Ellis Ryan
Mirror in Time - Cat Sierra

Mirror in TimeCat Sierra

Once upon a time and happily ever after were words Brooklyn had never been familar with, fleeing the man who bought her, she finally finds things she never dreamt of. After arriving in a remote town in Montana she discovers friendship and a… more

Mirror in Time
Cat Sierra
Cyncat Production , English
Giant Mice From Outer Space:... - David Curran

Giant Mice From Outer Space:...David Curran

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Finny is a city cat recently transported to the wilderness of Montana. His person tells him to be very careful as there are many more dangerous things to watch out for in the wilderness. When Finny encounters something he thinks is a gian… more

Giant Mice From Outer Space: The Adventures of Finny the City Cat episode 1
David Curran
D F Curran Productions , English
A Promise Stolen - Clayton Stone

A Promise StolenClayton Stone

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The McLintock clan seek out unknown killers. Killers who aim to destroy them and steal their ranch. But it is a secret that holds promise to save them. A secret that has lain in hiding for many years.

A Promise Stolen
Clayton Stone
jebasmithbooks@yahoo.com , English
The Happy Family by B. M. Bo... - B.M. Bower

The Happy Family by B. M. Bo...B.M. Bower

A lively and amusing story, dealing with the adventures of eighteen jovial, big hearted Montana cowboys.

The Happy Family by B. M. Bower; Western American Novel (Annotated)
B.M. Bower
Fortune Inc. , English
Kittie & Friends: The Happy Family - Eve Gu

Kittie & Friends: The Happy FamilyEve Gu

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This is the first installment in the “Kittie & Friends” series. You’ll meet Kittie, and Tiger Mom, Susie and Montana, Elvis, Peter, Strawberry and Carrot. Find out what happens when lightning strikes, and the Happy Family must decide how to… more

Kittie & Friends: The Happy Family
Eve Gu
Porterlance Books , English
Lasso My Heart - Linda Ford

Lasso My HeartLinda Ford

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Montana, 1890Jake is Clara’s dead husband’s identical brother. But he’s the bad twin. Without his help Clara stands to lose her ranch … and her girls. She soon discovers accepting his help means she could lose her heart. Is saving the r… more

Lasso My Heart
Linda Ford
Circling - Pamella Hays

CirclingPamella Hays

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In faraway Montana, tucked between the ragged peaks of Glacier National Park to the west and the vast prairie to the east, lies the seat of the Blackfeet Indian Nation. Here a man and wife and their two children of mixed heritage struggle t… more

Pamella Hays
Montana, a state guide book - Federal Writers' Project

Montana, a state guide bookFederal Writers' Project

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Montana, a state guide book. 474 Pages.

Montana, a state guide book
Federal Writers’ Project
Sabre City - James Paddock

Sabre CityJames Paddock

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Book 2 of the Smilodon trilogy. After 8 years Zechariah Price assumes it is all behind him. Nightmares filled with huge sabre-toothed cats and women screaming still leave him in cold sweats, though less often. He had lost an eye the first t… more

Sabre City
James Paddock
Desert Bookshelf Publishing , English
H Bomb the movie star - Randy Stensaas

H Bomb the movie starRandy Stensaas

I get a break for the crazy horse for the summer. H Bomb gets to go to Montana and make a movie, much to the grief of the movie wranglers. Been there done that.

H Bomb the movie star
Randy Stensaas
Adventures of a Young Skinny Cowboy - Eugene Gentry

Adventures of a Young Skinny CowboyEugene Gentry

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This is a true story of an underweight 16 year-old boy who spends the summer working on his Uncle’s Montana ranch. He learns to milk cows, ride horses, handle a team of work horses, harvest alfalfa, and herd cattle. He learns some history… more

Adventures of a Young Skinny Cowboy
Eugene Gentry
Deranged - Debbie Lacy

DerangedDebbie Lacy

Adam’s Cove, Montana was once an alluring mansion with a spectacular view from a precipice called Hidden Legends that was established back in 1852 by one of Tiara’s great ancestors. She was now the last known heir and while on summer vacati… more

Debbie Lacy
Debbie Lacy , English
Hunted by the Pack (Series B... - Lacy Dae

Hunted by the Pack (Series B...Lacy Dae

His teeth tightened on my shoulder, and I felt a hot rivulet of blood run down my back.  That extra sensation seemed to have been the tipping point, as I came hard and fast, jerking and shaking from the force of it.It was harsh and sharp, … more

Hunted by the Pack (Series Bundle, Werewolf Gangbang)
Lacy Dae
Argosy Junction - Chautona Havig

Argosy JunctionChautona Havig

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Argosy Jct. Montana~Pop. 13,223 Lane~ Five years after her family broke ties with The Brethren, the cult-like church still has firm ties wrapped around her heart and soul. The more she rejects them, the Lord, and anyone who claims a relat… more

Argosy Junction
Chautona Havig
Createspace , English