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Elk Dreams, A Montana Memoir - Carl Reader

Elk Dreams, A Montana MemoirCarl Reader

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From the first day a couple moves to Montana to fulfill their fantasies of going west and becoming nature photographers in that legendary state, a very different reality assaults them. Far from the Elk Dreams they’ve been living with, they … more

Elk Dreams, A Montana Memoir
Carl Reader
What I Don't Hate About Livi... - Lucy Waymire

What I Don't Hate About Livi...Lucy Waymire

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This is the flip side of my first book, “Why I Hate It Here: Life in NW Montana”. Several readers have asked me if there are things I like about it here, or at least things that aren’t so bad. There are, but my first book was exactly what… more

What I Don’t Hate About Living Here: Life in NW Montana
Lucy Waymire
Nightrose - Dorothy Garlock

NightroseDorothy Garlock

Katy knows that she, her sister and her niece are the only people left in this desolate Montana ghost town. Then a stranger rides into the empty main street, bringing a scheme to bring the town back to life, and some personal plans for Katy… more

Dorothy Garlock
Grand Central Publishing , English
Holy Terror - E.N.J. Carter

Holy TerrorE.N.J. Carter

Errant priests confined to a mountain retreat in Montana are confronted by evil supernatural powers.

Holy Terror
E.N.J. Carter
The Girl from Montana - Grace Livingston Hill

The Girl from MontanaGrace Livingston Hill

A lovable girl upon whom fate has thrust an unbearable burden of trouble, alone in the mountains of Montana and threatened by a man whom she has every cause to hate and fear, arms herself, mounts a horse, and bravely rides away. Thus begins… more

The Girl from Montana
Grace Livingston Hill
The Top of Her Game (Black Lace) - Emma Holly

The Top of Her Game (Black Lace)Emma Holly

Has city slicker Julia met her match in a rugged Montana cowboy?t’s not only Julia’s professional acumen that has men quaking in their shoes - she also has a taste for keeping men in line after office hours. With an impressive collection of… more

The Top of Her Game (Black Lace)
Emma Holly
Virgin Digital , English
Circling - Pamella Hays

CirclingPamella Hays

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In faraway Montana, tucked between the ragged peaks of Glacier National Park to the west and the vast prairie to the east, lies the seat of the Blackfeet Indian Nation. Here a man and wife and their two children of mixed heritage struggle … more

Pamella Hays
Gay Alien Abductions - Dallas Sketchman

Gay Alien AbductionsDallas Sketchman

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A rancher in Montana gets a visit from a very special gentleman one night. He goes on quite an adventure and discovers some really sexy hot alien men with great endowment.

Gay Alien Abductions
Dallas Sketchman
Dallas Sketchman , English
Northern Belle: Romance - Zoe Amos

Northern Belle: RomanceZoe Amos

All Mira wants is a little sunshine during her vacation to Montana. Foul weather sets her on a course to spend more time with Gussie, the proprietress of The Lodges, where she spends the week experiencing more than she ever imagined. Glacie… more

Northern Belle: Romance
Zoe Amos
Zoe Amos , English
Zombie Doc - Travis Perry

Zombie DocTravis Perry

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In a post-zombie apocalypse Montana, soldiers in Helena delve into a medical experiment designed to destroy all the flesh-eating monsters in the world, with unanticipated results…

Zombie Doc
Travis Perry
Bear Publications , English
Tanny and the Cage, a Hammer story - Sean Michael

Tanny and the Cage, a Hammer storySean Michael

Billy and Montana have been busy lately, focusing on things outside of their relationship, and it’s led to disaster. Can they find themselves and each other again in the tools and toys of their relationship? Billy and Montana are featured i… more

Tanny and the Cage, a Hammer story
Sean Michael
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
Montana by the Numbers - Imp... - John Craig, EJ Craig

Montana by the Numbers - Imp...John Craig, EJ Craig

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Montana by the Numbers is a look at Montana’s statistics from a new perspective. From Longitude and Latitude of every city within her borders, we can determine not just distance, but personality, flavor, ambiance. Montana holds many amazing… more

Montana by the Numbers - Important and Curious numbers about Montana and her cities (States by the Numbers Book 26)
John Craig, EJ Craig
Books to Believe In , English
Mirror in Time - Cat Sierra

Mirror in TimeCat Sierra

Once upon a time and happily ever after were words Brooklyn had never been familar with, fleeing the man who bought her, she finally finds things she never dreamt of. After arriving in a remote town in Montana she discovers friendship and a… more

Mirror in Time
Cat Sierra
Cyncat Production , English
Tension (By A Thread) - R.L. Griffin

Tension (By A Thread)R.L. Griffin

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The Stella who emerges from the rubble of the bombing in Montana is a woman full of conflict. She knows she should be grateful that she lived when others didn’t, but after waking in the hospital as a celebrity, complete with a new moniker, … more

Tension (By A Thread)
R.L. Griffin
Angie's Revenge - D. C, Martin

Angie's RevengeD. C, Martin

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Angie’s Revenge is a story of survival, terror, twisted justice, and the growing relationship between Angie and Jarvus.Deep in the mountains of western Montana, there exists a private wildlife preserve where the hunting of men becomes a spo… more

Angie’s Revenge
D. C, Martin
Laughing Loon Press , English
Rowena's Revenge (Broadus Su... - Theresa Marguerite Hewitt

Rowena's Revenge (Broadus Su...Theresa Marguerite Hewitt

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Rowena’s life has never been easy. Being part Were and part Fae fire-starter she has learned to live a solitary life, depending only on her own instincts until one mistake throws her into danger. Now being chased by a psychopathic Warlock … more

Rowena’s Revenge (Broadus Supernatural Society Book 5)
Theresa Marguerite Hewitt
Siofra's Song (Broadus Super... - Theresa Marguerite Hewitt

Siofra's Song (Broadus Super...Theresa Marguerite Hewitt

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In a society where supernatural creatures are known to humans, Siofra O’Hana has to deal with being a half-breed werewolf and telepathic. Losing her boyfriend after just finding out she was pregnant, Siofra takes off on a cross-country adve… more

Siofra’s Song (Broadus Supernatural Society Book 1)
Theresa Marguerite Hewitt
Spirit of the Bear - Laura Wilde

Spirit of the BearLaura Wilde

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A woman’s narrative of wild bear encounters. Addressing cultural values, issues of herbicide spray in bear habitat, the effect on water and the wildlife. Living off the grid in bear habitat near the Canadian border in Montana, Laura becomes… more

Spirit of the Bear
Laura Wilde
Loving True - Marie Rochelle

Loving TrueMarie Rochelle

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True Williams thinks she has it all: An excellent job, intelligence, and a wonderful boyfriend that loves her more than anything in the world. That’s why his betrayal cuts her to the bone and she flees town, wanting to put her ex-boyfriend … more

Loving True
Marie Rochelle
Phaze Books , English
Kittie & Friends: The Happy Family - Eve Gu

Kittie & Friends: The Happy FamilyEve Gu

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This is the first installment in the “Kittie & Friends” series. You’ll meet Kittie, and Tiger Mom, Susie and Montana, Elvis, Peter, Strawberry and Carrot. Find out what happens when lightning strikes, and the Happy Family must decide how to… more

Kittie & Friends: The Happy Family
Eve Gu
Porterlance Books , English