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Sterling-A Montana Dayton Novel - Lynn  Thompson

Sterling-A Montana Dayton NovelLynn Thompson

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When Montana wakes up every morning wearing gorgeous jewels, and surrounded by priceless gems she doesn’t know where to turn. She doesn’t remember where, or who she’s getting the glittery baubles from.To make matters worse, Max has found he… more

Sterling-A Montana Dayton Novel
Lynn Thompson
Wild (Montana Men 5) - Jaydyn Chelcee

Wild (Montana Men 5)Jaydyn Chelcee

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A wild gamble…uneven odds…an assassin’s bullet… She’d do anything―The only witness to the first lady’s assassination, Jayla Ross is the next target. She flees to Montana to the one man she knows can keep her safe, and save the life of her u… more

Wild (Montana Men 5)
Jaydyn Chelcee
Secret Cravings Publishing , English
Elk Dreams, A Montana Memoir - Carl Reader

Elk Dreams, A Montana MemoirCarl Reader

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From the first day a couple moves to Montana to fulfill their fantasies of going west and becoming nature photographers in that legendary state, a very different reality assaults them. Far from the Elk Dreams they’ve been living with, they … more

Elk Dreams, A Montana Memoir
Carl Reader
My Notorious Love - Zeeneaka

My Notorious LoveZeeneaka

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Follow Montana, Lamont, and Stevie as they face the perils and pitfalls of My Notorious Love.

My Notorious Love
Page Hustle Publications , English
Trinity - Michael Dugan

TrinityMichael Dugan

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When pets start disappearing on the west side of the sleepy remote Montana town of Trinity, folks figure there’s a young or injured mountain lion looking for easy picking’s. Or perhaps a coyote running around.When a young man is found ripp… more

Michael Dugan
AuthorHouse , English
Montana Skies: The Legacy of... - Ann Bell

Montana Skies: The Legacy of...Ann Bell

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Stretching beyond the vast Montana sky, cords of affection unite friends and family for a lifetime - and even into eternity. In this follow-up to the best-selling book “Montana”, the legacy of Edit Harkness infuses the fictional town of Roc… more

Montana Skies: The Legacy of Faith and love Continues in Four Complete Novels
Ann Bell
Barbour Press , English
What I Don't Hate About Livi... - Lucy Waymire

What I Don't Hate About Livi...Lucy Waymire

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This is the flip side of my first book, “Why I Hate It Here: Life in NW Montana”. Several readers have asked me if there are things I like about it here, or at least things that aren’t so bad. There are, but my first book was exactly what… more

What I Don’t Hate About Living Here: Life in NW Montana
Lucy Waymire
Nightrose - Dorothy Garlock

NightroseDorothy Garlock

Katy knows that she, her sister and her niece are the only people left in this desolate Montana ghost town. Then a stranger rides into the empty main street, bringing a scheme to bring the town back to life, and some personal plans for Katy… more

Dorothy Garlock
Grand Central Publishing , English
Holy Terror - E.N.J. Carter

Holy TerrorE.N.J. Carter

Errant priests confined to a mountain retreat in Montana are confronted by evil supernatural powers.

Holy Terror
E.N.J. Carter
Lauren, Riding Off Trail (Ta... - Mima

Lauren, Riding Off Trail (Ta...Mima

Lauren is sexy, successful, and haunted by the memory of her college roommate seducing her fiancé. When Sorrel invites Lauren out to her family’s Montana resort ranch to attempt some healing over that betrayal, she cautiously accepts. Upon … more

Lauren, Riding Off Trail (Take Control)
Old Souls - Jonathan Womack

Old SoulsJonathan Womack

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From the glacial peaks of modern day Montana to the ancient pyramids of Mars, Old Souls is a superhero adventure sixty-five million years in the making, with a shocking climax so profound it will test your beliefs as to the origins of life … more

Old Souls
Jonathan Womack
Charles River Press , English
Snared, a Hammer Novel (Hamm... - Sean Michael

Snared, a Hammer Novel (Hamm...Sean Michael

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Everything’s going great for Billy and Montana. Their relationship is proceeding nicely, and Tanny’s work as an apprentice to Margaret making custom books is something he not only loves, but is really good at. He’s never been happier, even … more

Snared, a Hammer Novel (Hammer Club series)
Sean Michael
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
Primal Calling (North Americ... - Magen McMinimy

Primal Calling (North Americ...Magen McMinimy

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Will magic bring them back together or draw the final line to keep them apart?

Retreating from Montana with a broken heart and questions about his own decisions, Andre throws himself into the magic that will hopefully cure the cursed wolv… more

Primal Calling (North American Pack Book 2)
Magen McMinimy
The Girl from Montana - Grace Livingston Hill

The Girl from MontanaGrace Livingston Hill

A lovable girl upon whom fate has thrust an unbearable burden of trouble, alone in the mountains of Montana and threatened by a man whom she has every cause to hate and fear, arms herself, mounts a horse, and bravely rides away. Thus begins… more

The Girl from Montana
Grace Livingston Hill
H Bomb the movie star - Randy Stensaas

H Bomb the movie starRandy Stensaas

I get a break for the crazy horse for the summer. H Bomb gets to go to Montana and make a movie, much to the grief of the movie wranglers. Been there done that.

H Bomb the movie star
Randy Stensaas
The Top of Her Game (Black Lace) - Emma Holly

The Top of Her Game (Black Lace)Emma Holly

Has city slicker Julia met her match in a rugged Montana cowboy?t’s not only Julia’s professional acumen that has men quaking in their shoes - she also has a taste for keeping men in line after office hours. With an impressive collection of… more

The Top of Her Game (Black Lace)
Emma Holly
Virgin Digital , English
Circling - Pamella Hays

CirclingPamella Hays

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In faraway Montana, tucked between the ragged peaks of Glacier National Park to the west and the vast prairie to the east, lies the seat of the Blackfeet Indian Nation. Here a man and wife and their two children of mixed heritage struggle … more

Pamella Hays
Winning Over the Rancher - Mary Brady

Winning Over the RancherMary Brady

KayLee’s To-Do List:1. Get the job.2. Convince the cowboy.3. Find a way to make him stay.The only thing standing between KayLee Morgan and success is Baylor Doyle. She’s in Big Sky Country to land the contract that will give her unborn baby… more

Winning Over the Rancher
Mary Brady
Harlequin Superromance , English
Lasso My Heart - Linda Ford

Lasso My HeartLinda Ford

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Montana, 1890Jake is Clara’s dead husband’s identical brother. But he’s the bad twin. Without his help Clara stands to lose her ranch … and her girls. She soon discovers accepting his help means she could lose her heart. Is saving the r… more

Lasso My Heart
Linda Ford
Adventures of a Young Skinny Cowboy - Eugene Gentry

Adventures of a Young Skinny CowboyEugene Gentry

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This is a true story of an underweight 16 year-old boy who spends the summer working on his Uncle’s Montana ranch. He learns to milk cows, ride horses, handle a team of work horses, harvest alfalfa, and herd cattle. He learns some history… more

Adventures of a Young Skinny Cowboy
Eugene Gentry