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Trust N Love 2 - Rasheed Carter

Trust N Love 2Rasheed Carter

Trust n Love is a, compelling love story filled with conflicted emotions and dark secrets that threaten to explode and blow the lid off of a picture perfect facade. On the surface Takela and Dashawn are happily married…but behind closed … more

Trust N Love 2
Rasheed Carter
Blaque Diamond Publications , English
Flytrap (The Metal Maiden Se... - Piers Anthony

Flytrap (The Metal Maiden Se...Piers Anthony

The Metal Maiden Series is a wildly different kind of story that tells how Elasa, a humanoid robot who achieves consciousness, eventually saves the world from surpassing horror.Elasa (the robot)’s friend Mona exchanges to the colony planet … more

Flytrap (The Metal Maiden Series Book 3)
Piers Anthony
Premier Digital Publishing , English
Daddy, You're So Big - Luke Kelly

Daddy, You're So BigLuke Kelly

LUKE KELLY IS ONE OF THE BEST WITH THIS SUBJECT MATTER.” - AMAZON REVIEWINCLUDED IN THE BACK: AN EXCERPT FROMDADDY, MAKE ME COMEBY LUKE KELLYI’ve always been well endowed, and I’ve always enjoyed the benefits of that. When my beautifu… more

Daddy, You’re So Big
Luke Kelly
Horny Goat , English
Silken Kisses (Silken Edge S... - Laci Paige

Silken Kisses (Silken Edge S...Laci Paige

Average wait: N/A

Mona and Steven thought they were satisfied with their relationship but as they explore the world of BDSM, Steven begins having problems. Mona believes him to still be pining after his ex-girlfriend but Steven knows that his feelings for Mo… more

Silken Kisses (Silken Edge Series Book 3)
Laci Paige
Running from Solace - Nakia R. Laushaul

Running from SolaceNakia R. Laushaul

2 ratings

2011 USA BOOK NEWS BEST BOOKS AWARD WINNER2012 NEXT GENERATION INDIE BOOK AWARDS FINALIST“She passed a hard candy over her shoulder as though whatever was in the tiny wrapper was supposed to make it all better. I clutched the peppermint in … more

Running from Solace
Nakia R. Laushaul
Serendipity Bound Books , English
Tempting Her Best Friend's F... - Jenika Snow

Tempting Her Best Friend's F...Jenika Snow

What is a young woman to do when she starts to see her best friend’s father as something more?As Mona’s feelings for Isaac start to escalate, she knows that a relationship with him could never work. As her best friend’s father, it is forbid… more

Tempting Her Best Friend’s Father (Wickedly Taboo Book 3)
Jenika Snow
Evernight Publishing , English
Second Chance at Love (Love ... - Andrea' Porter

Second Chance at Love (Love ...Andrea' Porter

Average wait: N/A

Every relationship goes through a rough spot, but for one group of friends, drama unfolds and lives are shaken. Lies have torn apart best friends Mona and Lisa and they now go their separate ways in search of love and happiness. Candy, the … more

Second Chance at Love (Love Is All We’re After Book 1)
Andrea’ Porter
BM Publications , English
Julian's Madam: Ch. 2 - Julian Blume

Julian's Madam: Ch. 2Julian Blume

Romantic journey of Julian and Mona.

Julian’s Madam: Ch. 2
Julian Blume
Julian's Madam: Ch. 1 - Julian Blume

Julian's Madam: Ch. 1Julian Blume

A romantic journey of Julian and Mona.

Julian’s Madam: Ch. 1
Julian Blume
The Last Apprentice: Rise of... - Joseph Delaney

The Last Apprentice: Rise of...Joseph Delaney

1 rating

Things can never be the same again.The Spook and his apprentice, Thomas Ward, have returned to the county after a long journey and a hard battle. But their troubles are far from over. Their home has been over-run by enemy soldiers. The Spoo… more

The Last Apprentice: Rise of the Huntress (Book 7)
Joseph Delaney
Greenwillow Books , English
What's a Witch to Do? (A Mid... - Jennifer Harlow

What's a Witch to Do? (A Mid...Jennifer Harlow

Average wait: N/A

Mona McGregor’s To Do List • Make 20 13 potions/spells/charms• Put girls to bed• Help with Debbie’s wedding• Lose 30 pounds before bachelorette auction• Deal with the bleeding werewolf  on doorstep• Find out who wants me dead• Prepare for … more

What’s a Witch to Do? (A Midnight Magic Mystery)
Jennifer Harlow
Breaking Deluce - Chad Campbell

Breaking DeluceChad Campbell

Average wait: N/A

The Deluce family name was once a name that struck fear into the cold heart of evil, then one day they just disappeared without a trace no one knew how or why. Mona Deluce has no clue about her family’s ancient history. She only cares about… more

Breaking Deluce
Chad Campbell
Conceptualize Publishing , English
Mona Lisa Three: A Novella o... - Sunny

Mona Lisa Three: A Novella o...Sunny

Mona Lisa’s growing powers allow her to care for the warriors who serve her in unexpectedly pleasurable ways.

Mona Lisa Three: A Novella of the Mon??re: A Penguin Group eSpecial from Berkley Sensation
Berkley , English
Mona Moore - Dick Long

Mona MooreDick Long

Average wait: N/A

Mona Moore is the perfect example of “the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.” She has inherited the super sex drive from her mother and learns that sex is a luscious fruit that is meant to eat as often as one wants.

Mona Moore
Dick Long
She Wants Him Back: A Short Story - LaShanda Michelle

She Wants Him Back: A Short StoryLaShanda Michelle

Now that Mona Preston is thirty years old, she no longer wants to live under the control of her domineering parents and the megachurch they co-pastor together. Her sole desire is to be happy, so she packs her bags and flees to the arms of h… more

She Wants Him Back: A Short Story
LaShanda Michelle
L.M.Ink, LLC , English
The Nature of God: 50 Christ... - Mona M. Hanna

The Nature of God: 50 Christ...Mona M. Hanna

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

A book that will bring your heart closer to God.

The Nature of God contains 50 Christian devotions, focusing on God’s true love and acceptance of us. The devotions portray God’s kindness, sweetness, grace, mercy and forgiveness.

These dev… more

The Nature of God: 50 Christian Devotions about God’s Love and Acceptance (God’s Love Book 1)
Mona M. Hanna
Forbidden Foursome - An Erot... - Janen Tate

Forbidden Foursome - An Erot...Janen Tate

Andi, a sixteen-year-old learns about life and sex with her horny cousin Brad and her wealthy uncle, Russell, and her uncle’s voluptuously sexy wife Mona… it all leads to forbidden encounters and the mostly unlikely of foursomes…. Warni… more

Forbidden Foursome - An Erotic Novel (erotica)
Janen Tate
3am/RSVP Group , English
Heavenly Moves - Amy Briant

Heavenly MovesAmy Briant

Average wait: < 1h

It’s the summer of ’82 and college dropout Heavenly Wilcox has found the perfect apartment in an idyllic California beach town. A job in the public defender’s office pays the bills and life looks to be sweet. Her best friend, Mona, is a boh… more

Heavenly Moves
Amy Briant
Bella Books , English
Take a Load Off, Mona Jamborski - Joanna Franklin Bell

Take a Load Off, Mona JamborskiJoanna Franklin Bell

Average wait: N/A

From an award-winning author comes a novel about a 528-pound recluse. Meet Mona Jamborski, who hasn’t left her home in years and is slowly eating herself to death, with one foot in her past memories and another foot in her grave. Mona sees … more

Take a Load Off, Mona Jamborski
Joanna Franklin Bell
Joanna Franklin Bell , English
A Cut Above (The Shop-Til-U-... - Ginny Aiken

A Cut Above (The Shop-Til-U-...Ginny Aiken

Average wait: N/A

Falling in love was never so … stressful.Despite her objections, Andie Adams is on her way to Colombia to broker a deal on some of the most fabulous emeralds in the world—and she’s going alone. Maybe this time she can make the trip wit… more

A Cut Above (The Shop-Til-U-Drop Collection Book #3): A Novel: Bk. 3
Ginny Aiken
Revell , English